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Report Miracle Healing

I wish to report a miracle healing. This healing was certified by doctors. Three men in special prayer in faith sprinkled a man with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ within 24 hours doctors reported that could find nothing after having scheduled him for treatment. Comments?

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 ---mima on 11/4/08
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Jesus went out of his way to establish that there is no routine procedure for healing or seeking healing. Bible readers know the numerous ways he healed. One apostle did outline one acceptable way. Some people healed by Jesus did not first express faith. Others expressed great faith. Dont feel discouraged when non-believers respond with smart-aleck remarks to your testimony of a genuine healing. If they want to see healings then they can go where healings are taking place. One of those places is any church that believes in healing in Jesus name. Gods miraculous actions in my life as well as the lives of my friends has kept us alive and praising Gods name.
---David on 2/12/09

Well jack, my fathers legs where 10 cm difference, he had to wear special shoes, yet we are to poor to afford it. His one leg grew the ten centimeter needed. if that is not external? another man i heard about had a dissorder caussing overweight. he lost 80 pounds whilst the preacher prayed, everybody saw it happening. problem is when such a thing happens most people will try to hide it instead gloriefying the name of the Lord.
---Andy on 2/2/09

I have told the facts about my youngest brother.that he was full of cancer and merely weeks from death,that after prayer and laying on of hands all signs of cancer disappeared.this was 5 years ago.
---tom2 on 2/1/09

my first thought: i've heard of sprinkling someone with anointing oil but how could anyone (literally) sprinkle someone with the blood of Jesus?

aside from that i've read of (in the Bible) as well as heard of many incidences of people being healed of external or internal problems (various revivals through the years).

not many doctors today will allow results to be known due to patient privacy, or because they would deny it as a miracle. so any report would come from the patient who wanted to give their testimony.
---opalgal on 1/15/09

I have heard many accounts of people being healed with some kind of internal problem. But, I have never seen anyone healed with an external problem. Examples, deep cuts that heal instantly, any kind of amputation like a soldier stepping on land mine. Most people will say that it does not take faith if it is an external injury because there would be real evidence. I think victims of external injuries are getting shorted. God must be ignoring their prayers. A young man pleads for God to grow is foot back so he can have a normal life, a young women has a temporary sore throat and also pleads to God. God says, I will definitely help the women so people believe.
---jack on 11/20/08

yes i personaly seen lots of mirracle healings happen before me
---andy on 11/14/08

yes. praise the lord, i was healed of diabetus, after chemo, & also, he improved my sight, so i don't need to wear glasses, only to read very fine print & my dr said not to wear them, but do not strain, so yes. jesus is still in healing to-day, all praise and glory to God,amen.
---jean on 11/14/08

Yes, I believe in Divine healing. I beleive in everything that is in god's word. the bible said that god do not change. He said it in his word and his word do not change. It is truly up to us to beleive his word. I have experience a lot of miracles in my life. In my Children, grands, great grand as well. So, let us get our faith build up and beleive what god said in his word.
---Dorothy on 11/13/08

when I was about 10 years old I broke my left elbow. After they took the cast off, it was growing wrong, I could not straighten my arm out.
The doctor said he would have to re- break my elbow.
My parents took me to church. While everyone was praying for me, I felt my elbow pop back into place.
The doctor did not have to re-break my elbow. I know that it was God who Healed me!
---brnidgrl on 11/12/08

One time 3 years ago, I relapsed with a sore throat and fever. My mom prayed fervently for me, including in the middle of the night. The next morning, the symptoms had pretty much disappeared and I was pretty much well by the end of the day. This was in early April of 2005.
---Christy on 11/11/08

Katavasia, who made you your brothers judge.
Fact is the person was healled,
another fact is that the man of God did it in Jesus name. IF GOD DID NOT TELL THE MINISTER TO DO THIS then God would not have healed the person. And the devil would certainly not heal the person as well. for that one hates the verry name of Jesus and will do nothing to gloriefy the name of the LORD. It was GOD who said it to the man of God so I tell YOU it was not GOD who told you this.
---Andy on 11/12/08

I just want to make sure that you know i've seeing miracles and healings before so god heals people with cancer,neck,and back pains!
---Elizabeth on 11/11/08

I had a severe seizure disorder for 20 years. They stopped the same month that I got married to my husband. My doctors told my parents before I was even born, because I was so sick. I had other health issues on top of the seizures. I am thankful to God that I am healed of the seizures.
---Amy on 11/11/08

Friends of mine have an holistic health clinic in Costa Rica where many patients have near miraculous results with energy medicine. Many people assume that Jesus did miracles because He was God, but regular people can do miracles without being God also. Jesus Christ said that regular humans can do miracles. We do miracles in Jesus's name..., while we can just do "some" miracles on our own also. I can send energy through a person's body, which is healing and I can heal (or alleviate) some medical conditions using energy. Likewise I can diagnose many medical conditions because I taught myself how to do this using energy, even though I'm not a doctor. Meanwhile I don't consider my use of energy a miracle.
---john on 11/11/08

Of course there are miracles. Also Jesus said that we could do the same as him. One of my friends in Oregon used medical Qi Gong overnight in the hospital to cure a friends prostate condition, in the morning the doctors were shocked when they discovered that they had to cancel the scheduled surgery. The medical qi gong is not a miracle, although some people think that it is a miracle. God made us and God made energy, God wants us to use energy to heal, my 2 favorite qi gong masters are both born again Christians.
---john on 11/11/08

A friend of mine cured his mother's lung cancer using bamboo carbon in conjunction with 60 to 90 seconds of a specific frequency of ultra violet light as a once a day treatment for six weeks. The doctor was screaming at his staff in the middle of the clinic on the 1st day of scheduled chemotherapy, because the cancer was gone...and he thought that the staff was mixing up the m.r.i.'s for the different patients. After 3 m.r.i.'s, he decided to announce that there had been a miracle. Meanwhile there was no miracle, my friend had cured the cancer using bamboo carbon (which is eaten) and a specific frequency of ultra violet light.
---john on 11/11/08

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This is an evil world we are in, and the medical profession has been cheating people, in their process of making sure they make a profit. Plenty of doctors are of this world with its willingness to deceive. Unnecessary testing can be done to make more money. If you are claiming to be into healing, ones can switch x-rays, change lab results, etc. to accommodate you, and keep you around so they get money for seeing and testing you. Make sure with God. Joshua and other Jewish leaders made the mistake of judging by "obvious" evidence, "but they did not ask counsel of the LORD." (in Joshua 9:14) So, I need to submit to You and see what You really have me do and believe.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/11/08

I am part of a evangelistic team (Voices of Vision) and yes miracles are real. We saw a blind man in the Philippines open his eyes after being prayed for. I just returned from England and a woman with heart disease was completely healed when prayed for, and another woman with breast cancer no longer has cancer. A man with arthritis was completely delivered, just to name a few. Yes, miracles are real!
---Richard on 11/11/08

My sister in law.
She had a stroke two months after my nephew was born.
Well, he is now 5 years old, and She had surgery last year on her neck. When they did the scan to check on how she healed from the surgery, they noticed there was no damage at all from her stroke.
Her doctor questioned her about the stroke, and he saw it noted in her medical records.
God had removed all signs of the stroke from her body and it is as if the stroke never happened. She even has all of her regular functions and memory she had before the stroke happened.
---miche3754 on 11/11/08

---Katie yes I'm very aware of the healing rooms. In fact we have a healing rooms right here in our own community. I know some people who went to them, I can not be positive about the results that resulted.
---mima on 11/11/08

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had prayed diiligently for 2 yrs for smoking healing went to my regular wed ninght service and the spirit went right through me have never picked up a cigerette since that was 20 years ago this nov. 23
---cathy6343 on 11/11/08

Update on this healing, yesterday I visited the man's church, in order to see and talk to this man, everything is just as it was healing is complete! Praise God for what he has done and is doing and is going to do!!
---mima on 11/10/08

What else should be said other than praise God for the healing?! Mima, have you heard of the Healing Rooms? It's based out of the Central Coast of California. You should google it. God has really changed lives through it.
---Katie on 11/9/08

**Many people who are not Christian would have a hard time understanding the "sprinkled a man with the blood of the Lord" wording.**

I'm not the only Christian here who had a hard time understanding Mima's jargon.

I agree with Trish who said it sounded like voodoo.
---katavasia on 11/5/08

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Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for HIS healing power. I'll have to agree with Trish on this one. Healing is not a magical thing as so many are trying to create that kind of atmosphere now days. Healing is a JESUS thing. It seems that Mima is getting carried away with his wording now days. It would have been simpler said, "Three men prayed in the name of Jesus for a man's healing and it happened." Many people who are not Christian would have a hard time understanding the "sprinkled a man with the blood of the Lord" wording. I'd like to see less lifting up the person doing the praying and more lifting up Jesus.
---SusieB on 11/5/08

**I saw a minister hitting with his fist in the stomach of a man that had ulcers because God told him to do so, and instead of hurt the brother was healed.**

God told me that He didn't tell this minister that at all.
---katavasia on 11/5/08

Nice critics. yet as John said the healing is not in the technique. I saw a minister hitting with his fist in the stomach of a man that had ulcers because God told him to do so, and instead of hurt the brother was healed. often in prayers and ministrie i (or someone else in our church wil proclaim that the blood should cover the person. still there is no vine or blood around, and what if a man of God ghets the comlmand to poor az glass of wine over that person, and that threoiugh that ghets faith for his healing? ther person
---Andy on 11/5/08

Amen Tommy. I believe in healing based on the anointing with oil and calling for the elders. This blood of Jesus stuff is just spiritual voodoo.
---Trish9863 on 11/4/08

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** ---RitaH certainly not literal blood. by faith we sprinkleD the man with the wholly perfect precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.**

In other words, you made up a prayer formula that is nowhere directed in the Bible at all.

Isn't anointing the sick with oil as the Bible actually directs sufficient?
---katavasia on 11/4/08

---RitaH certainly not literal blood. by faith we sprinkleD the man with the wholly perfect precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes many call this pleading the blood.
---mima on 11/4/08

Mima, what do you mean by 'sprinked a manwith the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ'? Are you referring to literal blood (and if so where did it come from) or are you saying that they pleaded the blood Christ whilst praying for the man?
---RitaH on 11/4/08

Technique is not really important. The Pharisees were quite concerned about the blind man who was healed and when they asked him about it he said all he knew was that he was blind before and now he could see. Did it really matter to him how that happened? I praise the Lord for any salvations and healings.
---john on 11/4/08

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Two questions for you, mima. 1) Where did you, or they, get "the blood of Jesus? and 2) what was the man "cured" from? I doubt this regardless of the "certification", as Jesus' blood is not available in actual physical state, since He died on the cross. If you are referring to the "fruit of the vine" used in the sacrament as representing the blood of Christ, this is not the way Scripture says to "heal". A person seeking healing is to ask the elders of his/her church to annoint with oil and pray over them. I have witnessed a real healing where there was no oil even used, only the prayers of an entire church.
---tommy3007 on 11/4/08

I didn't realize Jesus gave His blood to the Red Cross. Where did they get His blood from? Just curious.

If you're talking about doing it by faith, then yes, the Blood of Jesus has power to heal and to forgive. Actually, it's the shed blood of Jesus that does this.

So I would believe this man could have been healed by pleading the Blood of Jesus over his Body.
---donna8365 on 11/4/08

**Three men in special prayer in faith sprinkled a man with the blood of the Lord Jesus**

The Blood of Christ in the Eucharist is intended to be drunk, not sprinkled.

This is a misuse of the Sacrament.
---katavasia on 11/4/08

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