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Republican Party Changes

Will the Republican Party now distance itself from the right wing and specifically the abortion fight given the election results last night?

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 ---TIMOTHY on 11/5/08
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pg1. apology accepted. One thing I will say is that I DO believe that prevention of abortion, should (among other things) emphasize the value of adoption. Adoption regulations should be eased. There is no reason why a couple should have to look overseas for a child...because they are over an arbitrary age, not in perfect health etc, etc. An unwed mother should be helped to think of her child's future and the joy she can bring to others, instead of simply her own desires.
---Donna66 on 11/19/08

Please accept my sincerest apology. I did not mean to imply that you were against Roe v Wade. I respect your choice not to address any questions relative to the subject.
---pg1 on 11/18/08

pg1- Who said I was against Roe vs, Wade? I'm against abortion...but not necessarily for imposing legal repercussions against those who practice it. Yes, I know I'm an atypical Christian Republican Conservative. Republicans, even Christian ones, aren't all necessarily against Roe v.Wade. (I've expressed myself at length on this topic please don't anybody expect a response if you question me here on the abortion question).
---Donna66 on 11/17/08

Hi Donna66,
It seems that anti abortion and a limited government lies at the heart of what it means to be a Republican Christian Conservative. If Roe v Wade were overturned would you or those who think as you do be willing to take responsibility for the babies born and left in trash cans, bathroom stalls, police stations, etc. ? If a mother did not have the heart to abandon her child would any be willing to help her raise her children? In my opinion this is where the rubber meets the road. If we do away with the law someone needs to be prepared to deal with the possible consequences.
---pg1 on 11/17/08

pg1-- Other than the fact that she has governed Alaska as a true conservative, what I liked best about Sarah Palen is how she infuriated the politically correct latte' liberals!

Those who self-righteously preach "tolerance" wasted not a second speculating that her Downs Syndrome baby was actually her daughters'! A Democratic politician speculated that her husband might be a pedaphile....of course without a shred of evidence. Then, perhaps realizing their meaness and pettiness were showing, they withdrew into critcizing her hair, her speech, her dress, her mannerisms.
Her parenting....never her politics.

Naturally they believed the patently false accusations of those too cowardly to even reveal their identities.
---Donna66 on 11/16/08

To suggest that Republicans abandon their right wing and their stand against abortion is to suggest...well, that they become...Democrats.

Some of them may do this. But I believe we need at least a two party system.

History records that the Founding Fathers' greatest fear was that government might become too powerful, to large, too intrusive. Conservatives...unlike the "Republicans" of the last eight years, will ever stand for fiscal responsibility and limited government.
---Donna66 on 11/17/08

Big A: I see your politics are as astute as your religion.
---jerry6593 on 11/11/08

Good Morning Donna66,
I agree with you on one issue. Sarah Palin did energize the Republican base. She energized the part of the base that could not see past her so called "soccer mom" image and good looks. Other than that she was a political joke. There was no substance or any evidence that she was even remotely prepared to be VP. Every time she spoke, she put her foot in her mouth and as for her conservatism- It was real conservative to spend 150,000 dollars on a wardrobe. Heaven forbid the party should continue to select the likes of her to run for office.
---pg1 on 11/11/08

I keep hearing Republican congressmen and leaders need to go back to their conservative roots. I'm beyond that. Its time to vote them out and let some true conservatives, some real people, with real life experience and real thoughts and feelings have a chance.

It seems terrifically stupid to act like we want Republican leaders to go back to conservatism. It wasn't that they lost their way, it was instead that they were politicians first and foremost and that they just used the conservative talking points to get us to vote them into power. Once there, they acted like men without principle. Huge government. Huge deficits. Pandering to Special Interests. Huge Deals for the elite few.

Vote them out! Get some real conservaties!
---grant on 11/10/08

TIMOTHY-- after reading your post again, I must say you are mistaken that the Republican party is divided along racial lines. Race is irrelevent to most Republicans. (I support The Black Republican Association...and I'm white)
Martin Luther King was a Republican... Gov.Wallace, who blocked the schoolhouse door was a Democrat. Democrats are traditionally the party with a racial divide.

atheist- Colin Powell is a Rino (Republican in name only). Bush also! The future of the Republican party does not lie with the likes of them.
Repulicans must return to their platform of small government, contolled spending.Sarah Palin energized the Republican base.Future Republicans must be like her or the party will die.
---Donna66 on 11/10/08

Please Jerry please...

Build a new Republican party around the likes of Sarah Palin.

That will accomplish two things:

1) Sane and reasonable Republicans like Colin Powell and no doubt Ronald Reagan, if he were alive, will either become Democrats, or form a third party of reason, attracting independents, republicans, and democrats.

2) Comedians will continue to have access to a gold mine of inanities and hyprocrisies to make the likes of Sarah even more of a joke than they already are.
---athiest on 11/10/08

Marilyn Maria5675: I am certainly encouraged by your experience as it is markedly more positive than what the major news outlets have been reporting each evening. Regardless of what lines the final analysis of the voting data will reveal, it is clear that the right wing was certainly not the factor that it had been in the past. The Republican Party took a serious head blow this election and will need to redefine itself specifically regarding the Abortion debate and it's reliance on the right wing voting as a block.
---TIMOTHY on 11/10/08

KATAVASIA: Politics has nothing to do with my salvation and little to do with my Christian walk. However I am allowed one vote and I want to be as responsible with that one vote as possible. I believe in being a good steward with what God has given me and he has given me one vote in the American Political system. That is the only reason that Christians should be concerned with politics in America, because they have one opportunity to represent God when voting.
---TIMOTHY on 11/10/08

No! That's the problem. The Republican party already distanced itself from its conservative roots and tried to emulate the Democrat "moderate" position. It cost them the election. It was only because of the inclusion of a true conservative like Sarah Palin that most of us conservatives bothered to vote at all. We certainly weren't voting for a Democrat in drag like McCain.
---jerry6593 on 11/10/08

Timothy: The Republican Party would do well to position themselves in the "center" as opposed to leaning way out of balance (catawampous) to the right. That's one reason they lost the recent election. The problem with the GOP is it's seen as not equally representing ALL Americans. That's the real socio-economic racial divide!

Cal Thomas recently said, "Social movements that relied mainly on political power to enforce a conservative moral code weren't anywhere near as successful as those that focused on changing hearts...Too many conservative evangelicals [Christians] have put too much faith in the power of government to transform culture." Bottomline: Have faith in God to CHANGE hearts!
---Leon on 11/9/08

I know it is unfair to say the Republicans are split down racial lines. I'm in touch with the National Black Republican Association..check out their website. All Republicans did not vote based on race. My offspring are mixed and most of them and I, voted on principle, not race. Most of the people I know are pro-life and vote that way. If McCain had been totally anti-life and Obama marginally pro-life, we would have voted Obama. Some people do vote skin color, I know a lot of black folks who did. And I know some white folks who did, too. But I also know black people who vote pro-life, and whites, too. Maybe it's all in who you know.
GTG, sorry, love you all!
---Marilyn_maria5675 on 11/9/08

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Personally, I am sooo weary of the single-issue voters--abortion being the only issue they seem to care about. Meanwhile America's finest are stuck in a nasty area of the world babysitting! And the economy is in the sewer--but hey, we gotta end abortion--ugh. Just my two cents worth--or less lol :D
---Mary on 11/7/08

What exactly does the Republican Party--or any political party, for that matter, or party politics in general--have to do with the Christian faith?

People here don't actually think that a political platform is part of the Gospel of Christ, do they?
---katavasia on 11/7/08


Could you or would you pray that God would give the new president Wisdom and protection from harm and danger? And while you are at it, pray for the protection of his family.
---Janze on 11/6/08

NVBarbara: Neither candidate said that they would uphold Rowe vs. Wade because both candidates know that the President has no power in a Judicial ruling. The real point of my answer still stands, The right wing is now split down racial lines and the Republican party is now in shambles because of it.
---TIMOTHY on 11/6/08

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TIMOTHY Pres. elect Obama's stance on abortion varied very little from McCain's.
BOTH believed it was a woman's choice and would uphold the 1973 Roe V Wade act.
The only difference was that McCain hinted that he might leave it up to individual states.

We've had several Presidents since 1973 and NONE have overturned this law, or really tried. These have been Repubs. and Dems. Many who claimed to be Christian.
---NVBarbara on 11/5/08

Timothy, I'm afraid you may be right (yes, and correct, too!). True conservatives may have to form an actual underground movement first..especially if we lose our First Amendmant right to freedom of speech.

On the other hand, I don't know what to expect when it dawns on people that their lives haven't improved...and Obama hasn't paid their mortgage or electric bill (which he has already promised will "skyrocket").

I am an old woman and one thing I've observed over the years is....the higher they fly, the harder they fall. This present level of euphoria cannot last long (at least not long after the coronation in Jan).
---Donna66 on 11/5/08

This election has split the right wing down racial lines and essentially has left it leaderless. Many people have abandoned the abortion fight in order to follow Barack Obama into the future. It is my opinion that the Republican Party will need to find another Ronald Reagan type leader soon or water down their abortion position immediately. I'm afraid that we will see a reformed Republican Party emerge soon that is squarely positioned in the center. The right wing will be forced to form a third voting party that will simply be a factor in future elections but not a major contender.
---TIMOTHY on 11/5/08

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