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USA Pulls Out Of Iraq

On Jewish Voice today, they said that if the United States pulls out of Iraq, Iran will rule it like they're doing to Syria. Then they will use Nuclear Weapons on Israel. Is this true? Have you heard the same thing? When will this happen? What are your thoughts?

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 ---donna8365 on 11/5/08
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to donna
and by the way
the 9th commandment says
'you shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.' you have a sin of commission with bush bec of this commandment
---mike on 12/1/08

the only terrorist that attacked US is alqueda & 15 of the 19 hijackers is from saudi arabia. it is important for you to know your enemy not just attack anybody else. but you are insisting that iraq has something to do with it. you are racial profiling. just bec. certain people are from a certain area, they are already bad people. and by the way, give it a rest? you are going around in circles bec. you cannot admit that there is sin with the people who implemented a policy that killed people who were not involved in this war. bush who profess to be a christian, does not practice justice only arrogance & greed
---mike on 12/1/08

mike- The nationality of the terrorists is not necessarily the country where you find them.
There are pockets of terrorist action and organization (often transitory) all over the Middle East...Afganistan, Pakistan,Iran, Iraq, Syria,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Yeman. . Following Desert Storm, Iraq was considered especially dangerous...welcoming several terrorist groups (Al Quida among them)

I'm not sure I understand your question about "self interest". All nations act in their own self interest. This determines which country any nation chooses to oppose or support.

The Iraq war is esentially over. Bush is about a month from leaving office. Can't we give this topic a rest?
---Donna66 on 11/29/08

to donna

if iraq is the center of terrorism, then how is iraq related to 911. i think you should study geography bec. iraq did not attack US on 911. osama bin laden is a saudi which is totally different from an iraqi. america already intervened with other countries that has americas self interest no matter what the gov't is. in the past US protected dictators including saddam because of some self interest. ronald rumsfled even shook hands with the supposed dictator who supported terrorist. you are believing what bush is saying w/c is a lie.
---mike on 11/27/08

Mike and alan of UK-

Congo is one of many African countries with tragic death tolls. There is Algeria, Burundi,Chad,Cote d'Ivoire,Ethiopia,Kenya,Nigeria,Somalia,Sudan,Sudan-Darfur,and Uganda...they are undergoing armed conflicts, opression, and widespread disease. The US has accomplished much in the fight against AIDS and malaria in Africa the last eight years.

But we can't intervene everywhere! We can do nothing about inflation rates in weak governments. Mostly we supply humanitarian aid here and there.

But the countries mentioned are not centers for terrorist groups that have attacked the United States and still treaten to do so. Above concern for freedom and democracy is concern for personal safety!
---Donna66 on 11/24/08

What have we done to help the people of Zimbambwe where the rate of inflation is several billion % ?
---alan_of_UK on 11/24/08

to donna
by the way, there are women & children dying in Congo right now. is you president bush going to send the US marines there to stop the killing, rape, suffering & restore freedom democracy & order? is it bec congo does not have any oil or is it really 'freedom & democracy' that you defend bush for.

reagan & bush daddy removed saddam off the terrorist list in the 80s to do the dirty work of killing the iranians for america.
---mike on 11/24/08

well, the only thing I will say is you are continuing to justify the sins of bush. so my take is you have a sin of commission & a sin of omission.
---mike on 11/24/08

Mike --- You sound like you are sorry things have turned out so well in Iraq. They no longer suffer the ravages of a demented cruel despot. They have a representative government. Their economy is rapidly reviving.

Don't worry, it will be a few years yet before you run out of reasons to condemn Bush.
---Donna66 on 11/20/08

to donna
they realized that after 4000 soldiers are dead & $1.8 TRILLION spent on a war that did not have anything to do with 911. the administration did not listened to the generals who saw the problem on the ground for 3 years. and the 4000 soldiers died bec. of the incompetence & arrogance of the bush administration that resulted starting an insurgency not osama bin laden terrorism that generated more resentment. so they were using conventional war to fight an unconventional war. and bush & co. did not admit their mistakes, just blame it on the liberal media, leftist, communist unpatriotic americans who question their stupid decisions.
---mike on 11/20/08

You pretty much outlined the reason for the SURGE. Our conventional approach wasn't
t working. McCain saw what was needed before most others. Ask the generals you mention if the surge was a mistake.

Most areas of Iraq are thriving today...improvements still under way.
---Donna66 on 11/17/08

Iraq ? stable ever?
I don't think so. It will be that way till the end of times.
---paul on 11/17/08

BAGHDAD (Reuters) Iraq and the United States signed a long-awaited accord on Monday requiring Washington to withdraw its forces by the end of 2011, eight years after the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

The pact, which must still be passed by the Iraqi parliament, was signed by Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari and U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker at a ceremony ending months of negotiations on the future of the U.S. presence.

"Definitely, today is an historic day for Iraqi-American relations," Zebari told reporters after exchanging signed copies with Crocker. Both men smiled and enthusiastically shook hands as officials applauded.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/17/08

Pres. Bush made many mistakes(Ill advised), I have never said that he didn't.

Who wouldn't after being attack the way we were on 911 & the type of enemy were fighting(Chickens that won't/don't wear uniforms & use booby traps & hidden bombs to kill ANYONE)...

Pray for our leaders, I'm sure Pres. elect Obama will be tested as well Clinton & Bush was...

Storms coming, will you weather it?

Only those that have taken root in the word of God and have built upon the strong foundation(Jesus) will survive the winds that are about to blow...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/17/08

to duane & donna part 1
fact1 gen shenseki said in order to stablize iraq, they will need 'more than 100,000 soldiers. bush & co. said NO. shenseki was fired
fact2 the baath party was disolved - result iraqis lost their jobs - result no money, no food on the table
fact3 - the iraqi army was dissolved - result, instead of stabilizing iraq with iraqi soldiers, they were turned away - former iraqi soldiers with guns are humiliated, no jobs no food for their families - result rebellion
fact 4 - CPA ( coalition provisional authority) dictated terms on the iraqi people, not an interim iraqi gov't run by iraqis.
---mike on 11/17/08

to duanne & donna - part 2

I do not need to be a military strategist to see the obvious. there were american generals like eaton, sanchez who disagreed with bush & co's handling of iraq. these are the facts the US generals presented. so are they now liberal, leftist, unpatriotic bec. they disagreed with bush & co?
---mike on 11/17/08

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to duane dudley martin
well are you a military strategist? just bec. I'm not one does not mean I don't understand what is obvious. when rumsfled took over the reconstruction of iraq, he made mistakes that instead of quelling the insurgents, he added fuel to the fire. even gen. mctiernan said that when the iraqis lost their jobs bec.of rumsfled, he understood that iraqis will rebel. bush & co. were the ones who did not understand military strategy, the commanders on the ground did who were in iraq. they were the ones who were speaking & telling about the mistakes. but if you disagree with the administration, they will label you liberal, leftist, communist, unpatriotic, etc. etc. pride is more important that what is right
---mike on 11/17/08

to donna66
"the arguement to continue this illegal war is 'to fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here.'" Mike
Hey Mike, are you asleep? We are/have all ready been fighting them over here. Where have you been? "Write" to Todd Beamer and ask him.
The US was attacked, more than once, before we went to war "over there."
If, and I say if, you are an American you are part of the "Great Satan" they want to destroy. If you are a US citizen and agree with the Terrorist you are still in danger. If you are their operative maybe not.
Tell us.....
---Elder on 11/16/08

you make it all sound so neat and clean cut.
We have been fighting a combination of terrorist networks, remnants of the Saddam Hussein regime (insurgents), and criminal elements.
The first two have been been diminished greatly and probably the latter as well.
---Donna66 on 11/15/08

IF Russia or Iran/others would have invaded Iraq, Iraq would be part of Russia or Iran right now!

WE don't want, or are we going to make them part of America, as those other's mentioned would/WILL.

That's the differance between US & other Nation's of the world!
After a war, The victor's usually claim the land & goods in which they've won,
We did "once", and It's called America,
And you better thank God for it, Because w/o it, many of your countries would be taken from you from the like's of men as A. Hitler,
The AC will make Adolph look like a kid with a slingshot!

YES, it IS Coming, Ezekiel & Isaiah speak of this Russian(Rosh)/Persian Alliance that WILL come against Jerusalem
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/15/08

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Mike_Obviously your not a military stratigest.
Osama was in Afghan and he ran away to Pakistan, so should we now invade paki, and what if he runs to India from there, Do we invade them? No!

What needs to happen, is Stop funding & helping these nations that say there friends, but don't lift a finger to help us, I say cut them OFF!
Oviously, I'm not nation friendly,(lol)
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/14/08

One thing for sure, Saddam & Son's are sucking fumes & asking for a drink of water to cool there lips, like that rich man is...

As far as an Illegal war, Saddam had 17 U.N res. and 10 yrs. of thumbing his nose at the U.N & US.

After he invaded Kuwait and we were asked for help from Saudi A. & Kuwait & other's there, we kicked butt & pushed him back home with his tail between his legs, HE signed papers that he would COMPLY with the U.N, HE DIDN'T.
So, AFTER 911 we went to Afghan, not until 2 yrs later did we Give Saddam an Ultimatum, Leave and give up power as Leader OR be Invaded...
He chose the Later, and paid with his life...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/13/08

to donna66
the arguement to continue this illegal war is 'to fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here.' so after the fall of vietnam, did the vietcong, No. vietnamese board transport ships & tried to invade the US?
another is headquarters of alqueda in Iraq? for the past 5 years, US has been fighting an insurgency not terrorism. that is why cheney said 'last throes of the insurgency'.
lastly, what happened to BINLADEN, everybody has forgotten the TRUE mastermind of 911 who is hiding in pakistan / afganistan.
---mike on 11/13/08

mike --

I don't recall pres.Johnson saying anything about the North Vietnamese coming to the U.S. to fight us in the streets. The Viet Cong were originally fighting only the South Vietnamese, who they weren't able to overcome. I doubt they ever threatened to attack US territory.

Iraq is different. We believed Al-Qaeda to be the perpetrators of terrorist attacks on our foreign installations and on the WTC in New York. And we believed their headquarters to be in Iraq.

We were and ARE the main object of Al Qaeda's (and other Islamist groups) hate... the Great Satan.
They have proved their desire and ability to organize attacks on our mainland and continue to issue threats. Fear of urban terrorism is not unreasonable.
---Donna66 on 11/13/08

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As far as I know, individual Jews in Israel or elsewhere ARE eternally lost, if they do not recognize Jesus as their Messiah.

But God did promise the descendents of Abraham that, though they be scattered, they would one day return to their homeland, form a nation there, and prosper. The way this came about in the last century seemed nearly miraculous.
---Donna66 on 11/12/08

These ARE the War's that have been RUMORED of!

TEHRAN, Iran spokesman
Iran said it successfully test-fired a new generation of long range surface-to-surface missile on Wednesday one that could easily strike as far away as southeastern Europe with greater precision than earlier models.

The Bible speaks of an alliance between Russia(Rosh) & Iran(Persia) in the end times and it says only a 1/6 part of Russia's army survivies, then the kings of the east(China/N.K/India/ect) have a go at it and cross the river Euphrates only to be destroyed by the hand of God.

The Beast(AC) WILL rise from all this War and cause a false peace W/Israel
(7yr. agreement)which he breaks 3 1/2 yrs. into it.ect. ect.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 11/12/08

Yes, Barbara: I join you in praying God's protection upon our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan & elsewhere in troubled regions around the world.

Timothy: When was the last time, in recorded history, there was real stability in the Middle East? Are you implying under President Obama's leadership the region will become more instable? If so, why?

"Israel will be attacked in the next few months and America is not far behind." Elder: A few is more than two, ad infinitum. So, your open-ended prophecy is much like saying there's a 50/50 chance of disaster striking anytime, anywhere. If or whenever it happens you can then say I told you so. Pleeze, give us a break! :)
---Leon on 11/9/08

"Why do they gain special spiritual standing with God just on the basis of where they live?" --katavasia
Good question. It is sad to say this question shows how biblically ignorant we are.
Israel does not receive the special attention of God because of where they live. They receive the blessings because of God's promise to Abraham for his obedience.
Bible prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes and we are so Bible illiterate we can't see it.
By the way, one day Israel will be defeated and overrun by the Gentiles. Iran and Russia will be involved according to Scripture.

---Elder on 11/9/08

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The day Iran uses nuclear weapons on anyone is the day of their demise. It would be likened to Japan bombing Pearl Harbour. They would pay heavily for it. I suspect they won't do it because they know what will happen to them if they do.
---john on 11/7/08

The REAL question is whether or not that patch of real estate in the Middle East IS the true Israel of God.

Katavasia, do you know anywhere else in the world named Jerusalem???? Or is it just coincidence that prophecy says they will be brought back to the land??

To be BROUGHT BACK, means they once were there it the same geographical area designated in Scripture promised to Abraham? When did God change those boundaries? Don't forget.....BROUGHT BACK...Isaiah 14. Ezekiel 36, starters...Zachariah 12 just for starters....
---kathr4453 on 11/6/08

** "Why not check the Bible for the anwer? Israel will never be defeated."

SusieB, I don't see anywhere in my question where I said Israel will be defeated.**

The REAL question is whether or not that patch of real estate in the Middle East IS the true Israel of God.

Don't you all realize that its population is full of people that, were they living anywhere else, would be called LOST?

Why do they gain special spiritual standing with God just on the basis of where they live?
---katavasia on 11/6/08

to elder - Are you ready to have "our boys fight this war in the streets of downtown America?
that is a scare tactic in order to justify this illegal war. that is what johnson said about vietnam if US withdraw there. there are no US soldier fighting vietcong in the pennsylvania ave. iraqi insurgents will not & cannot board a ship & invade US. the reason 911 happened is bec. somebody did not ready the 'PRESIDENTIAL DAILY BRIEFING' titled 'BInladen determined to attack US.'
---mike on 11/6/08

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MARY: If you think that the Middle East is destabilized now then just stick around, You ain't seen nothing yet. As far as Obama supporters not caring, that comment was specifically directed at the this blog issue concerning Israel. I try to stay on the subject as much as possible when blogging.
---TIMOTHY on 11/6/08

"Why not check the Bible for the anwer? Israel will never be defeated."

SusieB, I don't see anywhere in my question where I said Israel will be defeated. I know you know the word and so do I. But Israel will be attacked, amen? Two different things.

I believe Russia will attack Israel and Iran will follow. I also believe as we pray and intercede for Jerusalem, God will protect His own, but attacks are coming. No defeat, just attacks, amen sister? I love you SusieB. You are a smart cookie.
---donna8365 on 11/6/08

Timothy, with all due respect, do you honestly think the middle east is stabilized as it is? Also, to say those of us who voted for Obama "don't care" is over-generalizing. I care very deeply. God bless.
---Mary on 11/5/08

Why not check the Bible for the anwer? Israel will never be defeated.
---SusieB on 11/5/08

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Mary "bringing our boys home" will not solve anything. Remember there are women there also. But this war is going to follow the USA where ever we go.
People are so confused that they think we are involved only in other countries with this conflict.
Are you ready to have "our boys fight this war in the streets of downtown America? Israel will be attccked in the next few months and America is not far behind. Peace only comes to those who are strong and are willing to fight for it.
Remember you heard it on ChristiaNet.
---Elder on 11/5/08

Everyone that voted for Barack Obama knew that they were destabilizing the Mideast region but they didn't seem to care. Iran will continue its expansionism policies however I sincerely doubt that they will employ nukes just miles from their own back yard. I believe that conventional weapons and large scale terrorism will continue by Iran throughout the region including Israel however it will stop short of outright nuclear war with Israel and the United States.
---TIMOTHY on 11/5/08

This will have to be a slow pull out to protect our troops. There are no easy answers.

My nephew is an Apache pilot and chief over many troops.
He will be deployed soon for his 2nd tour in Afghanistan, he also has served in Iraq twice. God protect him, again!

I pray for him and all our troops upon every thought of them--many times a day. I suggest all do the same.
---NVBarbara on 11/5/08

Donna, I do believe this is what scripture teaches...all coming against Israel. But first the anti-Christ AKA teh beast, will make a covenant..( God calls a covenant of Hell) with Israel, securing peace etc for 3 1/2 years, then breaking this covenant. WHY God calls it a covenant of hell is because Israel will put their faith in MAN and not HIM. It's called the time of Jacob's trouble, and will they ever be in trouble. But through it all, along with God's anger Israel will repent, turning to the Lord, of which a deliver will come, and all Israel will be saved....Romans 11.

SO, this IS God's word, and plan. WE are not to be afraid...

GOD will save Israel.

Isaiah 30/31....
---kathr4453 on 11/5/08

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After pillaging and murdering across the nation of Iraq which we already had control over (remember the flyovers?) We must at some time come home. And as for Israel have no concern Israel is God's chosen people,the Messiah himself was Jewish, and he Almighty God will protect and take care of his people. They have already been burned in the ovens and I do not believe the Bible teaches they are going back to the ovens. At the Battle of Armageddon, with half of the city of Jerusalem taken, Jewish people will suddenly call upon the Lord Jesus Christ and he will come to their rescue!!!!!! that's what the Bible says.
---mima on 11/5/08

I think a can of worms has been opened in Biblical Babylon that we need to pray for a happy ending to.

The scenarios that could happen are as vast as they are unimaginable. It's hard to think that Iran will never have some influence in Iraq because they share a common border.

Additionally, there's a portion of the Iraqi people who would support extremist influence from Iran upon their government.

I don't think Iran would use nukes on Israel for fear of retaliation. Do I think they'd use it to strong arm the Iraqi government, yes, absolutely.
---Pharisee on 11/5/08

I hope that pulling the troops out won't cause disaster for anyone else, but I for one am fed up to my eyeballs with America's finest having to baby-sit the Iraqis for the last several years, I say BRING OUR BOYS HOME! :)
---Mary on 11/5/08

I don't think you can tell WHAT a Mahometan nation will do.
---katavasia on 11/5/08

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