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Healed Of Depression

Can God heal someone of depression?

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 ---Moderator on 11/13/08
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Trish I forgive you,

I don't know about the USA but I was shocked when I worked in this EP Homes and got close to this woman but couldn't understand why she was in a home never married yet had her faculties about her.

She broke down and told me that she broke believe it or not a Vase as a child and was put into a Mental home by her father then went into an EPH when she matured.

I was horrified I hate to say this but from then she just never seem to get out of this deep depression eventually I heard she died after going senile. I felt awful because I asked her how she came to be there.

I doubt that she was senile I just think she couldn't live with the fact that this happened to her and she gave up the will to live.
---Carla3939 on 1/1/09

Carla: I see you were referring to the laws concerning commitment in the UK. My apologies. I spoke in haste. Please forgive me.

There are many people who go to their family doctors for help with depression first. That is not the best way to get help.

The best way for a person with depression, in my professional opinion, to get help, is to speak with a licensed therapist or counselor for therapy. If that does not alleviate the problem, after a few months or so, the therapist should refer to a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation.

In therapy, a person can uncover a lot of issues that need to be dealt with, sometimes they are spiritual in nature, often they are abuse issues that have not been dealt with properly.
---Trish9863 on 12/30/08

I apologize for my brevity in my previous post. Almost all of the states have similar involuntary commitment laws. Instead of saying suicidal, or homocidal, I should have used the phrase, a danger to themselves or others.

It is unnecessary for me to study each states' laws, because I only hold licenses in two states, and that is all I need.

The laws are very complex, and it is rare when a patient at my hospital is ever under involuntary commitment for more than a few weeks, before they become lucid and calm enough to qualify for voluntary status as a patient.

There are a few who must go to the state facility for the criminally insane, but they are very rare.
---Trish9863 on 12/30/08

Trish, while i agree that medical issues should be handled by medical professionals, in their accredited fields. There are instances in all States where citizens are and has been taken to be observed against their will. For example if a parent, teacher or others in authority feels that one is out of control and call for help, that individual will be taken by the emt's and police to a mental health facility to be observed for about 48 hrs.
---BB on 12/30/08

My Auntie was depressed for a very long time due to post natal depression, here husband left and she never got over it.

Now whether you understand or not it does not change the fact that because she did not understand her condition or where to go for spiritual help she went to her GP who in turn gave her drugs to control her depression, eventually she got worse and worse, with no one around her apart from her juvenile son she ended up on a psychiatric ward with shock treatment that left her even more unstable.

Medication is not they way who do you think is going to take time to help defenseless people trapped in the society that prescribes drugs for everything.
---Carla3939 on 12/30/08

before you call me names Trish like I say to many ASK me politely why I make my assumption because I speak from Fact.

I worked in ELP Homes for several years an uncovered many individuals who were institutionalised for simply breaking an ornament or getting pregnant, many end up in mental homes which now thank God are being phased out same too Children homes.

Britain does not have the care in the world to use christian services like care or convalescence Homes to help people recover from stressful events in their lives, if your not hooked up on drugs, live in LONDON or special enough for the services to provided alternative care you end up on DRUGS.
---Carla3939 on 12/30/08

No one give a monkey's your depressed your automatically given Drugs! Period unless your GP is too stingy to let you have any you basically need to hurt yourself or someone to get any help which again is a bed in a mental home or psychiatric ward at best.

I have never heard of a church or charitable organisation that provides free impartial help in the name of Love and Care a bed to sleep in and food whilst you recover, biblical teaching and Healing then rehabilitated into society.

Drugs again is used when theses things are not available or as a means as control.

---Carla3939 on 12/30/08


Please do not side track to validate your opinion The topic was depression!

I was insulin dependant for several months I am no longer on insulin, which is a different matter.
---Carla3939 on 12/30/08

">>Carla: Nobody can be "locked up in wards" against their wishes, UNLESS they threaten suicide or homocide.<<"
For a mental health "worker" you sure are not aquainted with the laws in CT, MI, or FL. All someone has to do is file a commplaint in probate in the form of a claim of suspicion. A person can be locked in a psych ward for days or weeks until an evaluation is completed by a psychiatrist, and a court trial has been scheduled. The doctors are usually too busy to spend a lot of time with patients, so they usually error on the conservative side and mediate everyone. Judges do the same thing and over perscribe treatment just to be "safe"
---obewan on 12/29/08

Carla: Your ignorance of the mental health system is showing. Nobody can be "locked up in mental wards" against their wishes, UNLESS they threaten suicide or homocide,in the USA.

If a diabetic asked you should they take insulin, would you tell them, "No, the Lord will heal you."? I hope not.

I believe that medical issues should be left to the medical professionals, such as the doctors trained in psychiatry. Unless you have an M.D. after your name and are Board Certified in Psychiatry, you should not recommend a mentally ill person any sort of healing. I work in the mental health system, and I defer to the Psychiatrists on matters of mentally ill patients receiving medications.
---Trish on 12/29/08


I'll stand by Gods word and you can stand by medication. Medication is for those that are too ill and stressed to give God the chance to heal Yes I believe that some people through no fault of their own use medication and it worked well, but I also know of others who are defendant on theses drugs and a few where they have had to have shock treatment locked up on mental wards and are still drug controlled today.

Forgive me If I Trust the word depend on Holy hands minds that don't doubt and healing believed I'm also not alone!
---Carla3939 on 12/29/08

Paul has it right on this one. While I have always respected Pharisee's wisdom and discernment, I must disagree on the topic of depression.

Most depression is chemically based in the brain, and as a result requires medication. To generalize that all depression is just spiritually based is irresponsible and dangerous. I have known people who suffered severely as a result of such counsel and became suicidal. There are many Christian psychiatrists and psychologists who disagree with Pharisee and minister to depressed patients.
---Trish9863 on 12/29/08

Carla said: Pharisee said it correct the First time!
Medication is for those who do not trust that God can and will deliver them.

I consider the above the joke of the year. If Pharisee said that, he is wrong and so are you, Carla for supporting it.

Fanaticism doesn't cure anyone.
---Paul2 on 12/29/08

Pharisee said: "Depression is wrongly attempted to be dealt with in a clinical fashion, it simply doesn't work, and at best can only be medicated. It's origin is spiritual, and only the Spirit of God can reverse it, but God cannot work in us if we resist him."

I completely disagree. Depression's origin is not just spiritual and it CAN be helped or cured in a clinical fashion.

Such statements can do lots of harm to people and, sorry to say, I find them irresponsible.
---Paul2 on 12/29/08

Pharisee said it correct the First time!

Medication is for those who do not trust that God can and will deliver them.

A BBC program demonstrated a man with so called schizophrenia, and a man possessed with demons. The man with the schizophrenia used medication without it he would never be free from the condition However the man whom was demon possessed agreed to be delivered by church members live on TV claimed healing in Jesus name confessing within himself which was a struggle before he felt he was completely healed.

Just to look at him his eyes were brown and dark but he confessed Jesus's name claimed healing and you knew in your spirit he was telling the truth and had been
---Carla3939 on 12/28/08

I have a neighbor who is "born again" and a few months ago she was "healed" from severe foot problems and made a big noise about it.

Last month she had to go and have surgery on that foot.

Miracles happen but they are not as common as many "christians" think they are.
---Paul2 on 12/27/08

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Alan, my last two posts were truncated, probably due to length, therefore, my testimony regarding the sciatica was left off. My brothers and sisters in the Lord laid their hands on me and prayed. I believed I received and went home and, in faith, took God's Word as medicine. Three weeks later, I woke up one morning and was halfway down the stairs before I realized it was gone, along with all the effects thereof. God by grace made the provision. Faith takes the medicine. What would have resulted in surgery or, at least, a lifetime of medication or doctor visits took three weeks. No more sciatica. I don't need to go to the doctor. The Great Physician is always with me, always faithful, and He doesn't require insurance or money.
---Linda on 12/26/08

Alan, unfortunately my last post was truncated due to length. Though I understand completely the reason for that, the rest of my testimony regarding the sciatica was left off. To make a lengthy story short, my brothers and sisters in the Lord laid hands on me and prayed. Responding in faith to the laying on of hands, I went home and took the Word of God as medicine for three weeks and woke up one morning with no evidence of sciatica or any of its resulting effects. I was halfway down the stairs before I realized it. So, in response to your advice to see a doctor---I dont need to. I have found the Great Physician to always be faithful.
---Linda on 12/26/08

Please pardon my error regarding Luke and discipleship. Nevertheless, the point was not so much that Luke was a disciple but that he was a physician, and probably not the only one. Jesus healed ALL who came to Him or who had another come to Him on their behalf. He never sent any one of them away to see a doctor. He knew who He was. It is our purpose to know Him too.
---Linda on 12/26/08


There is a good reason why Jesus did not send the man to Luke: Luke was NOT one of Jesus's disciples, but rather a later convert of Paul's - this is why the Gospel of Luke is called the only Gospel that is not an eyewitness account, but rather compiled from other accounts by Luke (who in addition to being a good physician, was also a good writer).

I'm sorry to hear about your sciatica. I myself had a bout of that last month and for a week was almost unable to walk (until I went to see a doctor).
---StrongAxe on 12/11/08

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Linda, my dear, I am not trying to be rude, but Luke was not one of Jesus disciples.. he never met Jesus, He was born just outside of Rome,and went to Isreal in 79 AD (something to study in the New Testament.. about the birth of Jesus, the first story in the book of Matthew, and the story in the book of Luke, which one is correct? Matthew knew Jesus from childhood and was his closest friend, and Luke never met Jesus)
---Gammel_Hst on 12/11/08

"Jesus may have used the mud on the man's eyes but He didn't send him to Luke, the physician, one of His very own disciples"

No ... Jesus would not have done that, for Luke was NOT a disciple. He joined later.

You should go to a doctor about yur sciatica ... did not God give him the brains and the skills?
---Alan_of_UK on 12/11/08

Jesus may have used the mud on the man's eyes but He didn't send him to Luke, the physician, one of His very own disciples. There may have been in some cases, like I shared earlier, some instruction that starts one on the road to health, healing beginning as soon as that first step is taken. And then there is the nothing short of miraculous, supernatural in every way, with that being the beginning point. A couple of months ago, I suffered terribly with severe sciatica. The pain generated at the origin of my sciatic nerve, traveled across both hips and then down both legs, ending in my feet. I woke up like that one morning, having done nothing that I knew of to contribute to the suddenness of the problem.
---Linda on 12/11/08


It is not "man and his medicines trumping God", but rather using each appropriately. If you can't afford food, pray to God for some, but after that it's up to you - don't pray for God to miraculously feed you, go make a sandwich. The Bible doesn't say "if a man won't pray for food, he shouldn't eat", it says "if a man won't work, he shouldn' eat".

Aan old Chinese proverb says "man waits long time with open mouth for roast duck to fly in". God may supply the duck, but it's up to us to cook it.

Even Jesus used "mundane medicine" at least once (he healed a man of blindness by putting mud in his eyes, rather than just proouncing him whole.)
---StrongAxe on 12/9/08

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Trish, what you believe is just that...what you believe, and that according to what you have seen with natural eyes and heard with natural ears. You say that it dishonors God to tell people to utilize the faith they have toward God, yet my Bible tells me that without faith it is impossible to please Him and without agreement with God one cannot walk with Him. You say that man and his medicines trump God and His ways and place man with the upper hand. Maybe my experiences have to do with what I believe of God and His perfect redemption in Christ. I go to Him first, not last, and find that He never fails. I never have to go with Plan B. It is a walk of faith, not by what is perceived with the five senses.
---Linda on 12/9/08

If you are not convinced and convicted that God has redeemed us from the curse in Christ, making Him a curse for us, your only means of cure is manmade and you point to man. Yes, God does supply wisdom and He guides the hands of those who wage war on disease. However, which is greater? The gift one has or the Author of it? Even if the problem is completely chemical and has no obvious root in bitterness, rejection, unforgiveness, anxiety, fear, etc., God is still the healer. He isn't a respecter of the problem or the person. Unless you tap in to all the meditations of any particular person, you may never find the real reason for the depression.
---Linda on 12/9/08

There is a tremendous difference in performance to achieve Father's love and receiving His love by grace through faith and the works being an outflow of what you have received. Insane asylums are full of people who believe that have blasphemed the Holy Spirit when, in truth, they have not. It is what they believe through the lack of the knowledge of God and understanding what Jesus did that keeps them there. Because of what they believe they have done, they are afraid to enter His presence or "feel" like they can't. That fear and deception, the bondage of the enemy, keeps them from enjoying a relationship with God purchased by Jesus,whose very flesh was rent to grant that access to all who would believe.
---Linda on 12/9/08


You're right, in that using physical solutions to problems that have a spiritual basis can be a mistake, and that it can only mask the symptoms. The same also applies to physical ailments like this (such as ulcers caused by anxiety).

But the reverse is also true. It's unwise to apply spiritual solutions to physical problems. (If your gums start to decay, don't pray for Vitamin C - eat an orange!)
---StrongAxe on 12/5/08

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Linda: Your experience is just that, yours. My experience is with uncounted people who suffer from clinical depression and bipolar depression, as well as clinical research. These patients I have worked with suffer from chemical imbalances, and to tell them to just have faith would be dishonoring to God and could cause them to hurt themselves further.

I am not discounting faith. I am just saying that to tell a depressed person that faith is all they need could cause greater harm.
---Trish9863 on 12/5/08

Trish, my experience with and being healed from depression, suicidal even, is what I share. If I had gone to a doctor instead of the Great Physician, I am sure a chemical imbalance would have been found that could have been corrected by medication and thus "tweaked" my emotions. However, I choose to deal with the things of the mind through the revelation of Christ and I found that renewing the mind to the truth of the new creation man (the spiritual reality...takes some commitment and discipline) and allowing the Holy Spirit to make that a truth to me did more to cure me than medication could have done to "correct" an imbalance that came from Adam to begin with.
---Linda on 12/5/08

"Would you tell a diabetic to get to the root of their blood sugar problem, or tell them to use their insulin?"

Both. I would never tell them to lay down their medication. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. But I would encourage them to exercise their faith toward God and take the medicine of the Word every time they take a shot or pill. Only one of those will win and it is the same one who won on the third day. He is totally victorious over sin, sickness, death, hell, and the grave. The truth is that most medications, if not all, have their own list of side effects that need more medication to deal with. There are no unwanted or bad side effects to the Word.
---Linda on 12/5/08


You are right that "To say that menopause is demonic or only affects the unspiritual or faithless is beyond STUPID!!!". Physical illnesses are real, and physical.

It is equally stupid to think that mental illnesses (such as depression) affect only teh unspiritual or faithless. Many people who acknowledge what you said have a totally different attitude towards mental illnesses. They assume that they are "all in your head" and can be cured by "right thinking". While this may be true of some of them, there are many others that have real physical causes (brain damage, chemical imbalances, etc.) that cannot just be "thought away".
---StrongAxe on 12/3/08

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Yes! I'm watching a close family member being healed from depression... a spiritual rather than biological sickness. Depression is desolation from serving the flesh rather than God. For three days God allowed me to experience depression's lonely vile desolation... death with no life. If I had to live with that feeling... I would kill myself to stop it. After the experience... I knew why Christ screamed and said, "My God, why have you forsaken me?" Sin separates. To be out of the presence of God is to be in intolerable desolate death. Like Johah, Christ knew God would not leave His 'soul' in hell but would restore Him from 'death' to 'life.'
---internetelias on 12/2/08

Linda: Sometimes the root of the depression is a chemical imbalance. The only way to correct it is with medication.

Would you tell a diabetic to get to the root of their blood sugar problem, or tell them to use their insulin?

I wonder about some Christians. Clinical depression is a physical problem that needs a chemical answer, in addition to therapy and other helps.
---Trish9863 on 12/1/08

If God cannot, it would be extremely foolish for man to think that medication could. Medication deals with the symptoms. God deals with the root. Get the root and you won't have the fruit. My experience is that my Father has never failed me spiritually, mentally, or physically.
---Linda on 12/1/08

Yes, I have witnessed first hand that God can heal depression. But it might be different than you expect. My daughter was in a deep depression over her fixation on the persecution of her and my grandson by her exhusband. I feared I was loosing her to the depression. I prayed for months for relief for her. When her apt building caught fire, I taught this would surely push her over the edge, but it had the opposite affect. She turned to meet the challenge of having lost everything and then realized several months later that the depression was over. God has His own way of meeting our needs.
---JoAnn on 11/30/08

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Donna ... Thank you for saying that!!

I can affirm that that is how it is.

Remember "Footprints in the sand"? At the worst time when God is not walking beside you, it is because he is carrying you, and you don't even know it.

And remember the closing verses of Romans 8.

And of course katavasia on 11/20 is right "He frequently uses consellors, doctors, and antidepressants or other medicines"
---alan_of_UK on 11/29/08

Donna: Very good points. The distinction must be made: Are we speaking of 'depression' in the sense of 'feeling blue' (which does happen to most of us every now and then) or in the sense of a clinical disorder?
---Bobby3 on 11/28/08

I think it's important to distinguish between the type of depression that occasionally comes to most people, Christian or non-Christian, from prolonged disabling clinical depression.

Dwelling on Scripture and making a point to praise God, can do wonders in the first type.
Sometimes making changes in life or relationships are needed too.

But if the depression lasts for weeks and causes prolonged crying, anxiety, sleep problems or thoughts of death...a chemical imbalance must be suspected. For someone in this state, faith seems depleted. God seems light years away.
Medication supervised by a qualified physician may cause a lifting of the burden...then, finally, the Christian can again reach out to God in faith.
---Donna66 on 11/27/08

Good point, Trish. I, too, would point to this particular verse to suppport the position that God does NOT always choose to heal a person, and 'amount of faith' will not convince God to change His mind if a particular request (healing or otherwise) is not in accordance to His will (as was the case with Paul). Check Romans 9. He will have mercy on those He chooses to have mercy.

Addie, I would argue that a 'mental condition' (which would include depression) IS a type of physical ailment. Mental illnesses are the result of biological malfunctions, as any other type of physical ailment would, too, find its root in some sort of mishap in the body.
---Bobby3 on 11/26/08

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Yes God can and does heal depression. You ask how?
Scripture teaches our minds are being renewed day by day, we live in the Joy of the Lord... and the Holy Spirit given to us is love peace and a sound mind.

Much depression is the environment one may be brought up in....abuse etc.

Now the disclaimer is.....there is a biological reason as well for depression...and that, like diabetes is a chemical imbalance in your body. Proof as well are woman who go through nasty menopause...having a hormone imbalance causing strange feelings, depression...absentmindedness, blues, crying and so on.

To say that menopause is demonic or only affects the unspiritual or faithless is beyond STUPID!!!
---kathr4453 on 11/26/08

Dave: If what you say is true, why did Paul state that God did not remove the thorn in his flesh? Did Paul lack faith, or did God use that to teach Paul, and us a lesson about His all sufficient grace?
---Trish9863 on 11/24/08

God can heal everyone of everything if you just have faith.
---Dave on 11/24/08

What i stated was absolutly revelant to this topic. I do suffer with depression at times.It is something that runs in my family. i aslo notice that when I look at my problems and focus on them,i become depressed, God desires us to look to Him for all our problems, and He promises to give us peace, not as the world gives(medication), not just a quick fix,Isa26:3,John14:27, so when we do not focus on our problems, and rely totally on God we can have peace.Also the thorn in the flesh, was an ailment(physical), not a mental condition, something that kept paul praying to God, therefore bringing him to the conclusion that WE dont operate in our own stregnth, but God's when we are weak.
---Addie on 11/21/08

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Well, for me, depression can be an attack, not what stays all the time. And paranoid stuff is not full-time, as far as I can tell. And these are obviously inferior to how God can have me in love replenishing and encouraging and caring about all others, instead of cursing them with suspicion . . . blessing and NOT cursing. So, it works for me to give depression and paranoia the silent treatment until God gets rid of it. But I need my CHARACTER cured more with love so I am not available to giving in to that stuff. I'd say I don't need for God to cure the depression, but cure ME of my nature witch still can make me available to Satan's cruel and dominating messing.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/21/08

God can heal anyone of anything that is why He is God. He has everything at His disposal.
---Harry on 11/20/08


He frequently uses consellors, doctors, and antidepressants or other medicines.

Sometimes He heals the underlying physical cause.
---katavasia on 11/20/08

Addie: I suppose the disciples' belief in such curses is irrelevant to the issue at hand. I would maintain my disagreement wiht your position, though. However, of relevance is whether Jesus' stripes serve the function of healing our physical ailments. I would say no. The Second Person of the Trinity came to Earth to suffer and die FOR OUR SINS. Isa53, a verse often cited by those of a similar position to yours, tells us that He was pierced for our TRANSGRESSIONS and crushed for our SINS, not so that our physical pains will always go away. Also of significance is what Paul describes in 2Cor12 as a 'thorn' in his flesh, which many believe to be a physical ailment God WOULD NOT heal.
---Bobby3 on 11/19/08

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Addie: I suppose the disciples' belief in such curses is irrelevant to the issue at hand. I would maintain my disagreement wiht your position, though. However, of relevance is whether Jesus' stripes serve the function of healing our physical ailments. I would say no. The Second Person of the Trinity came to Earth to suffer and die FOR OUR SINS. Isa53, a verse often cited by those of a similar position to yours, tells us that He was pierced for our TRANSGRESSIONS and crushed for our SINS, not so that our physical pains will always go away. Also of significance is what Paul describes in 2Cor12 as a 'thorn' in his flesh, which many believe to be a physical ailment God WOULD NOT heal.
---Bobby3 on 11/19/08

For the disciples to ask that question it had to be common, curses were very common in the OT, curses sometimes on the forth and fifth generation for disobedience sent by God. So yes some of these parents were guilty for causing calamity on thier children. Whether you want to argue this point back and forth in 2tim God does desire us to have a sound mind, whether it is sin, disobedience, a spiritual issue, God does not desire us to have it , He can heal it.
---Addie on 11/17/08

Addie: The verses you mention in John show just the opposite of what you intend. Jesus explains that the man's ailment was NOT due to a sin committed by his parents, nor was it anything he did himself. Generational curses cannot be proven from these verses. One might only be able to prove a BELIEF in them, and this that turns out to be faulty according to Jesus.

Therefore, Addie, the verses you cite do NOT indicate that Jesus healed those 'sick from sin their parents committed' because Jesus explicitly states that these individuals were NOT ill because of parents' sin.
---Bobby3 on 11/17/08

John9:2-3 The disciples asked Jesus did sin from the parents occur for this man to be blind, Jesus replied neither but for the glory of God. Jn11:4 also states this. So it is safe to say sin and disease can occur from our ancestors it is a generational curse. But to those afflicted with depression , there is hope for you.How do we serve a God that can do the impossible, and not believe we can be healed. Though it may be chemically, or from birth, God has called us to have a sound mind 1Tim1:7. So this is very much a spiritual thing, and faith needs to be applied to this circumstance, and while your waiting praise Him for your miracle!
---Addie on 11/17/08

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Absolutely. Are you asking us how can God heal someone of depression? Because we know God can do anything.

"He sent forth His word and healed them."
"By His stripes we are healed."
"The word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, able to pierce through both joints and marrow to the dividing of soul and spirit."

The word of God is alive and active. It is Jesus. Jesus said my words are Spirit and Life.

God uses many avenues to heal someone. Laying on of hands. Aointing of Oil. Prayer Cloths. The Anointing falling on someone when they are praying.
---donna8365 on 11/17/08

God can do anything. For me depression is a chemical embalance. It started probably when I was very little, but I was diagnosed when I was 17. For the last 10 years I have been on and off my medication and sure I'll be fine for a while, but then I crash and burn. There are many arguements. But even though life is hard I don't believe that God wants me to live it myserably. If my medication helps me with that I think that's what he wants from me. God created docters.....why shouldn't we use them, as long as we don't substitute their judgment for ours. Have a blessed day!
---Jennifer on 11/17/08

I truely believe that sometime God allows us to go through this Depressed state in order to show us that he is here, and has been there the whole time. I know that it is a chemical inbalance in the brain that causes us to feel what we feel, but I am strong, because Christ died for me, I am healed because his blood shed for me, and I am whole because I believe, not in the inbalance, but In The Creator.
---Will on 11/17/08

Trish: I'm with you on this one. It seems (at least) insensitive to accuse a depressed individual of being spiritually weak when brain chemistry (which beyond his/her control) is responsible for the condition. Such being the case, medication ought to be used to remedy the illness. In this sense, it could perhaps be said that God is healing the individual through the use of medication.

Addie: "In the gospels when Jesus did His healing ministry, some were sick from sin their parents committed..."

Please cite the verses that tell of this.
---Bobby3 on 11/17/08

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Addie and Pharisee--

Medication has PROVED to CURE depression in thousands of cases. There is NO doubt that clinical depression is a function of disordered brain chemisrty.
One cannot say that medication doesn't help depression.... but it may not be the ONLY treatment that helps!

We know, with certainty, that biochemistry influences emotions. It could also be true (though it cannot yet be proven) that emotions...and spiritual conditions... can influence biochemistry, producing or alleviating depression.

Spiritual counseling PLUS medication probably offer the best hope for someone with clinical depression. Counseling alone may help mild depression.
---Donna66 on 11/15/08

Of course God can heal depression. It is a very complicated illness that can have many causes. I have suffered with it in many different forms, my whole life. I see my depression like an onion and God is healing and helping me by healing the layers, one at a time. On 11-11-07 I was in church and healed of gray cloud over my head that I went to church with. But I also am on a low dose anti depressant at this time. I may have some form of mental illness in my family. If you have not suffered with any form of depression, please do not judge. And, I do not think "crying" is necessarily a symptom of depression. God gave us emotions. I live each day believing God can heal me at any time.
---Shirley on 11/15/08

"Can God heal someone of depression?"

With the Father all things are possible. "If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes." Do you believe that the Father can do this? "According to your faith, be it unto you."
---joseph on 11/15/08

Bill: How do you call something that most likely originates organically "complaining?" Would you call a person with cancer a complainer because they have cancer? What about a diabetic? Most depression is organic, meaning caused by abnormal brain chemisty. Given that it is brain chemistry, one must correct that imbalance with medications.

Boy, do I hate when Christians think they know better than scientists and doctors.
---Trish9863 on 11/15/08

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Yes he can heal depression however will he? I agree that he probably takes it on a case by case basis according to his will.
---TIMOTHY on 11/14/08

No I would not tell a diabetic not to seek medical treatment. But that doesn't change the origin of the sickness, all sickness and disease does not originate from God, He actually died so that we wouldn't be bound to it Read Matt7:17,Is53:4-5, but as we all know while we are in this flesh, which will die, we will have sickness and disease. Jesus died so that we could have life and more abundantly. We can be healed, In the gospels when Jesus did His healing ministry, some were sick from sin their parents committed,some were sick just so God could get the glory, so others would believe. Depression is a small thing to God, he can and is able to deliver people from it, if it is His will.
---Addie on 11/14/08

Sometimes, depression can be "biological" ("depressed" health), but usually it is "psychological/emotional" (subconscious identity crisis, you are "beside your"SELF"). You used to have reasonable control over "your life" (your IDENTITY), but something happened that totally destroyed "your IDENTITY"/dreams.

Instead of the names for God used by past cultures, we can know The Father by His "forever" name ("I am who I am", Exodus 3:14). In order for us to truly relate to and identify with Him, we need to know who we ourselves are.

If you truly have a LOVE feeling for The Father, He will teach/heal you by teaching you to be like Him (Colossians 2:18).
---more_excellent_way on 11/13/08

It is a form of complaining (o: "Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world," (Philippians 2:14-15) We need to stop this negative and no-hope stuff, but stopping this is not enough. We need to stop complaining, in order to become "blameless and harmless, children of God without fault". This is possible with God. We have people who want to stop their depression so they can live the lives THEY want to live. So, with THIS motive, NO method or medicine etc. can work.
---Bill_bila5659 on 11/13/08

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Addie: Clinical research has shown that a lot of depression is a result of brain chemistry. Medications are used to correct the brain chemistry so that it is producing the necessary chemicals for the body. In the case of clinical depression, it is not a spiritual matter but a physical matter. Would you tell a diabetic that their problem is spiritual and that they do not need to take insulin? Hopefully, not.
---Trish9863 on 11/13/08

God is fully capable of healing in any given situation he chooses to intercede. The question should be when does God heal?

The best answer is, Only when it is consistent with God's preordained plans for the individual.
---Phil_the_Elder on 11/13/08

Yes, God can heal deppression and will if a person is willing. the cause of depression is usually from strongholds in the mind an oppressed state directly from satan himself. Prayer and a made up mind to trust the Lord is needed to become free. Note: it is not God's will for us to be depressed, therefore He did not put that on us.

I do not believe that medication, for that problem can really help you, because then you are accepting your condition and allowing a doctor to provide the remedy. People get depressed because of situations,health, worry. If we trust God whole heartedly, we wouldn't be depressed. this is a spiritual battle!
---Addie on 11/13/08

---kevin on 11/13/08

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Yes, but it doesn't stick without wholesale repentance and taking responsibility for the self sabotage that occurs through wrong attitudes.
The person in Question has to be willing to be remade in their thought life, to refuse the old ways, and be in complete subjection to God in Full repentance.
Depression is wrongly attempted to be dealt with in a clinical fashion, it simply doesn't work, and at best can only be medicated. It's origin is spiritual, and only the Spirit of God can reverse it, but God cannot work in us if we resist him.
---Pharisee on 11/13/08

Yes God can heal a person whom has depression. Sometimes it takes medication to help that person out of depression. God gives Doctors the ability to help those in need through medication.
---Rebecca_D on 11/13/08

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