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God Picked Your Mate

Do you think God has the perfect one picked out for you?

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 ---Saman4947 on 11/14/08
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---sin5694 on 11/21/14

Hello,bro.Mark,bless you & your loving wife! Yep,you are right! I made up my mind no more gett'n married. Men & women (christians) both fall into a trap sometimes,not every one but,yes it happens. Women we get caught up 'n our emotions,many years I felt that way. Then I began to realise,what am I think'n? I been livin'alone at least 10 yrs. Loneliness pretty much "can get over" by study the word,keep busy,my music,church... the Lord knows I do not want to get into another bad situation.Most times people don't take time to really get to know the person.if the Lord send any one a mate...It should besomeone who loves the Lord more than anything! Not for money,not for convenience,etc.,
---ELENA on 4/19/12

Sister Elena, thank you so much for what you said about me. I believe that where many have a problem with whom they marry is because they are looking for someone already. And many times the first person they meet they marry, for many different reasons, sometimes for need of help, because they are getting older, because the guy is handsome, yet other times for need of love from someone. I heard those so many times. They sleep with them, and that is the hook. Once they do, they don't want to let go. They get into sin, and then more sin. Then the consequences began to come. They find out it was the wrong guy, and pretty soon they are in a mess. Christ was never involved in their decisions.
---Mark_V. on 4/19/12

Hello,family,this goes out to bro.MarkV.This blogg you mention about how you met & all about your wife,how she always talk 'bout the! This is the most beautifull Christian love story i really found a wonderfull lady(sister)in the Lord for you wife and wow! I never heard a brother talk like that! wonderfull..just wonderfull! wish you always the best to you both! Really refreshing! brother... Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 4/19/12

Who knows? Our life belongs to the Lord. And Jesus has made all for himself.
---Eloy on 4/2/12

well, as we all knowwe really didn't know who is the one for us..
only god knows.
me, i'm still waiting for the right man for me to come along..
i know it's worth the wait for the man whom i'll spend my whole life with!!!
stay happy guys.,)
---grace on 4/2/12

ginger, in my case, I met my second wife through a sister at my church. I was not looking for anyone, just enjoyed talking to brothers and sisters. After I talked to this girl for about eight months, I met her in person, and once I met her, I knew that was a person I would like to live with the rest of my life. Her love for Christ is what attracted me to her. She was always talking about the Lord as I was. We would talk Scripture for hours. A few years later we decided to get married. She helps me answer questions and studies everyday. I told her after we got married, if I ever hurt her feelings, to remind me, because sometimes we say things that hurt others without knowing. If a person is truely in love with Christ you can never go wrong.
---Mark_V. on 4/2/12

My husband swears he knew when he first saw me that he was going to marry me. I asked him how, he said he asked God to direct him to "the ONE". The way he puts it, he saw something in me his first day at our church. He waited until the time was right, and asked for my phone number after a church function. I wasn't going to give it to him, but this really small voice told me to give him a chance. So I did.
We have been in seperable since then.
---ginger on 3/30/12

Everyone says you will know when the right one come along. How do you really know? How do you know God is directing you and not your hormones? They also say, if you love someone set them free, if they come back it was meant to be. She got married while I was gone. So when do you stand and fight for the girl you think is right?
The flirtations and the touching maybe her just being nice, not really interested in you at all.
Ladies if you can answer these, for a man who keeps misreading women.

---judd on 3/18/12

I don't think, I know that God has the perfect one picked out for me. Although I am single and get frustrated sometimes, I know that HE exists and when the time is right and we are both ready, our paths will cross. In the meantime, I continue to worship while I wait for my future husband to find me.
---Lanelle on 10/22/11

YES! However, I am not very interested. And God knows this. I can wait. I love God. No one can take His place. Not in loving, careing, wow.
---catherine on 12/2/08

I know God picked out the perfect mate for me. Ever since day one of our marriage we have been a team. As a Youth & Education Director of our church, I would counsel the teenage boys, the girls would seek out my wife. As missionaries for 33 years, we founded a medical mission giving prenatal classes for evangelism. My wife has all the medical background, and some of the graduate work I did was in business administration, so we had a perfect combination in forming this type of medical mission. We had no intention of starting a mission-I call it "Our accident, but God's design" We have been married 46 years, and the honeymoon is not over yet. Even though we have retired, we are still working for the Lord as one.
---wivv on 11/29/08

I didn't decide after marriage that he was wrong, he dicided I was wrong, and decided to cheat, and then divorce me.

I have examined the way he was too, before marriage. There were signs, and I just didn't see them.
Again, lack of knowledge, on my part.
---miche3754 on 11/18/08

"I would have known he wasn't right."

You're error came not in marrying him but deciding he was wrong after marriage.
You can't fail to adjust and then blame your partner. I understand people who stray or abuse their mate need to be divorced, I agree, but failure to reconcile differences even belief with unbelief is a matter of the self will rising to cancel the grace that's commanded by God.

I just don't want you to operate by fear and be cheated of "the grace of life" (1Peter 3:7b) for some notion that God has to choose for you, that's preposterous.
---Pharisee on 11/18/08

(moderator please allow this one)
Also pharisee, you aren't looking at the fact that Jacob chose Rachel.
The man chose the woman. This is how it should be.
Woman should not be out there throwing themselves at men. It is disrespecting themselves and men.
Every happy Godly marriage I have ever seen, the man chose the woman.
So, I am working being a Godly woman, and praying that God sends a Godly man to choose me.
We women like to be chose first by a man. It helps us to know we are loved. God put that in us.
---miche3754 on 11/18/08

I didn't mean that at all.
What I meant was at the time I got married, I didn't have God in my life, or I would have known he wasn't right.
I perished for my lack of knowledge.

That is why now, I go to God on everything. I even waited for my job that I have know.
Yes, I searched for one (knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you shall find, ask and you will receive) but I prayed that God give me the job of His choice, not mine.
The same goes for choosing a mate. I don't date, I learn to just be friends and let God do the rest. I most certainly don't spend time alone with someone either. I don't want to give place to the enemy. When God has chosen then God will let me know.
---miche3754 on 11/18/08

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"I for one, did not have this knowledge, so I chose wrong."

God Told Hosea to pick a woman of "whoredoms" and in verse 3 the Bible says he went out and "took" that is to say chose for himself his own wife! Jacob didn't ask God before he kissed Rachel (Gen 29:11) he saw and he chose...Now do you mean to tell me that God cannot accomplish his purpose for your life (Jacob's purpose must be considered carefully) if you choose your own mate? God's purpose is bigger than our worst choice. You can't pick the wrong one, because you're stuck with anyone you pick and then guess what...they're THE RIGHT ONE!!!
---Pharisee on 11/18/08

I believe God CAN pick the perfect mate for you, but will we let Him?

Most Christian sisters I know tell me what kind of man they want, what age they want him to be, how much money they want him to make, etc., They don't leave any room for God to give them HIS choice.

I think we believe God picks our mate all the while we pick them. We go by our own desires and don't even realize it until we're in the marriage and it isn't working.

Another question: IF your 1,000 percent sure God picked your mate, will you still have disagreements, differences, money problems? issues?
---donna8365 on 11/17/08

My husband says the first time he saw me he knew I was the one God wanted him to be with. God has blessed me with a man that loves me, but that challenges me. That's what I need in order to grow. It's not always easy, but I've never done good iwth easy. And there are not a lot of people like him anywhere. So God had to have made him for me. Although I do think we have free will and what we choose to do in our lives may change who that perfect person is for us..if that makes sense. Have a blessed day!
---Jennifer on 11/17/08

I am not sure about this one.
I believe God influences you to pick the right one.
God gives us scripture to go by to pick the right one.
And once you have chosen, I believe God blesses your union.

I guess you can say it is more complicated than the question actually puts it.

I for one, did not have this knowledge, so I chose wrong.

Gods word says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".
Seek God before seeking a mate. God will give you wisdom to choose the right one.
---miche3754 on 11/17/08

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Yessir MIC I've done my 'homework' that you gave out!
I am blessed to be a wife and mother!

(I haven't learned how to spin fine linen--- but I do a good job on windows!)
---NVBarbara on 11/16/08

--Pharisee:****who will deliver me from this body of death...Indeed I am miserable wretched poor blind and naked!***

I see you're referencing Rev.3:16-17 because thou art lukewarm....I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing

You're right, on our own "Nobody's Perfect", but we're made perfect through diligently enduring in the Word of the Lord....and He shall deliver you from your body of death. So keep hope alive through remembering "who the Word(Christ) sets free is free indeed."

Don't count yourself as luckwarm or as one who feels they have need of nothing, do-in-part to not realizing The Word of the Lord in their life.
---Shawn_M.T. on 11/16/08

Pharisee:-Aren't we all ?but we strive anyway with the talents God gives us.The bold and the brave.Read Matt24:36,Matt25:14-30:: NVB you get to read Proverbs 31-:-)Blessings to both.
---Mic on 11/15/08

I love you Pete but you do bring up an interesting point...

Indeed I am miserable wretched poor blind and naked!
---Pharisee on 11/14/08

This could be a hint as to why you've had trouble finding work! STAY INSIDE!

(You know I'm joshing you bro, I love you and yours, God bless!)
---NVBarbara on 11/15/08

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Sure He does!! The perfect one that God has pick out, is Christ Jesus....and everyone that abide in Christ is made perfect. So as we grow in discernment of good & evil and the brotherhood increases so does our options!!!!!
---Shawn_M.T. on 11/14/08

"Pharisee:You are a just and Honourable Man..."

I earnestly contest this remark!

Wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death...Indeed I am miserable wretched poor blind and naked!
---Pharisee on 11/14/08

Slippery Slope Question: I believe that God is concerned about the sanctity of the marriage and the yolking of the believers however I don't believe that he chose "Sally" to marry me. To believe that God predestined "Sally" to marry me raises free will issues.
---TIMOTHY on 11/14/08

It's interesting that in the Scriptures and even now in many parts of the world the choosing of the bride was not done by the groom but by the parents or other mature members of the family. This alleviates emotions and lust from getting into the picture.
---john on 11/14/08

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I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
---kevin on 11/14/08

Pharisee:You are a just and Honourable Man,But, I have to Partially contest your statement.Re Marriage,I agree, picking a partner is a good idea to seek assistance,invoking the almighty.He has given us rules to follow and we must be prudent when making This ultimate choice,which he is already aware of the out come.This life is to be lived out HIS, way for successs,Find it .Perfection is not a dream, it is God's Challenge to excersise our self comtrol,which enables us to reach the stage of perfection.NOT better than that,b/C HE was a Man and showed US HIS WAY and challenges us to follow.Many people Have tried it and are saints IN HEAVEN not on this earth as many claim.This seal of aunthenticity is granted in Meaven By Him if You qualify.
---Mic on 11/14/08

Reply ... He did, but she has now been taken Home

I hope He has another one for me!
---alan_of_UK on 11/14/08

Nobody's perfect.

I hate to pooh pooh such a romantic notion, but this is also just the sort of thing people can use to justify leaving someone hanging at the altar too.

I of course have to guess why this is being asked, as you didn't say.

Does God know? Observe Peter's words to Jesus:
"Lord you know all things..." It's obvious that you shouldn't make a decision of this magnitude without God. At the same time you shouldn't wait for him to decide for you either, that's not his job and you have to decide. God in his mercy has designed our life with him that nothing should exclude us from his grace, even a bad choice. Choose wisely and be blessed.
---Pharisee on 11/14/08

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