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Invest In The Stock Market

Should Christians be investing in the stock market? Is it Biblical to invest in the stock market?

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 ---Maggie on 12/1/08
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It is definitely biblical to invest in the stock market, only if you are very familiar with the process and are not wild and reckless with the decision making process, or trust same to anyone else, including your broker. May I say, remember the parable of the 3 individuals who were given different amounts (and the one who decided to do nothing, but put same into the ground). Increasing of wealth wisely is never foolish if you consider the wisdom of this parable.
---Veronica on 1/1/09

Jean, Jesus spoke in parables so that the mystery would not be understood by workers of iniquity. If you invest in (eg) a company that locks people up for profit, or a company that sends out security guards to kill the villagers living near oil pipelines, or in an institution that plots to take over the world governments, then you are not obeying the gospel - a gospel that can only be understood if you read the Old Testament prophets. Be careful of misapplying the verses of the Bible. It is first and foremost spiritual in topic.
---frances008 on 12/22/08

Yes.In the bible, the master who went away and entrusted the three servants with money congratulated the servant who made profit.
---jean on 12/22/08

">>today it is technically a money game ...short sales<<" Rhonda
I agree it is is a roulette wheel. I hate that people invest on the expectation that price will rise rather than to share profit.

I bought preferred hybrid stocks, which pay a guaranteed dividend. They are like a bond, with higher returns, & good if a person plans to hold long term like in a retirement account. The only way to lose is to sell while the stock price is low. If the stock price tanks, a person can still make out by waiting since the yield goes up. For example, if price falls 1/2, yield then doubles if you don't sell. I invest to build community and be commited long term to good ventures.
---obewan on 12/18/08

stock market originally a way to invest money into a company that would use your investment and others investments to create new idea's, products etc create more business which would then be rewarded by higher stock prices dividends etc took part in companies advancement and profits

today it is technically a money game ...short sales other money gimmicks have twisted original purpose of this vehicle

whether you stick to stock markets original purpose or play it's new-age money games this should be done when one HAS money to invest understanding no investment may be realized or all investment may be lost ...recklessly most don't understand "investing" in profitability of another business is a gamble
---Rhonda on 12/17/08

I was repling to your comparing Egypt/Joseph(7 yrs. of famine/Storing food) to our delima today...

Those who try to save their lives shall lose them, where you gather things that's where your heart will be...

Think not of what you will eat or wear...

I could give you the verses, But I'll let your Heart guide you to the truth...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 12/17/08

"God, Did that to save the tribes of Israel, Not the egyptians, Remember, God destroyed them(Egypt)400 yrs. later in the day's of Mose's and THAT was his plan ALL ALONG,..
The question was worded should a CHRISTIAN invest in the stock market. That was the context of my answer. Of course there are pagans who will misuse the funds and lose money or have immoral businesses. On the other hand, there are many good "socially responsible" mutual funds geared to moral investments. Some of them are run by Christians even. Public ownership of businesses is a good thing. It brings sharing of the wealth and many good things our society needs.
---obewan on 12/17/08

What would you invest in: a $1,000 commercial coffee maker or $10,000 in someone else's company (stock)?

My dad owned a produce company and a restuarant where I worked from the time I was eight years old until I was sixteen giving me an excellent work ethic. (they didn't have the tough child working laws at that time).

Besides, investing was a lot different in Christ's time. They usually bought products, produce and animals low and sold high.

That coffee maker, together with a few pastries, can make you money for a long time since people are coffee drinkers.
---Steveng on 12/16/08

Obewan,Comparing Joseph & the Egyptians to our delima is a Far STREEEETCH of his words...

God, Did that to save the tribes of Israel, Not the egyptians, Remember, God destroyed them(Egypt)400 yrs. later in the day's of Mose's and THAT was his plan ALL ALONG,
Just as the day's in which we live in now, are.

Joseph wasn't living in the end times as we are, OUR destiny differs from their delima.

If you want to compare, try this,
Egypt didn't take care of the Jew's in those days, God did, and they flourished.
that's why the Egyptians hearts began to hardened and thought they might rise up and conquer them, so they inslaved them...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 12/16/08

This is where the Church error's, WE should be taking care of our old, fatherless & widowed.

But, we put our loved ones in homes and depend on the Gov. & other people to care for them.

The Churches should be putting all their Millions together and start building shelters/housing W/med. centers.

There was a time, if a neighbor needed a barn built, everyone would join in and help build it, we need to get back to that Spirit of Brotherly Love/kindness.

I know it's easier said than done, But,
It would please our Father/God.
REMEMBER,If you've done it unto them,
you done it unto him.

I think these million $ churches will have some explaining to do.

God or Gov.?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 12/16/08

no its not a sin to invest in a stock market many christians are investing in stock market its not gambling it safe for all christians
---andy on 12/16/08

">>We are told not to gather things unto our barns for future use, Need the verses?<<"
Yes. We are also told about the OT hero who saved food in barns during 7 years of plenty so as to eat during 7 years of famine. And, don't forget the parable of the talents. Having the goal of getting rich is the problem. Saving for retirement is not a problem if it is done right. I don't know about you, but my employer(s) will push me out at age 65, and I will need income. Do you say no social security too? If we are not prepared to take care of ourselves in old age, we will only be a burden to someone else. Need the verses?
---obewan on 12/15/08

Invest in this world and you will lose it all and maybe your Soul too in the process!

What you invest in, IS where your Heart will be led too, Invest not in that which will become a cankerous sore upon man or that can be eaten by moths, INVEST in your Soul and lay not treasures upon yourselves with the things of this world, and remember your/our Faith IS more precious/Worth More than ALL the Gold of this world...

Our Lord is about to give a shout, when he does, turn not back to your goods/things of this world.

We are told not to gather things unto our barns for future use, Need the verses?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 12/15/08

yes.the bible is not against investing
---Tapologo on 12/15/08

Mima~ You're probably on the right track here, since God is concerned about spiritual things as opposed to earthly things. I won't say more than that though since I would have to read the passage more carefully.
---Anne on 12/12/08

I believe the parable of the talents is just that a parable and has nothing to do with money. I believe the parable of talents has to do with soulwinning.(Ain't I just crazy about soulwinning) I believe the fruits of a saved person is winning someone else to the Lord. I believe to increase yourself(your talents) is to win someone to the Lord Jesus Christ. Just my opinion.
---mima on 12/12/08

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Yes it is Biblical. Never forget the parable of the talents. Every investment has risk. Banks can fail. Bonds can default. Stock prices can go down. However, the servant who was afraid to invest out of fear of losing the money was condemned. Wise stewardship is essential to good investing. Our jobs depend on investment. I know where my food and car come from. Worship of money is unbiblical though. We should never worship our money to the point of being afraid of losing it, and we should never invest money that we are not prepared to lose.
---obewan on 12/11/08

i think christians can invest into stock market,it will be good and the stock market will do better!
---Elizabeth on 12/11/08

The parable of the talents (re moneychangers) indicates (I believe) the Lord's approval of financial investments. While He doesn't actually say so, the Lord wouldn't use an unethical example to make an ethical point.
---Randall on 12/11/08

Maggie, Because you have no control over the outcome, it is "gambling".
---1st_cliff on 12/4/08

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I've been E-Mailing Neil Cavoto at FOX news for over 2 1/2 yrs telling him that our economy was going to fail/fall, And not to trust in the riches of the world and that the riches of man shall become a cankerous upon them, Pretty much everything the Lord has told us, I told him/them.

At 1st they said, I am just an anger man of God "Professing Doom"...

I assured them that I'm not an anger man,
Just someone who knows whats coming...

I've been telling family & friends for over 35 yrs that America will fail/fall one day,
and I believe that will be very soon now...

ALot of people wished they listened to me when the dow was 14,000
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 12/4/08

Jesus condemned the servant who buried his master money and did not invest it so his master got a return on his investment.

The Stock Market my not be best investment but Government bonds and Treasure bills are usually safe investments.

The municipal bond market is usually a relatively safe investment of you go for High quality bonds.
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/4/08

Jesus said, DO NOT store up your treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy.

The stock market is a very worldly system and Christians are NOT of this world.

If God says, I will supply ALL of your needs according to My Riches in Glory in Christ Jesus, then that must mean God has tons of riches in Glory that He is willing to give to you. Just pray and ask.

I do not believe in the stock market, never have and never will. It is satan's worldly system, that's why it's failing now.
---donna8365 on 12/2/08

Now is the time to invest some money in the stock market, but not all of your money. Stocks may still drop much more if the governments can't stop the financial problems we are in.
---Alan on 12/2/08

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