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Priests And Pastor Clothing

Should Priests, Clergy, Pastors, etc. wear clothing that is different from the congregation?

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 ---trey on 12/9/08
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I don't know about Pastors, but Catholic Priests are not to blend in with the congregation.
They are set apart like the Jewish Priests from everyone else.

A Priest is suppose to wear his collar at all times when out in public.
Most don't wear their collar, but they are being disobedient.

---Natalie2 on 3/10/09

Lets look at this another way. A good preacher knows without God he or she is nothing. As far as clothing goes I don't care what they wear as long as it is becoming. God used that word with me before, "Very unbecoming'. Had nothing to do with clothing. However. Just so you know I don't walk around half naked and God has to correct me.
---catherine on 3/9/09

Local pastor told a man who was interested in becoming a soulwinner to get in contact with me. The man got in contact with me and in the course of our conversation he mentioned that the pastor had told him that he should wear a tie when trying to win souis. This man asked me what I thought of this idea. But before I give my answer, I invite you my fellow bloggers to answer this question, should a person, on the streets, in a park, or through visitation to hospitals ware a tie, look professional, when trying to win souls.
---mima on 3/9/09

Jesus and the Apostles wore a very specific kind of clothing: "the same as everybody else did at the time".

Thus, if one wants to emulate them, one should do the same - dress like everyone else, not better, not worse.
---StrongAxe on 12/14/08

As long as their clothes are in decency and in order, who care what they wear? At times my Pastor wears a tie and at times he wears blue-jeans and a long sleeve shirt. If a person focuses on what a person wears to church, then their priorities are in the wrong. What if a lady came in wearing a short shirt and a mini-skirt? Would you talk about her behind her back while smiling at her face to face? Or would you show the love and compassion as Jesus would. Bottom line, clothes does not make a person. The inner person makes the person.
---Rebecca_D on 12/12/08

They should wear three-piece suits, just like Jesus and the Apostles.

I'm willing to bet that the cassock that traditional clergy wear looks a whole lot more like what Jesus and the apostles wore than what most evangelical clergy wear.
---katavasia on 12/10/08

I always wore a sweater or just a "good" shirt to church. Lately I have become a "Lay Pastor" while we're searching for a new pastor. Under the general principle of Romans 14:21 I have begun to wear a suit because it's just "expected" that the person in the pulpit dress as a "professional." No need to dress differently, a pastor is not a different class of person. But, what people might expect could effect the reception of the message. (Prayer don't hurt none neither!)
---Ed_The_other_one on 12/9/08

"No they should wear camel hair raiment thick leather belts and eat only locust and honey."

Ha! Good one.
---Bobby3 on 12/9/08

No they should wear camel hair raiment thick leather belts and eat only locust and honey.

---Pharisee on 12/9/08

I think the clothing should be different. The Old Testament serves as a model.(Lev. chapter 39). Also, a well tailored suit is appropriate if a pastor chooses not to wear the traditional vestments.
---pg1 on 12/9/08

In the O.T God did require the Priests and Levites to wear particular clothing in layers which represented many things. We do not see any example or teachings in the N.T to do such things. Probably because the Levitical priesthood is changed to the Spiritual priesthood as according to Heb.7 Those who now wear different clothing do so for various reasons but it is not required Scripturally.
---john on 12/9/08

I does not matter.

There is nothing wrong if they, nor if they don't
---alan_of_UK on 12/9/08

I don't think their clothing should necessarily be "different" from the congregation, but I do believe that men who represent God in whatever office of the psatorate, should dress in their best in order to show respect for the person of God and the office they have been chosen to fill.
---tommy3007 on 12/9/08

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