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Church Sells Music & Books

Do you attend a church that sells music, books products, food, concert tickets, Is this what Christ termed as his father's house being a house of prayer?

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 ---Carla3939 on 12/10/08
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You are right on it. In Luke 19:46>>>Merchandise>>>JESUS HATES IT. Now, on down in verse 47-48: Jesus spent His final days in public and private teachings....In contrast, The Jewish leaders spent the time in conspiracy to commit murder. Oh Yes, I am glad there is a hell. Why wouldn't I be happy. I am not going there. Hallelujah.
---catherine on 6/20/10

StevenG, I agree with you 100% about what you wrote on 12/18/08 concerning denominational churches.

But thas is a major problem for some people like it was for myself.

I moved to a major city, but it took over 3 years to find a Non-Denominational Bible Church.
---Rob on 6/19/10

No but I have seen this happen. This happens in a Church that does not understand why they are really there. They are NOT Biblically based or they would not permit.
---Mike on 6/17/10

Mary, congratulations. yours is the first blog who speaks possitively about the church leaders, i love it a lot.
you know, it isnot only in "money we can helpour pastors, also just to take care of their children, or to come and help cleaning their house, etc may help allot.andencourages good ministers iun their work
---Andy on 3/31/09

Yes, my Church does because in my town we can't find a Catholic Book Store.
The Christian book store have Catholic items in the cult section.
In their Bible section they had two Bibles with all 73 books which they charged $50 each. My Church had the same Bible for $8.

As for the food part, only certain groups like the youth group are allow to sell food to help pay for planned trips or gatherings. Such as bakery or fry fish Fridays during Lent. All the money goes to charities or to a group for the faithful's events.
No one is allowed to sell stuffs on Church property for personal pockets like the ones in the Temple Jesus kicked out.
---Natalie2 on 3/3/09

Wow! In the case of my church, it's the pastor and his family who struggle the most, they're definitely not living high on the hog, wish our church body could help them live better--we try though. He and his wife deserve the absolute best--they truly do. :)
---Mary on 3/2/09

Churches do pretty much what they want to do these days. The pastor,his family and whomever he chooses(likes)reaps the benefits. That sums it up.The ones who the the church really belongs to, gets nothing(the people/parishioners/members). So sad. The pastor and his wife/family gets all the money,houses,honor and respect. Including the pastor's family(kids etc...) The wife nor the pastor works or does anything significant for the people but the people are expected to fully support them and take care of all their needs. Very sad!
---Robyn on 3/2/09

Churches should leave buying and selling out of the sanctuary. If they want to raise money or have a good time, they should rent a place to do it at. The church is for worshipping God.
---Betty on 3/1/09

2Corinthinans 2:17 - peddling the word of god for profit.
---mike on 12/30/08

obewan: "You would make a good Plymouth Brethern."

I doubt it. (yes, I am familiar with their organization and their teachings)
---Steveng on 12/19/08

"Christians ARE the church - not a building, a denomination, or a nonprofit organization. Jesus is returning to join with (marry) his people, Christians, not a building, a denomination, or a nonprofit organization."
You would make a good Plymouth Brethern.

I attened a PB "fellowship" for 13 years, and that is exactly what they taught. PB's don't have official "membership". They consider any Christian to be a member of the church-universal. If a Christian visits from another "fellowship" they are automatically considered a "member" of the "local" fellowship.
---obewan on 12/19/08

Don't go to denominational "churches."

Many, if not most, of you seem to believe that a "church" is a building, a denomination, or a nonprofit corporation. Many of you say, "Let's go to church." Or, "Do you belong to a church?" Or, "Our church is better than your church." Or, Our church has a great Christmas program this year." And on and on.

This is the greatest deception by Satan in all of Christiandom's history.

Christians ARE the church - not a building, a denomination, or a nonprofit organization. Jesus is returning to join with (marry) his people, Christians, not a building, a denomination, or a nonprofit organization.
---Steveng on 12/18/08

Timothy- You make a valid point. Try to look at it a little deeper. There are plenty of "silent members" who go to church every week and who tithe regularly.
These "milk toast christians who whine in pews" are in large, the by-product of poor leadership.
It's not what people do in church that's important, it's what they do outside of church that is critical!
---john_adams on 12/18/08

John Adams: I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree. It is the silent membership making up excuses not to attend Church and not tithing that are the problem and not a few stray Pastors. If our Church leadership is truly out of line then we must remove them from office and take back the churches. I believe that we will be held accountable for our back pew whining and finger pointing. The milk toast Christian is the problem with the Churches and not the Charletons behind the pulpits. It may be time to clean God's house and put true men of God behind the pulpits once again. And that movement must come from the pews and not the pulpits.
---TIMOTHY on 12/18/08

Timothy- It's not that were getting rid of our church structure or letting it fail. Our church structure is slowly imploding with in its own self.

The moral fiber you refer to is becoming more and more loose.

Our society has severly degradated while the church and its leadership has done very little or nothing about it. At times even putting what is politically correct above scripture.
It is lack of leadership in church which has allowed this.

However, God has a plan, our country may fail but Gods true church will never fail.
God help us.
---john_adams on 12/17/08

John Adams~ Yes, I tend to think of them as 'corporate churches.' I often wish churches were more like 'AA' meetings. I have been to a few of the open meetings with friends who have alcohol problems and it seemed more like a true church than the 'corporate churches' of our day.
---Anne on 12/17/08

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So we get rid of the Church structure in America and what happens? We probably need to figure that out soon because financially the Churches are starting to fail. The little local churches first, then the major TV guys. Love them or hate them, and admittedly I fall in the middle, they are part of the moral fiber of this country. So goes the churches, so goes America. Yes the churches are resorting to ridiculous measures to raise money primarily because tithing is at an all time low. However can we truly let the church network in America fail and expect to have a country much longer?
---TIMOTHY on 12/17/08

To Andy- You failed to read or understand my statement. I said"Paul did not take collections for his INCOME"

Of course Paul took collections for his missionary work and others, that is not considered his income.

Scripture states he worked as a "tent maker" to sustain himself.

Please, if you have a rebuttle, quote me properly.

If you study scripture you will find the 1st century church was all about missionary work.

Today, church is much less about missionary work and alot more about itself and its needs as an organization.

Again, man has made church into a business, which it was never intended to be.
---john_adams on 12/17/08

Dear TIMOTHY, you are so right. a pastor needs to take care of everyting without anything. the proverb for nothing thou hast received, for nothing thou shall giveth. is often completaly misused by St. Ingy. everyone wants full-time pastors, everyone wants their own church-building and so forth. John Adams, Paul did not collect money? It is Paul who continuously was collecting money for his own missiontrips, and the SAINTS in Jerusalem. My question is, did church ghet Electricity for free, and what about water. the cars of the pastors do they run on air? i agree that we should not give our tithes to the church, We should give way more then a lousy ten percent.
---Andy on 12/17/08

Today's so-called denominational "churches" have turned God's free gift into a money-making enterprise - having products and services and entertainment. This is NOT how the beginning church was formed.

It is wrong to use money to grow a church. If God's word alone can't grow a church then what can? answer: money and marketing. The faith of today's Christians are not strong enough to grow a church by themselves and must rely on worldly ways.

Besides, denominational "churches" are created by Satan to confuse the last generation of Christians. That's why we have over 3,300 different denominations. And you are taught that you must belong to a church to get to God. It's the greatest delusion that ever was.
---Steveng on 12/16/08

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There is nothing wrong with buying and selling, especially, if it's a business.
Todays chuches are operated and are run like businesses. The church was never intended to be a business.
I am not responsible for my pastors income.Paul did not take collections for his income nor did anyone else in scripture. Paul was a tentmaker and derived his income from making tents.
---john_adams on 12/16/08

The churches today seem to have made everything for sale. They are so wrapped up by the bottom line, missions are put as a secondary priority if they are one at all. Why should we spend our money buying holy ghost trinkets? Or spend our money paying for a mortgage the the church shouldn't even have to begin with. I believe we are a far better steward of our money if we sew it into missions.
---john_adams on 12/16/08

Obewan: Do you belong to a church or a cult? I use my bible to study God's Word. (Robyn)
I don't belong to a cult. You know what I meant. We study the Bible with the use of supplemental texts, or study "guides". Usually it is a current best selling Christian author. The problem I have with it sometimes is the no-brainer use of FILL-IN-THE-BLANK questions which usally only allow for the author's intrepretation rather than the believers spirit led insight. The advantage is that they keep things on track when they are good books though. In the long run, it makes for lazy small group leaders since they use "canned" information and sometimes do zero preperation on thier own.
---obewan on 12/16/08

if selling, then it is earned.
if giving, then it is grace.
Matthew13:12, "For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance, but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.
if it is earned, more will be earned.
if it is giving, more will be given.
it depends what you have.
---dsda on 12/15/08

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Buy nothing at Church because you will be changing money. Don't tithe either because you will be under the old law. Don't give to the poor because you will make them dependent on you. And for goodness sake keep your Pastors in poverty so they will remain humble. Oh yeah, if you get in financial trouble then expect the Church to help you out fully. Let's see, have I missed anything from the prior blogs?
---TIMOTHY on 12/15/08

Donuts for singles, free of charge. Sugar and refined flour can help get adult onset diabetes started. So---start ones off with free sugar, like a dealer starts with free fixes ? ? ? I don't eat the goodies at church, though I'm under the optimum weight for my height > prevention is better, and I'll "bet" easier (o: In my men's group, we have guys with pots, so I made "angeled" eggs, with mashed bell peppers and a bit of ranch dressing, rather than the yoke and mayo stuff. They liked it, got no-suger fruit salad, another time, with an "option play" of muffins which NO one took. Our last time, one guy brought his own sugar-free coffee, that's all, and > I < ate the salad, later (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/15/08

Obewan: Do you belong to a church or a cult? I use my bible to study God's Word. We all should own one and not have to pay for studies that should be based on bible teachings anyway. I never would be in bible study if I had to pay these extravagant prices. My bible/your bible is all that's needed.
---Robyn on 12/15/08

I think obewan states a very good point. Why do we need all these thousands of books to tell us about God or Jesus when we have the greatest book of all and often times the least expensive.
Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good books but don't you think many christians have become to dependent on them. And less dependent on the bible.
A book will always have it authors opinions and slants directly or indirectly.

Unfortunatly, people have discovered a huge market place of christians who want the truth laid out in easy to understand form and mans word is slowly taking presidence over Gods word.
---john_adams on 12/15/08

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My church sells coffee and doughnuts for $1, but not at a profit. It is just to cover the expense - everyone pays their way. Except, the singles get free doughnuts, as do some of the Sunday school classes. It comes out of their budget if they want to spend the money that way. They take up a collection though, and people are on the honor system to pay $1, but some pay more, and some pay nothing. We have a bookstore too, and I struggle with that -regardless of the time it is open. Christians spend over $4 billion a year on books, music, and junk items. That money could be better used for ministry in many cases. I dread each new study at my small group, because it costs another $25. Why not just study the Bible since we all have one?
---obewan on 12/15/08

John Adams ... I once visited a church, and they provided free tea or coffee, and a cake or biscuit to everyone.

But it does not mean that all churches do that
---alan_of_UK on 12/14/08

People are pretty much doing what they want to do in the house of God,these days. Such a pity and a shame. But God is not asleep. He see and watches everything that is going on and He is not happy. To anger God is not what we should want to do.
Selling merchandise on the premises is not a good practice. But we can sell products and items to raise funds for things that are needed in the church. Money is needed in the house of God. Just like other places. We should be careful to never disgrace the house or the name of God.
---Robyn on 12/13/08

People today seem to equate the temple in Jerusalem (or even a synagogue) with today's "Church" No one went into the temple to worship, as in a church,Only the high priest was allowed in, sacrifices were carried out outside in the courtyard and the synagogue was actually a Rabbinic School! The "church was actually an invention of Paul who set the rules and regulations,Elders,Deacons, Bishops etc... Jesus never set up the church system.The pagans,on the other hand, had lots of temples!
---1st_cliff on 12/13/08

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there's nothing wrong with it if those who sell things are not trying to cheat someone.

if you want there to be more prayer going on then get involved with a prayer group or start one.
---opalgal on 12/13/08

When they were selling the animals and doves in the Temple . . . I see that those sellers could stand there and maybe even *remind* people of sins they had committed, in order to get them to buy animals and birds for sin sacrifices. So, it could have been a way of *selling forgiveness* . . . a thing which certainly Jesus would have been very displeased about. So, selling CD's etc. might not be quite the same thing. But Jesus did say, "Freely you have received, freely give," in Matthew 10:8, and I find that counseling and ministerial conferences etc. requiring payment CAN be done in an unfreely giving spirit witch makes the ministry inferior to how it would be in God's freely giving love with *His* own creativity.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/12/08

I agree with what has been said by most of this blog's respondants. I am especially in agreement with churches selling resources (books, Bibles, etc.) for the edification of the congregation. This is to be contrasted with the church that might sell merchandise (t-shirts, coffee, etc.) for profit. This seems to distract from the true purpose of a church, namely to feed the flock. (It's not a Barnes & Noble!)
---Bobby3 on 12/12/08

I don't think the verse in scripture about the temple being made a den of thieves is connected in the slightest way to churches selling Christian merchandise. The money exchangers in the temple were dishonest. There is nothing dishonest about selling books and music.

Books and music cannot be made without someone spending money. If people did not spend money to write and print books and to write and record songs, they would not be there for us to enjoy and to be blessed by.

They have to be mainly sold because they are people's livelihood but the profit should be fair.
---RitaH on 12/12/08

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I visited a chuch with a gift shop right outside the sancturary. They wanted $15.00 for a small coffee cup. Everything in that store was grossly overpriced.
---john_adams on 12/12/08

I don't think there is anything wrong with the sale of christian products in and of itself.
The problem lies with individual intent. There are many business people(some disguised as preachers) who's only desire is capitolize on a huge christian market. They manufacture sermons and idealogy by twisting scripture to fill their pocketbooks. Thus leading many people astray.
I personally find it tasteless when preachers set up stores right outside the sancturary doors. It makes me question their motives.
---john_adams on 12/12/08

The context of the verse about His Father's House being a House of Prayer is that the money changers were ripping people off when they came to buy their sacrifices. They were being profiteers in the name of the Lord.

There is a big difference between having a bookstore, or selling a music group's CDs and what the money changers were doing back in the days of Jesus.

It is when people take verses out of context that confusion and legalism abound.
---Trish9863 on 12/12/08

we have free stuff for our members and guest on a table at the entrance to the sanctuary.
Cd's with the week before's message on it for those who missed it. Newspaper's with up coming Christian events. Information on the kind of activities we do as a Body of Christ and the schedule so that if anyone wants to participate, they feel free to come as the Father guides them to.
But, no we don't sell anything. ALL of our stuff is FREE!!
---miche3754 on 12/12/08

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The biggest issue was with the money changers, (Micah 6:11-12, John 2:14b) (who got their orders from the Pharisees) not so much the sale of merchandise.

The common coins were not accepted at the temple, and you couldn't buy anything without converting your currency first with the money changers who were ripping folks off BIG TIME.

It's an unrighteous money scam that Jesus is likely most upset about, and the folks who sold the sacrifices were in on it as well, and the whole thing was set up by the Pharisees and teachers of the law.
---Pharisee on 12/11/08

I'll go one further with this question. I do not believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be sold at all. If you want to sing, give the music away, and if someone wants to give you a love offering accept. It you want someone to have a Bible give it to them, don't sell it. I can just imagine Jesus setting up a table to sell those tapes and books. Would never happen.
---SusieB on 12/11/08

My church doesn't sell anything like that. We don't even have hotdog, bakesales, carwash,etc. If there is group coming in as our guest and if they have some things to sell, they put their displays up in our foyer, but that is all they do. Nothing like that is allowed in the Sanctuary.
---Rebecca_D on 12/11/08

The church I attend sells things on their website through a distributor in a different state,so there is no selling in the church. That way you can worship in peace w/o the commercialisim, & if you want to go online and look you can have it delivered to your home.I think church is a place to go fellowship with God, NOT a place to go shopping.
---eve7583 on 12/11/08

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Carla: I think the term "sell" (aka merchandise) shouldn't be applicable to ministerial products (books, food, concert tickets, etc.). I see it in terms of if I want to receive a blessing I must be willing to be a blessing & "give" a determined or ministry set "offering".

Mima: To offer/make available ministerial products in the church-house or in the parking lot on church property -- hmmm!!! What's the point? Sounds like conscience-easing legalism. :(
---Leon on 12/11/08

I wish my mother could see this question. She firmly believed that there was to be no selling or buying inside the church. There is a singing group called "The Hoppers" so strongly do they believe it is wrong to sell books or music inside the church that I've actually seen them selling their music in the rain outside on the parking lot!!!
---mima on 12/11/08

Yes ... my church sells Christian books and music. They sell them at cost, so don't make a profit. Don't see anything wrong in this.
---alan_of_UK on 12/11/08

5 months into my walk I had dramas go down. For about 3 months things were pretty desperate.

I wanted to be friends with people. They were Godly people. But they didn't want anything to do with me.

When I wanted a friend. A popular thread of conversation was should I speed. They were not bad people in fact to me they seemed to bring glory to God. It just is hard to express without swearing - which would be appropriate the description - sometimes things are just really bad.
---Martin_nz on 12/11/08

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I believe if these things are being sold for the church to use for the church or to get the truth out or for missionaries, I think it is fine, but if it is for someone to gain a profit that would be what Jesus was talking about.
---a_good_friend on 12/10/08

There is a fine line between offering books and perhaps approciate CD's in a limited way, and just having a commercial venue, along with gymns, coffee bars, and the like to make the church a "one stop shopping center."
---katavasia on 12/10/08

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