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David's Bathsheba Temptation

How come it was easy for David to give into temptation to sin with Bathsheba when He was walking so closely with God and had God's anointing on his life so powerfully? Why did he choose to sin?

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 ---donna8365 on 12/18/08
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Certainly we have our Adamic nature, as did Christ--the seed of David according to the flesh (Rom 1:3). No question about Christians being able to sin, but Paul is talking about those who are slaves to sin, forced to sin, even against their will. Christ said He came to make us free. Awake to righteousness and sin not. Sin shall not have dominion over you. Paul longed to be delivered from the slavery of sin, and he found deliverance in Christ. He says that he was made free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2). While the scripture presents the fact that the born again Christian can choose to sin, it does not present him as forced to sin. Jude 1:24 says He is able to keep us from falling. A wonderful Savior is Jesus our Lord.
---Wayne8738 on 8/15/09

wayne.. in romans 6 paul is speaking bout law christ there is no more law/sin,but in romans 7 he is speaking bout his flesh , in my flesh dwells no good thing,thats why paul says he saw ANOTHER law.our adamic nature is still alive and well,we are still human even after we are forgiven and born again.death reigned from adam to moses b/c of sin, before the law.we do not practice sin ,we hate sin with a purple passion,but we are not perfect just yet,thats why scripture says we see not all things under his feet just yet,thats why we need grace,we still sin at times even though we dont want to,its sin that dwells in our members,thats why there is no condemnation,god knows its not us that doing it,but sin that dwells in our members
---alex on 8/3/09

Alex, your posts seem confusing. Are you saying in post of 3/25 that Paul teaches that the born-again Christian is forced to sin? While man cannot control carnal emotions, can not God? Is the Christian life so miserable that we long to escape from this body of death? Or is it possible that Paul is telling us that when we are slaves to sin, righteousness is impossible and that Christ is able to set us free, give us deliverance from this slavery? He asks, Who shall deliver me, and then says, I thank God, through Jesus Christ, I can be delivered and if delivered, then free. Sin shall NOT have dominion over you. He that abideth in Him sinneth not. Awake to righteousness and sin NOT.
---Wayne8738 on 8/1/09

so what's Solomon's excuse?
---cathy on 7/25/09

the love triangle that existed between david bathsheba and uriah was an exact profile of the love triangle that existed between christ and the early church and the law,after uriah had died bathsheba was no more an adulteress,paul was writting to the early church, romans 7v2 a woman is bound to the law as long as her husband lives but if her husband dies she is free from that law,v3 while her husband lives if she be married to another man she shall be called an adulteress (bathesheba/early church)but if her husband dies she is free from that law so she is no adulteress even though she be married to another man
---alex on 5/18/09

pg.. anybody that loves god with all their hearts like david did does not want to sin.but he still sinned cus no body can control their carnal emotions,we have no power over it just yet,4 times in romans 7 paul says its not i that do it but sin that dwells in my memebers O wretched man that i am who shall deliver me from the body of this death,so then with my mind(the h.g) i serve the law of god but with my flesh(the carnal mind)i serve the law of sin 8v1 so there is NO CONDEMNATION to them in christ jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.JAMES says all the beasts of the earth have been tames by man but the tongue can no man tame,tongue is the carnal mind b/c out of the abundence of the hearts the mouth speaks.alex 3/25/09
---alex on 3/25/09

How do you know David did not want to sin ? Most people do not do anything they don't want to do.
---pg1 on 3/24/09

David didnt want to sin,sin is in our nature,our carnal mind is the very enemy of god ,paul says the carnal mind is not subject to the laws of god and neither indeed can be. the law could not help david,thats why god wanted a new covenant,one that could deal with the hearts of men,but the law could not change mans adamic nature,aka as the flesh.romans that the law COULD NOT DO in that it was weak thru the flesh(mans adamic nature),god had to send his son in the form of sinfull flesh to condemn sin in the flesh,this is what christ died for.gal2v21 do not frustrate the grace of god,if righteousness came by the law christ died in vain.the new covenant is christ in you. alex 3/23/09
---alex on 3/23/09

Read all about it. He had problems in his life. Problems like sin bring in demons. Demons help people sin more.
---bettyw on 3/23/09

Good moring wivv,
David may not have a had a Bible but he did have the law. So, he knew how he was supposed to conduct himself.
---pg1 on 3/23/09

Satan is AWAYS looking for any momentary weakness in the Christian, and this is what happened to David. Keep in mind, he didn't have access to a Bible, and even though he was walking closely with God, it just goes to show that even the "strongest" Christians sin. David paid the price for his sin. Also remember, a Christian is not perfect, just forgiven. Like any temptation that a Christian may face, it's not the temptation that's the sin, it's yielding to the tempation that is a sin. In the case of David, it was not the temptation of seeing Batshebea taking a bath that was to sin, it was to second look that brought about adultery, scheming and murder that was the sin.
---wivv on 3/21/09

**a metaphor for the the 2 children christ sires with the church,**

Since Christ never sired children with the Church or anybody else, your metaphor falls apart.
---katavasia on 3/20/09

1) King David had given into sin when he failed to go to war with his men, his mighty men of valor. 2) He was alone in his bed. This was very unusual for a King. Where was his wife? Was she a willing partner in his continued downfall? 3) He succumed to lust. For me this is a lesson that anyone can fall.
---Jef on 3/17/09

One reason David got into trouble with God was because, he was not tending to the Lord's business. He was not suppose to be at home lieing in the bed. Evidently David decided to take the day off, And was not suppose to have that day off. David is in heaven having a party, and we are still down here talking about his affair with Bathsheba. Don't get me wrong, David was a man of God and God forgave him, but there was always war in his house. I never even heard these stories until I got saved, Or if I did it went way over my head.
---catherine on 3/17/09

There is no evidence to suggest Bathsheba was in loveless/sexless marriage. Uriah was engaged in war (2 Sam. 11:7) which is where David should have been. He did not sleep with her when he had the chance because he was loyal to his mission and King David (V.9 and 11).
---pg1 on 3/16/09

Hi, besides David being king, maybe there was another reason Bathsheba had the affair with him. In a loveless and/or sexless marriage, the rejected partner is left wide open to temptation that normally he/she could resist. The fact that Uriah wouldn't even sleep with her when he had his chance doesn't make him a hero to me--it makes him a bad husband! That's just my opinion though. Doesn't excuse Bathsheba's sin of course, but trust me, I've been there!
---Mary on 3/14/09

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The 1st child produced by david and bathsheba was sick.and it is symbolic of christianity who was the 1st child produced by christ and the early church,the early church was bathing in baptism, like bathsheba was bathing herself when david met her.joseph also sired 2 children with his egyptian wife,manassah and ephram.but it was the 2nd child that was the child of promise,not the 1st child. also it was jacob who recieved the blesssing not esau the 1st child . we see this all through the bible,its a metaphor for the the 2 children christ sires with the church,and 2 covenants .eccl.4v15 i saw the 2nd child that will stand up in his stead and there is no end of the ppl he shall be king over.solomons prophetic words alex 3/11/09
---alex on 3/12/09

Bathsheba symbolic of the church. in that bathsheba was married to uriah she became an adultress by this affair with david,thats why the 1st child was sick,she was in adultry,but after uriah was killed she was no more an adultress,romans 7v2 a woman is bound by the law to her husband as long as her husband liveth but if her husband dies she is loosed from that law v3 if she be married to another man she shall be called an adultress,but if her husband be dead she is free from that law,so that she is no adultress,thought she be married to another man v4 wherefore brethren ye are dead to the law by the body of christ,that ye should be married to another even to him that is raised from the dead that we shall bring forth fruit unto god..alex 3/9/09
---alex on 3/9/09

This is uriah... symbolic of the law our 1st husband,the 1st covenant.hebrews 9v20 when moses had sprinkled both the book and all the ppl he says this is what god has ENJOINED unto you,israel was married to the law,just like bathsheba was married to uriah.rev13v10 he that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity, he that killeth with the sword shall be killed with the sword, this is the law and answers to uriah who was to capture a certain city and kill with sword but he himself was killed with the sword,paul says the letter of the law killeth and the law that was ordained unto life i found to be unto death.alex 3/7/09
---alex on 3/7/09

Thank you for the clarification. I did not take your comments personally.
---pg1 on 3/4/09

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This is how i see the david and bathsheba thing,as paul says its a great mystery but i speak concering christ and the church here are the persons involved,david was symbolic of christ the great king and our god, bathsheba is symbolic of the church the bride,uriah is symbolic of the law, nathan is symbolic of the prophets,the 1st child is symbolic of christianity and is sick.solomon is the 2nd child and is symbolic of the kingdom of god and and the manchid that will rule all nations with a rod of iron,it all took place in old jerusalem which is symbolic of new jerusalem the kingdom of god alex 3/4/09
---alex on 3/4/09

What I am trying to convey is that the responsibility given us grows daily. That as we become stronger in the faith, that we forget not what the Lord said in Mark 10:41_45. That we are to keep an eye on those following our footsteps and those weaker whom we are to serve in nurturing, to help them stay up or get up. In turn we hope to have some ahead of us doing to usward the same. The failure of man is all our responsibility to some extent, for which reason we spread the Word of God. Nothing personal, just some thoughts.
---Nana on 3/3/09

I disagree. The spiritual sin had already occurred. It is called covetousness. David wanted something that was not his and he set a plan in motion to get it (his spiritual sin manifested in the physical). See 2 Sam 12. His spiritual sin was further perpetuated because after he acted on his desires, his relationship with God was adversely affected for the short term. 2 Sam. 12:9 says he despised the word of God by doing evil in His sight.
---pg1 on 3/4/09

pg1...good question but all thru the bible god always turns the evil things of man into good,when joseph was betrayed by his brethren it was an evil thing in the natural realm but it was the method god would use to save mutitudes of ppl and when judas betrayed christ it seemed evil and murderous in the natural realm but it was the perfect will of god thats why jesus says if i be lifted up i will draw all men unto me, so this david and bathsheba thing was the method god would use to bring solomon the greatest king of israel into the world alex 3/3 /09
---alex on 3/3/09

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Hi Nana,
I did not understand your last post on 3/3/09. Could you please clarify ?

---pg1 on 3/3/09

pg1...1st thing this adultrest affair was sinful in the natural realm but it is not a sinful affair in the spritual realm but the method god would use to bring solomon into the world,god had promised david that a very special child would be born to him that would reign over the house of isreal forever,god made this promise to david long before david met bathsheba,this is a metafor for christ and the church, but the 2nd child is the manchild that will rule all nations with a rod of iron,rev12v5,19v15,all thru thru th bible its always the 2nd child that is blessed,in canna of galilee it was the 2nd wine that was the best wine,christianity is the 1st wine/1st child.....alex 3/3/09
---alex on 3/3/09

Read past v. 3, Paul says the mind of a sinful man(or one not saved by faith in Jesus) is not subject to the laws of God. Paul is not doing away with the law. He is simply saying that the law cannot save. The OT law was not intended to help David with his sinful nature. It was intended to make a distinction between them and other pagan nations. Also, Israel's obedience to the law would also show their love for each other and God. That is the reason Jesus summed the law up in this way. Love your neighbor as yourself and love the Lord God with all your heart. Finally, please clarify how one equates adultery and the murder of an innocent man to hide sin with Christ and the Church.
---pg1 on 3/3/09

Something to think about concerning your say, "Either way the fault lies with the person not the enemy."
Romans 14:16: "Let not then your good be evil spoken of:"
Romans 14:21: "It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak."
The christian need to guard himself that he only does God's work! (Matthew 16:23)
Not just food and drink, even the spiritual food we serve when we teach and expound Scripture. False teachers, false prophets (there are many 1 John 4:1) go in the frying pan first!
Must keep a close eye on our brothers and sisters, that not by us, not by anything real or unreal that we or them may get lost.
---Nana on 3/3/09

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david was indeed a man after gods own heart.but nobody can control their carnal mind cus as scripture says the carnal mind is not subject to the laws of god and neither indeed can be, we see how weak the law was cus of his carnal mind,thats why paul says in romans 8v3 in that the law could not do in that it was weak thru the flesh,god had to send his son in the form of sinfull flesh to condemn sin in the flesh,so we see the law could not help david with sinfull nature,and that is why we must birth a new nature
---alex on 2/28/09

this david and bathsheba thing is much deeper then what meets the eye,it is really a bout christ and the church,bathsheba was part jew and part gentile,thats the early church,she came to wash herself that is what the early church did. she was married to uriah who is symbolic of the law, we were all married to the law at one time but when david had the uriah killed it was symbolic of when christ put away the law,romans 7v4 you are become dead to the law by the body of christ,that you should be married to another,even to him that was raised up from the dead,that you should bring forth fruit unto god,this is an exact profile of david and bathsheba/christ and the church
---alex on 2/28/09

I think I understand what you are saying. Satan did tempt Jesus but had He yielded it would have been by choice. My argument is that Satan does not cause us to sin. He presents temptations. We can resist or give in. Either way the fault lies with the person not the enemy.
---pg1 on 2/27/09

"Read James 1:14ff. Temptation comes from our own desires. These desires give birth to sin and sin ends in death."
---pg1 on 2/24/09
Yes, yet Jesus was tempted from without. Nevertheless, it is our own desires that get stirred from their seat or from without, assuming they go unchecked.
---Nana on 2/27/09

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Are you serious? Your belief is a direct contradiction of Scripture. Sin is a choice. Often times it is a calculated decision. Adam and Eve made a choice to disobey God. David chose to pursue Bathsheba. Solomon chose to align himself with pagan women and their gods. Saul chose to act as priest and not wait for Samuel. Read James 1:14ff. Temptation comes from our own desires. These desires give birth to sin and sin ends in death.
---pg1 on 2/24/09

I don't beleive that anybody chooses to sin. Satan is a spirit that decieves the senses, hes very cunning and very clever in deceiving people...When Jesus was crucified they chose Barabas over Jesus....That kind of tells you how cunning he is.
---tonne on 2/23/09

Donna: The David & Bathsheba (D & B) affair is an interesting SINnerio. Some think D should've been with his army instead of on R & R in the palace. Weeell, maybe! Was he sick (had a cold, etc.)? It was evening when he got up from his bed. Huh, why was he in bed? I suspect everyone in Jerusalem (including B) knew the king was "home" & that he often walked on his roof top. Surely, B knew the king would be able to see her bathing? I wonder when D saw B, did their eyes meet in a mutually inviting way causing "THEM" both to further sin? After all, how often did the "beautiful" soldier's wife get to "know" her husband? Even when D brought him home from the war he didn't go to her bed. What?!!! :)
---Leon on 2/1/09

What is so true and real about or Gospel differing from any other salvation it tells of real falible men/women of the bible.

It makes no excuses for their sin and is a real guideline of who God is and where and how he deals with his people.

We can thank God that in Davids case he shows us how to be responsible for what we do and describes how he became depressed and the situation in which he was in proving all blessings healing and strength in both youth/old age evrything comes from God.

We of ourselves can do nothing the bigger lesson is we Choose how to live regrdless God is always there.
---Carla5754 on 1/30/09

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This word choosing, gets to me everytime. We don't think about should I or shouldn't I. Let me think a minute. Mabe I'll change my mind. The temptation was too much for poor David.
---catherine on 1/28/09

I agree and thanks SO much for saying that! Christians are always blaming Satan for EVERYTHING! The bible says it is our OWN wicked hearts that deceive us. If we stay within that mentality of thinking that Satan's made us fall again, then we'll always be a victim putting the blame elsewhere. When Eve sinned, she TRIED to blame Adam and Satan, but God dealt with her by giving her own very unique punishment.

Above all else, the heart is deceptive, who can trust it!
---toni on 1/27/09

Good morning tonne
Satan did not have anything to do with David's actions. 1 Sam. 11:2 says that it all started with a look. He liked what he saw and was drawn away by his own lust.
---pg1 on 1/27/09

Satan is a spirit that tempts people.
---tonne on 1/26/09

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One thing with David love him or hate him he was honest He stated that he alone had sinned against God and took responsibility for his own wrong doing. However he could have said ''You know Lord it really was not my fault, this woman bathed in front of her house so that I could see, being a man Blah, Blah Blah,

No way he did not HE WAS RESPONSIBLE in his accountability for what he had done, just like we All should instead of blaming the other party for our own wrong doing pray and ask God for forgiveness, Repent, live right, walk right, act right and serve God right stop whinging and take the responsibility of your own Adultery (mess) not wanting to wallow in the same mess as before. MOVE ON!
---Carla3939 on 1/20/09

Have you ever read Eph. 5:12ff. It deals with the armor of God. The one piece of armor that can be moved from location to location as needed for our defence is the shield of faith. This can be placed to stop the arrows of satan. He will ALWAYS attack where we are weakest and the closer to God we get, the harder He will attack. And because we "feel" so close to God, we build a false confidence we get that we can withstand his attack. That's probably what happened to David - he let his spiritual shield down and satan took advantage of it.
---wivv on 1/8/09

Hi Rhonda
There is no indication in Scripture that David put away his concubines after his sin wtih Bathsheba. Scriputre makes reference to only one wife that he may have possibly put away and that is his first wife Michal (2 Sam 6). Also, the last woman mentioned in the life of David was Abishag(1 Kings 1:1-4). According to the text she is the woman with whom he had no intimacy.
---pg1 on 1/4/09

In this Scripture"13 And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin, thou shalt not die." Nathan uses the words "hath put away thy sin" indicating that David's sin had already been put away. The word hath is past tense. So David's sin was put away before his admission to Nathan of that sin!!! Our sins( past-present-future ) have all been forgiven once we receive the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!
---mima on 1/4/09

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most other women David married was by kingly political requirement

"kingly political requirement"?

God punished King David for his sin with Bathsheba and their son died

King David repented of his sin and put away all his concubines ...this meant he no longer had any sexual relations with them and began to live Gods way

Romans 8:7
Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

King David gave into temptation just like every Christian does today
---Rhonda on 1/4/09

David's great Sin......David was not one of those of whom the prophet complain that they were as fed horses, neighing everyone after his neighbor's wife. >>>If David had been where he was suppose to be, tending to the Lord's business, instead of looking at his neighbor's wife, he would've been out of the way of this temptation. 2.He loved ease. He was slothful in that he stayed in bed until evening. 3. Idleness gives great advantage to the tempter. Also, the bed of sloth often proves the bed of lust. A wandering eye. Note: David was at least fifty years old when this took place in his life....Lets pray>>Father, in heaven, lead us not into temptation. And to watch, that we enter not into it. Amen.
---catherine on 1/4/09

Multiple wives may have been a requirement and or necessary in the eyes of the king but God said otherwise in Deut. 17:17.
---pg1 on 1/4/09

other believers wonder why another believer would yield to a certain temptation that they themselves might not be in anyway tempted to yield to.
most other women David married was by kingly political requirement. while Bathsheba was strictly by his choice.. yet because she was already married, that was the sin.
God's anointing in other areas doesnt guarantee that it would work to prevent weaknesses in one other particular area. although an anointing is present, the person would still have to yield to that anointing instead of following their own will.
---opalgal on 1/1/09

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David was forgiven.

His first child died as a result.

13And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin, thou shalt not die.

14Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.

Then will I stablish the throne of thy kingdom, according as I have covenanted with David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man to be ruler in Israel.
2 Chronicles 7:17-19
---Trav on 12/23/08

I believe due to David's repentent heart, YES, he did make it to heaven.

Also remember that God forgives us when we repent, but David still suffered the consequences of his sin...he fasted for 3 days and begged God not to take his son, but God allowed his son born to David and Bathsheba to die. I believe this was just, but I wouldn't want this to happen to me.

When I get to heaven, I am going to ask King David, when your son died, did you realize committing adultery and murder really wasn't worth it after all? I bet David felt the pain of that the rest of his days on earth, how sad.
---donna8365 on 12/22/08

To----Bill_bila5659, Bill I have never seen this question asked before.

"Did David make it to Heaven?"
---mima on 12/22/08

Did David make it to Heaven? It looks to me like David at some point confessed and repented of that adultery and murder. And in later scriptures, the Holy Spirit refers to him positively as God's approved servant. So, I'd say yes he is ready for judgment. But I feel that if I most of all care about how God feels, then my first concern is not whether I make it to Heaven, but if I am pleasing to You. If I sin, I am not mainly concerned about if I go to Heaven, but my main concern is that I have not pleased You, I would say, if loving Yod is my number one interest. What happens to me would NOT be the number one issue, then.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/21/08

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Boredom can also be a big trigger for sin and I don't get the sense that David was up to much responsibility when he first noticed Bathsheba. I could be wrong but it seems to me he might have been lazy and bored. I know that gets me into trouble everytime!
---Mary on 12/19/08

It was easy for David to sin because he was already in a disobedient state. According to Deut. 17:17, the king was not to have multple wives. By the time David sinned with Bathsheba, he had already taken several wives thus showing his weakness for women and his propensity to disobey God.
---pg1 on 12/19/08

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

Who's to say it was easy for David to give into the temptation to sin. It's always easy for a sinner to sin and the righteous to do what's right. But there's always a lot of, tormenting of the soul when crossing over : It's hard at first but as we do it more & more it gets easier!!!

{A mirror image holds an opposite reflection of what's held up to it.}

David's strugle to not sin probably mirrored the the torment of Jonah, who didn't want to do the righteous thing but was aware of the drawing of God, upon his soul, to do His Will.

Blog Question: Why did David choose sin?

Answer: Why does anyone choose sin. It's because although the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak!!!!
---Shawn_M.T. on 12/19/08

Because he was an imperfect man.
---SusieB on 12/19/08

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donna this question,"So did David make it to heaven? "Expresses doubt in my opinion. Do you stand by this question?
---mima on 12/19/08

We are talking about 2 Samuel 11. Bathsheba's husband was Uriah. He was out in military service while David got his wife Bathsheba pregnant. So, David had him come back and tried to get him with his wife so he could say Uriah got her pregnant, according to how I understand verses 7-11. But Uriah refused to have goodies at home with his wife, while the ark of God and his fellow soldiers were on the battlefield. So, now David was in a fix. He got desperate, and arranged for such a faithful man to be killed in combat. Then he married Bathsheba and then she bore the child. I'd say David was weakened by some thing he didn't notice so he then could give in to adultery. Then he was weaker so complications could break him down to commit murder.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/19/08

It just goes to show that NO ONE is exempt from Satan's snares. Satan always attacks where a person in the weakest and in the case of David it was Bathsheba. He chose to sin because he wanted to. His desire for Bathsheba had more power on him at the time than his desire to serve the Lord! This is why Ephesians 6:12 to the end of the chapter is so important to the Christian. David's first look was his tempation, (which is not a sin), his second look was sin and all the actions that came after that. Fortunatley for David, had to same forgiveness we have. (He wasn't perfect, just forgiven.)
---wivv on 12/18/08

I am the first to admit, I am not above temptation and I am just a sinner saved by Grace. This isn't about me or an ordinary person who walks with the Lord.

My point that I was trying ot make was, David was in such a high position of authority, for all of Israel to see the favor he had on his life with God, and yet he choose to commit adultery and then murder.

I can see committing adultery and I think God was willing to forigive him for that, but murder? So did David make it to heaven? And the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, don't we choose NOT to commit adultery and murder because of the fear of the Lord in our hearts and because we don't want to hurt God? Just curious.
---donna8365 on 12/18/08

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Better to ask yourself, "If David can fall, can I claim to be above temptation?"
---katavasia on 12/18/08

I Have heard this preached about many times. Usually the conclusion reached by the preacher was that David should have been with his army instead of in the palace.
However I believe that David's falling to temptation is more easily explained by recognizing that he was in the flesh. Have you recently fallen into temptation? I certainly have. Not this particular temptation but there are many temptations such as eating too much, failing to witness, using exaggeration.
---mima on 12/18/08

Only David can answer for David. As for me, I know my areas of possible weakness and I try to flee from those areas daily. So does that mean I have areas that could possibly lead me astray, my honest answer is "you betcha".
---TIMOTHY on 12/18/08

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