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What Are The Fruits Of Baptism

What are the fruits of baptism?

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 ---katavasia on 12/20/08
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mima: Great thought provoking question. The Bible never says one way or the other, but we could ask ourselves what are the implications of yes or no. I tend to say yes because Elijah said, "Go in peace." A yes seems to be implied to me. The implication to me is that we have a big understanding God, who sees real life complexities, God sees his heart. A no answer would appear a rigid religion of rules. Even in the Old Testament, they were to love their neighbors as themselves. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
---Rod on 1/2/09

Because you're talking about Naaman I would like to ask this question, did Elisha(God'S representative) give Naaman permission to go into a heathen temple during worship?
---mima on 1/2/09

Naulon: We'll probably never agree on what baptism does, but your interpretation of scripture is spurious, which is problaby why you hold to some incorrect views. Yes, Naaman had to submit to God's procedure, but then you extrapolate a comparison to baptism. Naaman was not a Jew or a believer that we know of, and he dipped seven times. If you believe there is a comparison to baptism, you have other issues. You've decided that baptism is a requirement for salvation, and then you see Naaman proving it. I don't think so. I don't mean this as harsh as it may come across, but your interpretations and applications are faulty.
---Rod on 12/31/08


I never said anyone had to be baptized in the Jordan river. The point I was making was that Naaman wanted to change the rules on how he was to be healed. His pride got in the way. Those who oppose baptism for salvation also want to change the rules. Just as Naaman had to submit to God's authority and accept His rules, so do we. All this is about God's authority to ask us to do it HIS way not our way.

And I don't think God having Naaman be "baptized" was coincidental. I believe the message of Naaman specifically happened to counter the unbelief of people like yourself. Baptism is a rite of purification from uncleanness and sin. True in Naaman's case. True in our case too.
---Naulon on 12/31/08

Not at all, Naulon, "working out my salvation with fear and trembling," is the continuing story of my life. Equating II Kings 5, the story of Naaman with baptism is a stretch. One could allegorize Naaman wanted a more religious ceremony, like baptism, rather than believing God could save him physically through muddy water. The story of Naaman does not relate to baptism, the story is believing God can do something differently than we normally think He would. FYI, I was baptized the first time over 40 years ago, when I was very young, and again after I was saved over thirty years ago. I was tempted to get baptized in the Jordan when I was in Israel just for people like you. So I could say, "well, where were you baptized?"
---Rod on 12/31/08


Does the marriage covenant begin when one accepts the marriage proposal by saying "yes, I'll marry you"? No, not until after the covenant initiation wedding ceremony.

Does salvation within the New Covenant begin when one accepts the word in faith by saying "yes, I believe"? No, not until after the covenant initiation ceremony of baptism.

God decided baptism was how we would come in contact with the saving blood of Christ that washes our sins away. We obey it. No such thing as an unbaptized Christian in the New Testament. No such animal.
---Naulon on 12/31/08


I sincerely hope you aren't too proud to submit to what God asks you to do. Read 2 Kings 5. Naaman wanted to do it his way too. He couldn't believe baptism was necessary for his healing either. He wanted something "spiritual" and pooh poohed around it for awhile. When he decided to set his pride aside and humbly submit to Elisha's command he was healed. Of course in Naaman's case his healing could be seen. The unbaptized can't see that their sins remain. They will continue in their pride till they meet the Lord. What excuses should they make? God hates pride.

Paul says "work out your salvation with fear and trembling,"
---Naulon on 12/31/08

Mark 16:9-20, The earliest manuscripts and some other ancient witnesses do not have Mark 16:9-20. vs 17 says "these signs will accompany those who believe....they will drive out demons...speak in tongues...pick up snakes...drink deadly poison...lay hands on the sick...and they will get well. When was the last time you went to a hospital and did this? I don't mean that harshly.
Act 22:16 interesting, I want to be open to truth, but what prevents "washing away sins" going with "calling on His name" and not with being baptized? Romans 6: is spiritual baptism. Col. 2:12 vs 11 explains that this is spiritual. I am out of room for more.
---Rod on 12/30/08

Mima thank you,I'm glad you did,thats very nice of you to tell me. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 12/30/08


Acts 2:38 - Explicitly states both repentance and baptism were required for salvation.

Acts 2:41, 8:12, 35-38 They believed the message and were baptized. This is proof that salvation requires baptism, not just simple faith.

The thief on the cross was pre-New Covenant.

What about Mark 16:16 explicitly stating that both faith and baptism are necessary for salvation? Acts 22:16 where the act of baptism "washes sins away"? Hebrews 10:22 where the water cleanses the conscience? Romans 6:3-5 and Colossians 2:12 where baptism gives new life from death? John 3:3-5 and Titus 3:5 where baptism is the washing of rebirth (salvation)? 1 Peter 3:21 where "baptism now saves you"?
---Naulon on 12/29/08

Navlon - You are WRONG. Salvation comes BEFORE baptism. Acts 2:38 - repentance is part of salvation and preceeds baptism.
---Leslie on 12/29/08

Navlon - #2- here are more scriptures to back up that salvation is BEFORE baptism. Acts 8:35-38, Acts 2:41, Acts 8:12, Luke 23:42-43 (thief on the cross was not baptised, but choose Jesus (salvation) and went to Heaven). Luke 23:42-43 is proof that baptism is NOT salvation and salvation does NOT happen at baptism, but BEFORE.
---Leslie on 12/29/08

---Darlene_1 I really like your last post.
---mima on 12/29/08

The water of Baptism is merely the grave where the old man is buried. The grave has no fruits. Baptism doesn't save,it doesn't cleanse from sin,it merely disposes of a dead body and allows forgiven people to arise as a new creature/person in Christ. It is a rebirth,we are born again not by the act or will of man but by the Spirit of God. The act of Baptism is like a funeral where the dead are laid to rest,but also represents birth since we come back/arise a born again child of God. Romans 6:4 We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that,just as Christ was raised from the dead through the Glory of the Father,we too may live a new life.
---Darlene_1 on 12/29/08

Mic said, "Elder :- I guess I cannot fault you in view of your statement .Lack of knowlege however, is no excuse of God's law when making a statement.Seek and you will find
BAPTISM removes original sin bestowing on the recepient(Baby)"
Oh, yea? Then what was the blood for?
The Bible says, "Without shedding of blood there is no remission for sin."
It is hard enough for water to get dirt off of your feet much less your soul. Water does not cleanse either one.
Hope you learn this, Mic. What sin is a baby accountable for? Do you think there are babies in Hell. Yea, there is a need for some doctrinal studies in one of our lives Mic. Stop listening to men and "church" lies. Read the Bible for yourself.
---Elder on 12/28/08

At best baptism is an act a person does to express outwardly what has happened inwardly. It has no saving value. Personally, I don't believe it is necessary for anything. If one wants to do it, it may have some meaning to that person. I believe we are to be baptised (immerged) in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. "One baptisim" in Ephesians is in the Holy
Spirit. John 3, the water is having been born in the flesh, "that which is flesh is flesh." I believe the "Great Commission" is as stated above. Sure people were baptised in the early church, but there is no command to be water baptised. Our command today is to "love God and your neighbor."
---Rod on 12/27/08

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katavasia & frances008,

Baptism is the initiation ceremony into the New Covenant. It is the signing ceremony where the believer comes in contact with the blood of Christ which washes his dirty sins away.
---Naulon on 12/27/08

What are the fruits of baptism?

The Fruits of Baptism (our spiritual identification in Jesus death and resurrection life) is found in Colossians 2.
---kathr4453 on 12/27/08


Being "born again" occurs at baptism. (John 3:5) And there is only one baptism for us today. (Ephesians 4:5)
---Naulon on 12/26/08

Elder :- I guess I cannot fault you in view of your statement .Lack of knowlege however, is no excuse of God's law when making a statement.Seek and you will find
BAPTISM removes original sin bestowing on the recepient(Baby) The ecclastical Fruits of the Holy spirit FAITH HOPE AND CHARITY,with sanctifying Grace( in an adult for the first timeALL sins are washed away) sufficint to enable them to reach the next stage of a Baptised Catholic this is Confirmation.
---MIC on 12/23/08

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**It is merely a celebration of a new member when the infant baptized is not morally responsible for his or her actions and cannot choose to become a Christian.**

frances008's words here (as is frequently the case) do not square with the Word of God, but these issues have been dealt with before.
---katavasia on 12/22/08

"what does water baptism accomplish?"

An act of obedience.
---josef on 12/21/08

John 1:31 > "I did not know Him, but that He should be revealed to Israel, therefore I came baptizing with water.'" I see that John's water baptism helped reveal Jesus to Israel. So, likewise . . . when we trust Christ and get water baptized for Jesus, our baptism can help to reveal Jesus to this world and we can be confessing Jesus before men. And Jesus did say, "'Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.'" (Matthew 10:32)
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/21/08

Jesus baptised with fire and the Holy Spirit. John baptised with water for repentance. We baptise with water as a celebration and symbolizing death to the old nature and a new nature in Christ. It is merely a celebration of a new member when the infant baptized is not morally responsible for his or her actions and cannot choose to become a Christian.
---frances008 on 12/21/08

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Baptism is the Symbol of Christs death,burial,and resurection. In Baptism we go under the water to be buried with Christ.The immersion in water after repenting from sin indicates we are laying to rest the old flesh which is now dead to sin. We are buried with Christ in our death as he was buried in His. Coming up out of the water means we are risen from the dead with Christ to Spiritual life with holiness. Now we should have completely done away with the old person we were and have become a New Creature in Christ. As Christ was crucified we crucify the flesh and now use it to obey the Spirit of God.
---Darlene_1 on 12/21/08

To put the question another way, what does water baptism accomplish? (Not "what does it represent.")

(Just because the Bible doesn't use the expression "fruits of baptism" doesn't mean they don't exist, the Bible doesn't use the term "Bible" either.)
---katavasia on 12/21/08

In baptism, it represents: (1) death to old-self, (2) new life, new you (through reserection), (3) cleansing of spirit man. You should NOT get baptized unless you are first born again. First is being born again, second is baptism in water, then it is baptism with the fire of God and the Holy Spirit.
---Leslie on 12/20/08

are the fruits of the spirit so if you are
Baptized in the spirit these would be them.
---kevin on 12/20/08

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This may sound like a Catholic answer. The answer is NONE.
Where have you heard such a term as fruits of Baptism?
Baptism is a step of obedience.
The Bible speaks of Fruits of the Spirit.
---Elder on 12/20/08

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