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Must Pastors Be Educated

Does a preacher have to go to school to preach? His mom gave him the church when she died and he just started preaching. This does not sound right to me.

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 ---Beth on 12/20/08
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He may feel that God has "called" him to preach. (All Christians are called to share the good news of the Gospel)
In fact, he may be naturally a good preacher.
He may have sound doctrine (but I sure wouldn't count on this)
He must be fairly young since his mother just died. He may be spiritually immature as well.

He should get some training at a Word-based Bible School.Even MORE important, he needs oversight from a more experienced pastor or an established denomination.I hope there will be someone he respects who can turn him in the right direction.
---Donna66 on 2/25/09

The only qualification a person needs to preach is for God to call them to preach his word. And if God does not call a person to Pastor a church, they shouldn't. There is a difference in being called to preach and being called to Pastor. A person does not have to go to college to preach God's word or to Pastor a church. If a woman left her son in charge of this church, then he should get a called Pastor whom is devoted to God. There is a faithful saying, "God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called". Maybe God called this man to preach or to Pastor this church and he is running from God like Jonah did. Maybe his mom knew he was called by God, that is why she left it to him. Only God knows.
---Rebecca_D on 2/24/09

#1 Rod,
Much of it is types and shadows.
Paul said the Lord worked mightily (anointed him) in him towards the Gentiles and in Peter towards the Jews.
Samson was anointed with strength as a type and shadow of Jesus being our strength but Solomon was anointed with wisdom as a type and shadow of Jesus being the wisdom and power of God, made uto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption.
Every star differs in glory.
---Frank on 1/28/09

#2 Rod,
We also see David anointed to be the greatest king in Israel as a type and shadow of Jesus who is King of kings and Lord of lords.
We see Abraham anointed with the faith to have hope against hope in offering Isaac unto God believing God would raise him back up.
Each person is a type and shadow of Christ and we are all parts of his body. Each of us is anointed in different areas.
There are some pastors that cannot teach and some that really should step down from the pulpit as they manifest that they are not anointed to preach.
Hope this helps explain.
---Frank on 1/28/09

Frank:...and where in the Bible do you read about "a five fold ministry...and different anointing[s]?" Ephesians 5:11 doesn't call these as having "an anointing." Yes, there are different gifts, however, these anointings are a bit unclear to me. How do people know if they have this "anointing," or how are they to know if someone else has this "anointing?" And what does the "anointing" mean? What's this "anointed" to be a pastor? Where do you get that?
Differences in anointings?
We, as believers, are all called to walk in the Spirit.
---Rod on 1/27/09

There is a five fold ministry with each person having a different anointing to a degree. Typically the Lord will bless and anoint an individual with the spiritual things neccessary within that which he/she is called to do.
A pastor may not be anointed to be a prophet, etc...
A teacher may not be abointed to be a pastor, etc...
Just as there is a difference in spiritual gifts there is a difference in anointing.
---Frank on 1/27/09

Frank: If I understand your basic premise correctly, that we should be taught by the Spirit of Christ, I agree with you. However, your blog seemed to indicate that if one has a seminary education that excludes him from being able to be lead by the Spirit. If his reliance is on the education, I agree, but it does not nullify his being able to submit to the Spirit of God.
I question the concept of an "anointed man." How does one become more anointed than a "normal" christian. All christians should be anointed. We should submit to one another in the fear of God.
"Anointed" has a subtle connotation that this anointed person is an intermediary between God and man. Only Jesus Christ fills that role.
---Rod on 1/26/09

Those who are truly called of God should sit under the teaching of an anointed man of God such as Timothy did with Paul. (who rejected his carnal teaching and was taught of the Spirit prior to preaching the gospel)
Organized carnal schooling uses a carnal mind and the spirit of man of which both lead contrary to the word of God.
Messages are to be brought forth by the Spirit of God and not a seminary school trained individual instructed in man's doctrine. Christ warned against such! They make their converts two-fold the child of hell as themselves. Shortly those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will see the mockery of organized carnal schools. When it comes to pass it may be too late for those follow such teachings.
---Frank on 1/26/09

I had a Pastor years ago.He was a wonderful teacher. Never went to school,but was trained in a discipleship program and his knowledge of the bible was thoroughly tested. I also know a minister with a Phd who has not read the bible.He likes to teach opinion as doctrine. Bible knowledge must be tested before being appointed to ministry.Degree or no degree.
---john on 1/24/09

Rod: Agreed!

The answer to the question, "Does a preacher [do preachers] have to go to school to preach?" is YES. All "born-again" preachers must daily sit in class under the instructions of God, the Holy Spirit. The "only" text book required is the Bible.

I don't believe preachers must go to seminar/college. However, academic, etc., higher learning can be (to varying degrees) beneficial so long as preachers stay rooted/grounded in the Holy Spirit taught "highest education" from the Bible.
---Leon on 1/3/09

you can have all the education you have but if you cannot practice that in the real world, that education is just a theory. that is why pastor's teachings are immature & childish bec. they do not understand the realities of life. they are experts in the law / quoters of the bible but life is complicated & has many variables. they can say that worry is a sin bec. they have a tithe mentality. being a pastor or televangelist is easy money. where does it say in the bible that a pastor's salary should be $7800/month. where did it come from? a pastor should get a job so he can understand the realities of life. but he is just hypocrite not practicing what he preach or condemn others for.
---mike on 1/2/09

The criteria should not be, This does not seem right to me..... that is judgement from the head... & following the call of God on ones life, involves the heart. Using the head, one has the right to determine if the one standing in the pulpit, is truly preaching/teaching the word of God, in the right spirit... if he/she is... Do not touch Gods annointed... no matter what credentials of man he may or may not have. Unless you want to be in trouble with God himself.
---Gayla on 1/2/09

Leon: I think we are agreeing. There is no assuming on the Biblical theme of salvation. It is straight-forward needing no speculation, just believing.
The speculations conversation started with the concept of whether "pastors" are called, anointed, or chosen by God, and that seemed to digress to a "big picture" question.
The big picture is having a personal relationship with the Living God through Jesus Christ. All are called.
I hope you have a great year in Him.
---Rod on 1/2/09

Rod: The Bible specifically says (Jn. 3:16) God loves us so much He made a plan of salvation for all who believe on Him. Now, before A & E were expelled from the Garden, God set His plan of salvation in motion. (G3:15) Throughout the whole Bible the theme of salvation is seen. That's the "big picture". We don't have to assume/guess at God's intentions in the matter. :)

"Understanding" doesn't some how come to believers who read, study & meditate on God's word (the Bible). We're in school & God the Holy Spirit (HS) is our teacher (Jn. 14:26).

Cults, with their abnormal teachings, aren't led by the HS but by unholy spirits (doctrines of demons) contrary to what God says in the Bible.
---Leon on 1/2/09

Leon: To me, you making assumptions. What do you propose that I am trying too hard at? :) At this point we seem to be going around in circles, but maybe we'll communicate what we are each trying to say eventually. To me it's quite simple, I read the Bible and decide to believe it or not. From my perspective, you are trying too hard. From my understanding of what you are saying is that one is to read, study, and meditate, and then some "understanding" will come to that person. That's where cults start. I am not saying that's what you are, but that is where strange beliefs come from. One should be able to say look, "here is what it says."
---Rod on 1/1/09

Depends on what one means by "being educated." Moses was educated in Pharaoh's house, he probably had the best education possible. Paul was also greatly educated. Elders and overseers do need to be educated. They to know english, if english is the audience's language, and how to use it. They need to know prinicples of speaking and able to present a logical point. They need to know critical thinking concepts. Proverbs says to gain knowledge. Does a great education make a great leader? no. Leaders, especially, and all of us should be continually learning. But above all, one should have a learner attutide.
---Rod on 1/1/09

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Jesus did not need to go to school to be trained, he sat at the feet of the Rabbis when he was a kid. The apostles had three years of seminary training while walking with Jesus, God Himself. Moses had God Himself talking to Him audibly. David had Nathaniel teaching him on the job.

The preachers of today have no credentials without formal education. Those men had God Himself, or God's prophet teaching them.
---Trish9863 on 1/1/09

none of those used of God: Moses, Joshua, David, etc took school training.
prophets training was by one knowledgeable training one with lack of knowledge.
Jesus didnt come from a school in order to be considered qualified to preach, and teach.
none of the disciples / apostles took academic training although fellowship and connections allowed for being accountable and assistance.
the Apostle Paul had Jewish Biblical training from one of the best. yet he said that he set all that aside when he came to preach the gospel.
Paul trained Timothy in particular.
although the Bible says, study to show yourself approved, that does not imply going to a school to be trained to preach.
---opalgal on 1/1/09

Rod: "The things that are not spelled out. Who gets to decide what the 'big picture' is?"

You're trying too hard. :) I'm not saying there are things in the Bible that aren't "spelled out". I am saying when we view (read, study, meditate on) the God-inspired Bible (Gen. - Rev.), God shows a panorama (big picture) of His will regarding, e.g., marriage, leadership, obedience, etc. He leaves nothing up to our private interpretation (assumption). God, The Holy Spirit, teaches all believers from His word (OT & NT).

Believers should see life thru God's eyes (from His view point) based soley upon His entire recorded word (the Bible). God alone decides who, what, when & where is in His big picture. :)
---Leon on 1/1/09

Leon: Ah...and therein lies the problem: The things that are not spelled out. Who gets to decide what that "big picture" is? I'll concede that just because something is not spelled out does not necessarily make it wrong, such as the order of church services. He equips the saints, believers, to do the work of the ministry. The problem of assuming, in the "big picture," that God annoints certain people to be pastors/overseers is how do we know who those chosen ones are? And then they tend to lord it over us. I Timothy spells out that if person desires the office of overseer there are qualifications.
---Rod on 12/31/08

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Rod: I'm learning too friend! :) Sometimes we try to hard to see what's right before our eyes. In our zeal we often miss it. The Bible shows things God specifically spells out. Also, there are things He makes clear from the overall pattern & woven threads (big picture) of Scripture. As He chose, OT prophets, e.g., Moses, etc., God has also chosen & yet chooses (calls to service & Holy Spirit equips - annoints) NT pastors/elders (sheperds, presbyters, church leaders).

Overseers are sheperds/pastors/elders. The Bible says the Church must come together regularly, in an orderly manner. Obviously, to have order, there must be persons in positions of authority to lead the flock. Those persons are pastors/elders.
---Leon on 12/30/08

P.S. Rod: Everyone in the Church (Body of believers) are held accountable to each other & above all to God. "Senior pastors" must be constantly prayed for & held accountable to their under-pastors/elders & church governing body. Otherwise, the un-godly likelyhood of Jonestown/Waco, etc., will be perpetual.

Happy new year to you & yours! :)
---Leon on 12/30/08

Leon: I couldn't agree more with the concept of searching the scriptures to see if the things that we are taught are true or not. Where in the scripture does it say that Pastors & Elders are God-called? We are all supposed to be Holy Spirit filled, I am not sure what you meant by "annointed," and where is that found for a "pastor?" Timothy says that if one wants to be an elder it is a fine work he desires to do, nothing about being called there. I don't find any "pastor" position in scripture, a pastor being a single person with "God's message" for the people, being in charge of the church. This posting may come across harsh, it's not meant that way. I am a learner.
---Rod on 12/29/08

I hope to shout that they need educated. They need to learn that there is no Biblical position as a senior pastor. The Biblical word is overseer, and then there is a plurality of them, working together and submitting to one another. Where does the Bible descibe that there is a senior pastor and that they are to give a message every week?
---Rod on 12/29/08

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SAG: "Did Jesus, or any of his disciples, have to go to school to preach?"

The comparison is invalid. As I have previously pointed out, Jesus (for obvious reasons) hardly needed to 'go to school'. The disciples (I assume you refer to the 12) received the best education imaginable: instruction from God the Son Himself.

Anyone wishing to pursue the office of pastor ought to prepare himself for the responsibility that accompanies teaching and leading others. Again, James warns that such individuals are subject to a stricter judgment.
---Bobby3 on 12/29/08

Here's a little test you can do. Is what he is preaching matching up with what God's word says?...
Is your spirit bearing witness with his spirit? ...
---donna8365 on 12/22/08

Donna's got wisdom. Donna knows scripture witnesses truth.

Donna knows there is no division in truth. Truth is truth, with no fuzzy spots.

Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.
Jeremiah 23:1-3
Witness of an false pastor. They are Goat herders and scatter sheep.
---Trav on 12/29/08

Rod: Pastors & elders are God-called (Holy Spirit filled & annointed) "shepherds" who have the spiritual care (oversight) of the flock (church, churches). It's my understanding the terms pastor & elder are synonyms. They're men who are raised up & qualified by the work (leading) of the Holy Spirit to lead/oversee the flock.

As for the superstar "prima donnas", who pridefully herd (push) from a bully pulpit rather than lead the flock, I recommend the flock (churches) listen (like the Bereans) carefully to what they say & scripturally (Bible) discern whether they be of God... If only the Church would adhere to what the Bible says, false-teachers wouldn't have leadership access to the Church.
---Leon on 12/29/08

"This does not sound right to me."

Beth: The sounds you are hearing, are they in accordance with what the Bible says or are they only your thoughts? God's word (the Bible) is "right". All else is a lie.
---Leon on 12/29/08

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While an education is not absolutely necessary to be effective in preaching (and, indeed for many other professions), it is usually a good thing to know how others before you have done the same thing. There is a great danger in doing something without being educated about it - it's easy to naively believe wrong things, and teach those same errors to others, without having any clue that you're doing anything wrong.

This happens often with preachers who have a lot of charisma but little knowledge of the Bible - they mix truth with doctrines that they believe are in the Bible, but really aren't, and this is how heresy can easily spread.
---StrongAxe on 12/29/08

Bobby: Yes, an education in Bible does not guarantee a teaching in correct doctrine. However, having a degree from a Bible College should be one criterion a pastor has to help a congregation decide if that person is for them. There should be several criterion, but that definitely should be one of them.
---Trish9863 on 12/29/08

The argument has been made that an education alone does not make one a pastor. I would agree. Also, an education does not guarantee correct teaching of doctrine, for it has been noted that some of these individuals with degrees have twisted Scripture to their likings and have, by doing so, led others astray. However, these observations do NOT support the argument against pastors undergoing some sort of formal preparatory training. It's like saying people shouldn't go through driver's ed because some people who do turn out to be bad drivers.
---Bobby3 on 12/28/08


Did Jesus, or any of his disciples, have to
go to school to preach? Nope! God inspired them all with his Word and Holy Spirit.

My favorite example is how God met Saul on the Road to Damascus. In the "blink of an eye", Saul was converted and became Paul. Paul didn't have to go to school either. He was chosen by God.
---SAG on 12/28/08

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A pastor once came to me and said, for 4 1/2 years I have been witnessing to ALLEN without success. Now he comes to church and informs me that he has been saved, and tells me that you visited him and he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. What may I ask is your secret? It is not very complicated I replied, I merely asked the man if he wanted to be saved.
I then ask him he ever asked the man did he want to be saved(go to heaven)? No he said I never ask that question.
A little side note, Allen's family, mother, sisters and a brother laughed at Allen and made fun of him over his salvation. But Allen remains very firm in his faith!!! This happened about eight years ago.
---mima on 12/28/08

Who God calls he qualifies. Please dont judge my sister let him. If it isn't his will then let him do the work. Just continue to be faithfull to GOD not the pastor.
---Kiannah on 12/27/08

that can be turned around also, i have seen some pastors that were Bible school educated that had no business being behind the pulpit. false teachers can be either formally schooled by man or not. some are mon and dad called and attend Bible college without ever having the anointing
---evangelistjerry on 12/27/08

I like what donna8365 says. Without the Holy Spirit teaching you and anointing you, all is in vain. There are many Christian colleges out there, but how many of them are teaching FALSE doctrine to students - probably more than we give credit to. There are also many Christian brothers and sisters out there, but again, how many of them are teaching FALSE doctrine to people - more than we give credit to. When the Holy Spirit teaches and anoints you, there is NO false doctrine involved, ONLY God's wisdom. This is what Soloman (one of the wiseist men alive) knew. Follow the Holy Spirit ONLY, NOT man.
---Leslie on 12/27/08

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Without a degree or credential saying that a man is formally trained, a congregation has only the man's word to say he is called of God, or anointed, to preach. If a man is truly called, he should be willing to go to any length to show himself approved for the job, and that, in our society, means a degree from a Bible teaching institution.

Without a credential, any swindler or wolf in sheep's clothing can worm his way into an unwitting congregation and say he is called.

Look at the People's Temple and Jim Jones. He was a fake and a swindler, to the point of sleeping with his congregants. His training was not in the Bible, but secular careers.
---Trish9863 on 12/27/08

If God truly called him to preach it is no ones business,maybe his mother knew this. you do not have to go to an expensive school and waste money, however you should have background at least knowing scriptures,bible,etc.
---eve on 12/26/08

I am in the minority here but I believe Jesus choose His followers to convey His doctrinall message.He annointed them with the Holy spirit.This practice exists to this day in His church Matt16:13-19. Donna here is the the only one who speaks of this annointing.I do not denigrate those who desire to be men of the cloth but they should follow the norm. Jesus chose Fishermen saying "I shall make you fishers of men" This has been amply demonstrated in His word.
---Mic on 12/26/08

God is the ONLY one who should be educating and ordaining people into ministry (just like Jesus did with the disciples)..
What happened to the Biblical guidance that says that older men should mentor younger men, and older women should mentor younger women? I think a lot can be gained from Biblical seminaries. Otherwise, we run the risk that men may be subject to deceiving spirits and error in their own interpretations of scripture. Sure, there may be cases of good individual learning, but having a mentor can speed things up and keep things on track.
---obewan on 12/26/08

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God is the ONLY one who should be educating and ordaining people into ministry (just like Jesus did with the disciples). John 15:16 (God ordains), (God educates) - John 14:26, 1 Corinthians 1:19-20,25, 1 Corinthians 2:6-16, 1 John 2:27. If you get it straight from God (who created wisdom and is wisdom), then there is NO need to get from another source.
---Leslie on 12/26/08

It depends what you mean by 'educated'. Providing the man is born-again, has studied the bible and understands its teachings himself and can get up speak coherently I see no reason why he cannot preach. Being a preacher and being a pastor are not the same thing though. To become a pastor of a church he would need to learn more than how to compose a sermon and present it. Theological colleges are not just to teach a person about the bible but also how to be a pastor.
---RitaH on 12/24/08

I have known many preachers. The best two were both uneducated(no seminary training) men.
There are of course many "get along" preachers, preachers who look good, smile often, and tried desperately not to offend anyone. Just last Sunday I was approached by one of these "get along" preachers. As we sat and talked he begin to tell me that the three people he knew were lost in the congregation were very very hard. Any said he had been preaching to them three years at which point I told him I heard your message, I heard your invitation, but at no time did I hear you ask them openly, pointedly, to make a choice. And he agreed he had not ask!!
---mima on 12/24/08

let me jump in here,everyone is called to be a witness,EVERYONE,but not all are called to be teachers,teaching is one of the gifts of the spirit.its not given by degree,but by the holy spirit.
---tom2 on 12/24/08

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Hello,in my opinion a preacher must be educated for a church to grow.He must know the Bible well and be a good speaker.He also needs to have recieved the Holy Spirit and have His gifts operating in his life.
---shirley on 12/23/08

While it is true that the Great Comission is not a call for everyone to be preachers, it is a command for everyone to proclaim the Gospel to everyone we meet. We are all "missionaries" of a sort. We cannot hide behind our fear of talking to others about Christ. If He means anything to us we will shout it from the roof tops.
---tommy3007 on 12/23/08

Well, it seems right to me. Only qualification a preacher needs is to be told by God to "go and PREACH". You qualify.
---catherine on 12/23/08

Donna, Jesus commissioned all His followers to preach and teach(Mat.28) What happens to the seed once you have planted it depends on the "soil" and with a proper heart condition, God makes it "grow".One "plants another waters and so on.."
The H.S told you to love her?? We are all told to love our neighbor,are we not? Hearing voices is not something I'm familiar with nor do I encourage it,if you catch my drift!

You shared Jesus with her (as you put it),you have obeyed the commandment,the onus is on her now.If she's interested she'll come to you!
---1st_cliff on 12/23/08

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1st cliff said: Let's get something straight here..EVERYONE is called to preach!"Go therefore and make disciples...."Mat.28.19

1st cliff, there is a big difference between preaching to someone and making disciples of them.

Do you really think people just receive the truth of the word immediately and with Joy?

The Holy Spirit told me a year and a half ago to "love her" referring to my Jewish hard-hearted neighbor - so I did. If I dare share Jesus with her YET, before the Holy Spirit tells me to, she will have my head on a platter - she's very hard hearted.

Discipling someone is so much different than preaching the word to someone. The word without the spirit is not life.
---donna8365 on 12/23/08

Beth, A person doesn't necessarily have to "go to school" to become a pastor, He should definitely "study to show thyself approved..." My concern is how did "his mother" leave him the church when she died? The church belongs to God, not any individual, or at least it is supposed to be this way. If it is truly a church of the Lord Jesus Christ, He alone should be appointing the pastor to lead it. All this business of "steering comittees" and "pulpit committees" is totally out of line with God's design for the church.
---tommy3007 on 12/23/08

"Let's get something straight here..EVERYONE is called to preach!"Go therefore and make disciples...."Mat.28.19"
1st_cliff on 12/22/08
Let's get something straight here..I Strongly Disagree!
They were sent to "teach" and "baptize" and, "Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:"
Not all have the gift of leadership, Ephesians 4:11_15. Children are not sent to do a man's job...
---Nana on 12/23/08

Let me jump in here with some questions. Where does the Bible describe "pastor" as that position is used today. I know Timothy 3. That's elders, not the postion of a pastor. How do I know if a person is "called" to be a pastor? What authority does a "pastor" have? Where does he get it? We should not call anyone a pastor. The Bible says to not call anyone "rabbi" or "teacher" which is the same as calling someone pastor. Whatever this pastor is, there should be submitting to one another. Usually, pastors submit to nobody because they are "called." I do admit, I have a bit of an axe to grind and may not be objective. I've seen many pastors who view themselves as pre-modonas.
---Rod on 12/22/08

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Anne: "Jesus and His apostles were not formally educated, yet they preached the truth."

I doubt this supports the position that church pastors need not formal educations. Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God, obviously didn't require such an education. As for the apostles, I couldn't imagine a better education than learning directly from the Master!

To answer the question, if one ventures to teach others, it's his responsibility to become knowledgable in what he's teaching. James warns: "Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly" (3:1). Why? Such a one would lead others astray should he communicate misinformation to listeners.
---Bobby3 on 12/22/08

Let's get something straight here..EVERYONE is called to preach!"Go therefore and make disciples...."Mat.28.19
Education is helpful in mastering language usage,cognizant of other cultures,history(especially of the middle east) etc.
Some cite the fact that the apostles were uneducated,but they had the best teacher on earth for more than three that not "education?"
---1st_cliff on 12/22/08

A preacher has to be anointed by God to preach. He does not have to be formally educated at a cemetary, I mean seminary school. That is theology.

However, there are many Pastors and teachers of the word who think they are anointed by God, but when you hear them preach or teach, they are not.

Here's a little test you can do. Is what he is preaching matching up with what God's word says?
Is your spirit bearing witness with his spirit? Is he teaching theology, bland facts, or is he ministering Spirit and Life to you when you hear what he's preaching?
Is it worked up faith? or faith that is flowing out of him like oil?
---donna8365 on 12/22/08

Pastoral search committees receive hundreds of resumes when a search process begins. Collegiate training is a helpful tool to weed out the serious from the non-serious initial applicants. From a cold resume the only real measure of a persons committment to a calling is the "measurable" time served in college and actual experience. There are many people who believed that they have been called to be Pastor however some of those may be wrong. I would rather they find that out in college rather than when shepherding my flock.
---TIMOTHY on 12/22/08

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This statement by Anne is so true.
"Normally 'educated' preachers are educated/ taught to obey the doctrines of their particular denomination more than they are taught to teach scripture."
---mima on 12/22/08

Jesus and His apostles were not formally educated, yet they preached the truth. The Pharisees were highly educated, yet Jesus said to them that surely the harlots and tax collectors would make it into heaven before the Pharisees would.

Normally 'educated' preachers are educated/ taught to obey the doctrines of their particular denomination more than they are taught to teach scripture. On the other hand, a lot of the uneducated preachers may be more interested in making money off their followers. We have to use careful judgment.

The main question should be whether or not the man is teaching the Truth.
---Anne on 12/22/08

You say it doesn't "sound" right. Have you heard him preach? "There are preachers with no education who know God better than ones with multiple Bible study degrees." Knowing God is very important, so you can get His representation of what He wrote (o: The best way to understand a writing is to personally know the Author (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/21/08

Frankly I have seen the move of God through Preachers without a degree more than I have in those with a Degree. It's a sad commentary on Denominations faith,they don't trust the infilling call,and anointing of God to put into a preacher anointing to bring the Word. I know from experience if you pray for a message from God He will give you the sermon/teaching to bring and I heard the same message He gave me,in the same week,on TV across denominational lines. The problem isn't in no degrees,the problem lies in the "canned" or preprepared sermons some preachers use instead of seeking God's Word for the day.Many Denominations won't ordain without degrees. God doesn't require a Degree. He requires a surrendered heart and spiritual ear.
---Darlene_1 on 12/21/08

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Sooooooo, Beth! Was "his mom" the previous preacher (pastor)? If so, this is wrong on many levels.

Btw, going to school doesn't qualify one to preach. Being called by God to preach (pastor) is the only valid prerequisite.
---Leon on 12/21/08

A preacher must be called by God and only God can call someone to this position. This is not a job you can ever inherit. I don't believe a preacher must or has to go to "school" to be qualified. He must have extensive knowledge of scripture and be called by God. These are both necessary qualifications
---john_adams on 12/21/08

Only Christ retains the church. Nobody can claim ownership to a body of believers, and neither is the call of God for sale in a school that someone should earn it.
---Pharisee on 12/21/08

some preachers are ordained by men and some
are ordained by God,i guess my question is,
Does He preach the Truth?
---kevin on 12/21/08

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Technically, a minister does not have to do anything to call himself a preacher. However, to attract certain congregants, a person's education may come into question.

Personally, I would not attend a church that does not have a minister who has been to Bible college. Where I live, almost all of the evangelical preachers, who are ordained, are college educated.
---Trish9863 on 12/21/08

beth,though most all denominations require a degree in divinity to be a shepherd,and preach from the pulpit,God does not.
---tom2 on 12/21/08

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