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Preachers Using Movie Clips

How do you feel about preachers using movie references to enhance the point of their sermon?

Moderator - Most times it's a bad idea as it gets people to go watch bad movies as they think the pastor must be sitting around watching rated R movies in order to bring the movie clips into the sermons. Also it can plant wicked ideas in people's heads right in the middle of a sermon.

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 ---Kella8334 on 1/1/09
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I believe I wouldn't like it.... If I am listening to a good preacher [God called] I rather just be focused on God and what the preacher is saying. Taking notes ect. Now, if the hour is going to be the movies, then, we should be informed of this before hand.
---catherine on 3/10/09

Okay - so if I go with the thinking of many posters here - we should probably not sing hymns or songs in church either.

It's always interesting how many will go to extreme's thinking they have somehow made a significant point to the topic at hand ...however I always thought those hymns were created by men within church not men within hollywood

I agree with many why mix Hollywood idea within movie into Gods work ...idea that is presented "good" with rest of movie a typical hollywood perversion dripping with sexual undertones vulgar language etc ...your child see's a clip of xyz film in church you don't approve of and now what? reduce your spiritual standards because your spiritual leader has
---Rhonda on 3/7/09

Why do people assume that any movie used in a sermon would be rated R? And if by chance a speaker used an R-rated movie, why do you assume they'll use a scene that depicts "evil" scenarios?

There's too much assuming happening, and not enough considering that perhaps what could have been used for "evil" can be used to glorify God? Is this not like sharing an anecdote you've heard that exactly explains the message you're sharing from God's word? If I tried to get a group together to film our own video to show in a sermon, we would not be nearly as impacting as a film that was made professionally. Why then can't we use it as simply an illustration, like a parable, so people may better relate and apply God's word to them?
---Carolyn on 3/5/09

Watch your eyes your eyes what they SEE
Watch Your ears Your ears what they HEAR
Watch your mouth your mouth what you SAY

Theres is as Father up above looking down in tender love Watch your Eyes your Ears your Mouth what they DO!

A famous song for little children go's a long way and is a lesson WELL learned if this is what you practice now Your OLD....

It's pointless training a tree when it's old it will simply break tree once it's grown.
---Carla3939 on 1/16/09

Not a good idea! One time a young lady said to me, "I watch R rated movies to get a look at reality." I responded, "If I want reality, all I need to do is read the newspaper." You don't linger or emphasis the negative, but rather present a solution to deal with the negative, which usually results in the positive.
---wivv on 1/14/09

Okay - so if I go with the thinking of many posters here - we should probably not sing hymns or songs in church either. These songs are composed by "Man" - his thoughts put to verse, and many of the old hymns were set to the tune of old standards and tavern songs of the day.

Saying Pastors should only draw inspiration from Scripture is very limiting. Yes, the message and point should be scripturally solid, but by pulling from many sources for commentary - the point can be given culturally relevant application for even unbelievers to identify with, thus helping them to see the truth that scripture holds.
---Mark on 1/6/09

Preachers should not be using worldly influences to Teach. When John quoted in Revelation what God said he would do with Jezebel he specifically told the church If they have ears they are to here what he is saying . Rev 2:29

There are things one should not even mention what people without God do, let alone show graphic details of their sin. There will be visitors and even people not even aware of this sort of thing and he is allowing satan to mess up their pure minds( so to speak)
---Carla3939 on 1/6/09

I don't like it but preachers feel they have to compete to keep up now. So sad and unbiblical. TD Jakes takes the cake. He is the ring leader.And Joel Osteen fits in there,too. He is profiting from these type movies,books etc..He is making millions doing this. I don't like all of these cruises, endless conferences and other scams these charlatans are putting out there these days,either. I would not go near any water with these con men/women. The whole ship might go down and straight into the pit of Hell with everyone on board. No way! I will stay on dry land and pray.
---Robyn on 1/6/09

We're going to see that R movie stuff in real life, somehow, and perhaps coming to our minds, even if we don't watch such stuff. We need to be told how to deal with it. I'd say a movie clip can be used, like how Jesus did use real life illustrations in His parables. He spoke of worldly activities of people, in parables, and used these. But if a pastor is trying to entertain or to seem not too different . . . not good. And I know a pastor's wife who has stressed because of viewing her collection of "24 Hours", I think it is, about terrorism. And she can tell it isn't good for her. But what about how the Holy Spirit has Paul use something R rated in talking about being "one spirit with the Lord"? (1 Corinthians 6:16-17)
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/6/09

David said "I will set no evil thing before my eyes". If a preacher is using wordly movies to get inspiration something is wrong. Why is he even watching them? "it's hard to avoid these day's" is not true. We are called to be separate, that includes our choice of entertainment. If our music and television choices were audited would we look any different than the unsaved guy next door? We should. Do not love the world or the things of the world.
---Kellie on 1/6/09

My church does it, and it irritates me. Usually, it takes my focus off of scripture and makes me think like the world. I think it is usually an attempt to just "be cool". The church does not need to be like the world to reach people. Christianity Today magazine even has a good article on "Marketing Jesus" this month. I think it applies to this topic. Sermons should focus on scripture - not pop culture.
---obewan on 1/6/09

Because the Bible says Keep seeking the things ABOVE, not the things on earth.

Love not the world, nor the things of the world.

When we show movie clips to point out a Spiritual truth, we are mixing carnal minded thoughts (man's thoughts) with Spiritual concepts. That's why I'm saying what I'm saying.

Trish, we can agree to disagree, amen?
---donna8365 on 1/6/09

I might remind you that "The Passion Of The Christ" is rated "R" so I guess the church should never show that movie or use any clips from it!

There is NO LIMIT on what we can use to reach lost people for Christ. We should use things in our culture, our imagination, our creativity, and anything else our mind and heart can conceive of to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ.

Jesus told stories - some true, some just examples, to drive his point home. He pointed to trees, people, rocks, rivers - everything around him to help tell people about His Father. Lets do the same.
---Mark on 1/5/09

Donna: Who can say that the Holy Spirit cannot work through a movie clip? We should not put God in a box, and say that the only way He can work is through oral preaching of the Word. Jesus used Parables, which were stories. Billy Graham's crusades have used the television. Other ministries reach other countries through TV. Why can't movies also help carry the message?
---Trish9863 on 1/5/09

If the pastor knows that many in his flock attend movies, or at least view them on tv (which is pretty hard these days to avoid),I don't think it is wrong to bring them into a sermon to make a point. Jesus often used what people were familiar with as illustrations.

So much learning and exchange of information as well as entertainment is, for this generation, something visual.

Most movies attempt to give an impression of reality. All movies involve crises or human problems. Explaining how Christs teachings could be applied to the lives of fictional characters may make it clearer to people how Christ can change their own lives in reality.
---Donna66 on 1/5/09

there are a number of decent movies about God and Jesus to use as illustration for sermons.
since they are used to evangelize i dont think it'd hurt to use them in a church service.
~ since a preacher or teacher is responsible before God to preach and teach righteousness, i doubt that they'd actually use any movie clip that depicts something indecent to their audience. maybe even editing out the scenes where Aaron helped the Jews to do indecent things while Moses was with God at the mountain. or edit out the part where David lusted for Bathsheba. and the part where Potipher's wife striped Joseph naked as he ran away from her. and the part where Lot offered his daughters so the sodomites'd leave the angels alone. stuff like that.
---opalgal on 1/5/09

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I agree with Moderator.

If the Holy Spirit is teaching us through that person, meaning if that person is speaking by the Spirit of God, then would HE use movie clips? NO - they are of this world and the bible tells us that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

God doesn't need worldly movie clips to get his point across. We are to teach by the Spirit of God, not by worldly movie clips. Sorry if that upsets anyone, it's the truth.
---donna8365 on 1/5/09

It all depends on what "clips"

Showing the world in turmoil to re-enforce the subject of "the last days."

Nature clips to show God's creation.

Starving people in other parts of the world for mission work etc are all quite moving!

It also can be misused for propaganda purposes. IE (my own personal opinion) that there's no doubt that the earth is undergoing climate change,but that man is the culprit is highly doubtful.We have had climate change since day one. never been scientifically proven that carbon is the problem (it does cause pollution).The sun governs our climate.(sun spots, flares etc)
---1st_cliff on 1/1/09

Many people are visual learners, and being one, I have found that the movie clips my pastor has used help me. They are usually very brief, and NOT from R rated movies. He has used them either to set the mind toward what he is going to preach on, or at the end to help drive a point.

The Holy Spirit can help us in any media, not just verbal preaching. God is more powerful than anything man can conceive of.
---Trish9863 on 1/1/09

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