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Genesis About Milky Way

I believe the entire universe is Gods creation, however could the Genesis account of the creation of the heavens and earth refer to just our own Milky Way Galaxy?

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 ---David on 1/1/09
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"It seems that the Universe was created in order that intelligent life would come into being."
---Nick on 2/6/09

So Nick, you believe that the intelligence that created the universe in all its unimaginable complexity was not intelligent enough to create the life that later "came into being" on its own? Hmmmmm.
---jerry6593 on 3/7/09

Catherine, thank you. May God bless you and give you peace in your heart.
---JohnnyB on 2/12/09

For the wisdom of this world is folly with God...He catches the wise in their own craftiness [1 Corin. 3:19]. If you must boast, then by all means, do not boast within yourself or man, but in Christ. And Him only. See>>Ps. 94:11 and Job 5:13.] The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one. For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.>>>1 Corin. 2: 14-18.
---catherine on 2/12/09

Catherine, then both you and I are saved. That's a good thing. God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/12/09

At least I am saved from HELL. Thank you my Lord, my God, and my Saviour, Jesus Christ.+++Your Blood has made the difference. And in understanding scriptures, too.
---catherine on 2/12/09

Catherine, you are of course free to interpret Scripture any way you wish. We become like the gods we worship. If your god is a god of perfect hate, then you will become a person of perfect hate. May God give you peace and comfort!
---JohnnyB on 2/12/09

JohnnyB>>You had better read what and how God is going to destroy His enemies. There is a scripture called perfect hate. I will find it and give it to you....hell>>The place of eternal punishment for the unrighteous. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever Rev. 20. Physical suffering is also a part of the destiny of the lost. It is no wonder why "it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God" [Heb. 10:31], and why the emphasis on evangelism is what makes the Great Commission great. See>>Wrath of God.
---catherine on 2/11/09

Atheist, whoever told you that anyone will be tortured in hell forever has egregiously misread scripture and is sorely mistaken. God tells us to love our enemies, so he must love his enemies also, and he knows how to reconcile them to himself despite their present intentions. God bless you!
---JohnnyB on 2/11/09

Second, on your comment which i quoted above. Let me show you this: "...O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?" (Rom.9:20-21)

Who are we to tell God, the creator of everything, why did you do it this way? why not that way? Or, why did you write your words such, why didn't you make it "simpler"... -- actually, the words are simple: "they are plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge." (Prov.8:9)
But this is going into another topic.. and is quite long to discuss.
---manny on 2/10/09

A parent having deep concern about the path a child has chosen is not judging. Neither is giving a heartfelt warning to a loved one or a friend being judgmental. Because Christians believe a persons religious decisions have eternal consequences, We feel obliged to express our concerns in the strongest terms to those we feel are not moving in a productive direction. Because of Jesus statement that no one can come to Him unless the Father calls him we feel a compulsion to share the need for everyone to answer that call. We also feel the need to let it be known that Jesus said that whoever comes to Him, He will in no wise cast out.
---David on 2/10/09

atheist>>"could have been more specific.."

Firstly, in my post last 1/14/09, I wasn't trying to prove God or prove God's power. My thrust was more on trying to prove the authenticity of the words written in the bible. I was trying to show that the bible, though written by men, the words/contents therein came not from the wisdom of men. The different writers of the bible are "penmen".. but the author was someone (or something) whose wisdom exceeds man's -- hence it was not a man who "authored" the bible.
---manny on 2/10/09

David:"...I confess a feeling of sadness for a person having to go through life and face death with such an attitude: No hope & No consolation."

I feel sorry for such people too, but a failure to believe in 'god' does not come with that result.

I pity those who believe that if they don't believe in the right 'god' in the right way that they and others will be forever tortured in a burning 'hell' by a loving by sadistic 'god'. And pity those more who look down and judge those who worship a different 'god' or none at all.

---atheist on 2/10/09

The anthropic principle is a set of universal parameters which had they been even slightly different than they are would have resulted in no life on Earth or even no Universe. It seems that the Universe was created in order that intelligent life would come into being.
---Nick on 2/6/09

Some twenty or so years ago Carl Sagan went to Puerto Rica to the huge Arecieba radio receiver. He was intent on hearing electromagnetic transmissions from extraterrestal intellegience. He fully expected to find proof of e/i by lunch time. He was disappointed. No evidence has been found since then thru SETI searches.
I have read some good books (Rare Earth for one) which have posited the theory that because of the extreme difficulty of intellegent life arising thru natural means that it is likely we (Earthlings) are the only intellegient life in the Universe. Of course, this supports Genesis.
---Nick on 2/6/09

When I read a man stating what he thinks God could have done or should have done and tries to use that to support his unbelief I have to laugh out loud. Once the mirth subsides I confess a feeling of sadness for a person having to go through life and face death with such an attitude: No hope & No consolation. Such a mindset can be compared with one of the millions of transistors in a computer chip trying to understand the meaning of the program that is running on the computer.
---David on 2/5/09


There is a one blog reply and 125 word limit that from my experience is strictly applied. However, often I see multiple replies from others as Manny's below.

BTW I found nothing rude or offensive about anything Manny has written. That is true of most others here, with a few notable exceptions.

I appreciate you perspective on the exchange of ideas.
---atheist on 2/2/09

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If 'god' is omniscient as reported, the general kind of references that you provide, are a faint example of what he could have done.

Knowing what was to come he could have simply said, to put away the non-believers of the future saying something like:"g = 9.8 m/s2 = 32.2 ft/s2". And then explaining it was his message to the future, showing how the earth "hung" in space, and his prophecy would be that name and date the Newton's Law of Gravity was figured out by Newton.

'God' certainly could have been more specific...

Or he could speak up now.
---atheist on 2/2/09

joseph>>>I agree! My son'e name is Joseph, too.
---catherine on 2/2/09

I do not know why Manny's post to Atheist was stifled. Personally I would have like to have read more. Though Atheist questions may at times 'appear' to some to be cynical, they are valid, and thought Manny answered these gracefully well. I do not know who "audits" these responses, but their audits seem to defeat the purpose of the exchanges. Rudeness, disrespect for the thoughts of others, and plain silliness I could understand. However refusing to post the respectful, sincere responses of those whom "the Moderators" may not agree with is rude and disrespectful in itself. Allow our beliefs to be challenged and maybe corrected, that would certainly be more edifying than unwarranted censorship.
---joseph on 2/2/09

Atheist, I would like to state a few TRUTHS (not prophecies) that have been written in the bible long before man saw physical evidences of these truths.

1. Men, long ago (even men of science), believed that the earth is flat. Sea voyagers were even afraid of falling off its edge. But Isaiah had already written of the earth's shape about 3000 years before man actually saw it through photographs taken by the apollo spacecrafts.

"It is he that sitteth upon the CIRCLE of the earth..." (Isa.40:22)

2. In Job26:7 "He stretcheth out the north over the emply place, and HANGETH the earth UPON NOTHING." --about 3000yrs ago Job wrote that the earth HANGS or floats on an empty space.
---manny on 1/14/09

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3. "Hast thou entered into the SPRINGS OF THE SEA?..."(Job38:16) -- it was only in the late 1900s when man actually saw, through explorations of the sea bed that there are actually hot springs on the seafloor.

These are but a few. You might think these are simple truths, but think about it. Isn't it true that these TRUTHS were really only "discovered" by man recently? Yet the bible had already contained them long before man had seen physical evidences of them.
---manny on 1/14/09

well Gods word tells us he made everything out of the seem to ask a question as though God needed raw material in order too create.this is not the case.he is God,he can make something from nothing.believe me ,this will make no sense too you at all.but it makes perfect sense too me.
---tom2 on 1/11/09

Atheist, God made everything we see through His Word. Just as he desired to make man on this planet, to love him, and serve him, he can decide to raise up enemies (the New World Order) to destroy man for his disobedience. There is a permanent Heaven above the skies and above space. Here the angels all praise God. It was from there that a third of the angels rebelled and were cast out of Heaven and now inhabit the earth. They possess people and make them carry out the rebellious plan which has been going on since the days of Nimrod. Really since Adam sinned. But in an organized fashion, since Nimrod. We are living in the accomplishment of this Universal Apostasy.
---frances008 on 1/11/09


And what did 'god' make everything out of?
---atheist on 1/11/09

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athiest,that your right too believe that everything made itself,or always did position is God always has existed,and that he made friend you just go on believing what you wish too,and I will go on believing GOD.
---tom2 on 1/11/09


Comply? Oh please...

Several times I been told that the proof of 'god' was that there are thousands of prophecies that no one could have possibly of known without inspiration from 'god'.

Each time I have responded with the test list below and the challenge to provide one prophecy with sufficient detail that meets the tests. Everytime, I have been sneered at and ignored with a perfunctory dismissal such as yours.

If prophecy has any validity someone here should be come up with at least one 'prophesy' that cannot be debunked with these common sense tests.

BTW I have had a bible all my life.
---atheist on 1/10/09

Friend Atheist: My previous discussions have been with atheist friends familiar with scripture. Their mature and informed responses provided an interesting discussion. Until you comply with my suggestion in my blog of 1/8/09 or 1/9/09 we really have no basis for discussion. Ill check back in a few weeks to see if your compliance has produced anything upon which a response can be based. Whether or not you believe what your read, I am convinced you will find it interesting.
---David on 1/10/09


Sincerely, here are the legitimates test of propechy:

1. It must be shown that the event predicted actually occurred.

2. It must be shown that the prophecy was made prior to the event predicted.

3. The event must be far enough in advance to eliminate guesswork. I could predict we will send a manned mission to Mars, but such an educated guess would hardly be prophetic.

4. The prophecy must be specific. If claiming prophecy fulfillment requires "correct interpretation" of vague statements, it isn't prophecy fulfillment.

5. The prophecy cannot be easily self-fullfilled.

Again, can you name one?
---atheisT on 1/10/09

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You all keep stumbling on the creation idea, whose premise is that at one time nothing was here or there and then everything was here and there.

So skip it...

It was all here and there forever, in one form or another and its constantly changing and becoming something else.

Isn't that wonderment enough for you, and can't you see the possiblity of 'god' in that?

Why do you need a 'god' that looks like you, and decided to just make everything about six thousands years ago? Who made that 'god' and why didn't he do it sooner?

A 'supernatural god' is harder to believe in than the idea that it all just is and was.
---atheist on 1/10/09

Friend Athiest. If you are sincerely interested in learning rather than blindly arguing I recommend you obtain a Bible and discover these wonderful truths for yourself. The latest New King James versions use different shades of stars to mark the prophetic passages in both the old and new testament. If you are not interested enough to do that then further conversation is a waste of your time and mine. Try it youll like it!
---David on 1/9/09

to believe that the universe created itself takes more faith than believing God made it,and actually the mathimatical chances of this happening,resulting in life and the surrounding stars and galaxies is so astrnomical as to be say that such diversity began from one instance,one cjemical rection,and evolved into mammals,reptiles,insects,is not only ridiculous,but beyond the math probabilities.
---tom2 on 1/9/09

David~Nicely said!
---Anne on 1/9/09

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Name and explain one...
---atheist on 1/9/09

I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God..... WHY?
* The majority of the prophesies have been fulfilled. The remainder refer to the future.
None have ever proven false. It is therefore, statistically speaking, unreasonable NOT
to believe.

* The scriptures confirm the handiwork of God seen in our natural world, in our complex
eco-system and in the surrounding heavens.

* The physical sciences confirm the exact order of creation as described in Genesis.

As a result of these irrefutable witnesses, I am able to take on faith the portions of scripture that refer to the future or to things that are beyond my personal experience or human understanding.
---David on 1/9/09

Atheist~ Let's try and be more respectful to our 'elders.' You know what Elder said made a tremendous amount of sense. I don't think a single one of us would want to actually see God in His true form while we are still in our unredeemed bodies. I would not doubt it our eyeballs would actually melt in their sockets if we did.
---Anne on 1/9/09


So you are saying that I can't see god, but you can?

Are his eyes blue?
---atheist on 1/9/09

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Manny:"I regard the bible as a book containing the words of God."

First, do you have anything other than your blind faith that the words in the bible are actually the words of "god"?

If not then one could read a about Santa Claus said to be written about Santa Claus, believe it and construct an entire world view based on Santa Claus.

Second, have you read anything about the history of the construction of the bible? It was done by men by the way...
---atheist on 1/9/09

Elder~ You sound like a pretty wise man, and I loved what you said. Yes, I agree, it is so obvious to see God, in every amazing act of all just blows my mind the way God created this beyond amazing universe. The sad part is we're destroying this beautiful world more and more with all our manmade pleasures, and endeavors.
---Anne on 1/9/09

"If god is big enough to make creation isn't he big, and why can't I see him?"
---atheist on 1/8/09
Tell me why a blind man cannot see the Birds that sing. Then I will tell you why you can't see God.....
---Elder on 1/9/09

Atheist>> "throwing bible quotes..."

Well, you quoted a verse in the bible: "Let us make man.." (found in Genesis1:26). And from that verse, you raised several questions like: "who is this us", "do we all look like God", etc...

I regard the bible as a book containing the words of God. So, since it was God who said "let us make man..", it is but logical to also ask God to explain what He meant by that. And it is logical to assume that, since the phrase "let us make man" is in the bible, then the explanation may also be in the bible -- agree?

All i did was try to point you to biblical verses which explains the biblical verse you quoted. I hope you get what I mean?
---manny on 1/8/09

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Atheist, I would love to answer your other questions, but i can only do so by quoting the bible. But if you don't believe in God (because as you say you're an atheist) much less in His words, how can we understand each other.

If there's any disagreement, the best way to solve it is to use a basis. For example: let's say we have a lamp post. You make an estimate and say it's about 3meters high. Then, i say "No, it's about 3.5 meters." To resolve the issue, let's get a "basis" -- use a measuring device to know EXACTLY how high it is. Agree?

So, if we want to know EXACTLY who God is and what His commandments are, we need to have a basis. And that's the bible, the book inspired by God which contains all His words.
---manny on 1/8/09

To atheist.

For years & years & years people claiming to be atheists have repeated the same few inane questions without regard for the topic under discussion. Do you have anything to contribute to this blogs question? Do you really want to know the truth? Then read the first few chapters of the Gospel of John: After which I DARE you to SINCERELY pray, God, if you are real and this is true reveal it to me. Dont overlook the Sincerely!.
---David on 1/8/09


I am an atheist so throwing bible quotes at me demonstrates nothing to me.

But they do tend to confuse me.

I thought the story went that Jesus was the son of god, born of the virgin Mary. Now you say he was there all the time. Did god make Jesus in space somewhere before creation? And I thought god the father and god the son and the holy spirit were the three ingrediants that make up the whole 'God'. Who made god? What was heing doing before he made creation?

If man is made in god's image, is man made just smaller. If god is big enough to make creation isn't he big, and why can't I see him?
---atheist on 1/8/09

Atheist>>"who is this us?"

"The LORD possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting.... Then I was by him... rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth..." (Proverbs8:22-31)

Jesus Christ was "brought forth" by the father before the days of creation, so before God created man Jesus was already there.

Also, notice Gen.1:26 which you quoted "...let us make man in OUR image..." --God is speaking to someone who has the same image as He, and they will make man in THEIR image.

"Who is the image of the invisible God..." (Col.1:15) --Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God. (see also 1Cor.11:7, 2Cor.4:4)
---manny on 1/7/09

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"Let us make man in our own image"

Who is this us? Is there more than one "god"?

And sense the use of "man" in this case is plural, does this mean that we each look like a "god"?

And if we are images of the "gods" how far away are we from being duplicates of those "gods"?

Could we all be demi-gods?
---atheist on 1/6/09

I believe God made everything,then set it in motion.the process of stars being born,and stars dying,of galaxys merging,or everything spinning further apart, is this process.
---tom2 on 1/6/09

Yes Catherine, as I said, I do believe God created everything. I appreciate your thoughts on the degrees of heaven. I am familiar with the description of the Galaxy. Sorry my blog question confused you. I did not intend to do so. Read it again. I look forward to receiving your opinion as to whether the Genesis story deals with the entire universe or just the creation of our galaxy. Im sure you know that Astronomers have taken photographs establishing that Galaxies already have been created, lived and died over a lengthy period of time (non-believing astronomers dont call it created).

Question: Is God involved in an ongoing work in our universe? Revelation speaks of a new heaven and a new earth.
---David on 1/3/09

**First heaven, home of the birds and clouds.**

Does this include penguins, pekin ducks, and emus?
---katavasia on 1/2/09

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Well, if you really believe that God created everything, you are correct. Lets don't be confusing. There are three heavens mentioned in the Bible. God created all three.>>>First heaven, home of the birds and clouds. The second heaven, Home of the sun, moon, and stars. And the third heaven, Home of the angels and departed Saints. Pay attention: And God said, "Let us make man in our own image". [The Trinity] [US] Gen. 1:26. I took the liberty of looking up the definition of the Milky way===The spiral galaxy of which our solar system is a part. It contains billions of stars, Nebulae etc. At night its central plane appears to an observer on the earth as an irregular band of faint light forming a complete circle on the Celestial Sphere.
---catherine on 1/2/09

How? Who do you think could have created the rest of the universe?
---katavasia on 1/2/09

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