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Strong Feeling For A Priest

I need advice regarding strong feeling I have for my priest. I have tried to avoid him, but it just doesn't change how I feel? Will God forgive me for my less than pure thoughts?

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 ---Nicole on 1/5/09
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Happy Easter everyone!

Just to let you all know this isn't me!

In fact, it is a fake post.
---Nicole_Lacey on 4/15/17

Hey, Nicole. It's been years since your priest left your parish. How did you fair the years after the anguish of him leaving? Write me but not on this thread. Too many condemning people. I have a great story for you.
Hope to hear from you!
---Cyndrella on 4/15/17

feelings come and go

coveting people is idolatry

your plight is simply you have made an idol of the priest and have allowed your immature feelings to rule your mind

you choose your thoughts and you have chosen to keep these thoughts rather than replace them

if you really wanted advice you would seek counseling because it does not appear you function in reality when you are consumed with irrational feelings
---Rhonda on 1/9/12

Lace, can you tell me what Mary is going to do for you if you happen to have strong feelings for your priest or pastor? I would like to hear your answer if you don't mind.
---Mark_V. on 1/7/12

Nicole, Don't worry about your feelings towards him. Just pray to Jesus and Mother Mary to guide your thoughts. Being friends with a priest is not wrong, but however do not bring any thoughts other than pure friendship and behave as you would behave with a friend and pray for him that he may lead his life as per Gods will, running away from him wont help coz the thoughts will linger but fight against your own thoughts and say that he is a friend & Brother whom I will never hurt. Trust me if you really need someone to love and understand you then go to the Blessed Sacrament, the one youre seeking is just there waiting for you! God Bless You!
---Lace on 1/6/12

Nicole, If the thoughts are sexual or lustful then they're sinful. Whatever they are, GOD will forgive you for your less-than-pure thoughts. But, you've got to repent of them and be willing to not allow yourself to dwell on those thoughts. If you repent, the thoughts may come back to you, and that is temptation knocking on your door. You cannot stop the temptation from coming, but, you can, and you must, keep yourself from dwelling on the tempting thoughts. For, if you let yourself think on them, it will only feed the fires of lust even more and will become a stronghold in your life. And, if you truly want GOD and HIS Heaven, and not Hell and Eternal Separation from GOD, then, fight the Good Fight against those temptations.
---Gordon on 9/24/11

Become a Christian, and receive a clean mind with pure thoughts.
---Eloy on 9/24/11

No big sin cannot be forgiven by God.However God wants you to be serious about you asking forgiveness for your sin.
Priest could be so nice with all the people in the community.So there is no need to put malice if he seems to be nice with you unless he verbally admits that.
Respect the celibacy of his vocation.Get on with your life and do not tempt him to sin
---mj on 9/23/11

There are mixed feelings here about a priest. He would single me out in Mass and stare at me throughout the Mass. He would avoid giving me communion. I started to email him expressing my feelings for him. He knew it was me, and kept on with the stares....during mass. He never blocked my emails. He even added me to Facebook. I then wrote to him one day, and asked him that if emails bothered to let me know. I sent him that email with a picture of me. He responded me to stop with the emails. I kept going to mass after his email. He kept staring at me during mass. Then he blocked me on facebook when I wrote "Have a nice day." . He has been giving me signals that he was interested....Why did he change his mind?
---Marie on 9/23/11

Best to respect his vocation and his vow of celibacy. You can control your thoughts and feelings. He has dedicated his life to the Lord. If you love him you should support his vocation and not read too much on his actions. Respect his choice. He belongs to God.
---Kelly on 5/25/10

One can have feelings for people based on Godly, personal or satanic influences or reasons. Because it is difficult for us sometimes to analyze the source of our feelings, we should always take our feelings to God in prayer for HIM to show us whether our feelings are in line with HIS plans for us or not. God does not like us to take actions only based on our thoughts and feelings (Isaiah 65:2)but on Godly knowledge.
---Adetunji on 4/16/10

He probably has much charisma and you may not be the only one with feelings for him. Yes, God will forgive you but you must move on. Find another church if you cannot control your feelings/thoughts. Lesson learned is that you might be attracted to "MEN OF THE CLOTH":)
---jody on 4/13/10

Get over it. You can control what you think about. Keep him out of sight and out of mind. "...Whatsoever things are just,... pure, lovely and of good report, if there be any virtue... think on these things." Phillipians 4:8.
---Betty on 4/13/10

That is lust and you should pray to allow God to show you His will for your life. Perhaps find somebody and establish the relationship with him but definetely not the priest
---david on 4/13/10

Priests take the vow of celibacy which
you must respect so there is not
much future in this relationship. Pray
for him and find another boyfriend.
---will on 10/31/09

God forgives.

But please find a new church.
---amand6348 on 5/14/09

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Elizabeth:-NOT you too!!Guess Young priests qualify for the "Young and Famous" amongst some Love lorn,swooning love stricken chicks!
BTW how would you answer your own 2 questions. Reminder If you look into his eyes, the gig is up.After all said , he is a man, but a servant of God and you would be The devils advocate with angelic temptation.What happened to the young men of today.Girls like you scare them off.Better not go to confession to him,You may get a surprise.Your secret would be revealed and you would be covered in shame by a rebuttal.If you had a grandfather this is what he would tell you.
---MIC on 5/7/09

I wish to reply to your blog question for I too am in love with a priest and I can relate to your desires and intense feelings.There are two questions:
1. If he said he loves you, What would you say or do?
2. If he obted to hold your hand or shares that his heart his longging for you, What would you say or do?
I present these questions so that you can think about them and keep your answers personal. On the other hand, never hurt (by shunning or not socializing) him when he circulates. Always look into his eyes when you speak to him
---Elizabeth on 5/7/09

Natalie.2:-Nicole is a big girl with a crush and a brush which will be administered in Time by Him who watches the young, the old and the restless who seek fun and land in the soup.Bawling.
---Mic on 4/9/09

Many people have same names. There is a kid around here named Nicole. There was a Catholic lady too. Maybe that one is who this one is not. Other people at times and for malice sign another's name.---Nana

I agree. Malice

But, my concern is they need to compare e-mail address to names to separate all past postings of one name applied to just one.
I thought that was the purpose of giving your e-mail, since sir names are not given.

I read Nicole's history. Either she is a strong Catholic or a strong Protestant. She can't be both.

Now she is a weak Catholic, airing her sins.
The strong Catholic would go to confession.
This one decides to come here?
The Protestant one wouldn't know a Priest to fall in love.
---Natalie2 on 4/9/09

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Many people have same names. There is a kid around here named Nicole. There was a Catholic lady too. Maybe that one is who this one is not. Other people at times and for malice sign another's name.
---Nana on 4/9/09

Natalie2:- I think you are being succered.Nicole knows fully well what she is doing is wrong and proving the fact that she is as weak as a gossling No will power and Intestinal fortitude like a Chocoholic who melts at the sight of this Choco Drug.---MIC on 4/3/09

Yes, I agree. But look deeper into this topic, in between words written.

Click on Nicole's past posts. These are odd statements coming from the same person?

Someone made a mistake and mixed my posts with another Natalie. So, I changed my name to # 2.

Something is odd about this topic. Odd.
---Natalie2 on 4/5/09

Natalie2:- I think you are being succered.Nicole knows fully well what she is doing is wrong and proving the fact that she is as weak as a gossling No will power and Intestinal fortitude like a Chocoholic who melts at the sight of this Choco Drug.She knows the odds and what is unattainable she moons after.She will get over it or else swoon in the arms of some swain who will lead her a DANCE if not astray.Do you know why a dog walks around with its tongue Hanging out? I dont.But I am sure some one will venture an explaination.
---MIC on 4/3/09

Jesus Christ did not institute sacraments. Those were invented by the church in order to grab innocent young children and extract promises of loyality to the Catholic agenda out of them. It is evil mind control. Jesus sets us free from all that garbage. The Holy Spirit directs us personally.
---frances008 on 4/3/09

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Is it not strange that the sacraments of the RCC are slowly being attacked one by one on this CN setting ?Is it to learn or denigrate is often something I've Wondered.what makes me wonder is Frances last post.But Fran FYI the seal of confession is officiated by God who already Has the information to your simple minded question + its answer which you can still speculate to keep you happy in your reverie, while you let your mind explore the possibilities of intrigue to our amusement and delight.
---MIC on 4/3/09

There is no need to go to confession...The priests really want to know what political ideologies your family members, especially the former Catholic members, have.---frances008

What do you think confession is about?

The priest (not the one she is in love with) is where Nicole needs to go to stop this sin.
Moral sin! Jesus already said that lust of the mind is a sin.

Plus, politics is the number one thing Priests are NOT to involve themselves.

Frances, your first post was correct. If she was speaking about a Married man to you all, you answers would be different.

You all see Priests as SINGLE MEN, not married.
Thats why she is asking you and not Catholics.
---Natalie2 on 4/3/09

There is no need to go to confession. Why should you titilate the priests with your fantasies and fancies? Don't priests have more important information gathering to do than who your latest fancy man is? After all they need to collect information on what people are thinking so that they can be monitored better. The priests really want to know what political ideologies your family members, especially the former Catholic members, have. This is war so don't waste their time, please. Priests have always been the best spies in war time.
---frances008 on 4/2/09

Why are you asking this question on this website?
It sounds like to me you just want to have an excuse to keep your feelings burning.

But, not to the Priest you have strong feelings.
Stop going to that Church!
There are plenty of other Churches to go to Mass.
He has enough difficulties as it is already. He belongs to God and the Church.

What do you think married couples do when one of them has feelings for someone else.

I am hard on you for a reason. I CARE ABOUT YOUR SOUL!!!

Stop it! Wake up! Move on!
I thought couple of my priests were cute or handsome. But, I never forgot that he is still a PRIEST!!!
Lots of men have strong feelings for Nuns.

Go to Confession.
---Natalie2 on 4/2/09

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Is there something of the rebel in us that we want all the more something that is off limits? If priests were married men, would anyone care for them? Would you think you had a chance if he was happily married with a family? I am critical of the Roman Catholic system of enforced celibacy. It is not just unnatural, and increases the likelihood that men who do not care for or understand (or even approve of) the Family Unit are running the world, giving advice to everyone from the lowliest church goer to the leaders of nations, but it also is the opposite of what is recommended by the apostle Paul.
---frances008 on 3/31/09

I never want to cause him any trouble emotional or otherwise. I will never let him know how I feel, and will continue to fight the feelings I have for him. I don't think I can just never see him again. He means so much to me. He has helped me through so very trying times in my life.

Paul, I do appreciate your comments. Thank you.
---Nicole on 3/30/09

Nicole, no matter what you might think, the sexual feeling is there. There had been times were I was attracted to other women and I simply stopped meeting them and stayed away from them because I know what would have happenned if I didn't.

Prevention is better than cure.

If that priests notices your infactuation towards him, he can be emotionally destroyed. Don't be the cause of that. Just stay away from him and if he walks towards the north, you walk towards the south.
---Paul2 on 3/29/09

"Will God forgive me for my less than pure thoughts?" Of course.

Recognize this beloved, all emotion stem from a thought, bring the thought under subjection to the obedience -attentive hearkening and compliance- of Christ -the burden removing, yoke destroying power of God- within you, and the emotion will be checked.

The Father's advice concerning this is quite simple. "Whatsoever things are true,-truthful- honest,-honorable- just,-observes divine laws- pure,-free from carnality- lovely,- acceptable- of good report,-speaks auspiciously or promises success- if [there be] any virtue,-moral goodness or excellence- if [there be] any praise,-commendation- think on- take into account- these things." Ref. Phil 4:8
---josef on 3/23/09

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Not unless you ask for forgiveness, He won't! This is why it is imperative for God's people to stay in prayer. And while you are praying ask God to forgive you of your sins. Also, for those of you that has problems with your thought life, to help you. Ask God to help you. It is difficult for some to make it down here with God helping us day and night. So how in this world can any person make it in this world without God, I'll never know or understand it. Eventhough I was lost a lot of years. God's people, must stay in PRAYER.
---catherine on 3/13/09

I have been trying to get past this ... to no avail, I am afraid. I didn't act on it. however. But, I still long for him.
---Nicole on 3/10/09

Get over it. Call on God and ask for help. God is available 24/7. You can train your mind to think about other things instead of him. It all depends on your will. Overcome your will with God's will.
---Betty on 3/1/09

Paul: Yes, I did mention that he was attractive, but NO, I NEVER said the issue was sexual. Major assumption on your part. In fact, I could NEVER imagine being intimate with him outside a close hug. I just want to be around HIM, learm about HIM, be a part of HIM... to me , that's love. I agree, the rest comes later, if at all. I want him to be a major part of my life!!!
---Nicole on 1/10/09

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Infauation Part 2: Irrational romantic sentiments may be caused by oxytocin, a primary sexual arousal hormone that signals orgasm and feelings of emotional attachment. Together these chemicals sometimes override the brain activity that governs logic.

The body can build up tolerances to these chemicals so it takes more of the substance to get that special feeling of infatuation. People who jump from relationship to relationship may be craving the intoxicating effects of these substances and may be infatuation junkies.

When the chemical flood dries up, the relationship either moves into a loving romantic one or there is disillusionment, and the relationship ends.
---Paul2 on 1/10/09

I'm remarried. When I met this wife, first I fell in love with her dignity and character. Sexual feelings didn't enter the equation at all.

Sexual feelings towards another person are not a sign of love but a sign of infactuation which can last for a while and will go if the character of the indivual is not to our liking.

It is VERY DANGEROUS to act on such feelings and the chances of success are NIL.

Nicole, seek professional advice.
---Paul2 on 1/10/09

Nicole:-I notice you are still in the throes of your infatuation- understandable as you are young and impressionable.Have your Fantasy my Dear but do not succomb to it.-as the years pass you will discover they were Pyrites, as you 'will' come across another, who has the makings of a knight in shining armour ready to do your every bidding.Frances gave you an illustration-of a fleeting Fancy.A wise Man, My Dad said "I have seen You fall in love, with love many times, But there is one who is destined for you, Haste makes waste and waste makes want-Be patient"I listened and was rewarded.You are like a daughter, pray- for surely"with Patience bide heaven will provide ,the fitting time ,the fitting guide"Your friend in Christ.
---Mic on 1/10/09

If you are being dominated by feelings and attention going to him, I understand God does not have us getting dominated by emotions, but Jesus is "gentle and lowly" in His emotions of love. The attention so much being called away from God would be suspicious. And in the United States we have a "fifty-percent divorce rate", where I notice this pattern of ones being emotionally dominated by feelings for just each other, before they take this to mean they belong together. And I'm not sure loneliness is a reason to get married. There's a big difference between a need, versus a drive and desperation. Get with Jesus, first, so you can see how His man for you will be (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/10/09

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Good thing you had the strength to break it, Frances.

Steve, if I confont him, and he rejected me I'd simply DIE. Mainly, It would mean the end of our friendship for sure. And, on a lesser note, I'd be completely humiliated. I'm not the type to approach any guy, let alone a priest. I'm very old school that way. Though, I do see your point, and it has made me think. He is older so it's also less likely that he would leave. He has been a priest for at least 35 years. He is quite attractive for his age. I am much younger.
---Nicole on 1/10/09

MIC I will repeat those words over and over... but what TO DO UNTIL... I can't stand how much I desire him! HELP
---Nicole on 1/7/09

Nicole, what you should do UNTIL... look for a good councellor and get some outside help from him or her.

You'll get much better help from a councellor than you can get from here.
---Paul2 on 1/10/09

He came over as a very humble guy, until you really got to know him. I believe he had a background of witchcraft in the family. (In fact I heard that from him). He was very ideological, in the sense of supporting a certain political movement. I would never go along with it, hence we were good enemies rather than good friends. But I was definitely put under his control. No other men would consider me available. No matter how much I tried to distance myself from him, he would always pop up as if he belonged by my side. Then he finally said he was going to the USA. I was glad to get him off my back.
---frances008 on 1/10/09

There was this certain women who was in love with a priest. Her thoughts of him consummed her daily. Not saying anything to him. Not taking the chance. Several years had passed and she crossed paths with him in a coffee shop. During their conversation, she found out that he had left the priesthood to get married (as do thousands of priest every year). It tore her heart to hear that. What was worse, he said he had thoughts about her, too, but was too shy to ask.

Marriage IS biblical. Peter was married. Besides, Married men, especially with a family, make better congregational leaders.

Confront him, my dear. All he can say is "No." That in itself might break your spell.
---Steveng on 1/9/09

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Frances, you guy sounds like a real live NARCISSIST read Sam Vaknin I have been to hell ans back with one of those....
---Nicole on 1/9/09

Eventually this guy got the chance to have a green card and go to the USA. I helped him financially and said that I did not wish to go to the USA. In essence I helped him to go away. In your case I would consider making the move myself, since you can hardly order him off your neighbourhood. The spell was broken quite early on when I noted all females succombed to his charms and I was therefore not really special. Also, there was never any talk of marriage. We never officially even dated but were just good 'frineds' (or enemies). Now I believe he may have been sent deliberately to try and change my ideology/ destroy me mentally.
---frances008 on 1/9/09

Nicole, praying is good but perhaps the best method is to keep yourself busy with something that destracts you like reading a book, watching tv, going out for a walk with a friend or relative, go window shopping, etc.
---Paul2 on 1/9/09

Frances, Thank you. How did you get from under the "spell"? It's driving me crazy!!!
---nicole on 1/9/09

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Nicole, there is a kind of person that can have that effect on everyone. They are charming people. I am not accusing anyone - just from my experience. They become important to you on purpose. This is a method of having you under their control - I do not know if they do it deliberately. It is like casting a spell on a person. I have been a victim of this. I wasted five years of my life in a no win situation with a man of this nature. In the end I realized he was only wasting my time. I am not saying this man is bad. Just don't give in to being a victim of your emotions. Think with your head. Find yourself someone to love. Be a bit more 'available' to others by detachment from this feeling. My advice for what it is worth.
---frances008 on 1/8/09


(THE SPLIT MOMENT) the thought of this man comes,use the BEAUTIFUL opportunity...FOR GOD...

ON BOWED KNEE to GOD,Confess,you Chose to (spend IT) expressing YOUR Love for HIM INSTEAD...
EXAMPLE:it looks something like this...

Father,I repent of these thoughts...
Search me,O God,and know my Heart:try me,and know my Thoughts:And see if there be any wicked way in me,and lead me in the way everlasting.
Let the words of my mouth,and the meditation of my heart,be acceptable in thy sight,O Lord,my strenght,and my REDEMMER.
---char on 1/8/09

Only if you are truly sorry. This means staying in prayer over your thought life. It works. However, could take some time. Keep working. Our thoughts must be pure thoughts. This is why we continuously are asking God to forgive our sins on a regular bases. Our thoughts are words to God. So, stay in prayer and keep working. And have a good day.
---catherine on 1/8/09

Thank you MIC and Frances... I wil try. But it just isn't as easy as just walking away. He has gone away.. and I long for him, though mostly in the religious sense, but, to be totally honest, otherwsie as well. He is a lot older than I am, too, but that just doesn't make a difference to me. I wish it did, I wish I didn't feel this way, but I do. i wish I could feel this way for someone who is available to me. I have so much love to give...
---Nicole on 1/7/09

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Nicole:-UNTIL THEN , If you are a catholic Pray Hard in the recesses of your Heart, and go to Confession-Imagination plays tricks on a fertile will overcome- of that I am sure.Young people who are impresionable fall in and out of love its part of life.With the stammina planted in your resolve some day you will look back on this episode as a branding iron that left its mark,to an owner with unrequited love.Search diligently for one who is worthy of this beautiful emotion which God has endowed you with and Pray that you will find some one worthy and lasting to share this valuable trait,of devotion .God Bless and keep you safe is my Prayer for you.I married a girl like that.She has been called to rest.
---Mic on 1/7/09

Nicole, Satan has sent you this to distract you from your real mission in life. There is a lonely man waiting for you to come along and be his life partner. If you continue in your lustful thoughts you are going to miss the real thing. Lust is a powerful thing, but it is not love. I repeat - it is not love. Love is commitment and shared goals and determination to help the other to overcome the odds (of divorce or whatever else - hurdles obstacles and temptations). You need to do some studying of the economic situation and start to think of how you and your extended family are going to survive the coming famines and martial law. (Just brought that in to wake you up before it hits you like a truck as it did for the Icelanders.)
---frances008 on 1/7/09

MIC I will repeat those words over and over... but what TO DO UNTIL... I can't stand how much I desire him! HELP
---Nicole on 1/7/09

Nicole:-The thouht implanted in your mind is from a source that can only bring you disaster and so the words I'd use are "Begone satan" and mean it he will only pervade your thoughts if you let him.So "Begone -Get lost" is appropriate.
---Mic on 1/7/09

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Nicole:-Thanks for the vote of confidence.The affections of infatuation, strike in deadly places and at vunerable times.I do believe you are a lovely lady smitten by the love bug, but inexperienced to deal with it.My only truth of fact lies in the unassailable thought, That you MUST conquer this emotion pervading your mind.It is Your challenge & I am confident you WILL overcome this adversity.With peace and blessings in HIM who we share in His understanding Love.
---MIC on 1/7/09

I appreciate your advice, especially MIC. I assure you all that I will NEVER act on these feelings. He means way to much to me in ways that truly matter (religious) I just need to figure out how to stop these thoughts from entering into my mind...
---Nicole on 1/6/09

** I do believe I am in love with him, but would never tell him. I would never ever hurt him, tempt him, or anything of the kind. I am just not able to stop thinking about him.**

Dear Nicole--where does the NT talk about "bringing every thought captive to Christ"?
---katavasia on 1/6/09

I would hope you would spend alot of time in prayer--praying over this. If you can, swtich churches-as this is not something either this priest or you need.
---cindy on 1/6/09

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Nicole:-This is not about HIM it is about Yourself,and putting yourself in "Jeopardy"Remember the passage He who 'looks' at another, in his/her mind is guilty of adultery.I am not saying you are going that far, but you are engaging in a thought Practice which has only one ending -Evil always wins these episodes.Why endanger yourself for something unattainable and already promised to His creator.
---MIC on 1/6/09

Of course I'd NEVER put him in jeopardy/ "Grow up" I assure you, not the issue. Now for the others with mature responses: I do believe I am in love with him, but would never tell him. I would never ever hurt him, tempt him, or anything of the kind. I am just not able to stop thinking about him.
---Nicole on 1/6/09

You don't even know him (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/6/09

Nicole:An attraction bordering on infatuation , is a temptation which you must overcome.You have an opportunity to excercise your self control, putting you on a road to perfection.Why then would you choose imperfection?We are all weak willed but we must strengthen Our Resolve .This is HIS WAY .Blessings
---MIC on 1/6/09

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Nicole, just grow up and be more mature.
---Paul2 on 1/6/09

Christ didn't Die on the cross for nothing.

A Priest is still just a Man.
This one maybe just be more attractive
then others.

God's Peace.
---char on 1/6/09

** Thank you... He was sent away to another parish ( Not for bad reasons) But why does he cross my mind so so much Why am I so attracted to him? This is awful!!! I really think I love him... What can I do?**

Nicole, I'm going to say some hard things, but they are meant lovingly.

You are not in love with him. You are in love with the IDEA of being in love with him.

The two are not the same.

If you really were in love with him, you would do nothing to interfere with or undermine his vocation and ministry.

The protagonist in THE CARDINAL suffered from the inverse of this. His counsellor told him that he was simply yearning for something forbidden that would never materialize because it was SAFE to do so.
---katavasia on 1/6/09

First things first, where is Christ in your life? To say it another way, do you want what God wants? Have you committed your life to Christ? Getting this straight helps to know more how to answer the question.
Maybe he also has some feelings to you. I assume he is a celebrate priest. There's not enough information here to help intellegently or hopefully spiritually. I am an optimist. Assuming you are single, and he is single, maybe he'd give up the priesthood for you. Love starts with feelings. What kind of feelings? what are those feelings about? Does he know? Why do you feel quilty about the feelings? We need more information. Prayers and hope are with you. In Him.
---Rod on 1/5/09

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Thank you... He was sent away to another parish ( Not for bad reasons) But why does he cross my mind so so much Why am I so attracted to him? This is awful!!! I really think I love him... What can I do?
---Nicole on 1/5/09

Nicole, of course God will forgive you. 1 John 1:9 teaches us that.

I had a crush on a priest when I was in high school. The Lord solved my problem by having him transferred to a parish on the other side of the diocese from where I lived.

Pray about these feelings and ask the Lord for help in controlling them. Ask HIM to solve the problem you have. If your church has services, or mass, at different times, attend the ones that he does not serve in, unless he is the only priest in your church. If that is the case, I suggest attending a different church.
---Trish9863 on 1/5/09

God forgives all sin.

However, you should recognize that what you're undergoing is a temptation.

Feelings just are. It's how you act on them that makes them sins.
---katavasia on 1/5/09

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