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Visited By A Demon

I was visited by a demon several months after my son died. Lying in bed, the presence came through my shoulders and it shook me. I couldn't speak or yell, a force pulling at me. What did this mean?

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 ---kathryn on 1/12/09
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Iexperienced a visit from something myself.I fell asleep on my sofa and was woken by a griffen like creature trying yo choke me.It was grasping me from underneath and holding my face with its talons .I kept repeating the lords prayer and it let go and vanished.I recently moved to this house and it terrified me.My christian beliefs are very strong and my house is full of angels, the bible,etc. why did this happen?.Please sister had exactly the same experience two weeks before me.
---anita on 9/23/12

I have never experienced this, but, have heard of many who have. Sometimes, God sends angels to comfort us, but, other times, I believe that Satan sends demons to seek to control us, and to take advantage of us when we are in a vunerable position. Resist him, and he will flee. His tactics are designed to promote fear. Gods word tells us to not be afriad.

---Gayla on 4/30/10

I believe that it was a demon. After my mother died, I was rather upset one night, and Satan I could here him, he said, in a real grouchy voice sounded just like my mother, It went something like this>>>What' the matter Cathy. Or something like that only real mean sounding. My mother's voice. Now, please remember, I was still lost at the time. I had had another experience with demons similar to yours, too. However, not since I've been saved, although Satan still attacks me in various ways. That'll never end, not as long as I'm breathing. Like Jesus said a while back, and I quote Him. "Satan would've rather I saved anyone, but You". And another time, God said, "you know Satan hates you".
---catherine on 4/30/10

How can you be so sure that what you experienced was a demon? As I pray, the Holy Spirit jerks and jars me as a means of responding with a yes or no to questions I ask. It even happens when I say grace before meals. Others have experienced this same thing, and I've heard it referred to as "crunching". I have experienced nothing but the light and love of His goodness, and the wisdom of His counsels.
The Quakers likewise exhibited these kinetic movements during prayer, which is why they were called "Shakers" or "Quakers." If you feel it to be demonic, rebuke it. It cannot stand before the name of Jesus.
---Elaine on 4/29/10

If you are plagued by this google stop sleep paralysis christians.
---aka_joseph on 4/28/10

I was in bed reading a book once that was not exactly christian, but was about developing psychic powers. I was wide awake in bed. I felt a movement by my leg. I saw something move under my sheets. I stopped reading as I continued to feel as if something was brushing against my leg. Telling myself it was impossible, I lifted my blanket and saw a snake crawling towards me. I was very freaked and could not sleep for weeks. No snake was found.
Later, I was picked for a jury of a murder case on the 6th of June, and I was chosen as juror number 6. The case happened 6 years before that very day. That freaked me out as well, since I started to believe that he was innocent. I worry to this day that I made the wrong decision in the case.
---jon on 4/26/10

Was your son Saved before he died?

If he was a Christian and he died, maybe the demon is just a demon.

The demon might be feeding on how vulnerable you are right now.

Lean hard on God and pray when this happens, even if you have to pray in your thoughts.
---amand6348 on 4/20/09

It means more and more people are turning to the occult because of the programmes elevating demon activity to prove their point of them not existing only to release more and more demons into the atmosphere of the living.

In doing so demons are getting acquainted with humans beings and have the privilege to try possess any unbelieving soul.

Get rid of these demonic forces through Jesus's name spoken through your thoughts when they inhibit you form speaking.

If they come back you will have to fight them spiritually until they get the message if all else fail FAST/PRAY.

Hope this helps!
---Carla3939 on 3/9/09

Please take time to read the following scriptures. You won't hear them in most so called churches and I often wonder why.

1 John 4:1-6
1 Timothy 4:1-2
Romans 1:18-32
2 Peter Chapter 2
Galatians 1:6-10
2 Corinthians Chapter 11

Many people bring things upon theselves because they believe and follow the FALSE TEACHING of those who claim to be of CHRIST, but they are not.

People seldom if ever follow the command which is found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19, along with the example found in Acts 17:11.
---Rob on 3/8/09

Karen I hope for all that is good that you are making this up...if not this guy belongs far away from society...and you are just as guilty if he is abusing your son like that as well as yourself!Demon or whatever you want to blame it is NOT OK to be living with this guy. If he hurts others even outside your home you are equally to blame because you KNOW what he is doing and you know he is very capaple of hurting others just from what you have gone through...if it is demonic then you are enabling this demon to exist!Try that demonbuster site that i hear everyone in here referring to. Maybe you too have demons since you accepted its abuse
---Christine on 3/8/09

Karen, you sure have a vivid fantasy.
---Pau2 on 3/7/09

That must have been the most horrific thing you have ever been through. Well I know it was. I was just wondering why after just blessing you home that the demon came? And how did you get it to leave? Was it there for days, months, or what. I am so sorry this happened to your family. Did you ever find what is was that allowed the demon to enter? I believe that a demon can't just come into your home. I got rid of all things that I thought could be a threshold for demons, like my quija board. I don't know how to spell it. I thought it was just a toy game kids played with. Did you ever think your husband just went crazy? Do you believe serial killers are demon possessed?
---ella on 3/7/09

I am concerned. Are you saying it entered you or that it oppressing you. I have had physical attacks and have been scared until i learned to fight and take authority. Do you know spiritual warfare and truly understand the authority you have
---Julie on 3/7/09

Back in my early 20's I felt like demons were attacking me as well. I don't know what it meant.
---Lura on 3/6/09

peace be with you. i read a few comments about this woman and the demon. my view is this, there are THINGS that happen in this world that we can't explain,but one thing is for sure.we are not alone. to thoughs who truly study the WORD OF GOD, you know this is satans realm. and a spiritual war is at hand. so,you must have faith as much as a mustard seed. sorry for your lose. he sleeps with the lord. and what attacked was unexplainable,yes. to say it was a demon that attacked you is to easy.visit your doctor. health and faith is God's plan for you. not fear of attacks in your your bible and pray,my friend.
---jason on 3/6/09

After I Blessed our home one day, My Husband chased me around our house Chanting: I am He from the Gates of Hell, I Will Have Your Soul, Our house shook from his footsteps, He neither looked nor sounded like himself during this episode, I fell, he held a Dagger over my heart yelling he would have my soul, I Screamed You Can Take My Life, You Can't Have My Soul, My Soul Belongs To Jesus Christ, with that, His Eyes bulged & he ran Screaming from our house, sneaking in later with dead animals he buried in our basement, trust me I've seen some strange things, Crazed looks, speaking another language, even hanging my son from chains at the top of the stairs, We're well now via Strong Faith & Distance. Demons Do Exist.
---Karen on 3/6/09

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Paul 2: Demons are very real indeed. I have been attacked by demons by trying to get closer to God. It is not in one's head.

Kathryn: The only power Satan and his demons have is what you give them. They strive on your fear. God said he is not the spirit of fear. Even though you can't speak when a demon attacks, your spirit can call out to God. As long as you keep your little hand in God's big hand, you can overcome anything.
---Rebecca_D on 2/24/09


How very silly of you! have you not read how Jesus cast demons out.

every man has his own gift from God, Spiritual warfare exists, which church do you go to and what bible do you read.?

I remember attending a church that did not understand revelation and so NEVER ever preached from It, could possibly be the same where you worship in the case of demons!
---Carla3939 on 2/14/09

Yes, demons are real. And for the ones who do not believe in them it is all in your head, for sure. Boy Satan sure has got you fooled. He loves to stay hidden. That is, Satan and all his demons.
---catherine on 2/14/09

Call me whatever you want but frankly, I don't believe that the demons appeared to any of you. It's all in your head and it happened because you probably heard a high pitch silly sermon from some pastor.

Don't think of demons and they won't "appear".
---Paul2 on 2/13/09

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I have had many experiences with demons. I was saved out of a life of witchcraft. I agree with many of the others that if there is sin in your life that can be an open door for an attack. Also, pray for God to show you any items in your house such as sinful movies, books, non-christian religious items. If this happens again speak the name of Jesus and speak of His redeaming blood. If the spirit renders you mute, praise the Lord with your heart and mind. This praise will weaken the spirits hold and then you can speak the name of Jesus and command the spirit to leave.
---emily on 2/12/09

Did this force make you feel bad or uneasy in any kind of way? if so it was a demon or bad spirit trying to test your faith. You have the power over the devil if you have total faith in Christ. The main thing you should do if this ever happens again is say in your head if you are not able to open your mouth and speak is the name Jesus. The devil or his demons do not like the name Jesus so that should make it leave. And always stay prayerful all the time.
---NICOLE on 2/12/09

to the blogger who mentioned that some unsaved persons can come back as ghosts?Is that Scriptural?I thought only demon spirits can come back and "haunt"so to speak.I believe believers are with the Lord and unbelievers are in a temporary hell awaiting judgement.If there is scriptural evidence to the contrary,I would like to hear it.Otherwise,I agree to command the demon to be gone in the name of Jesus,pleading the Blood of Jesus over u and your family.
---judy on 2/12/09

Do not be afraid. You were aware of Satan's presence because you were given a brain that picks up messages from the spiritual realm.

You are not being punished. It is not your fault. The purpose was to try to scare you. Just remember, God is always with you, and you can always ask God for help and comfort!
---Deb on 2/12/09

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You can test the spirit, did you feel a evil force or did you have a peace about it. If your son wasn't saved, he could have come back as a ghost. Also, if there is anything in your room that you brought in like a statue or object that is demonic, that could have opened a door to the devil and he would have every legal right to attack you. I say in the name of Jesus, I command you to go. Ask the Lord what it might be and he will tell you. If your son wasn't saved or if someone came into your house that wasn't saved, he could have brought in a spirit and you then need to get some anointing oil and cleanse your hourse and plead the blood of Jesus and make a cross on the doorposts and bless your house.
---JANINE on 2/11/09

Demons come to people because of sin. Sometimes they come because witches send them, no joke. If a demon is able to come to you, call upon God, repent of any sins no matter how small and ask for the Holy Spirit. Keep asking for the Holy Spirit until you get Him. He will cast out the demon and protect you. Never give up until you hear from God.
---Betty on 2/10/09

Seg- What is your problem? Demons are not sent by God.
---Betty on 2/10/09

I'm not sure what IT means,but from observing my husband's encounters, it seems to attack for many reasons,one, you are getting closer to GOD! Another, you opened a door, of sorts. I bought 2 books at a christian bookstore because we were being attacked or lead by the enemy daily,It had a hold on my husband really bad ,I felt a strong sense to do research on this un-discussed subject."PIGS IN THE PARLOR and another one by Charles H. Kraft about Oppression on Christians, they were extremely helpful, I have since over come my deep Heavy Depression and uncontrollable fear. It's a daily battle to pray and conquer the enemy. Give it to God he will destroy them ,we alone cannot do any conquering w/out him! PRAY,and know your enemies tactics!!
---kim on 1/20/09

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It is my belief that we are all going through some serious spiritual warfare right now, especially in these times. So much evil in the world now, a rising number of occults releasing more evil, murder, and etc. I have seen things since I was young, but nothing like what I had seen recently. Keep your faith in God and without fear cast the evil out in Jesus's name. If this doesn't work, seek outside help.
---june on 1/20/09

Visited? by a demon? Please seek deliverance as soon as possible.The evil spirit is transferring itself to you. I lift you up as God's child,owned by Him,saved by His Son. Evil spirits "possess" nothing,they move in uninvited and must be FORCIBLY CAST OUT.I call a shield of blood between you and the demon.If you are a Christian,please shout to the demon James 4:7.Find a warfare prayer on the Net and repeat it several times a day.If you don't know how to pray in the Spirit,learn how.I lift you up to the Creator who owns you....satan does NOT!
---Danelle on 1/19/09

There is a REASON that devil is there.I don't want to write more on the subject as demons like to impress and intimidate! I don't know how frightened you are.Someone else has given you some very good advise,but left out the Ministry. You can bring the demon under your control,but you will need help in casting it out of you and your house.Self-deliverance is unscriptural and un-Biblical! You need a deliverance minister. Please don't hesitate to find one! I am assuming you are a Christian.Demons need to be cast out at baptism,otherwise,they will stay inside. They will manisfest at the stide of life.
---Danelle on 1/19/09

rich4946 I don't blog here much anymore.But I was asked to answer a question on the subject of demons and so I did.I note that you are a minister of the gospel.I approve of your advice.You will see more and more demonic activity as this world careens to the close of the age and the Word says that satan will give the "Beast" power and will do signs and wonders,even calling fire down from the firmament. So,beware! Another thing is the prevailing assumption that Christians can not have demons.AsDerek Prince said:"they can,and they do.!"
---Danelle on 1/19/09

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Yes Kathryn, as the Bible clearly states, demons (unclean spirits, fallen angels) are very real. But, if you are a Christian, you shouldn't fear them. They can only harass, even depress, you. However, they frequently possess (inhabit) unbelievers.

As Rich seems to have said, you must rebuke the enemies of your soul by determinately speaking the word of God into the situation whenever you're being harassed & the demon(s) will flee from your presence.
---Leon on 1/18/09

Hi Kathryn, I totally understand what you went through. I am a minister for the gospel of Christ and I have literally seen demons since I was a child. They started attacking me as I slept when I got older. I wouldn't be able to move, speak, open my eyes or yell. I was afraid to sleep at night. One day the Lord gave me an understanding in who HE is and who I am in Him. God has given us authority over every demon created, and that includes satan himself. Demons dont want you to know that because they control people through fear and ignorance. The next time it comes you rebuke it in the name of JESUS and praise God for the victory.
---richa4946 on 1/16/09

Kathryn, Conditioning the mind to believe certain things is common. If you visit a health practitioner (psychiatrist) he my investigate the possibility of hysteria.(disturbance of sensory and motor functions and various abnormal effects due to autosuggestion)
---1st_cliff on 1/14/09

Jesus did not have any sin in his life yet he was taken by satan to a tall mountain an tempted Mmmmmmmm

Study to shew yourself approved by God a workman that needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth!

demons were cast out of heaven for rebellion they roam around like their host father satan seeking whom they may devour. (paraphrased)
---Carla3939 on 1/13/09

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A friend of mine had this happen to her. You need generational curses broken off of your life. And if you've been involved in the occult,or anything outside of God's word like witchcraft, the occult, smoking illegal drugs, in a foreign country and brought home an object, a demon can use that object to scare you.

When a person dies, if they have any kind of a demon, even if it's just a demon of anger, that demon leaves the body the minute the person dies and goes about on dry ground seeking someone else to inhabit. SIN is what opens the door to demons - they attack because they can - take authority over them, command them to GO IN JESUS NAME!!! Say that over and over and plead the Blood of Jesus over you before you go to sleep at night.
---donna8365 on 1/13/09

I can assure you that this presence has nothing to do with your son what so ever, but are visits from demonic forces that Jesus and Paul spoke about.

Please do not listen to the advice of others who try to pass them off as something you ate, there are too many people on this site that have the same experience to equate everyone eating the same food before bed.

It is ignorance on their part because they have never had this experience, If this happens again just command the spirit to leave using Jesus's name, repeating it in your head and it will LEAVE.
---Carla3939 on 1/13/09

I believe it mean you believe the evil of the world, has more power than the lord has!

Did the lord not tell you,
There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.

Ask God, what is he trying to show you or tell you!
Because you do not understand it, why must it be evil, right away?

Did not God your father make everything.
Is not all, put under his feet?
Dont be fooled, believe!

Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.
Know ye not the spirit of God is in you! Use it!
The Lord is with you!
---TheSeg on 1/13/09

I too had an experience like that few years back. Felt like it was pinning me down and I couldn't move or speak. But i did manage to say Get out in Jesus Name. Then it left instantly. The amazing thing though, I had no fear. However, I'd be interested in knowing also why that happens.

Bless you
---sandra on 1/13/09

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