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Have You Made Someone Cry

Have you ever experienced having someone break down and cry in your presence just after you asked them a question or make a clear biblical statement to them?

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 ---mima on 1/13/09
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Again I remember I was doing this young ladies hair and watching a TV programme on Prostitution and said during the documentary''

I understand the call of some people in desperate situations but I can never understand why someone would want to sell themselves it's just beyond me, yep you guessed it I put my foot in it again '':(

I guess I plainly forgot that It's not all truth that should be known or there would be no peace.
---Carla on 9/5/10

1st Cliff:-I agree with your last sentence-that is how the armies of Christ are forged-Did He not say "FOLLOW ME"
---Mic on 1/20/09

Mic,You and I cannot return this world into an "ideal"state..God will..That's why He's bringing about "Armageddon" the final battle to rid the earth of satan and all his followers. The earth will again be "ideal" with Jesus as our King! "They will not plant and another eat, they will not build and another inhabit"Isa (65.17-25) this is a picture/promise of Eden restored! Our part is to encourage others to share with us,this promised hope!
---1st_cliff on 1/19/09

1st Cliff:-I do not desire to encroach on your thoughts but just THIS ONE.God created a perfect world for us, you will agree with me when I say it was not of HIS doing, that it turned sour. I agree with you "this is not an idealistic world TODAY" but I do believe it is our duty to try to return this state of idealism back to what God intended if we are to be HIS CHILDREN.or do we continue to cause disruption being in posession of the truth and with His love and Guidance build the world HE INTENDED.One church one Flock One lord and Saviour of and FOR us ALL.
---Mic on 1/19/09

Augie, 1st an apology if I seemed to come on a little strong,but i took exception to your words "the world needs to learn" which meant -you were going to teach them!Everyone has the freedom to believe whatever. You're free to state whatever (as do I) but what you say is idealistic and we don't live in an ideal world!Some illegitimate children have become very successful business people!You suggested that they should feel shame? bear the results of other peoples sin?Not everyone believes abortion is murder. I don't want to open a can of worms here, Those on both sides of the issue are very passionate about there stand! Again ,that's their/our prerogative!The Saudis are descendants of Ishmael,among the richest people on earth!
---1st_cliff on 1/18/09

for years I watched this murky filthy foundry with filthy dirty rotten stuff going up it's conveyor belt and prayed about the men that had to work there, yet probably never complained.

I expressed that I hoped women where their husbands worked in those filthy conditions appreciated them. I also joked about how we as women like to give our hubbies the best piece of meat not knowing we were killing them with fat.

Well this woman I was shampooing at the time burst into tears, apologising as she spoke about her husband, I guess she felt guilty because he passed away and she explained her ignorance concerning him poor soul.

It didn't help me thou I've never forgot the incident and felt awful, I still do:(
---Carla3939 on 1/18/09

Abortion is MURDER, which clearly isn't supported by God. This was one of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses.

Ishmael was a child who was conceived and born out-of-wedlock. He was the father, king, etc. of the Arabs. Look at what has become of the Middle East. Dan Quayle got a lot of flak when he mentioned that having children out-of-wedlock wasn't good. A hard life for the child, their parents, and others too. The Federal and State governments are overwhelmed from handling these cases.

Divorce and/or Remarriage might be PERMITTED under some circumstances. However, it is always best to avoid it all in the first place. If at all possible.

I hope that these notes help make my original posting clearer.
---Augie on 1/18/09

1st Cliff:- You use a broader Brush but it leaves the real picture showing, maybe you used watery (crying) paint.Augies picture is more truthful realistic and matches Gods word, clear and concise.
---Mic on 1/16/09

Mike :- Nevertheless Jesus did use 2 methods which is what I said.You stated only one.No arguement.
---Mic on 1/16/09

Mic-the situations in which Christ addressed people's sinfulness aggressively were those in which people who claimed to be serving God were instead making a mockery out of it because they did so for personal gain, status, etc. When it came to reaching the people who did not claim to have it all together, who were broken & needy, & who were the kinds of people that we could likely equate with today's divorcees, alcoholics, abortion-receivers, etc. When dealing with these folks, his manner of address is drastically different.
---Mike on 1/16/09

I made my mom and dad cry but not in a bad way I made them happy cry because I told my mom that we had been through alot since I was a baby and that my real dad was never there for me and I told her I am glad I have such a graet mother that we both survived in a abusive relationship with my real dad and for my Dad I have now he had tears coming down his face for he was so happy that he took me for his own daughter as it went through the court system now he is always there for me as my real dad now.
---Devon on 1/15/09

Augie, You're painting with a pretty broad brush!

*Divorce is OK under certain circumstances--so is remarriage!

*Drinking is fine Jesus turned water into wine..drunkenness is frowned upon!

*Abortion is not mentioned

*Neither is having children out of wedlock!

You didn't say whether the people you made cry were Christians or non-Christians with your (I'm alright Jack) counsel!
---1st_cliff on 1/15/09

Yes - the devil. He hates it when I use the name of Jesus and tell him he must go...he whimpers all the way home.

Seriously, no one has ever cried when I asked them a question or make a clear biblical statement to them - they are mostly unbelivers I witness to and they are usually hard-hearted.

Believers do cry when i share things with them from my heart and show them lots of compassion towards them for their believers yes, unbelievers no.
---donna8365 on 1/15/09

Mike:-Jesus did employ both methods.when He drove the money changers and trades people out of the temple,also when he scolded the scribes and Phariseesin no uncertain terms.
---Mic on 1/14/09

With all due respect, what good comes from making someone cry? Yes, people need to hear the truth, but Scripture tells us that we are to "share the truth in love." I can hardly imagine that the approach implied by your post included developing a deep understanding of the other person's situation, empathizing with them, building a trustful relationship with them, and then out of that relationship sharing truth as relevant to their situation.

By the way, that's how Christ did things
---Mike on 1/13/09

Yes, I have made people cry. :<(

When I've told people that the following things are NOT supported by either God or his word, the Bible:

* Living together before marriage.
* Divorce and Remarriage.
* Drinking and getting drunk.
* Abortion.
* Having children out of wedlock.

Yes, God will let anyone live and behave however they please. Just remember that there are consequences involved.

I'm not sorry at all. Sometimes, the truth hurts. However, the world needs to learn it. Sometimes, the hard way too. Who I feel sorry for are the other people who have to bear the results of other people's sin.
---Augie on 1/13/09

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