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Mayan Calendar December 2012

Do you believe the world will end December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan Calender

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 ---Kenneth_Lewis on 1/18/09
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No, there has been no credibility in any prediction of end times. Predictions of end times have been all too common even among those who claim their authority is from God.

Mayan civilization went into decline early in the 8th and 9th centuries, the reason(s) being unknown but possibly due to environmental influences.
---leej on 9/5/11

mayans where idolators, human sacrificers, religious canibals. in what way where these cocroaches better then us cocroaches?
---andy3996 on 8/25/11

Mayans were smarter then u think they didn't have gadgets to rely upon they used astrology they were closer to god then what we are today humans are like cockroaches disgusting and dirty our time will come to a end this i no look around you look whats happening we will end up wiping our self out not god that's how dumb we are
---dan on 8/25/11

The Mayans went to hell. Never accept Jesus in their hearts
---Ronald_Brumster on 8/11/11
Could it be the reason that they did not accept christ was because the people who came to them claiming to be christians treated them in the most satanic manner?
---francis on 8/11/11

The Mayans went to hell. Never accept Jesus in their hearts
---Ronald_Brumster on 8/11/11

The world ended for Mayan civilization 800-900 years ago. So the calendar can't be relied on, I don't think. God bless you.
---JohnnyB on 2/17/09

I also believe that only God knows the hour and the day. We are given the signs to watch for to let us know when/if the time is closer. Every day it is one day closer to believers/followers being caught up. Some of the signs have already happened, but not all of them. I am hoping 2015. I am just a person standing in the need of God, but looking forward to eternity in His presence. I do not know how He is going to do this, but I believe He is going to. :-)
---Cate on 2/17/09

There are three other calendars beginning and ending around the same time as the Mayan calendar that were found within the past twenty years - one found in China, the second in eastern Europe, and third the Hindu Kali Yoga in India. The Hopi Indians also have something similar, but is oral instead of an actual calenday.

Although all the above agree as to the beginning and the ending do not be afraid. The bible tells us what is to happen and we are to be prepared by putting on the whole armor of God and pray that we are worthy for His protection during these times.

Praying all of you peace of mind, joy of spirit, good health and many great friends to share them with in Jesus' name.
---Steveng on 2/17/09

Bill: "...500% increase in solar flares (which will disrupt anything with electronics),..."

Do not "raise your eyebrows" or fear what Bill says concerning sunspots. It is not a "unique phenomenon." There is always a 500% increase in sunspot activity from the lowest point in the sunspot cycle to the highest point. We are currently in the lowest part of the eleven year cycle. The 500% doesn't happen all in the year 2012, but over a six year period spanning 2012.
---Steveng on 2/17/09

Hi Bill, just an honest question: it makes sense what you say but how do you know this and that it will be in 2012? Please let me know, I am eager to find out, thanks and God bless, Mary
---Mary on 2/17/09

During 2012 there will a lot of unique phenomia taking place. 500% increase in solar flares (which will disrupt anything with electronics), reversal of the suns poles, alignment of the universe, and who knows what else. Just kinda makes you raise an eyebrow. Have a look at NASA's website, they confirm this. Then throw into the mix, the whole global instability thing....makes me wonder if the Mayans did have it right.

Take Care
---Bill on 2/15/09

The Mayans were dumb as dirt. They never did figure out the benefits of the wheel or archs over doors and windows. What they had was information passed on to them by people of more intelligence and which they learned by rote memorization. They had information linking them to other cultures around the world. This includes Neniveh and Egypt. This information they processed to predict future events. They were aware of the precession of the wobble of the earth. This process takes 26,000 years for one cycle.
---Nick on 1/24/09

Lori a logical explanation is that the Mayans, and others, are the descendants of those who came from Noah's family, then of those who were dispersed at Babel.

Therefore we should not be surprized if they took with them some or all of the knowledge their ancestors had-passed down to them by God.

Australian aboriginal historical stories contain elements of Genesis creation and Noah's flood, mixed in with fantasmagorical stuff. As they had no written records, distortions and additions are to be expected, I believe.

Many different peoples have creation/flood stories containing elements from Scripture, which is what we should expect if the Bible is the true record of history.
---Warwick on 1/23/09

I am a Christian who has studied the Mayan civilization extensively while in college. I find it intriguing that the Mayans calculated the beginning of time to be 3113 BC...and biblical scholars also calculate Adam's creation to be near that same time. Coincidence? How did the Mayans know that information? Did they have a relationship with God similar to what Christians do? While I truly believe that only God/Jesus knows the date & time of His return, I am definitely interested in what December 21, 2012 will bring!
---LoriAnn on 1/22/09

I haven't run into many Mayans lately so it appears that the world ended a little sooner for them then they expected.
---TIMOTHY on 1/21/09

the myan calendar which ends at dec 21 2012 ends for a reason,in their culture they believed that there have been i believe 5 such era ending senarios.that the alignment of our sun with the center of our galaxy would begin a time of great change worldwide change.exactly what this change will be has been theorized by scientist as something cataclysmic, because of this aligment,and what was practiced in the myan religious belief system,of worldwide renewal during a time of this alignment.
---tom2 on 1/21/09

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the mayan calender place of stopping doesnt mean that it means the end of the world. it just means the end of the mayan calender.

for instance, if i kept a diary that had local, national and global events in it. and it happened to end on a page that had been dated to December 21 2012, would anyone automatically think that the end date meant the end of the world?
---opalgal on 1/19/09

Ralph:-If you are Mayan I guess you can shop till you drop. -Kidding!!
---Mic on 1/19/09

Does this mean I shouldn't bother Christmas shopping until December 22?
---ralph7477 on 1/19/09

Graham:-Wikipedia is not the word of God but pure conjecture.If no humans know incl Jesus then why take a look and at what?
---Mic on 1/18/09

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The Mayan Calender didn't predict the end of the World. Mayan's were a very advanced civilization in using the heaven,stars, etc.,astronomy,to predict the future of the catastrophes which would come upon the Earth with surprising accuracy. They were able to project those predictions for 1000 years. What they did has been studied and when found to be accurate so many times people came to,or jumped to the conclusion because the last calender ended at December 11,2012 the World would also end then. No real prediction from the Mayans themselves but men speculating thats why they found no more dates. How foolish men are the Mayan may well have just skipped to another stone to write and it is lost. If Jesus didn't know the end no one does on Earth.
---Darlene_1 on 1/18/09

Mic - wikipedia has a quite well informed and dispassionate summary of the predictions. I suggest you take a look!

And I agree, no human knows the time of the end.
---Graham on 1/18/09

well actually there is a theory out there that suggest it has shifted many times usually at intervals of 250,000 years
---tom2 on 1/18/09

If the Mayan calendar is correct, we've gone through this cycle several times in earth's past with no ill effect.

Why should this time be any different?

In the early '70's, the big fear was 2000. Remember the Y2K concerns? (I called it Yawn 2 K).
---katavasia on 1/18/09

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Kenneth:-Pardon my lack of knowledge what is a Mayan Calander.why is it not publicised world wide and used by all.The word MAY/an suggests maybe as it is not in keeping with the prophecy which Jesus gave us,-Only known to the Father.
---Mic on 1/18/09

kenneth, i believe what jesus said,that only the father in heaven knows the day and the hour.
---tom2 on 1/18/09

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