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Catholics Marry In A Church

My fiancee and I are both Catholics yet we would like to get married in a Protestant church. Could you please outline the difficulties involved in such a situation?

Moderator - You could, however your Priest probably wouldn't like the idea. Are you both considering becoming Christians instead of Catholic Christians?

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 ---Siobhan on 1/18/09
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Good question: I am wondering have you been previously married to a first mate? If you are entering a second marriage in this case:the protesant church says its OK,
---Del on 3/1/09

Good point. I think they know if one of them is divorce they can't marry in the Catholic Church or by a Catholic Priest.
So, they are trying to go around the matter by seeking a Church that will allow them to remarry.

You can't fool God.
---Natalie on 3/3/09

Good question: I am wondering have you been previously married to a first mate? If you are entering a second marriage in this case:the protesant church says its OK, the catholic church says "wait in line for an annulment" The Bible says that you would be committing adultery. Would the loss of your salvation be worth it, as adulters do not make it into the kingdom of God.
---Del on 3/1/09

Becky:-Sorry for your confusion You did not post sufficient material to answer your qhestion of WHAT?I would clarify if I know what you need Clarification about.I have been in Hospital so did not see your post till today.Feel fre to ask :-)
---MIC on 2/26/09

Reading these blogs i would like to add a small comment just to prevent others to continue discussing aimleslly.
1 The problem would rather be with the protestant church who will not marry anyone which is no member of their denomination (unless in Las Vegas, LOL)
a verry elastic concept, regarding my sister and inlaw are married in a lutheran churh, both being pentecostal.
2 However the RC coniders the PC as a renegade churh, they did in recent history recognise that PC proclaims the same Christ. therefore recognising the office performed by the PC vallid.
BOTH RCC and PC do not (offially) marrie any divorced person, unless there are justified grounds.
---Andy on 2/26/09

you should have counseling by a Catholic priest and then by the other side as well.
This would give you a more precise investigation into this matter.

Why would you want to get married in a protestant church? If you are Catholic?
That is bizarre to me. Just curious.

I did this. I was married in Vegas..then I had my marriage blessed in the Catholic church.
---paul on 2/12/09

Difficulty? It really depends on the church. There are a few that will only marry "members", while there are others who will marry anyone who will rent the church and pay the customary fee for the pastor. Some churches with large cathedrals are very popular sites for weddings and they might just rent out the church and let you supply your own clergy even. You really should make a list of prospects and address your questions to them. Worst case one of them might make you go through their pre-marital counseling session before they would marry you.
---obewan on 2/9/09

I personally don't believe it matters if you get married at a Catholic church or a Protestant, or any other Christ believing church. Sure, there are some pretty big differences in denominations, but a marriage between a man and a woman is not to make your vows to that specific church or denomination, or even to your preist. Who cares how it makes anyone else feel! Your wedding day is your wedding day, and nobody elses! Your vows are between you, your spouse, and Jesus! God recognizes your marriage even if it happens in a court house. Your spoken vow is what binds you to that person. Take your pick! Don't worry about who's gonna whine and complain! It's your marriage! God bless and congradulations!
---BryanG on 2/7/09

MIC...what? Please clarify what you mean, I for one am confused by your response.
---Becky on 2/4/09

laurie:Two consenting Protestants married in a Protestant church is no impediment to a union which is recognised by a catholic institution.It is only when its a mixed Marriage Then there is an impediment.All marriages are performed with abundant Flowers placed in Decorate Vases or Baskets of all hues and colours for the occassion,and generally to adorn the altar but they have the right to take their flowers if They so desire. Flowers are NOT an impediment.There are However certain periods when Marriages are not Performed , for respect of the Period.
---MIC on 1/28/09

Being a Protestant myself, to my knowledge there are no obstacles or problems associated with this except to say that the Catholic church might not recognize your marriage. The advantage of marrying in a Protestant church is that there are not restrictions. One example that comes to mind: My friend who is Catholic married in a Catholic church and was not permitted to have flowers (except for bouquets) because she married on All Saint's Day. You will not encounter this if you marry in a Protestant church.
---Laurie on 1/27/09

If your married by a Justice of the Peace, your still married, regardless of religion or anything else.
---John on 1/26/09

Katavasia: I don't understand what you mean about my post regarding my marriage in a Protestant church. There is not much more to say. This same aunt had a fit that I did not have my children Christened in the Catholic church, but instead had them dedicated at my Baptist church.
---Trish9863 on 1/23/09

** Gary, there are so many versions of Baptist, it would be difficult to say what one Baptist church would think, vs another.**

That's because all Baptist Churches are led by the Holy Spirit, Who tells Baptist 1 this and Baptist 2 the exact opposite.

**Yet, when I left the Catholic church, and got married in a Protestant church, my Catholic Godmother insisted that I was not married in the eyes of God and was living in sin, BECAUSE, I was not married in the Catholic church.**

There is more to this than how you are telling it here, but doubtless your godmother had no clue, either.
---katavasia on 1/22/09

My wife and I were married in a Catholic church. Since then we both have become born again Christians and God called us out of that church. We started to attend a non-denominational Christian church and the difference is amazing! Even though we were married in the Catholic Church, our marrage is still legal and I know that God was with us there that day.
Just remember: Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father. There is no other way, even if your church says different. God bless.
---John on 1/22/09

there are so many different denominations today,that too make a blanket statement about anyone not being christian is really judging the heart.only God knows who is really saved.but its apparent on this site that there is real prejudice among many,and as far as iam concerned this is not something that is of the real message of the gospel,and needs to stop.followers of jesus dont persecute.
---tom2 on 1/20/09

Gary, there are so many versions of Baptist, it would be difficult to say what one Baptist church would think, vs another. The difference that I know of between Protestant denominations and the Catholic Church is that anyone can marry anywhere, and be considered married, in most Protestant churches. Yet, when I left the Catholic church, and got married in a Protestant church, my Catholic Godmother insisted that I was not married in the eyes of God and was living in sin, BECAUSE, I was not married in the Catholic church.
---Trish9863 on 1/20/09

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I am Catholic. We do NOT consider other religions as heretics. We only hope that some day we can all join hands together. We are all Christians and the more we talk about the differences, the further apart we put ourselves. Here is the side question to this, if a couple is Baptist (just an example, not choosing this for any particular reason) and want to get married in let's say a Lutheran church (again just a random choice), what would those 2 churches think of that?
---Gary on 1/20/09

To be Catholic IS to be Christian.
---katavasia on 1/20/09

Oh . . . Trish . . . I didn't think of that possibility that one might be divorced > if mommy says no, go to daddy (o: Of course, "Sioban" has not given us any real information. I don't know if this question is just a set-up or a real person is here to share more about this. Official Roman Catholics would not dare THINK of getting pronounced in a Protestant church. Such thinking would be a sin for confession, for a "real" devout Roman Catholic. Of course, also, we do not know their priest is devoutly by the Vatican instructions, so he might even go with them to bless the occasion, for all I know (o: And a merely cultural and institutionalized Protestant church would not be God's place for getting married.
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/20/09

Why do you not want to be married in your own church? My only guess is to assume one of you is divorced, as that is a reason priests will not marry the Catholics in their parish.

If you are in such a situation, why not have a judge perform you marriage ceremony?
---Trish9863 on 1/19/09

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If you're catholic then contact your priest and ask him. He would give you the answer. We can only guess. I am curious though that if you are catholics why would you want to be married in what they call the heretics church?
---john on 1/19/09

Susie B is probably right, and you are probably nominal Catholics, rather than Catholic Christians.

You probably don't understand Christianity, nor understand what RC and non-C share, and in what ways they differ.

Whichever church (RC or 'Protestant) you choose for your wedding, accept instruction from the priest or pastor, and accept Christ, either as a Catholic or non-Catholic.

Then you can call yourself truly Christian, and only then should you have a church wedding before God. Otherwise it would be a sham.
---alan8566_of_UK on 1/19/09

Moderator...I didn't see where this person say that they are Christian, only that they are Catholic. Being baptized Catholic as a baby would make them Catholic, but would not make them Christian.

Siobhan....Before entering into marriage, would you and your fiance like to know how to become Christians?
---SusieB on 1/18/09

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