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Is Obama Pro Abortion

January 22nd is the Anniversary of Roe vs Wade, do you expect President Obama to take any formal actions or even acknowledge the date as President Clinton did by overturning the Mexico City Agreement?

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 ---TIMOTHY on 1/20/09
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"Is Obama pro abortion." Boy, that's a tough one. Is the pope a Catholic?
---jerry6593 on 6/3/09

If I remember correctly, when Obama had the office of representative in the state of Illinois, he voted not to allow newborn "survivors" of attempted abortion to live.
---Donna66 on 5/20/09

I don't know. I really don't think he will acknowledge it. The war is more important than other matters lately to the recent presidents.
---amand6348 on 5/18/09

Obama is pro-choice. He made a statement that 'he would not punish his daughters with pregnancy'. He passed FOCA, freedom of choice act. Partial birth abortions and forced delivery of preterm babies not allowed to breathe, just sent to the laundry room to die. What has this world come to? Jesus needs to come soon. Can I get a bit graphic and you tell me if Obama is pro abortion. He passed a law where it is now legal to induce labor any time of pregnancy(not just first trimester) deliver the baby breech, keep the head in the mother while they insert scissors under the base of the skull and cut the spinal cord and allow the baby to die in the mom. still born- in their eyes. murder is murder.
---saint on 3/24/09

Obama has now also allowed aborted fetus tissue to be used for stem cell research. This includes test tube fetuses that are being manufactured purely for harvesting their stem cells. Abortion is a horrible crime. Now we can add to that, the growing of human beings (fetuses) just to havest their parts (stem cells). How sick can our society get?
---Doug on 3/19/09

I didn't vote him in. I voted for McCain. Now the one's that did, are going to learn an expensive lesson, which I'm afraid will be at all our expence.
---troy on 1/26/09

As expected, President Obama has overturned a Bush policy that restricts the funding of foreign abortion interests within America today. This has only been a page three news story in America however when one reads deeper it is actually the proverbial lid to Pandora's box. This is not a shot across the bow of the Pro-Life ship, in fact it is a direct torpedo hit to the side. Within the next few months, all of the gain that we have realized towards curtailing abortion will have been lost. Forget about overturning amendments and rulings because President Obama has found a way around those anyway with this action.
---TIMOTHY on 1/22/09

I just heard on the radio that Obama is going to sign something that will give women a choice about aborting a child.

The thing that this man doesn't realize, but his mother did, is that it's not any woman's or man's choice. What about the unborn child? That child cannot speak to defend his or herself. I wish that he would follow his mom's lead.

I respect his office and I pray for him, but there are some important things about him that are not in God's will.
---John on 1/21/09

I disagree with Ronda on this one in part. Barack Obama can strengthen Roe vs. Wade by freeing up the present abortion restrictions on Federal funding such as the Mexico City agreement which bans foreign interests from receiving Federal funds. Obama will systematically remove all hinderences to receiving Government aid and loosen any guidelines that inhibit the process. It is true that Obama can do little regarding the actual ruling, however he can do much to speed up the funding of the ruling.
---TIMOTHY on 1/21/09

Correction: I meant to say that I disagree in part with Trish not Ronda.
---TIMOTHY on 1/21/09

A constitutional amendment is not needed to overturn Roe versus Wade. The Supreme Court itself can overturn its previous ruling just as it did in the case of Brown versus Board of Education,in which it overturned a previous ruling of "separate but equal" and stated that separate by definition denies equality.
---mima on 1/21/09

trish, I gotta disagree.though he may not be able too affect the law as with soooo many politicians I just hate it when they skirt issues for votes. problem with them and alot of people today is they go into a long winded seemingly never ending monologue, siteing every sorta of deabatable circumstance surrounding any given issue.they seem to not understand that you are either for or against,not rocket science just a simple yes or no.
---tom2 on 1/21/09

my point is this as with any politician,diplomat type.and in general is far and away the real problem with just about everyone.they seem to believe that the answer too every question is not a simple yes,or no,even when our lord said let your yea be yea,and your nay be nay. or simply iam for it or against it.
---tom2 on 1/21/09

I agree with Ronda on this one.
---shirley on 1/20/09

Abortion will end when Christ returns to set up his Kingdom on Earth

until then non-christians can and will continue to murder because the laws of the land have made it is legal

it is still murder to God
---Rhonda on 1/20/09

The only real way that Roe v. Wade could be overturned is a Constitutional Amendment.

Obama can do nothing tangible for or against it.
---Trish9863 on 1/20/09

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