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How To Get Husband Back

Everyday I pray for miracle - I am very much still in love with my husband. We have been divorced 3 years and know that God will see me through it. I would love to be a family again. How do I start?

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 ---Philla on 1/26/09
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I would advise you to go forward with your life and put your once was marriage in Gods hands. In other words put it on the alter. He may or may not come back. I stood for 4 years in separation and believed he would come back and I heard he was engaged and is supposedly living with that women and staying in another bedroom. He may be in denial but he is still in sin. Dont waste your life in emotionally being tied to someone you are no longer married to. Live your life and if he comes back fine, if not then you are living a life in the future not in the past. You may even find someone else.
---cathy on 4/20/09

jane,forgiveness can be given,but unlike God forgetting while we live in the flesh is probably impossible.the big issue is trust.something which is given,and more important EARNED.dear I dont know the answer,I have been maried twice,both women cheated on was gone,because neither one saw it even though they professed to be born again as something at the time as wrong,atleast too me.just affairs,no love involved,but after neaerly 30 years with one ,and 10 with the other iam not sure either one knows what love really is.
---tom2 on 1/30/09

Jane: as your husband has committed adultery, Biblically you MAY leave him, but of course you don't have to... I'm not sure if you even know if you want to continue in your marriage or not. I'm glad you still love him, though. Do you know why he strayed? Did he think there was something missing from his life, or was it simply lust?
If the former, you may be able to make changes to better the marriage and steer it back to a better place. If the latter, it's all down to whether he can control himself in future, and whether trust can be earned back.
Perhaps we could all pray for her?
---Graham on 1/30/09

People ask for specific scriptures reasoning that it has to explically say that God will do this or God will do that.

Thats not what knowing God is about, Know who God is is through his word and how he dealt with certain situations, it gives you a guidline of how to ask, how to pray and how to recieve.

Ask God for anything your heart desires and Live regardless of whether it matures with the hope of eternal life in him, the real Goal is eternal life the bonus is through your faith you get what you asked.

Knock the door will be opened, seek you will find, ask and it will be given to you, DON'T allow your hope/Faith to wavier.

Love CarlaX
---Carla5754 on 1/30/09

i got married at an early age..pls help me my husband cheated me twice..but honestly i still love him even if i feel that he dont love me anymore..i tried to forgive him and forget what he has done to me..but everytime im alone..i just cant help but can i erase the pain?? its killing me..i really want to move on but how?
---Jane on 1/29/09

Brenda said it best you start by letting go's been 3 years now? ...I do hope you have social activities and are leading and participating in a relatively normal life aside from your obsession with your ex-husband?

does he live nearby where you see him but do not communicate? ...although I do find it odd you do not mention if you talk or have any interaction with him at all ....only that you are in love with him

it appears your ex-husband has become your idol Christians must guard against making anyone the most important thing in their lives where they have more emphasize than God
---Rhonda on 1/28/09

It's not the same thing, but I have been in love and got dumped. What helped me the most was I took a look at myself and what God wanted me to see about how I had been relating with her. I had been making our relationship an idol for my own gratification for showing what a great and nurturing guy I was. I was clever enough to put on this kind of an act so I could fool myself into thinking I was so good for her and necessary. Once I got right with God about this, she wanted friendship and our friendship has been better than our romance was. And God keeps bringing me to people who are better and better for me to make me real in the Holy Spirit and loving ALL people. And she is becoming good for me, like this, too.
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/28/09

You may be able to do more than pray. Are you atill in contact with him or his family? If so, arrange to meet him if possible. You may be able to befriend him and fall in love anew. Prayer is good, prayer backed up by positive actions is better.
---Graham on 1/28/09

You start by letting go. If, this is truly what God has in store for you, then he will turn the situation around and bring it all back together. Let your husband go, give him to God and then you submit yourself to God compleatly. Wholeheartly, not holding any part of you back from His love and mercy. Praying always with thanksgiving and making yourself readly available to serve HIM without reservations. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.
pary without questions and praise HIM and Him only.
---Brenda on 1/27/09

Well, it must be, "God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven". Has your husband moved on with his life? God also, is very big on waiting.
---catherine on 1/26/09

Start by falling in love with your FIRST husband, the Lord Jesus.

Isaiah 54 tells us, "For your maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name."

Jesus tells us Himself, I am the husbandman, etc.

Find out how much Jesus loves you by reading the bible and praying to God and asking him to soften your ex-husband's heart to love you again.

I will be praying for you too.
---donna8365 on 1/26/09

I remember being where you are, feeling the same way. There is not much you can do, except pray. Your husband obviously has made up his mind. God can change his mind, or your husband can continue his life as a single man, and find another wife. Mine remarried, and is very happy with his new life. God has sustained me, and seen me through many trials, as well as successes.

God bless.
---Trish9863 on 1/26/09

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