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Full Partial Preterism

Explain the differnce between "Full" and "Partial" Preterism.

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 ---Huh? on 1/29/09
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well actually armagedon hasnt occured in the first century,because jesus hasnt returned for his 1000 year rule. a rule without war where everyone alive will know who he is.
---tom2 on 2/2/09


I, first of all, disagree with the comparison to JW literature.

Second, 'outside books' are not to be taken as a final authority on a position or doctrine. Rather, one ought to use such literature to inform an interpretation. And a solidification of one's position is only possible upon careful and thorough examination of many sources of information. Ultimately, however, these sources of information must square with the Bible.

Finally, listening to a pastor speak on an issue involves the same sort of discernment. The pastor's words (just like the words in a book) are not a final authority and should be tested in light of Scripture (1 Thes 5:23).
---Bobby3 on 2/2/09

I know I am jumping into the frying pan. There are some valid points in seeing some passages as having been fulfilled.
The problem I have with this topic is that the first question is, what other books have you read on this issue? Sounds like one will never come to this interpretation unless one buys or reads these outside books.
To me one of the first signs of an error is when someone starts giving me books to read, such as the JW's, the list could go, Calvinism, and so forth.
God in His great wisdom should have added, "The First book of Preterist."
Sorry if I am sarcastic. It's not meant personal. I understand predespensationalists have their own books.
---Rod on 2/2/09

Naulon: "Tell me, what preterist books have you read?"

I've read some Gentry (with whom I know you are familiar) and the Apocalypse Code. Unfortunately, I haven't much time these days to read books as much as I'd like. I have, however, read several internet articles on the subject (Dee Dee Warren, JP Holding, etc.).

What have you read? How have you come to your position on eschatology?
---Bobby3 on 2/2/09

Hi Bobby,

Although you had never said it outright I figured you were partial preterist from your responses in the other blogs. You're summary was good and accurate.

Tell me, what preterist books have you read?
---Naulon on 1/31/09


According to preterism, Armageddon happened in the 1st Century. The Old Testament types had their anti-types in Christ and the New Covenant.
---Naulon on 1/31/09

Naulon: "Hi Bobby how you doing? Ready for round two?"

Hi. Doing quite well, thank you. And yes, I'm ready (I think). I hope my nutshell summary of full vs partial preterism was accurate.

"I guess I'm the token full preterist on the site."

Guess so.

"...what are your eschatological positions? What do you lean toward?"

Partial preterism.
---Bobby3 on 1/31/09

Correct in a sense- "type and anti-type"

70 CE -type

Armageddon (apocalypse)-anti-type
AS with many prophecies!
---1st_cliff on 1/31/09

Hi Bobby how you doing? Ready for round two? Eschatology, the biggest can of worms on the site. I'll agree with that.

Huh?, Good job getting this blog opened. I've been totally unsuccessful getting anything started and anything with the word "preterist" in it will likely attract me.

I guess I'm the token full preterist on the site. I've not run into any others. Bobby, Tom, Huh?, what are your eschatological positions? What do you lean toward?
---Naulon on 1/30/09

Partial preterists believe that most biblical prophesies regarding the 'end times' took place in the year AD 70 with the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. What awaits is the return of Christ, general resurrection, and final judgment.

Full preterists believe that ALL biblical prophesies regarding the 'end times' took place in the year AD 70. Therefore, full preterism must deny the bodily return of Christ to earth, the bodily resurrection of the dead, and the physical renewing of the heavens and the earth.

I sense a can of worms has been opened...
---Bobby3 on 1/29/09

both believe that all prophecy about end days was fullfilled in the first century ad.the one big difference is partial believes in the church creeds and that there are 2 second comings of christ,one of which has yet too happen.I believe the detruction of jersaluem,and the raising of the temple are 2 of the three signs both point too as the worlds destruction, with rome being the antichrist.
---tom2 on 1/29/09

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