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Do I Work A Job

My husband says my children do not come before me working that my job comes first and because he is the head I need to do what he says. Is he correct do I focus on work or my children? What order do things go God, Husband, Children, Job?

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 ---Tammy on 1/29/09
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Bill: I totally agree with the order of your priority list. It is better to put oneself first, after God. In taking care of oneself, a person is better able to be of service to the rest of her family and responsibilities outside of the home. Taking care of oneself means meeting one's physical needs, through proper nutrition, exercise, and health concerns. It means taking care of one's emotional needs, like appropriate amounts of time in contact with friends, and doing adequate amounts of fun things that are not necessarily just family oriented. It also means taking care of one's spiritual needs, like having daily devotions, attending church and worshipping, NOT just serving in the church, and attending Bible studies if time allows.
---Trish9863 on 2/18/09

Do what's best for you with keeping God first. God has to be put first in everything. Remember, WWJD (what would Jesus do?). Pray to God and he will help you :)
---Lisa5554 on 2/18/09

It's actually God, yourself, your spouse, your children, then your job, but if you have to work in order to provide for your children, then you should work, for in doing so you are taking care of your children. If you can't afford to give up your job in order to take care of the kids, then you need to continue to work and pray that the Lord will make a way for your husband to become the sole provider for your household. You should submit to your husband since he is the head of the household, because it is written. If you will trust the Lord, then He will work it in your favor. God is a God of order, so He will set your house in order if you'll just trust Him. Respect your husband, and God will honor your prayer. God bless!
---BryanG on 2/8/09

Is he correct do I focus on work or my children?

This is important, children have a barrage of garbage coming at them in the media and at school.

They need to be grounded in Christ.
---Pharisee on 2/3/09

Part 1

If You could give more info. about the circumstances. I would be glad to try answer you. Like what is the real reason you asking this question,etc
Actually this sound like a squabble more, than a question. You should focus on Jesus and just maybe, These kinda of things want come up in the first Place. Sounds like a power struggle to me. How old are the Kids etc. not enough info to answer the question. I see a lot of questions answered in these blogs with out the whole story. People ask the right question to get the answer they want to hear. If a person comes on here and say,
---lee on 2/2/09

Whew! A pity I can't have a word with your husband Tammy lol! Yeah, by the time I got through him, he'd be a submissive little mouse!! :D
---Mary on 2/1/09

Tommy 3007
I do not think I misunderstood, You said "according to Scripture your job is primarily the raising of your children". I say that claim cannot be substantiated in the Bible. If anything God placed the greater responsibility on the father. See my previous post for Scripture references. The mother becomes primary only if the father abdicates his responsibility.
---pg1 on 2/1/09

No, it is not the mother's sole responsibility to "raise the children", but she is the primary in the home, while the father is working to support the family. You misunderstood my previous post if you thought otherwise. It is a 2 parent job to raise the children, but the mother is the primary due to her more constant interaction.'Nuff said.
---tommy3007 on 1/31/09

You are incorrect. Scripture does not relegate parenting to the mother. Every Scripture relative to children speaks of parents. Ephesians 6:4 specifically calls for fathers to raise children. Eph. 6:1 tells children to obey parents. 1 Tim 3:4 tells fathers to manage the home and make sure children obey and respect him. The prov. 31 woman had many roles in and outside of the home. Here is another insight from Scripture. King David abdicated his responsibility to his children and look at how they turned out. The same principle applies today. Children are not struggling because mother has a life outside the home. They struggle because fathers strayed away from the biblcial mandate that parents not mother should raise children.
---pg1 on 1/31/09

You need to seek the Lord's guidance on how to deal with this issue. Your husband apparently has a typical attitude about his role as leader of the home. It isn't about him saying "jump" and you responding with"how high?" His leadership is to be with input from you and real decision making based on the Scriptures. Before you jump on the outside the home employment bandwagon, you also need to consider if it will be beneficial in the long run for you to become employed outside the home. According to Scripture your job is primarily the raising of your children. Speak to your husband with respect and let him know that you are willing to do what is needed and see where God leads from there.
---tommy3007 on 1/30/09

I'm sure there is a way to work all of this into your life and keep your husband, job, and children. Most of us all have these things without having to leave either one out of the picture. You need to be in good communication with your husband. Your focus is to be to your husband. But that's no excuse to neglect the other responsibilties you have. Your children and job are also blessings from the Lord. I'm sure you can figure out how to keep them all.
---john on 1/30/09

Tammy, it is true that your husband is the head of the household and we are"suppose" to be submissive to him because he is "suppose" to repersent Christ in our homes. Questions:DOES HE PRAY WITH YOU? Is he making enough monies to support your family? Are your children in school? Do you like being at home with your children? What does your Spirit say? I suggest you seek the councel of wise leaders and continue to respect your husbands wishes, because if your children are young they need their mom to be with them to teach them the Godly principles of life. Besides they are young for such a short time, enjoy it if you can afford it.
---Brenda on 1/30/09

let me just say that your personal relationship with God thru jesus is the most important and it must be a saily ,continuing, ongoing one.knowingg God,his nature ,his word,his will, allows all other relationships too work properly.
---tom2 on 1/30/09

well dear God is first always,your husband is second when his decisions are first scriptural,and best for the family,and more important spiritually best for the family.any man who uses his authority as a point of argument is not using his authority gotta listen too me cause iam the boss dont work.
---tom2 on 1/30/09

my point is not all decisions made influence eternal life,but loving this life and living as though this is life is is wrong for any man to by his decision to cause his wife grief,or unhappiness.the world today has become economy goods and services you either work for someone ,or are self employed.the days of living off the land entirely ,on a individual basis like indians did are gone.this in itself tends to make most people more wordly in thought and choice. and tends to push kingdom thinking into the backround.daily life becomes materialistic,and self oriented.
---tom2 on 1/30/09

He's your husband > at least I've got this right (o: And you married him > right, again, doing good, so far (o: And it's your marriage > hmm, doing pretty good, here. Oh . . . even if you put your work before your children, this does not necessarily mean you aren't giving your children all that they need that you can give them. Work or children being higher > can just be a hierarchal issue of position. Please share more with us, about this, Tammy. One thing you could clarify is WHY is your husband so concerned about getting you to work? Are you using kids as an excuse to moaf around the house and maybe get in a "little" phone time with the girls? Nah . . . I wouldn't know about YOU (o: What's the whole story?
---Bill_bila5659 on 1/29/09

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You need to pray and ask God that question. Each person has their own opinion, and you will not find that we all agree on this one. The Holy Spirit can show you how to prioritize your life.

You also need to pray for your husband, because he is NOT loving you as he should. The idea of submission is not about doing what he says. God gave you a brain, and gave you the Holy Spirit so that He could teach you.

Submission is about being in a love relationship with your husband, where HE is loving you as Christ loved the church, and you willingly surrender your will when it is necessary.
---Trish9863 on 1/29/09

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