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Two State Middle East Solution

Do you believe the two state solution to the Palestinian- Israeli conflict is acceptable to Almighty God?

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 ---mima on 2/1/09
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Who's children are the palistinians? and who sayd they should be totally terminated.

1. If i believe that God is father of all, then the palistinians are a part of that.
2. If I believe that Christ died for all, then palistinians are a pazrt of that.
problem is that both palistinians and Jews claim supreme rights upon thr holy land. and to be honnest there is no solution until Christ returns.
---Andy on 3/6/09

Leslie i.e. "The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof, the world, and they that live in it." (Ps. 24:1)
---Leon on 3/5/09

ALL the land of Israel belongs to the Jews ONLY, NOT the Palestinians. Through the Bush Administration, God has already brought judgement on America for this. Within 24 hours of Bush and Rice asking the Jews to give up their land in the name of peace, the following happened: 9/11, major hurricanes (Fae and Ike) and floods, the gas prices went crazy, the housing market went crazy, and the financial crisis & stock market downturn - that we are still in - hit. Now Clinton is wanting to open the Gaza boarder, with Jews opposing. What judgement will we face for this?
---Leslie on 3/4/09

well what about the fact, that John tryed to explain to time bound people the trees did not cease to produce.:)
---Andy on 3/3/09

Andy: You're trying too hard bud. :) The "BIBLE" says months...TIME. The how of it is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps yours too.

How can eternity in the presence of God be boring? At ease -- God bless!
---Leon on 3/2/09

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: (Gen 1.14)now when the sun is there to measure time. how will time be measured without the sun? minutes and hours, days and weeks season and years are all counted with the sun.
nevertheles the same verse 5 ends with and "they shall reign for ever and ever". eternity has no time, oitherwie it would become verry boring.
---Andy on 3/2/09

Andy: I agree, there won't be NIGHT there. (Rev. 22:5) However, "No time..."? That's not what Rev. 22:2 says because "months" are incremental measurements of TIME.

I believe Rev. 21:23-25 describes a perpetual, endless, eternal DAY OF THE LORD. "ONE DAY" there'll be no more crying, no more dying, no more hardship, misery and pain :)

"...and He shall reign for ever and ever..." (Rev. 11:15) HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!!!
---Leon on 2/24/09

Leon in that new creation there will be neither day nor night, NO time whatsoever no past present future:-)
---Andy on 2/20/09

Leon in that new creation there will be neither day nor night, NO time whatsoever no past present future:-)
---Andy on 2/20/09

Andy: So, you were talking about a future time, not to be confused with the present time concerning the two state solution? Okay! :)
---Leon on 2/10/09

Leon i was actually talking about the new heaven and earth time which has not started yet. also tthere where references top the 1000 year kingdom: not begun yet. love
---Andy on 2/9/09

Andy: What's "acceptable to Almighty God" is applicable to "ALL" of time (past, present & future). :)
---Leon on 2/6/09

Leon, Gods solution is the ultimate solution, after that, no more problems with the US domination problem, China's human rights violations, Islams' craving for worldpower, Europes' Hypocricie and but-kissing politics, Africas Genocidic politicians etc. When that day come oh Heaven, even the wine and the serpent will harm no more. that day we all be dancing, and when someone asks you Where youre from and where you are going to? we'l just say,from God to God, then we will see the son in full Glory and God will be vissibally amongst us. i do not think the question was directed tothat time :-)
---Andy on 2/6/09

No! I do not. There has been a terrorist attack in this country. A doctor and his car was bombed. The police are calling it an terrorist attack. All of God's people should be praying that God is welcomed back into our country. Time is running OUT FOR US.
---catherine on 2/4/09

Two states will not solve anything. But "love your enemy" sure would. Until they stop hating eachother there is no solution.
---john on 2/4/09

In no way should Israel consider this.
---Pharisee on 2/3/09

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That was another John. I do not take credit for that statement which may not be true. And if it did happen, it wasn't done intentionally. Israel doesn't role that way.
After the atrocities that Israel's enemy's have commited against them and us, I wouldn't knock them if I were you. Their God reigns!
---John on 2/3/09

I believe whats written in revelation.that the only peace will be under the anti christ and for only 3.5 years.
---tom2 on 2/3/09

If it will stop the Jews dropping white phosphorus on Arab children please, please give me a two state solution.
---John on 2/3/09

Moderator, By not publishing my opinion you are also engaging in racism. Why should only pro-Israel comments be allowed? Why ban anything that suggests the atrocities occurring in Israel? What hidden agenda do you have? Stop being hypocritical!
---Naulon on 2/2/09

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The promised land is to the Jews who *obey* Him. I'm not so sure, then, this would include very many of the Jews who have lived in or returned to the land of Palestine. So . . . before there can be THE solution, first there needs to be seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. And, by the way, "'The stranger who dwells among you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.'" (Leviticus 19:34) So, the obedient Jews love the Palestinian stranger as themselves. But God will not honor negotiating with disobedient Jews or violent and treatening people.
---Bill_bila5659 on 2/2/09

Andy: THERE IS NO SOLUTION apart from God's plan. :)
---Leon on 2/2/09

And what if your neighbour wants to exterminate you? there is a time that turning the other cheeck just does not work.
bassically there is only two solutions for this entire palistinian problem.
1. exterminate all jews
2. exterminat all palistinians.
the palistinians do not wish to share, and neither do the Israelians. both claim full rights. both say God gave them the land... etc.we support Israel because we read the bible.
Muslims support the palistinians because they read the Coran.
---Andy on 2/2/09

Good question Mima:) I believe a "one state" solution is acceptable to God. That is to say, one state of mind, " your neighbor as yourself." (Matt. 22:36-40)
---Leon on 2/1/09

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mima: good question. I personally don't think God has any extra interest in a two state solution than many other situations in the world.
But, did you know that the Palestinians have never had a state? What right do the Palestinians have for a state? None.
---Rod on 2/1/09

Mima, What has God got to do with it????

2 political states in the mid-east!
---1st_cliff on 2/1/09

I don't know. What does Jimmy Carter say? On second thought, never mind.
---i on 2/1/09

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