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When Did Dinosaurs Die Out

Did dinosaurs die out before or after the flood? Why are there no cats, dogs, rabbits, or any living species - even humans - found in the fossil record?

Moderator - Dinosaurs died out after the flood and yes there are fossils of all the animals including man in the fossil records. Yes, the earth is around 10,000 or so years old.

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 ---Dave on 2/6/09
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Dinosaurs are part of a fossil record that goes back what appears to be millions of years.

I believe that the world as created by God, is in essence a record created by God. I do not believe that God intends to deceive us. I have been to fossil beds in Nevada, Utah and the Dakotas and have also been to dinosaur foot print sites in 3 different locations. I've seen fossilized bones, egg and dung. I've also seen dinosaur footprints in Southern Utah that are at the bottom of thousands of feet of sandstone rock that scientists (with whom I agree) say are much older than just a few thousand years. A man can write a book, but no man could create a world.
---Sophia on 3/19/09


To say God has given false information is a tactic used by many cults. It goes against everything God says about Himself, so we know this is absolutely not true.

People who say God gives false information don't know what truth is.
---Laurie on 3/2/09

Comments like this go to show how far a person will go to get their point across and how far they are from the real Truth.

"God is the one who sends deception even to his elect because they do not love the truth, but worship idols.
---frances008 on 2/25/09 "

Just listen to that, a Holy God, who can do no wrong, sending deception to His own elect because they do not love the Truth, and worship Idols, is the most rediculous statement anyone has made. Well, maybe not the worst, but isn't deceiving a sin? God going around sinning at will, since there is so many of His elect.
---MarkV. on 3/2/09

Whether your a evolutionist or a creationist one can never truly say Dinosours died out. Look at crocodiles and a Dragon Lizard. Evolutionists say that they are directly related to the prehistoric dinasours, but they're still alive. Can't they also be termed as dinosours?
---Caiphen on 2/28/09

After the flood, and God took them out.
---catherine on 2/27/09

Let's grow up a little here, shall we?

Getting all concerned about the spelling of one's name - Good grief! You need a little tougher skin than that if you intend to survive this website.

Frances: Asking Warwick "Are dinosaurs your idols?" is beneath your station intellectually and as a Christian. You say there were no dinosaurs (I know you don't like the name, so I'll rename them for you - Really Big Lizards (RBL's)). So PROVE there were no RBL's, and stop it with the low ball approach!
---jerry6593 on 2/27/09

Frances you did not address your comments to me,(as above) as is the norm. I mention this only because of your misspelling comments. A little petty don't you think?

As regards dinosaurs I believe you deny them because you believe their reality would place doubt upon His word. They don't.

As I have explained (ignored by you)physical evidence such as fresh bone exists, carvings, metal reliefs, and numerous eye-witness descriptions.

By rejecting evidence which can be analysed you are being a closed-minded Christian who appears foolish. It is no different than rejecting archaeological evidence. Understand I speak of the evidence itself not assumptions and implications people have placed upon such evidence.
---Warwick on 2/26/09

Warwick, I did not leave your name off the post, if you look carefully. In the old testament people who idol worshipped were given a deceiving spirit by God, because they did not love the truth. You need to have discernment. You need to understand the Old Testament and prophesy. God is the one who sends deception even to his elect because they do not love the truth, but worship idols. Are dinosaurs your idols? You need to be able to distinguish between the truth and lies, something that your knowledge of current events or lack thereof, gives me cause for concern. In fact you call the truth seekers conspiracy theorists. That is how you give yourself away.
---frances008 on 2/25/09

Frances,you left my name off!

Who is the cleverest-don't care-we are talking about knowledge/experience.

We know conspiracies abound however scientific evidence is different. Evidence has been faked but eventually it is exposed.

Evidence is interpreted via world-view. Evolutionists view evidence in a different light than creationists. However the evidence is there for all to find/see.

For example c14 has been found in diamonds supposedly billions of years old. Therefore the age of the diamonds is measurable only in thousands of years.

The evolutionist poses all sorts of unworkable solutions to the problem. Doesn't fit with his view.

But real evidence exists, outside of opinion-same for dino. fossils.
---Warwick on 2/24/09

It is not that I am in the least upset or offended. It is as Laurie says, a signal to me that you are not very particular. However, when it comes to accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist, you seem to think you really are cleverer than me. When it comes to figuring out whether people are capable of grand hoaxes, again, you think you are more enlightened than me, Warwick. I am just making this observation that you are not perfect, that you in fact make mistakes.
---frances008 on 2/24/09


I had the same thoughts.

And for goodness sake, can you please spell frances008's name correctly? I mean, really, you don't want her thinking you're stoopid, do you?
---Laurie on 2/24/09

Warwick, I did an unbiased study, after decades of believing in dinosaurs just because that was what we were told. I came to the unbiased conclusion that I was wrong to be so quick to believe the propaganda. Just because a lie is huge does not make it true. Just because a lot of people believe a lie, does not make it true. The bible tells us that many people will be deceived. Many means that millions will be deceived. Few means that only one or two per thousand will not be deceived. Which side are you on, Warwick, the many or the few?
---frances008 on 2/24/09

Frances ... I think you are being maybe a bit too sensitive. Warwick usually gets your name right, and a slip of the finger is so easy, and the mistake so difficult to spot as you scan you post over before sending it..

And spellcheck would not spot it, because Francis is a name, albeit male.

I suffer too ... I was recently sddressed here as Allen.

I think we just have to accept it ... I think the time to get upset is when, as happens too often, one's name is deliberately and offensively misspelt.
---alan_of_UK on 2/24/09

Frances don't be so touchy. You may have noticed my name has been spelled many different ways, sometimes quite ridiculously, but so what. Some make mistakes and some play silly games. Why destroy the children's games?

Re dinosuars, Think of it this way. Permineralized bones of creatures no longer existant have been found by reliable people in many places. Let us just consider one creature which has been given the name T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex which, if I remember correctly means Tyrant Lizard King.

Now in the Schweitzer quote I gave and the frozen bones in Alaska the same shaped bones have been found-exactly the same shaped bones! Some permineralized/petrified some fresh.

Bones of no living creature. What does this show?
---Warwick on 2/24/09

After a year of blogging here, and bringing up the topic at least twice before, please could all those who can identify which bones are real and which are forgeries, who can tell the websites with the most intelligent people on them, please spell my name correctly? There is this danger in blogging, that we come to be like an echo chamber in which we lie and someone else believes us, and the mistake grows out of all proportion, and we feed off those people for our support in our deception. Getting my name right would show some desire to get back to the true facts.
---frances008 on 2/24/09

Maybe he found the debate too taxing?

Maybe his wife, who thinks Bible-believing Christians are stoopid, won't let him play any more?
---Warwick on 2/24/09

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Lee said he was taking a break because of tax season.
---Laurie on 2/24/09

Has anyone seen Lee lately?
---jerry6593 on 2/24/09

Francis I agree with Jerry. The word ancient is applied to the pyramid building egyptians, for example. Definitely ancient but 'only' thousands of years ago.
---Warwick on 2/23/09

Yes, AlanofUk, thank you. It might be a whole lot more difficult, and we might be threatened with medication for mental illness. We might be forced to live in a hospital, etc. I guess we are not so far from that in actual fact. I mean I cannot count the number of times on this blog I have been called mentally ill for believing other than the official story.
---frances008 on 2/23/09

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No Frances, "ancient" does not imply pre-Bible. I use it to mean the time of Noah's flood, when all the fossils were buried.
---jerry6593 on 2/23/09

Frances ... I hope that if we did live in a Communist state, you would still believe as you thought fit.
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/22/09

Jerry and Warwick, as long as we are not living in a Communist state, I will believe as I see fit. These 'ancient' fossilized human remains, how ancient were they? Ancient usually implies pre-Bible.
---frances008 on 2/22/09

Dinosaurs (yes, they did exist - some still do) died in the universal flood of Noah. They lived at the same time as mankind. Fossil evidence of their existence abounds worldwide, some even suggests that they were indeed contemporaneous with man. To not "believe" that dinosaurs existed because their name is only 200 years old, or because one can't find some "paperwork" is downright silly. The ultimate proof is in the fossil beds - go and dig. I did. They are there.

Look up Guadeloupe Woman, the Calaveras Skull and the Moab Skeletons for ancient human fossils found in solid rock.
---jerry6593 on 2/21/09

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Francis, believe what you like, I obviously cannot influence you, but your many conspiracy theories make you blind to truth so sad. Jesus came to set us free in so many ways, set free by the truth. Dinosaurs were a reality but long ages and evolution aren't.

You must imagine someone created and buried the many dinosaur bones world-wide. However what do you do with fresh bone which is not of any other known creature? Did people also create fresh bone?

I have mentioned evidence from drawings, carvings, and eye-witness reports but you won't consider it!

Remember when you said you would not go to a UK church to see ancient dino. carvings there?
---Warwick on 2/20/09

Warwick, I have studied people involved with findings of 'dinosaurs' and they are not trustworthy. I do not agree with Darwin's theory, but as a person, even though he was a freemason, he gets my respect because he said that he did not know whether his theory would turn out to be correct, when technological advances were made. They have been. He was not correct. However I trust him. He said that dinosaurs and men never could have co-existed. Between him and Owen, who invented the word dinosaur a couple of hundred years ago, I believe Darwin. I think Darwin was humbler and admitted when he did not know things. Darwin hated Owen. Everyone did.
---frances008 on 2/19/09

Warwick, even if a lie is invented which is done to support the Bible, I will not believe it just because it supports the Bible. Only a couple of hundred years ago the word 'dinosaur' was invented to fit the suddenly emerging 'bones' and 'teeth'. My biggest problem is documentation evidence. Of course I am aware of the fact that when they see this gap they will soon create the necessary documents, but when I was looking for the necessary paperwork, it was not there. Hence, I don't yet believe in dinosaurs. I know that for you it is paramount that I accept them. Why don't you just leave me to believe what I believe, and I will let you believe what you believe? Peaceful co-existance etc?? Otherwise we are no better than communists.
---frances008 on 2/19/09

Frances you are interpreting this dinosaur info. through your bias that they never existed.

The Schweitzer quote shows it was fresh bone, not permineralized. She is an expert in the field and also has had it verified.

The point is, being fresh is evidence far more in line with a Biblical time-frame, than the 65 millions years evolutionsts believe. It was such a puzzle to them, as evolutionists, that they checked their results 20 times!

Research will also reveal eye-witness reports of creatures, we would call dinosaurs, exist. How are their descriptions correct if they never existed?

There are also many dinosays carvings and reliefs in metal. If dinosaurs never existed why did people sculpt or draw them?

---Warwick on 2/19/09

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This is where you lose me, Warwick. I cannot believe that they are dinosaur bones if they still have fresh blood cells in them. If you do not freeze seeds, they gradually die over the years. How much more exposed or buried objects would be changed even after one hundred years, by the environment. You are talking of thousands of years. It just does not add up. Nice SF though.
---frances008 on 2/19/09

Alan read 'The amazing Stone Bears of Yorkshire, via the creationontheweb site or Google-interesting!

The point being that for something to petrify does not take vast periods of time. In a mining museum in Tasmania there is a felt hat which was left in a mine and became hard and permineralized obviously very quickly.

Those who promote evolution figure it must take millions/billions of years as we cannot see it happening in a human life-time. Therefore the world must be billions of years old. The whole story is built about that premise.

But when we look at the hat,the Yorkshire bears & petrified fence posts, petrified coils of fencing wire etc we see things which actually happen, don't take billions of years.
---Warwick on 2/19/09

Warwick ... thanks

I think Frances' teddy bears are something different? They and other objects appear to become petrified after relatively short exposure to running water (presumably because of the mineral content of the water ... limestone?)
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/19/09

Alan a fossil is something of the past found buried in soil or rock. It isn't necessarily pertified or permineralized but can be.

Animal or vegetable remains which have been buried under certain conditions can be petrified/permineralized. This means their original matter has disappeared and has been replaced with minerals.

Fresh T-Rex bone with blood cells within has been found buried. This is a fossil. T-Rex bones have also been found petrified/permineralized. This is also a fossil. The worfd fossil doesn't refer to a proces but but to a buried object.

Unburned timber has been fould in basalt, cooled lava, also a fossil.

That is the story as far as I know.
---Warwick on 2/19/09

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I'm sorry after reading all that, I don't remember who wrote what but I'm going to try and add some new thoughts. My opinion is there are still dinosaurs, no proof just opinion to answer the question. My belief is the the world in around 6000 years old and dinosaurs were created by God on day six. Why is this important? Doesn't the Bible say there was no death before sin and since Adam and Eve commited the original sin, having dinosaurs live and die before that would go against the Bible
---Kevin on 2/18/09

AlanofUk, I found out about the bears because I happened to be in Yorkshire and saw them in the caves. So I had first hand experience that these things exist. There were a lot of other soft objects hanging there for the public to look at. All fossilized. Sorry I did not see your question earlier or I would have explained this. But I see Warwick is more on the ball than me. He is well read on these 'history of the earth' subjects.
---frances008 on 2/18/09

Warwick and all, God bless and keep you all. I will be back in a week or two. So long.
---JohnnyB on 2/18/09

Frances ... Like you I have no idea what, if any, the difference is between fossilisation and petrification!
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/18/09

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Frances ... Like you I have no idea what, if any, the difference is between fossilisation and petrification!

I think though that maybe fossils are generally found inside rock, while petrified things satnd by themselves?

Maybe an expert here will tell us more about this!
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/18/09

AlanofUK, cowboy boots etc have been discovered fossillized in bogs or banks of the rivers (or whatever the word is) in the USA. I have seen photos on the internet. I thought petrification and fossilization were the same to most people. I sincerely doubt that the large majority of this world know the difference between the two, which is quite worrisome. You could be presented with something 'fossillized' like a leaf, when it is really only petrified. Unless you had access to some secret information, or belonged to a special fraternity you would think that it was fossillized or petrified (same thing).
---frances008 on 2/18/09

JohnnyB as previously explained I do not dislike you. I oppose what you promote because it is anti-Scriptural,and not of faith. Scripture says-that which is not of faith is of sin.

One of the failings of the RCC is it has lent itself to syncretism where in various countries people attended mass but also held their old pagan beliefs.

Those who compromise Scripture with man's unproven so-called 'scientific' ideas are also involved in syncretism.

If billions of years, and microbe-to-man-evolution were scientifically proven facts then I would have to think again. But these are not proven, just beliefs.

No one has ever been able to suggest an experiment to test them.
---Warwick on 2/18/09

Warwick, well, you will have my prayers anyway. And I ask your prayers for me. Whether you like me or not, to me you are a precous person, made in God's image. And he loves you! God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/18/09

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JohnnyB I challenged you to test your beliefs by Scripture. Your answers show you do not respect all of Scripture.

As a claimed Christian you are unable to support your compromise views via Scripture other than to paint that which contradicts you as 'metaphor.' Your non-Biblical starting point forces you into this 'corner.'

I respect people as God commands however I do not respect your dangerous anti-Biblical views. Therefore I do not wish your prayers.

I already have the peace that only God can bring.
---Warwick on 2/18/09

Warwick, I will pray for you. May you find the peace of Christ in your heart. Bless you!
---JohnnyB on 2/18/09

JohnnyB Ephesians 6:12 says our struggle isn't against people but against 'spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.'

I don't battle you but your views which undermine the only historical foundation of the only gospel. You are unable to defend your view from Scripture, preferring man's opinions.

Man's 'scientific' beliefs change-what happens then?

Amazing how many Christians reject a historical Genesis.

History shows Genesis is the book most attacked by the world and the most quoted from in Scripture.

I realize many, like you, maintain a faith built upon two contradictory ideas. The existance of many liberal churches demonstrates large numbers cannot!
---Warwick on 2/17/09

Warwick, with that I am letting you have the last word on this topic. Let's amicably agree to disagree, and move on. I wish you peace and all God's blessings!
---JohnnyB on 2/17/09

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JohnnyB I quoted what Jesus said but you opinionate upon what He meant!

I read Scripture via Biblical 'glasses', taking it at face-value, like literature, unless there is good reason not to do so. Therefore I see Jesus words here as sober history, what He says aligns with other Scriptures. No metaphor

You reinterpret it, because of your non-Biblical view of beginnings, viewing Scripture through these 'glasses.'

If you're correct Jesus lied. In discussing real marriage/divorce, He claimed its foundation was something He knew was untrue! He can't be the way, the truth, the life! Why (if you are correct) didn't He simply say 'He who made them made them male and female', leaving out 'at the beginning'?
---Warwick on 2/17/09

Jesus giving history lessons? No, He gave the historical basis for marriage-who better suited to do so-a witness who does not lie.

'Genesis 1-11 is true, but..not "history"' Then why did He & the apostles quote or allude to Genesis 1-11, 107 times, always as sober truth?

Genesis 1-3 is the only foundation for the only gospel. Your ideas are shades of Gal. 1:6! Why did Paul insist the real events of Genesis 1-3 were the basis of the only true gospel?

'Jesus spoke to people in words they understood.' Still does-you think we are smarter than they?

'If the Genesis account is a metaphor, that doesn't mean it isn't true.' This tortured reasoning is nothing but double speak!
---Warwick on 2/17/09

Laurie, I think we understand each other. Have a great week, and God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/17/09

Warwick, it's okay with me if people believe Genesis 1-11 is historical truth. Remember that Jesus was not giving lessons on history, but rather was trying to get points across. Genesis 1-11 is true, but it is not "history" as we understand history. Jesus spoke to people in words they understood. If the Genesis account is a metaphor, that doesn't mean it isn't true. Metaphors often express more truth than bare facts. I do know that my salvation is secure, not because of how I view Genesis, but because I trust in Jesus for it. God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/17/09

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I agree that inerrant is not the same as literal, and although I believe much of scripture should be understood literally, obviously not all of it should be.

For the record, I don't believe the earth literally sits on pillars.

What concerns me is when something can be understood literally and isn't because what science believes at this time contradicts it. To choose to take something metaphorically so it will line up with science is backward, in my opinion. God's wisdom and integrity should not come second to that of science and secular wisdom.
---Laurie on 2/17/09

Thank you Warwick, for giving me the information that Frances was so reluctant to provide.
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/17/09

Laurie, I think you and I may be pretty much in agreement. I have no doubt that Scripture is inspired and trustworthy. I wouldn't be a Christian if I didn't. I just don't like the word 'inerrant' because it implies to many people literal interpretations where they would better be taken metaphorically. For instance, Job 9:6 says the earth is set on pillars. If we must take that statement as inerrantly literal, we have deny many obvious facts everyone knows and accepts about how the earth really appears. God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/17/09


Some early church fathers viewed scripture allegorically, not all. You're right, Jesus was referring to the Law in stating all would be accomplished, my point was that it is correct in its entirety. Scripture must be inerrant because it claims God is omniscient and how can an omniscient God claim that and inspire men to write things that are not true?

Some seem to feel like they have to understand the Bible and explain it in natural terms, or they won't accept it. Yet the Bible says the natural man cannot receive or know the things of the Spirit of God because they are spiritually discerned. It is the Spirit who explains scripture to us, not scientists or those who trust in the wisdom of this age.
---Laurie on 2/17/09

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Finally, God states, 'He is the chief of the ways of God' [Thus the greatest animal God ever made]....These great animals! were still living in Job's day, even though they may have become extinct since. God remarks...'He eateth grass as an ox...his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly....He that made him can make his sword to approach unto him' [Thus God Himself can destroy the dinosaurs, even though man could not]. A note: Dinosaurs, were aboard the ark.
---catherine on 2/17/09

Chris,Scripture can say-a day is like 1,000yrs years to God/ 1,000yrs like a day-only because 'day' and '1,000yrs' were already defined-meaningless otherwise.

God(outside of time) obviously defines 'day' in Genesis 1:5 not for Himself,but for us.

In Exodus 20:8-11 He reminds us He created in 6 days so we would have a 6 day working week. He describes creation days and our working days in the exact same terms-must be the sams length, otherwise language has no meaning.

God says He created all land creatures on day 6, with man. Therefore we Christians should believe this shouldn't we?

Where in God's record does it show dinosaurs 'did exist much further back than 10,000 years ago at least as men measure time.'
---Warwick on 2/16/09

Laurie, with respect for your position, I quote Jesus in Matt. 5:18 -- Until heaven and earth pass away, not one iota, not one serif, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished. Jesus is saying the Law cannot be abrogated. He does not refer to scriptural inerrancy. If you read early Church writings, you will find that in them the Old Testament is interpreted allegorically, not literally. And that is how I view Genesis 1:11. But it is certainly nothing over which I would break fellowship with anyone. God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/16/09

Frances ... I am sorry to be such an ineffective spy!

Naturally when you said Bruce should go to Mother Shipley's Cave, that is the one I looked for.

I should have realised shouldn't I that you had given the wrong name?

At the Shipton cave, there is a stream that petrifies things because of the dontents of the water cascading over them.

So far I have not been able to find refer to fossilisation.
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/17/09

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Bruce my comments were regarding your earlier comments, on 13.02.09.

I wasn't disagreeing with you!
---Warwick on 2/16/09

JohnnyB you wrote 'I don't understand why the credibility of the New Testament should depend on the credibility of Genesis 1-11. The former is quite verifiable while the latter is not.'

I imagine that you trust the NT because people verify it, but don't trust the OT because people can't verify it? Isn't God to be trusted infinitely more than any man? Isn't Genesis His testimony?

Futher Jesus and the apostles quoted from or alluded to Genesis 1-11 107 times and always as sober historical truth.

Isn't this good enough for you?

Isn't our gospel founded upon the historical events of Genesis? Paul repeatedly says it is see 1 Cor. ch 15, for example.
---Warwick on 2/16/09

Alan as regards what Francis wrote about the fosilized bears, Google 'The Amazing Fosilized Bears of Yorkshire' where there is an article by UK scientist Dr Monty White. It was printed in Creation magazine vol. 24:3 in 2002. Better you could also access it on the site creationontheweb (etc) under the title 'amazing stone bears of yorkshire.'

While there you could read to your hearts content on other Biblical/creation issues.
---Warwick on 2/16/09


The Bible does claim to be inerrant, where in the world did you get the idea this is a recent man-made doctrine? Jesus said every jot and title will come to pass, which is why the Bible receives such intense scrutiny. If even one thing can be proven wrong it brings the integrity of the entire Bible into question.

It's not meant to be read as a document that contains "some" truth, that would mean each of us can judge it according to our own sense of morality and our own understanding.

It would be like you or I writing a book about God, who cares what WE think? If it's not God revealing Himself to us, and He doesn't know more than we do, I've got better things to do.
---Laurie on 2/16/09

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See how good google is AlanofUK? Even if you have a misspelling, you can still get to the right website. If you went to Mother Shipton's cave and paid the appropriate fee (expensive) you would find the said items plus others (like handbags) all petrified in water that they have been soaked in which comes from the stream over the cave.
---frances008 on 2/16/09

Why do we accept the statements of scientists, who have to tow the line for tenure, that the earth is 65,000,000 years old? The Great Dawkins has spoken and s he is so special all discusion ends?
Key point about re[tiles. they will grow 1ft a year. also, they need the eggs to be a certain temperature to produce males, and I have heard it argued that the real extinction of the lizzards came about after a series of cold winter, which produced only females and the line died out.
---mike8384 on 2/16/09

Warwick, Francis008

Your comments have nothing to do with my question to Eloy.

My question has nothing to do with timeframes only the existence of dinasaurs - at what ever time.
---Bruce5656 on 2/16/09


I live near two particuarly fossil rich areas, Joggins and Arisag - both in Nova Scotia Canada. Joggins was recently recoginzed as a World Heritage Site. I have been to both places and taken fossilized remains from rocks there. I did not make them and they were not composites.

So, if I did not make them, where did they come from?
---Bruce5656 on 2/16/09

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I don't understand why the credibility of the New Testament should depend on the credibility of Genesis 1-11. The former is quite verifiable while the latter is not. And remember that the Bible itself does not claim to be inerrant. That is a man-made doctrine of fairly recent origin. God bless you!
---JohnnyB on 2/16/09

On the Web I can find no reference whatsoever to "Mother Shipley's cave", nor to "fossilised teddy bears"

There is an entry for "Mother Shipton's cave", which is very interesting, but does not refer to the teddy bears.
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/16/09

If a day to God is a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day, what it is saying is that for God time does not exist and if that is the case then the time frame of creation (which is prior to men actually measuring mortal time) is meaningless to us. It could be that dinosaurs existed prior to men being created and they could be from millions of years ago, because the creation account is using a time frame that only has meaning to God, if at all. I am convinced that God's record in the earth shows there were dinosaurs and that they did exist much further back than 10,000 years ago at least as men measure time.
---Chris on 2/15/09

If you went to a museum and saw a dinosaur monster, try to obtain permission to examine a bone up close, and even to take it away for expert opinions. Even to touch it. I can tell you now most certainly you will not be allowed to remove any bones. Only certain people have access to these 'bones'. They are not for you or I to inspect. Some were created from plaster casts.
---frances008 on 2/15/09

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Bruce, you need to study fossilization and the photos of leather boots that fossilized over about 30 years. Or visit Mother Shipley's cave in Yorkshire where fossillized teddy bears can be seen. The bones that appeared about 150 to 200 years ago, suddenly, out of nowhere, on the top of the sediments contradicts the idea of a millions of years scenario. These 'bones' or 'teeth' were probably planted, having been gathered from multiple sources from various animals and humans including giants that used to exist but whose traces have been wiped out by the anti-historians. The Jesuits have been planning to disprove the Bible, for 400 years. Jesuits are in EVERY field of knowledge and are the LEADERS in education and spreading of information.
---frances008 on 2/15/09

JohnnyB we covered that!

Whenever dinosaurs are mentioned-TV, Movies, books,media they come packaged with 'died out 65 million years ago.'

Have you seen a documentary which put them in a Biblical context? Never?

Therefore 'dinosaur' is a loaded word, loaded with millions of years/ evolution.

Some can accept Christianity with contradictory ideas in tension, in their mind. I was one.

Most will not take the gospel seriously, because they have been indoctrinated to believe 'science' has proven Scripture wrong-If it is wrong about dinosaurs how can I trust it with my life/salvation/eternal life?

If part is wrong why is the rest correct? See John 3:12.
---Warwick on 2/15/09

I still have no idea why it makes any difference at all when dinosaurs lived and died. What is all the fuss about anyway? God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/14/09

The dinosaurs died out in the Flood, the dinosaurs that were on-board the ark died out naturally from lack of food and low oxygen levels. There are likely some smaller dinosaur species alive, but have not been captured as yet. The fossil record is all there, but is yet to be completely discovered. The earth was populated by animals and mankind 5000-6000 years ago, but the earth itself may have existed a few thousand years longer. The Bible mentions that to God a thousand years is to one day, and one day is to a thousand years. Facinating!
---Cameron on 2/14/09

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.bruce5656, some were composites of diverse animals, and others were manufactured by man.
---Eloy on 2/14/09

Bruce I would add: Where did the dinosaur bones in the Liscomb bone beds in Alaska come from? Some still have ligaments attached. These bones are fresh! How could they be millions of years old?

Where did the fresh (un-permineralized) T-Rex bone with blood cells come from? The bone I mentioned in my Schweitzer quote below.

Experts say this fresh bone is exactly the same in shape as the many mineralized T-Rex bones already found.

Where did various peoples get their ideas from when they carved such creatures, and wrote about them?
---Warwick on 2/13/09

dinosaurs never existed, except on the fictional cartoon called the "Flintstones".

So where did the fossils come from?
---Bruce5656 on 2/13/09

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