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Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare

Is it a sin to be on welfare?

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 ---Webmaster on 2/11/09
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Welfare is not a sin when it is needed, but it should only be for a time while you get things in order. It should not be a permanent way of providing for your family. If you are not working and living off of welfare then yes I would agree it is a sin. If you are on welfare temporarily for a few years while you get things in order, working the whole time, then no it is not a sin.

Love others as you would yourselves. If you don't want to be taken advantage of, then don't take advantage of others. Government money is OUR money. That's how it goes and that's how God commanded it.
---Vanessa on 6/1/09

If social security had run as intended you would be right. Unfortunately, during the early years no one put in enough. Then there is also the fact, that the money that was paid in by workers wasn't saved, but rather was spent by politicians, so it was already used supposedly for the generation that was paying in, it just wasn't used for retirement, it was used primarily for social programs, etc. Social security since its beginning was turned from being a retirement program, to being a welfare program and it is just getting worse. By the time I retire, supposedly there will not be anything there for me and there will only be 2 workers for every one person on social security. Obviously this won't work.
---Sophia on 4/21/09

Sam: Social Security is not welfare. The only people who can collect it are the retired persons who pay into it, or the physically or emotionally disabled, who ARE UNABLE TO WORK. Are you suggesting that the government NOT help those who are unable to work? My nephew is intellectually and emotionally unable to hold a job. He was born disabled, and is not able to support himself. Should he starve because of your thinking?

If a person does not contribute to Social Security, such as those who work under the table, they will not be able to collect it at their retirement.
---Trish9863 on 4/19/09

I think its necesary to have welfare in some situations but its important that people don`t stay on it.
Its a stepping stone to something better.
Not away of life!
---lorna on 4/19/09

It is a sin if you contributed nothing to welfare to start with. Then, you are feeding off of the labor of others at no cost to yourself. This person is also called a freeloader, a sponge, a leech, a parasite or the worst of the word, a scab. For Social Security, you earn your 40 points by working 10 years making a certain amount of gross income per year toward the maximum of 4 points per year. It is a sin if you did not earn it. Sad to see but the system is your basic Ponzi Scheme: money paid-in is spent immediately, as more people fall into welfare, a greater number of people are needed to continue the game.
---sam7489 on 4/19/09

I don't think it is necessarily, a sin to be on welfare. Welfare is tax payer's money. If you have paid taxes in the past and lose a job or run into some other bad dilemma,why not? You don't have to stay on welfare but if will help you in a bad time or a pinch, that is good. Do whatever it takes to feed your family without stealing and hurting others. When times get better then you can get off of welfare.
The church cannot take care of everybody. They can only do so much. Some do not even have outreach in their churches. Some help with food and clothing. Some help you pay a bill or two. That's it. You need to know what to do when times get hard.
---Robyn on 4/18/09

I think many churches do more good than most people see. Big churches may have big programs and get lots of attention because of it ( I don't particularly admire this but it does help people).

Small Churches help a family here, a poor child there, provide home care for the ill, sometimes schooling, food and coat banks.

But some "homeless" are difficult to help.
They come to our church at times, seeking food and shelter. We can provide some of that in an emergency. But often, if we offer to help them find work...they quickly become a lot less needy!
---Donna66 on 4/16/09

Many churches and christians need to change their ways. When I see crystal cathedrals and christians with fancy clothes, cars and houses, I don't see this as serving Christ, but "mammon". Too many seek the world's wealth, power and praise, when many in the world need a helping hand. I would like to call on church leaders and christians everywhere to reevaluate how their donation money is getting spent. I know we can do better. We need to do better. Christ cared so little for worldly things during his ministry and instead ministered to the needy (whether poor in spirit or in physical health). If we are blessed with wealth, we need to do good with it, not flaunt it.
---Chris on 4/16/09

I do not believe it is a sin to be on welfare - but the fact that welfare exists is a strong statement of where the church is at today. People who are not Christians are being forced to help those in need, and thus the church is getting to skate. This makes the church a farce - for those who are members can just sit back and let heathans do the work?!? WOW
---Steve on 4/11/09

You're right about the attitude with which we give. I admit that my attitude is not always right. I have also given annonomously, without desire or hope of appreciation. I think it interesting that Christ's comment to the returning healed leper is asking about the other nine that were also healed.

Nevertheless, whether we desire or get appreciation is rather irrelevent to whether governmental programs cause people to become more disconnected and thus more disrepectful and unloving. Governments, by force (or threat) take from the one in order to give to another that usually feels entitled or just lazy. The "good samaritan" is person to person giving and is the most biblical I believe.
---doug on 3/31/09

I think in the sermon on the Mount Jesus indicates we are to give EXPECTING NOTHING IN RETURN. Talking about how much praise we get from people to whom we give takes away from the act itself, don't you think?
---Melinda on 3/23/09

All I see is everyone on here saying it should not be the governments responsibilty. That we as people should take care of one another or the church should. How many of you have seen a homeless person and offered them food or a coat in the winter time. Helping needs to come from every avenue possible and always remember no one started their life homeless..with the economy the way it is it could be any one of us asking for and needing the help of others.
---Brandy on 3/22/09

Well said. I've never had a a single welfare recepient come up to me and thank me or show appreciation to me for working hard and paying my taxes. Also, unfortunately I also end up feeling poorly towards them, because I think of them as being ungrateful and wonder if they are just using me. I know my attitude is probably wrong, but I think you have the concept right. At times, when I have voluntarily sacrificed and helped others, if they happened to know that I helped them, this made the two of us friends forever. Quite a difference than the governmental way.
---doug on 3/17/09

The problem is not with the truly needy that need help, the problem is a governmental system. God intended for charity to be done from the heart. We are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. Christ then gives the example of the good samaritan. He didn't give the example of a big government program, but of an individual reaching out to an individual and voluntarily and lovingly helping. Christ's way builds bonds of love between the giver and the recepient. Anyone who has worked with governmental programs realizes that government programs bring bondage, dependence and an ungrateful sense of entitlement, not loving bonds of friendship.
---sophia on 3/17/09

Sometimes, stuff happens and families need help, It's probably more of a sin if we just turn our heads and don't help those in need(just as long it's not being ABUSED), IT'S more of the churches responsibility then the Governments to take care of people, that's most of the problem, Were not treating/loving our neighbor as if they were ourselves and lost people have seen or have been made merchandise of and have seen the hypocrisy's of it's/our church leader's.

That's the reality of the lost people's view of the church/us today(can you blame them,look at us), and it shouldn't be so.

---Duane_Dudley_Martin_Jr. on 3/16/09

If a family is not doing to well financially and need a little help to get by then no it isn't wrong. It is wrong if a family is able to work but don't and would rather be on welfare. What gets me upset is these foreigners come over into the United States and are able to work but signs up on Welfare and just sit around while the hard working family pays for them to be lazy. A while back when I had to have all those surgeries I tried to sign up on Welfare, the social worker told me that if me and my husband split up then they could help me out alot, but since we were together, they couldn't help us. Talk about the system being so screwed up, it really is.
---Rebecca_D on 3/15/09

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YES! It is the responsibility for the man to do the very best that he can for his family. He is to trust God to help. "What is not of faith is SIN". Depending on man rather than total dependence upon God is sin. Got it? I hope so!
---catherine on 3/12/09

I think the only time it is a sin would be out of laziness,,slothliness ...or greed & deceptive reasons.
---Christine on 3/10/09

its a sin to let poor people suffer and not extend a helping compassionate hand.

it is a sin to ignore the sick and elderly that need health care right now!

No the medicare system is not a sin..some people who run it and abuse it are sinning.

a better system in place is what we strive for an pray for!
---paul on 2/26/09

Have you noticed? It's not "socialized medicine" anymore. It's "Universal Health Care". The latter is OK, because the government doesn't PAY for everybody...they merely dictate to the medical profession what is acceptable practice, based on their statistical (not medical) studies.
---Donna66 on 2/23/09

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"It's a sin to be a millionaire and not in God's will." Larry on 2/15

"Thus saith the LORD,...let not the rich man [glory] in his riches:" For he "shall cast [his] silver in the streets, and [his] gold shall be removed: [his] silver and [his] gold shall not be able to deliver [him] in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy [his] soul, neither fill [his] bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of [his] 'iniquity'. Go now, [ye] rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon [you]. Your riches are corrupted...and the rust of them shall be a witness against you.." A millionaire' millions are 'vain' apart from the LORD'S will for them. Refs. Jer.9:23>Ezek.7:19>James5:1,2
---joseph on 2/23/09

I tried for years and years to work and failed at almost everything. Didn't realize it was largely because of psychological and emotional things I couldn't help. I nearly went nuts trying to suceed before I finally gave in and went on disability. It's been a blessing but it does hurt that I have failed so much. Trust me, disability is not welfare but sometimes one can feel the same shame because of it.
---Mary on 2/20/09

Financial aid to needy families and children is "welfare". Bailouts to large corporations is not for anybody's welfare, it is shameful.
Companies in this society, traditionally, have been free to succeed and likewise free to fail.

When some businesses fail, it is an opportunity for others to step in and replace them. New businesses can then step up to provide the goods or services and jobs that people need...and to do it BETTER than those that failed.

This is a what has always made the United States "the land of opportunity". This freedom and independence is what, up until now, has created our strong economy.
---Donna66 on 2/20/09

Wivv and Gordon,
As it is in all huge bureaucracies, there will be some who try to get away with things. Look at the Big 3 auto CEOs who flew in their private jets to ask for a bailout. It happens at all levels. I do know that when the "Welfare Reform Act" was passed, it was written to to attempt to curb the abuses that existed.

As for the names of the programs, it is important to be able to distinguish between the various programs of which people speak. My nephew is severely learning disabled and mentally ill. He works part time at Wal-Mart and collects Disability under SSI. I would not consider him on welfare, as it is not a handout for doing nothing. Whether he worked or not, he would qualify for the Disability.
---Trish9863 on 2/20/09

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Trish9863, Thank you, sister, for that update. Blessings! But, I do still have my "suspicions" about how the Governmental Welfare is being distributed, since, there is alot of corruption in the Government's system. Blessings!
---Gordon on 2/20/09

One problem with "welfare", as opposed to government assistance in general, is that it sometimes encourages the very things it ought not to support. It is a well established fact that povery increases where more families are one parent families. Yet I personally know of several couples, with children or without, who would marry if they were not afraid to lose whatever government support they have. So they just co-habit off and on. Their friends perhaps think of them as a couple or a family, but officially they are unmarried and can thus combine their resources without penalty.
---Donna66 on 2/19/09

No point in "kicking a deal horse", so this will be my last contact with you. It's obvious you have been "brainwashed", and I don't have the ability to get you de-program. My parting remark is simply, a "rose is still a rose" regardless of what you choose to call it. Conclusion, welfare and still welfare regardless of what name you give it. Some need it, some don't. The problem is some of those who "don't" think they do, and it's going to take more than just saying they "shouldn't" to stop them.
---wivv on 2/19/09

welfare? bailout?the business world who paid exhorbitant wages,or made seriously inept decisions, resulting in serious financial issues,then come with palms up looking for help.or a single mother who cant find work suitable too house ,clothe and feed herself let alone her children.which is welfare?
---tom2 on 2/19/09

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The problem with most liberals is that they think everybody else is too stupid to be able to see through all their double talk. If we label welfare as something else, then it's not really welfare... yeah right.

Just like abortion clinics are not abortion clinics, they are "family planning" centers.
Taxes are not really taxes, but fees or "contributions" as Bill Clinton called them. "It depends what the meaning of 'is' is."
Government spending is not really spending, it's "investment" and "stimulus".

Yeah right.
---ralph7477 on 2/19/09

Wivv: I got most of that information NOT from a textbook, but from the Congressional website Thomas. Also, most lawmakers and social workers do not call other programs Welfare. Welfare is the term used only for the program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the act that was signed into law in the 1990s, and nicknamed The Welfare Reform Act. To call all of the assistance programs Welfare is to paint a broad brush, and cause unnecessary confusion.
---Trish9863 on 2/19/09

Trish9862 All I can state at this point is get your nose out of the textbooks and check out reality. Welfare is welfare regardless of it's form, ie, WIC, Section 8 housing, food stamps, etc. This doesn't mean it's not needed by some, but too many people are taking advantage of it. (I was raised in a welfare home and have worked with welfare recievers over the years so know from experiecnce this happens too much.)
---WIVV on 2/18/09


I appreciate a person who knows what the facts are and just simply state them. Thank you.

By the way, welfare for the rich and the powerful has to include not only tax exemptions and allowances, but subsudies into the hundreds of billions of dollars and the guaranteed price for certain agricultural products.
---Janze on 2/18/09

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proverbs 28:19 TNIV
Those who work their land will have abundant food but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.
We need to have a system in place that will have stronger oversight of welfare. Some people really need it, but we need to be careful that others are not just taking due to being lazy, or not willing to find the way to work. We should have job placement or assistance to those who need help to find education for job training. I think some people want the american dream, but dont know how to find it. I dont think its a sin to be on welfare if you truly need it. Everyone will answer to God someday. nana
---nana on 2/17/09

The problem is that in our present society, welfare creeps into most everything. If you don't pay for it through a direct fee, it probably has some element of welfare for at least some of the recepients. Here is a list, Corporate bailouts, Farm subsidies, free school lunch, WIC, Food Stamps, Subsidized rent, Subsidized loans, Government Guaranteed loans, public schooling, government "grants", SCHIP, Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, etc., etc., etc...The real problem with all this is that the more welfare in whatever form, the less personal responsibility and the less person to person charity.
---Jolene on 2/17/09

Wivv: I do not work for the welfare system., I studied it in my social work classes. Read the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Act, which was passed in the 90s during the Clinton administration, to learn what the law says. It was also known as the Welfare Reform Act. You are probably confusing Disability and Food Stamps, and Section 8 housing for Welfare, which it is not.
---Trish9863 on 2/17/09

No, it isn't a sin to be on welfare. But, one "may" find him/herself on welfare as a direct result (consequence) of prior sin.
---Leon on 2/17/09

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No. Not when you truly need it.
---paradise on 2/17/09

Trish9862 You either work for the welfare system or only going my what is written on paper. What you state concerning the welfare receiptant only receiving welfare for 5 years is only on paper. Have seen it mis-used for over 65 years, regardless of what is stated on paper.
---wivv on 2/17/09

With what the government takes from my check and hands over to the Federal Reserve Bank for interest on fiat-money that should legally be printed by the Treasury, interest free... it's a sin to NOT be on welfare!
---BruceB on 2/17/09

Welfare, in and of itself is certainly just as much ordained by God as any governmental grant funded program and there are MANY:). Charity is not a sin but we all need to use our God given time and resources wisely. Some who recieve welfare are living in sin due to their hearts, lifestyles and many other factors. Most importantly, anyone who does not know Jesus as Lord and saviour is dead in sin. This is also true for those who are fortunate enough to have gainful employment. Loving and serving Jesus/God is the ONLY way to live a Godly life no matter what your source of income. And we must remember that we all struggle with the flesh and need to believe God for grace and mercy as we attempt to follow after His will.
---jody on 2/16/09

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Betty: Social Security Disability is NOT welfare. Your friend is on disability, and that comes from the Social Security budget, NOT the Welfare budget. It is not the same thing.
---Trish9863 on 2/16/09

Janze: Yes, there is a sort of welfare for the rich and the corporations. They got those huge tax breaks from the conservative government we had for years.
---Trish9863 on 2/16/09

I have a good friend on welfare. He is on it because of a disability that is not instantly noticeable. It's a job for him just to live each day. I believe someone said earlier in this blog, it's not that they're on welfare, it's what they do when they're on it. My friend knows he will be off one day but that day may be 3-4 years away. He's been on Social Security Disability for 7 years now. It's taking longer than planned but he does want to be off and will one day. And every day he's working toward that goal. It's those that abuse the "system" that give it a bad name and make others judgemental. Next time you see someone on welfare, thank the Lord you're in a situation that doesn't need it and pray for that person's healing.
---Betty on 2/16/09

Debbie: You are misinformed. Welfare NOW requires the recipients to work, or attend schooling to be job ready, AND has a five year life time limit. I have posted this information in this blog already. Either you have not read it, or refuse to believe it.
---Trish9863 on 2/16/09

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I have lived in the United States for many years, I have never heard those who are against the welfare to the poor ever question the wefare to the rich and powerful. That welfare is in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Obviously, every system operated by government or private enterprise is subject to dishonesty people, but being poor does not make an individual more or less honesty. That is a human quality.

Wake up, the Bible commands Believers to be merciful, humnble and to defend the weak among us. That kind of adherence to the Principles of Grace is far more likely to positively influence those around you than biased vituperation.
---Janze on 2/16/09

I believe the Bible says that if a man does not work he will not eat. Welfare is not work.
There are some people who make a career out of welfare, making it generational. There are times in all of our lives when a helping hand is needed and we can thank God that there is such a thing as welfare, but it should be only a temporary thing, until work can be found, and not a sample be set for the family for them to follow in the lifetime.
---Debbie on 2/16/09

Ask yourself why are you on welfare? Then pray that the Lord get you off. Jesus said the poor you will have with you always. However, Proverbs talk about people who doesn't work don't eat. I don't believe it's a sin, I believe what you do while on welfare is the problem.
---Larry on 2/16/09

tom, just so you know, in my state at least you ARE responsible for paying back the govt for welfare
---christina on 2/16/09

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Welfare is not a sin, Why on earth would it be? I think it is a sin to not help people when they need it, the tithe, that goes to the storehouse that people pay, to recieve blessings from God, that was commanded, instead of using it for selfish gain, or things for the church example, the pastors new cadillac, a aniversary, a birthday, or just because the pastor feels you need to give money. The tithe is for the needy, the less fortunate, those widowed, that lost husbands, those children without two parents.
---Addie on 2/15/09

It is a sin to not do good, when you have the power to do it. So it is a sin not to provide for yourself and your own, if you have the power to provide. My wife and I have never been on welfare, but could have qualified during many of our first years of marriage. We worked multiple jobs and tried our best. We never went to anyone for help, but a few caring friends and family were generous with inviting us for meals or providing a baby sitter at key times. I see government welfare as a last resort that should virtually never be necessary for an able bodied individual that has tried his best to live wisely and work hard. Work when you can, where you can and then work your way up.
---Doug on 2/15/09

Nurse Robert- I don't "get" my ideas from Hannity. I've been a conservative longer than he's been alive! It's just nice to hear somebody agree with me on some things (not all).
---Donna66 on 2/15/09

The question is silly because it reduces a question of sin (spiritual) to politics and policy (flesh).
It's a sin to be a millionaire and not in God's will.
---larry on 2/15/09

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I don't think it is a sin for those who need it but if you are miss using it then it is a sin. My husband and I both work hard and when our hours got cut at work we tried to get help. The people at DHS told us that one of us had to not be working because we made to much. No one ever takes into account the bill that a person has to pay. So we just tightend the money belt and saved any way we could. I am never going to walk into a welfare office again. They only seem to help the ones that won't help themselves.
---Tanya on 2/15/09

I believe that it is a sin to be on Welfare if there is any way that you could be working instead of relying on the government to support you. If you can work, you should work--otherwise you are just being a leech on society and basically lazy.
---Cameron on 2/14/09

If you worked... you paid for this "Insurance". Is it a sin to collect insurance is the proper question. The answer is NO.
America is a country designed to "entice you" by marketing of your money (ask any lawyer), and they want to recruit you into the credit / Bank system (AKA Biblical World system).
This disease (credit) grows like cancer eating your blessings... and when the blessings are gone:
Hello curse !
Amish, Mennonites, Quakers have a grip on this... They are not on welfare or the credit system... they are immuned as they follow God's word and don't compromise as commonly practiced by most denominations today. Read your bible carefully
---john on 2/14/09

It ain't a sin to be on welfare if you can't work because of Children,or can't genuinely get work. It's a sin to sit on your backsides and not look for work, when working would lift your self esteem, give you a honest day living, help you to bring up a healthy family and contribute to the storehouse of God. Being rich towards God means him being rich towards you an Art few learn!
---Carla3939 on 2/14/09

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I watch golf. I guess that makes my ideas par for the course.
---ralph7477 on 2/14/09

Nurse: I was thinking the same thing...I personally watch Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow. I know where I get my ideas from.
---Trish9863 on 2/14/09

Oh, and I watch Hannity...what's wrong with that?
---Donna66 on 2/13/09

Well, at least we know where you get your ideas..
---NurseRobert on 2/14/09

"Is it a sin to be on welfare?" No.

The sin would be, being to prideful to receive welfare, if what ever reason ones is unable to provide for ones family in any other way. However fraud and/or slothfulness are of course always sin.
---josef on 2/14/09

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no, I do believe this woman who had the 8 children,and already had 6, 3 of which are getting disability and possibly the doctor that insiminated her should have too repay the state. 14 children,all under 6 I believe.she must be nuts.
---tom2 on 2/13/09

1stCliff, that is true. Everyone, whatever their political preference, votes for whoever they think will give them the most of whatever it is they want. That's how the system works. (I would prefer instead a benevolent monarchy, but we may have a long wait for one!) God bless.
---JohnnyB on 2/13/09

No sane person believes 5 yr olds and nonogenarians should look for employment. But I agree with your friend that those old enough for legal employment (which children are not) and physically fit, should seek to be self-supporting or contributing to the family that supports them.

Unions had a good purpose in the beginning, but have also been responsible lately for company outsourcing.When asked to vote for whether I wanted a union at my workplace, I've always voted no.They no longer look out for workers.They only want power for themselves.

I collect SS since I'm a senior and have contributed to it 30+ yrs. But I don't think it was well conceived nor well managed. Oh, and I watch Hannity...what's wrong with that?
---Donna66 on 2/13/09

"He believes that every person regardless of age or physical condition or any other circumstance, must go into the marketplace find his own employment"

Even 5 year old child or a bedridden nonogenarian?
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/13/09

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Gordon: Were you around in the 90s, during the Clinton administration? If not, then you are probably unaware of "Welfare Reform" which did away with your "misuse and abuse" concerns. After 5 years, a person is kicked off, FOR LIFE.
---Trish9863 on 2/13/09

JohnnyB, There's a reason behind this type of thinking, Each one represents a "vote" and these people vote for the candidate who can give them the most!
Right now we have a substantial number these young voters!
---1st_cliff on 2/13/09

1stCliff, okay, thanks. I don't think there are many people who would view themselves as bleeding heart do-gooders according to your description. God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/13/09

Here is the view of a Christian man with whom I sometimes work with in soulwinning.
He does not believe in welfare of any kind. He believes that every person regardless of age or physical condition or any other circumstance, must go into the marketplace find his own employment(he is also violently against the unions also) and derive his livinghood there from!!!! He also disagrees with Social Security, however you presently living on Social Security checks. His favorite commentator is Sean Hannity!!
---mima on 2/13/09

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The Bible says that if you don't work, you shouldn't eat. IDEALLY, the Welfare program should be for those, who are temporarily out of a job, who need financial and basic-needs assistance UNTIL they are able to get work again, to then financially support themselves again. But, the Welfare program has been outrageously misused and abused. Some people who are coddled into laziness and growing into the mindset of the world owing them this-and-that, etc. But, I also believe that Welfare can be just one of the Government's wrong-wing tentacles to CONTROL some people, for their own "power" and "greed".
---Gordon on 2/13/09

JohnnyB, There's a difference between being compassionate and a bleeding heart do-gooder!
The latter believes that we shouldn't make people responsible for their life choices, after all "work" is not an option for those that think the big brother government should "keep" them.
School is too much bother,so drop out and get pregnant and take the "free ride" is the mentality instilled by those in charge of Social Services by encouraging this life style.
Boys get social assistance simply by leaving home.
---1st_cliff on 2/13/09

Welfare is NOT just any support from the government. The government has a variety of assistance programs.

There is Social Security, SSI, SSD, Aid for Families of Dependent Children (used to be called Welfare), Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, and WIC. Some of these are temporary, such as Aid for Families of Dependent Children, Medicaid, and Medicare, and WIC. Some are entitlements, like Social Security and Medicare.

There is no longer a program where a person can go on "Welfare" for a lifetime. Also Aid for Families of Dependent Children has a requirement that the recipient either find work, or get education so they are able to work in order to receive benefits and there is a five year lifetime limit on it.
---Trish9863 on 2/12/09

"Welfare", "Food Stamps" etc. are intended to help those who are temporarily without sufficient funds for their support. Of course it's not sin to be on welfare. Dire financial situations can affect anyone.

But these are not permanent solutions. It is a sin to attempt to make them so.

SSI or SSD are only for those who are unable to work due to disability. To be employable, but falsely obtain help under these programs, is also a sin.
---Donna66 on 2/12/09

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1stCliff, just curious, how do you define a 'bleeding heart do-gooder'? I want to know if you think I am one. I am sure some people thought Jesus was one, but you probably don't. God bless you.
---JohnnyB on 2/12/09

Shirley, in the US, there is "welfare" and then there is SSI or SSD, otherwise known as Disability. SSI and SSD are for people who are either physically or emotionally incapable of holding a full time job. Welfare, as it has been called for decades, now requires that the recipient either work or go to school, in order to qualify. Also, in the US, there is a five year, LIFETIME limit to benefits.
---Trish9863 on 2/12/09

Since I was raised in a welfare home, and I'm now 71, have enough experience in this area to answer this question. It's NOT a sin to be on welfare if needed. The key words are, "IF NEEDED". Have seen many cases where people simply take advantage of welfare. Some have the opinion, "They owe me", which is true with 2nd generation of those receiving welfare . Others are just too lazy to get off of welfare or are content to let us tax payers pay the bill. Some don't really understand what programs are part of welfare, and are on welfare without knowing it by that name, WIC, for example.
---wivv on 2/12/09

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