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Do The Blogs Change You

How do you see yourself? Are you open to change? If you read or understand something that can be shown to be correct on the blogs that goes against your established ideas would you change your opinion?

Moderator - Yes.

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 ---mima on 2/13/09
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Yes. This and another blog convinced me to vote for the Constitution Party and Baldwin when I had previously never considered a third party vote and considered it to be a worthless effort. I did not want McCain, but did not know where else to turn and still vote pro-life. I actually found out on our state presidential ballot there were 13 options. That is 11 more than most people consider. Knowing I had a choice allowed me to read each of the 13 platforms and make an informed choice besides the usual two.
---obewan on 4/16/09

I would probably be hesitant to change since I've studied scripure since age 12 when I became saved, which has been close to 30 years now. I have to base everything on a very, very, very thorough study of scripture and I have to compare scripture with scripture so I feel entirely confident in what I believe. I listen to teachers that are extremely extremly thorough as well. God bless you all.
---Anne on 4/15/09

I LOVE the differances in people and yes I would change my mind if I was proven wrong.
---sue on 4/14/09

If we walk & talk in the truth LIVE in His word and Follow HIS path to perfection, I believe we will have accomplished what He intended, cemented with his unbreakable unceasing love. I do believe, we all here strive to do what is good and right,only the question of Choice remains. As humans we air our faults like we do our laundry, the old fashioned way bashing it on a stone to get it clean.
---MIC on 4/14/09

Yes, this has been great. I think the biggest change in me is that I'm more patient and less judgemental. And not so quick to make a decision based on what I know because I find others know more than me quite often. God bless the blogs and the bloggers!
As an added bonus I have learned how to spell better.
---john on 4/14/09

Yes big-time, this very morning after reading a posting my attitude has changed concerning my harshness with a certain individual blogger(no name at this time) while reading this post the Holy Spirit told me you need to back off and give this man some leeway concerning his beliefs.
From this day forward it is my intention to do just that.
---mima on 4/14/09

I only wish I could have had access to blogs like this when I was a teenager/younger adult. It might could have influenced me to make better decisions.
---BettyW on 3/22/09

I see myself staying focused....On God.
---catherine on 3/5/09

donna8365 greetings from texas. In the book of John it is written "in the beginning was word...". How does that word that John writes "was there in the beginning" relate to The Book or what some call The Bible?
---DavidA on 3/4/09

I am bran new to blogging and already I have learned a lot. We are delusional if we think we can't benefit from each other. I think thats why Paul said we know in part and prophesy in part and why he continually warned not to forsake coming together. It may be electronic with no faces but I'm blessed we can come together in this way or in any way. I actually wish there was a way we could chat too so that we could exchange ideas more quickly, pray with each other, have space for swapping detailed stories etc.
---DavidA on 3/3/09

If I am walking in the truth of God's word and have it stored inside of me, memorized, studied, and know what God says, I would not change my opinion because it wouldn't be my opinion anyway, it would be what the Word of God says.

How do we get through to folks that you have to say what God says and everything outside of God's word is a lie mixed with a little bit of truth.

Jesus said in John Chapter 17, "Thy word is truth."

In the garden of eden, satan mixed the truth with a lie and got Eve to swallow that lie, Hath God really said?

Our opinions don't matter - it only matters what the Word of God says and we are to agree with Him, Our Jehovah God, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Amen?
---donna8365 on 2/18/09

I can change if neccesary. Overall if God tells me to change I'll do it. I like the blogs because I learn new things with different bloggers, but it doesn't always change me spiritually.
---paradise on 2/17/09

I have learnt and I am still learning. Gods word is finite thou some believe that they can distort the word of True to fit their lifestyle instead of allowing the Word to change their Life . You can discern when someone is of the Truth from False witnesses because there is never an ounce of scripture in context to back up ''their'' statements.
---Carla3939 on 2/16/09

To Bob, I want to say a VERY BIG AMEN! and AMEN AGAIN!!
---Rob on 2/15/09

I enjoy the answers of those who are grounded in grace and can relate to them. We learn from each other things that help us to stand firm, be strong, and grow in grace. I also learn from those not grounded in grace. Because I was there one time. One can be saved by grace and still yet serve the law if they become involved in a church that teaches old covenant law. We are programmed to believe pastors are right and we are wrong. The joy I received when I was born again, slowly disappeared after I started attending a church that taught law and didn't understand grace. Thank God, I was set free from the law of sin and death by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.
---Bob on 2/15/09

The Bible says, in Proverbs, that "Iron Sharpens Iron". As for blogging:

If I agree with what others write, that is a pretty clear sign that I "understand" what the Bible says.

And when someone's responses are different
than what I believe? I'm O.K. with that. I always appreciate being able to LISTEN to other people. Also, if I'm wrong on a point,
I appreciate having someone else CORRECT me and help me to "see what I need to see".

Actually, my last statement, "see what I need to see", is what I believe God is trying to get all of us to do. We are all still learning and will continue to do so until Jesus Christ returns.
---Augie on 2/15/09

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I don't think so. I am careful what I read, because I truly belong to Christ. Now, if I was lost, might be a little different. Ofcourse if I was lost, I probably wouldn't stay on here long. I was never into blasting Christians, when I was lost. And other than that, I see no reason for a lost person to be on Christianet.
---catherine on 2/15/09

the word of God,thru the holy spirit is what cahnges people.being open to the spirit.and allowing God to change us is whats important.our opinions mean nothing in the light of truth,and opinions are without power,umless they are the truth of God.just as the word wealth,or rich have an entirely different meaning in the minds of Gods wealth,and the worlds.per say, is bill gates wealthy?or is a mom,on welfare raising her children inline everyday with Gods word wealthy?or wealthier than bill gates?
---tom2 on 2/14/09

See myself . . . as one developing, be open for however God has me become, even each day, then see what He does with me once He has me how He wants me for what He plans. And I can fool myself and not even know it, so I always have the adventure of finding out however God corrects me and has me see better. But God is the One who knows if I am really honestly open or not. In relating in these blogs, the main thing I get more is to pray as well as I can so I answer personally what can be good for each person I write to . . . not just getting doctrine and advice and information correct. People might swing me, for a moment, with some convincing argument, but our overall love perspective is what we really need to grow in (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 2/14/09

"How do you see yourself?"

A son who enjoys learning from his Father.

"Are you open to change?"


"If you read or understand something that can be shown to be correct on the blogs that goes against your established ideas would you change your opinion?"

In a heart beat. My opinion is worthless as concerning the Father's Word.
---josef on 2/14/09

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I believe there is but one truth, I believe every one here, in some way is looking for that truth.
Some are too hard and some are too soft then we speak to each other.
Does it change you, I believe it does, every time you share the word of God.
My eyes are wet, because, you are sharing the word of God with the world, even if you dont think so!
May the lord come soon, God Bless each and everyone of you!
To the bloggers, here, here!
---TheSeg on 2/14/09

steveg, thats the point.many today are lost seeking and asking question from men,missing totally the truth of the words PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the risen jesus said take up their cross DAILY and follow me.
---tom2 on 2/13/09

I see myself accurately. I am the righteousness of Christ which does not change. Falsehood will never be shown to be correct, and although falsehood always goes against my established righteousness, I will not change my righteousness for falsehood.
---Eloy on 2/14/09

there are only a few simple truths to the gospel.most rederick is just that,someomes opinion, which really means very little too me. most people say its doctrinal issues that divide believers.doctrine means squat too me,and peoples opinions even less.
---tom2 on 2/13/09

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I must say these blogs are fun and interesting whether we change our views or not! :-) God bless all the bloggers!
---JohnnyB on 2/13/09

God's "established ideas" is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

My "established ideas" are only from the bible which I use as its own reference - not mingled with worldly knowledge or denominational church doctrines, traditions, ways of living, and interpretations of the bible. If a newly born Christian were to ever read the junk on these blogs he or she would be totally confused about his or her faith asking the question, "what is the true truth?" This is what happens when knowledge increased a thousand-fold and everyone has their own opinions and interpretations of what the Bible says. If the truth was posted, others would consider it only the opinion of the poster.
---Steveng on 2/13/09

I follow the command which is found in 2 Timothy 214-19, along which the example found in Acts 17:11.

If something is shared from scripture in the true context which it is written, I have no choice but to accept it.

If something is not shared from scripture or taken out of context, I have no choice but to reject it.
---Rob on 2/13/09

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