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Is Bobby Jindal A Hindu

Is Piyush "Bobby" Jindal a Hindu? If elected President in 2012 will he make Hinduism the national religion? That's far scarier to me than what we've got.

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 ---atheist on 2/24/09
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MMM His Kitrina story was a lie??? His political career is off to a great start..
---NurseRobert on 2/27/09

I think if President Obama was not a natural-born U.S. citizen, well-connected people who really hate him, such as Rush Limbaugh, would have brought it to light months ago. God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/26/09

Thanks for explaining the law. Now maybe we can lay to rest the question about Obama's citizenship. (I sometimes wish he was citizen of another country, but I'm in the minority)
---Donna on 2/26/09

mima and Ken:

They DID investigate where Obama was born. He was born in Hawaii. The State of Hawaii verified this and provided the documentation. And as far as being nit-picky, John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

katavasia is right. I have a Jewish friend who was born in Canada, whose parents are American and British. He has quadruple citizenship - American (from his father), British (from his mother), Canadian (from his birthplace), and Israeli (from his religion).

So EVEN IF Obama were born in Kenya (which he wasn't - his father, Barack Obama Senior was), it would just be an irrelevant red herring.
---StrongAxe on 2/26/09

**Is it a requirement of the president to be born A United States citizen? If so why doesn't someone investigate where Obama with born?**

Citizenship laws of the USA allow it to be received from the parents (jus sanguinis). If one parent is a US citizen (as was Obama's mother), so is the child.

A classmate of mine was born to Baptist missionaries to Brazil--and so she had dual citizenship: both US and Brazilian.
---katavasia on 2/25/09

"National religion" that's a unique idea. Perhaps you would rather have atheism as the "national religion". All kidding aside, it would be very hard for anyone to make one religion the "national religion" as there would always be people who don't believe in that religion. Cut my head off if you want, I'm watching for the return of Jesus.
---SusieB on 2/25/09

Mima, I grew weary of Bush late, and am not a huge fan. But his military record was completely investigated and Dan Rather took quite a hit for his false reporting on it.

His unit required something like 240 hours of flight time, which Bush did in just over a yeart and a half. While he did not go to his unit on a monthly basis as often as he probably should have, he had fulfilled what was required and was honorably discharged.

I had a similar type deal, I missed almost a year's worth of meetings (all they did was drink anyway) but got an honorable because I fulfilled my hourly requirements.

Obama was born in Kenya btw. Nobody cares though!

---Ken_Rank on 2/25/09

Is it a requirement of the president to be born A United States citizen? If so why doesn't someone investigate where Obama with born?
But just like nobody ever thoroughly looked into George W Bush's being AWOL from his military unit, there will be no investigation of Obama's citizenship.

When a country falls into the morass of anything goes then truly anything goes. From all outward appearances it appears we are a going in that direction.
---mima on 2/25/09

Well, how much of his Hindu religion did he keep? This country has already surrendered to stuff that is not constitutional. But it would take the cooperation of individual soldiers and police officers in great numbers choosing to enforce a totally Hindu society. A Hindu society would go over at least like Prohibition did (o: I'd bet. Look at how President Obama does not even really have the cooperation of his own party > not what I think will be the case of a real anti-Christ. He had to play politics and do a lot of compromising to get in.
---Bill_bila5659 on 2/25/09

The President of the U.S., no matter what religion he/she practices, has no Constitutional authority to impose his/her religion upon the American people. Also, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits Congress from making laws "respecting an established religion" or that prohibits the free exercise of religion. So, we can breathe easy atheist. Constitutional "balance of power" between the Judiciary, Executive & Legislative branches of our government still rules. God bless America. :)
---Leon on 2/25/09

I wonder if the poster has ever heard of the First Amendment to the US constitution, which forbids the government from establishing a religion.

Now, it COULD happen - but first of all, the First Amendment would have to be repealed - and that would require 2/3 of the house and 2/3 of the senate and 3/4 of the states to agree to do so, which is highly unlikely.

Besides, even though Jindal was raised by Hindu parents, he converted to Christianity, so why would he even WANT to impose Hinduism on America?
---StrongAxe on 2/24/09

Bobby Jindal's parents were Hindu. He has converted to Roman Catholicism.
---Donna66 on 2/24/09

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