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Deliverance Ministry

I suggest that we have a Deliverance Ministry Blog. Lets share our deliverance testimonies.

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 ---Danelle on 2/27/09
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Mod, permit- thanks! Prayers for ............... Bro.Manuel & wife
HeavenlyFather,our bro.Manuel, is very ill, they find it as a severe type of Athritis, he will not be able to walk for months he has to go under tests, surgery some type of steel supports for both knees.I ask O God bring him into a place of full surrender to our Lord Jesus, if these do not help, they go further our prayer for him to be cumpletely healed. WE PRAY
In jesus name.
---Elena_9555 on 7/21/14

Anyone,here know much about Deliverance Ministries??
I would like to know more about them
I do not have alot of information, only been one time in my life.
Tell me the basics, any other information. `thanks!
Love of Jesus!
---lidia4796 on 7/26/13

... now here is a cool part. My grandmother taught me talk to Jesus and to ask him questions and he would answer. She also taught me that if I ever got stuck I just needed to remember to ask him for a way out and he would make a way. Thats what I had in my mind when I was crying out to Jesus. I believed he would make a way out and he did. Later I found that truth in 1 Cor 10:13 and I had another cry (my grandmas was not a bible quoter but she was a loyal servant). As I got older Jesus showed me an even better way. He taught me to ask him to show me paths of righteousness and he showed me how I was unknowing taking paths that lead to temptation and that there were other paths that lead to life and I need to ask for them.
---DavidA on 3/12/09

A couple years into our 20 yr marriage we lived in a little town and next door to the only grocery store. My wife was pregnant and I was always running to the store. There was a girl working there that at first was just nice and friendly but somehow things turned on me. I found myself sorely tempted and losing control and I was scared to death that I would fall. I literally cried out to Jesus to deliver me. The next week the grocery store was caught up in some type of health scandal and closed. I never saw that girl again and only by the strength of God have not been tempted this way since then.
---DavidA on 3/12/09

What is your thought on accupuncture? Can it be done and not involve eastern religion?
---Steph on 3/11/09

In 2006 I met an Ethiopian cab driver in Denver CO. He had a book in his car about Calgary and so I asked what he thought about Jesus. He said Jesus saved his life. He was laying sick and dieing on the floor in his country with lice in his hair and starving and a Christian woman found him and took him in. Next Jesus sent him a wise advisor that instead of answering his questions about the bible, kept encouraging him to read on and to ask questions directly of Jesus. Somehow he found his way to America and now drives a cab. He says his cab is his church. He says his friends thank God for America and they say that the freedoms here came from the mind of God. He says his friends pray every day for America.
---DavidA on 3/6/09

Yes. I think it's a good idea.
---catherine on 3/5/09

In 1983 someone took me to a meeting. When the preacher, Wyn Worley, started calling out a spirit of rejection, I began to scream, noooo, no, no, no. The minister came over to me and told my friend to let him sit next to me.

He called out the spirit of rejection and eventually with loud screams, coughing, and tingling through my fingertips, I got set free that night from that demon. Along with that stronghold I got set free from low self-esteem, fear of man, insecurity, all kinds of demons attach themselves to a spirit of rejection.

It's the next best thing to being Born Again.
---donna8365 on 3/5/09

Yes, the Lord told me the reason why people are not set free is because they have not been prayed for and set free of their strongholds. I dont think that many churches even teach on this. We should also have a prayer room for anyone that wants to receive prayer. I have been licenced and ordained and I am called to inner and physical healing, deliverance and prophetic. I have been delivered of alot of strongholds and been healed many times from the Lord.
---Janine_Henschel on 3/2/09

I can relate to that SusieB. I too was delivered from alcoholism 35 years ago. I did attend a rehab program & briefly went to AA meetings. In my heart, I knew that wasn't enough. I was very depressed & afraid. That same year ('74) I started going back to church. Soon afterwards, I was led to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I prayed for deliverance from my addiction. Instantly (miraculously), I was released from its power & control over me. I've been alcohol free ever since. The Lord took the craving for alcohol completely away from me. I am, praise God, free! Your husband & I aren't the only ones. I know others have cried out to the Lord have been & many more are yet being set free as well. Praise God!!!
---Leon on 3/2/09

My husband was delivered from alcohol 30 years ago. No AA, no program. Just the miraculous delivering power of the Lord.
---SusieB on 3/2/09

Oh a couple more things on that story. During that period when he first opened me up to pray for more people some really cool and obviously spirit led things happened to them. One more thing about when he delivered me. It felt to me like the new unselfishness on my heart was coming from him, like a heart booster or something. Now, I am convinced that he also put it on my heart in the first place to ask for something new after he let me struggle to overcome the thing for a long time on my own. He took me back to King David asking Him for "feet for the path" and I started to see how I needed Him to lead me away from temptation and come/stay inside me and fill me with the right stuff. More than I can explain here.
---DavidA on 3/1/09

I got saved and delivered from pop-evangelicalism.

Does that count?
---katavasia on 2/28/09

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