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St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Should Christian participate in St. Patrick's Day?

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 ---Moderator on 3/13/09
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It depends. If someone is going to pinch you when you are wearing green and then talk about you behind your back to people your age when you are right there and say that you can't see colors or that you are colorblind, well this isn't the "Christian" thing to do.

Yeah I had a bad experience with it! I was around middle school age.
---amand6348 on 5/18/09

Trish9863 I agree that changes do not happen overnight, that is why one can not allow himself to sit down.
I live and work in Africa, we do notr have the problems that western churches have. nevertheless, i allready work on the idea taht one day Your problems will hit us as a Giant wave, blasting us of our feet.
i allready teach my church about gay-love, and how to defend yourself. i already occupy myself to stand against prosperity teachings who are willing to invade the land.(with this i implie the teachings that picture God as akind of santa, or worse who picture God to be bought. we do not need to wait until the cow is drowned before we react.
---Andy on 3/26/09

Andy: Changes in society do not happen over night. It took the Emancipation Proclamation to stop slavery, but still, the South held onto its prejudice, even into the 1960s with the Poll Tax on voters.

Just because the Civil Rights Act was passed did not mean that society was just going to up and embrace the changes.

The KKK is still alive and well in this country. My daughter used to live near one of the largest groups in the country.
---Trish9863 on 3/24/09

Trish, Lets agree at least on this, that however the civil rights Act was signed in 65, it was not until Martins death (wether it was because of Vietnam or not) that caused black and white to stand up against the outricities still going on (honnestly the civil rights act was only a piece of paper until 68). Most people black and white lost interest in the cause as soon as the act was signed.
the civil rights act was actually designed for this verry purpose, to appease majority, and to blind the world.
---Andy on 3/24/09

Andy: I don't know what history you are speaking of regarding Martin Luther King. The Civil Rights Act was signed in 1965, and King was not shot until 1968. By then, he was not crusading for the basic civil rights of all U.S. citizens, but was being vocal about the Vietnam war because too many poor black boys were being sent away to die in that war, while the rich, white kids were getting college deferments.
---Trish9863 on 3/23/09

So donna, would it not be time for those who see the truth to start to speak out, or you are waiting until the minority takes completally over, that danger is always pressent you see. reminds me of the days of Martin Luther King, however everybody agreed with him secretly, they all waited until the poor man ghot murdered before anyone reacted.
---Andy on 3/23/09

Andy >>25 years ago th PLO where nothing but TERRORISTS today they are HEROES FOR FREEDOM.
Israel was THE FRIEND OF THE US now they are ANTI ARABic dangerous oppressors<<

This is NOT the majority opinion in the United States.But those who hold to this view are very vocal.
---Donna66 on 3/19/09

Alan my report was towards the Americans and towards their continual change of minds. i have a greater awareness in what they really where, my sister is married to an irish lad, so i understand from firsdthand reports. as to say that the IRA has foresworn terrorism, yet they do cover up some of these guys. everybody (the irish) know the apparent link between highranking IRA officers and these splintergroups (even when it isn't proven. the fear still keeps a lot of things mute.
---Andy on 3/19/09

Andy ... "some 50 years ago the IRA were nationally recognised freedomfighters in the US" Maybe they were so recognised in the US. In the UK they were regarded as a nuisance.

"25 years ago they where the defenders of the REPUBLICAN IDEAS" Really? They were certainly not defenders, but attackers and murderers, and betrayers of democracy.

"Now they (the IRA) are terrorists" Wrong again ... the IRA has forsworn terrorism.

It is the Continuity IRA and the Real IRA (about 300 of them) who are murdering again, in order to destroy democracy peace and reconciliation.
---alan8566_of_UK on 3/18/09

Cliff and Allan some 50 yers ago the IRA where nationally recognised freedomfighters in the US. 25 years ago they where the defenders of the REPUBLICAN IDEAS now they are terrorists. Americans do have a tendency of backsatabbing their former alies.
25 years ago th PLO where nothing but TERRORISTS today they are HEROES FOR FREEDOM.
Israel was THE FRIEND OF THE US now they are ANTI ARABic dangerous oppressors. tommorow the US will even send an army to destroy Israel.

Nevertheless ST Patrick day is a Catholic Irish celebration wich is an offence to PROTESTANT IRISHMAN as th Shinn Feinn celebrated orange day to mock at the catholics. and what if all Irishmen would try to find one common celebration that all Irishmen could celebrate?
---Andy on 3/18/09

Alan, when I was in Ulster in March one year, I noticed that Orangemen celebrated St Patrick's Day with fervour equal to or exceeding that of Catholics. It was a national holiday. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 3/17/09

Alan of UK.
Most people in the US don't associate St. Patricks Day with the IRA or the conflict over N. Ireland (though they have heard about these). Here, it's a day to wear green and brag about your Irish ancesters...real or invented. And, oh yes, for many, to drink green beer.

My ancestors were Orangemen. That doesn't mean anything to most Americans, but I've learned not to mention it to those who are first or second generation Irish!
---Donna66 on 3/18/09

St. Patrick's Day brings fond memories flooding back to me of my mother. My mother was 200% Irish a 200% Irishman is the issue up two 100% Irish people. Ha ha
I remember as a young boy of always wearing green to school on St. Patrick's Day. And if we didn't have a green shirt my mother would take a green ribbon and pen it on the shirt I had.
---mima on 3/17/09

Cliff ... I am sure you are right.
I am sad though that in the past there has been such great financial support given by St Patricks Day events used as fund raisers for the murderous IRA, and moral support from a wide sector of US society.
The true motives of the terrorists are now laid bare, with the renewal of mayhem and murder to disrupt the peaceful society most are trying to build.
Pray please for Northern Ireland, and its people.
---alan8566_of_UK on 3/17/09

I wish all of you a blessed and happy St. Patrick's Day!
---JohnnyB on 3/16/09

Alan, I'm not Irish,but we have a large group of Irish who immigrated here during the potato famine 19th century!
If all ethnic peoples were as good as these, we would have a great society!
---1st_cliff on 3/16/09

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Christian's hearts are not really excited about the same things that the world gets excited about. We set our hearts on things above, rather than on things of this earth. However, if one chooses to wear a bit 'O green on this day, it seems a bit festive I suppose. Obviously, Christians are to avoid any occasions where excessive drinking or ungodly behaviors are the norm.
---Anne on 3/16/09

Donna:-To celebrate You join the crowd and become Irish for a few Hours that is Participactiion.
---MIC on 3/15/09

Guess what: the Irish wish they could be Norwegian hehehe!! :D :D
---Mary on 3/15/09

Just keep it real...Enjoy the happiness of the people's kookiness and don't go past 2 beers.

You don't have to drink. It's there. And nobody ever gets yelled at for not drinking.

I am Irish, thru & thru, so it is a given, I will have fun, in my own special way...
---jim on 3/15/09

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The bible says that we aren't hold any day in high regard (sabbath,holy days, new moons). We pick the day of rest(sabbath). I just recently read this in the Word and it is new teaching for me.My grandmother was of Irish heritage. I have grown up with a family tradition of making cabbage and corned beef,and the wearing of the green.I won't stop doing these things on March 17th. Is this "participating in St. Patrick's Day"?I see nothing "unChristian" about it.No celebration should be a license to sin. We shouldn't judge one another, so lets's leave somethings to the Final Judge.The Holy Ghost gives conviction when we do wrong so if we all get the Holy Ghost (as on the day of Pentecost), He will lead us into All Righteousness.
---virginia on 3/14/09

Christians should participate in St. Patrick's Day and EVERYDAY that we have on this earth! Each day isn't just another dull day to endure, but a special gift from God that is to be joyfully lived to it's fullest!

Just be sure that your life glorifies God. His son Jesus Christ could return any day. That day might be St. Patrick's Day. The actual day is a secret that only God knows. Read Matthew 25:1-13.

God deserves praises from his people EVERYDAY. Someday, Jesus Christ will return. Will you be ready ???

---Sag on 3/14/09

Sure, if the Lord makes a way for the gospel to be heard & received by non-Christian participants in St. Patrick's Day. (Ro. 8:28, 1 Cor. 9:19-27)
---Leon on 3/14/09

It depends on what you mean by participating.

If you intend to praise God for the ministry of St. Patrick by singing his old hymns and prayers (look the Lorica or St. Patrick's Breastplate) and reading about his life, that's one thing.

If you intend to participate in something that is no more than an excuse for revelry and drunkedness which brings no honor to God or St. Patrick, then obviously no.

In recent years, it's become a very artificial holiday in the USA.
---katavasia on 3/13/09

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Cliff ... Others will say that there are only two kinds of people in the world ... the Irish and those they terrorise.

That's not tru of course.

But St Patricks Bay often appears in the states to have been a fundraising activity for the Irish terrorists who do not want to see peace in Northern Ireland ... and to prevent it, they have started their murders again.
---alan8566_of_UK on 3/13/09

My entire name is Irish. I have three Shamrock/Ireland T-shirts, and a shamrock poncho. My grandmother is from Ireland. Are you suggesting I not celebrate my heritage?
---Trish9863 on 3/13/09

I'm Italian, so I don't wear green nor do I celebrate St. Patrick's's just another day for

HOW are you suggesting they participate? usually after work everyone goes to a bar and drinks, is that what you mean by participate? Or do you mean marching in a Parade?

Please define participate, thanks!!
---donna8365 on 3/13/09

Mod,You know there's only two kinds of people in this world.
The Irish and those who wish they were!
---1st_cliff on 3/13/09

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