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What Happened To Joseph

Whatever happened to Joseph in the NT? Did he leave Mary or die?

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 ---lisa on 3/20/09
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Maybe he is a furniture builder today or it has been passed down from generation to generation???? He was a carpenter.
---t on 4/1/09

John :-Are you saying Joseph is still alive? if so then there are many others who are still alive whom you do not know are dead.I guess you have made yourself the keeper of ALL dispatches.Of one thing we can be sure TRADITIONS were alive and strong in those days and based on those traditions Joseph was dead, as there were no spouse or Siblings known to Jesus, who had this responsibllity except Jesus who was dying amd so he relegates this charge to his youngest diciple John amd the whole world because John already had a mother.
---MIC on 3/26/09

Bill_bila5659: Since Adam, all (you, me, everyone in history -- except Jesus) have come short of God's glory. Obviously, Mary's husband, Joseph, wasn't exempt either.

I stand corrected & agree with what you said about it not being impossible for Joseph to have committed divorce. The word I should've used was IMPROBABLE. Based on Bible insight into Joseph's character, I think it is reasonable to conclude the probability of his having divorced Mary is highly unlikely (improbable). Would you agree with that? :)
---Leon on 3/26/09

John: I respect your opinions. As I said to Bill, I should've used (in my opinion) the word "improbable" instead of "impossible". Peace! :)
---Leon on 3/26/09

Leon. I did not claim that Joseph divorced Mary, but mearly said it was a possibility. How can anyone for certainty say he died? When Jesus gave Mary to be John's mother, that in no way can prove that Joseph was dead. Jesus gave no indication that John was to be the head of the household. After all, he would be on missions for his entire life. Joseph could have been sick, or out of Mary's life for a number of reasons. I agree that he probably was dead but certainly cannot prove it.
There are many Bible characters who had exemplary character that also did some horrific things.
Just because we don't hear from Joseph does not give us the permisssion to teach that he died.
---john on 3/26/09

Leon ,
Sectarianism is when,as in your position, as I recognize it, a religionist believes another must see religion their way or they are confused and possibly have evil in their soul.
Is that what you believe here?
---earl on 3/25/09

Leon, very negative.Is it uncommon of the christians to say demeaning words as one is "confused" ?However,when one asks another what house they worship in the flesh the asking person is fishing to see if the other's doctrine agrees with their own doctrine-to define their sect of religion-and in your case from your previous posts here you have stated the info I posted is inaccurate and lacks credibility.True or untrue? Now you believe the one speaking to you as you read this is "confused" and that there is an "enemy" ,as you say,in the soul of this poster.So ,from your reply,you are praying for something that is not here in this soul.Besides this ,this is off topic to the thread and has no contribution here.
---earl on 3/25/09

King David was faithful, a man after God's heart, but then he committed adultery and murder. Peter walked with Jesus, then denied Him three times, and later betrayed the Holy Spirit and Gentile believers at Antioch > Galatians 2:11-13 > this even AFTER Peter was used to start the Gentiles with the Holy Spirit (Acts 10). So, a faithful person CAN so sin. So, I don't claim it is impossible that Joseph could commit divorce. For dealing with someone in *any* sin, Galatians 6:1 warns even a "spiritual" person to be "considering yourself lest you also be tempted." So, none of us is wise to take it for granted that we could not ever turn on the Lord >
"take heed to your spirit" (in Malachi 2:15-16).
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/25/09

Earl: "On who is a christian-This question usually asks for sectarianism-a house divided against itself."

What??? Your comments are incoherent (confused) & very illogical. I pray for your deliverance from bondage to the enemy of your soul (mind).

"The Truth will set you free" (Jn. 8:32, Matt. 6:33) if only you'll seek Him (Jn. 14:6). If you earnestly seek to know & obey Him in the volumes of His word (the Bible), God will restore you to your right mind...

For your soul's sake, praise God. Don't raise (lift up) hell. Have faith in God! (Ro. 10:17) PEACE!!! (Jn. 14:27)
---Leon on 3/25/09

John: To the contrary, the Bible gives "ample evidence" as to what happened to Joseph?

1.) At his crucifixion, as the elder son & head of household, Jesus charged John with responsibility for Mary's well-being. Would that have been his call (place of authority) if Joseph were alive?

2.) At the wedding (Jn. 2:1-11) Mary gave place to Jesus as head of household in Joseph's stead.

3.) Mary & her other children came to speak to Jesus. (Matt. 12:46...) Where was Joseph? He's conspicously silent & absent from the Bible after Jesus' youthful Temple episode.

Do you really think Joseph eventually divorced Mary? :) Why? The man's Bible recorded exemplary character makes your claim IMPOSSIBLE!
---Leon on 3/25/09

On superiority-I find the UB much more user friendly.The authors are strightfoward with the reader.
Likewise you state the book is lacking credibility and possibly ,you hint,I think, unchristian.
I am not exercizing division here-a house divided -but is this your step to?

---earl on 3/24/09

To keep on topic the question is about Joseph's death and or events surrounding his death.
The bible does not provide the reader with this information.
How can you compare the two books when one does not give additional info or one gives additional info.
Credibility-How is that -by what study is your statement founded?
Inaccuracy-how is that-what source do you provide to compare ?
On superiority-Both contain truth.To claim either one is perfect is an erroneous concept.I am comfortable with both an use both as reference frequently.
---earl on 3/24/09

Leon ,p2
There are authors of the papers and there are publishers of the book.
There is more than 125 words describing the the events leading up to and the first publication of the UB therefore the information is in the public domain on a few websites.good reading for all curious minds.
On who is a christian-This question usually asks for sectarianism-a house divided against itself.
---earl on 3/24/09

The Bible gives no evidence as to what happened to Joseph. Even at Jesus' death when he commissioned John to take care of his mother there is still no proof that Joseph had died. Jesus didn't commission them as husband and wife. Joseph could have been working outside the country not being able to be home. There are numerous possibilities evebn including divorce but no one can say for certain.
---john on 3/24/09

do those you speak of possess,as you know it, truth-accuracy and do those you mention are they in agreement with each other?
How do they qualify compared to The Urantia Book?Have you read it and am now convinced or become unconvinced of it's authenticity.Is there more than one truth or can there be only one truth of Joseph's life?
thanks for your reply.
---earl on 3/24/09

Earl: "Yes, Joseph's death is recorded therein." Okay, what does it say? :)

You seem to imply the Urantia papers are atleast on par with ( & perhaps superior to) the Bible since, "It is the only source on this planet that gives information on Joseph's death."

I believe your statement is neither credible or accurate. In stark contrast, the Bible acurately & clearly says what it says to anyone having an ear to hear.

Were the writers of the Urantia papers Christians? Are you?
---Leon on 3/24/09

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** The only source on this planet that gives information on Joseph's death is The Urantia Book.
---earl on 3/21/09**

Obviously, earl, you've never heard of Eusebius and the like.
---katavasia on 3/23/09

on credibility,you will have to make that call.I already have .From your post you claim demons are partly responsible for delivering the book to the public domain.Well Jesus was said by nonbelievers that he was very much associated with demons.It is common for one to strike out without at first engaging in a intelligent evaluation of the subject matter.Neither the Bible or The Urantia Book stand absolute ,ultimate,or supreme as inviolate text.Meaning, revelation , was not delivered in it's current form -a binded book.Yes,Joseph's death is recorded therein.
---earl on 3/23/09

Without fully reading all 2000+ pages of the book your claim is unsupported as being a work of unhealthy and unholy men.Remember the works of the apostles was rejected for years by those who only understood Jesus as a mortal.Good reading.
---earl on 3/23/09

Earl: The Urantia Book? Do you believe this book, written by non-Christians in Chicago between 1925-'35, is as credible as the Bible if not more so?

Should Christians rely on a source claiming to have gotten answers to their questions from celestial beings (angels/demons?) through a "contact personality" [familiar spirit?]. No! This is another gospel & therefore FALSE.

By the way, you referenced but didn't say what the Urantia Book said about Joseph. :)
---Leon on 3/23/09

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The only source on this planet that gives information on Joseph's death is The Urantia Book.
---earl on 3/21/09

well it does tell of how when jesus was about 12 teaching in the temple ,both his parents returned there to find joseph was alive when jesus was 12. but sometime between 12 and the begining of his ministry at 30 joseph had already died.
---tom2 on 3/21/09

Lisa: Why do you think Joseph may've chosen to leave Mary, Jesus & his other children? The Bible says Joseph was, "a just man" who obeyed the Lord & married Mary. (Matt. 1:19, 24)

It's not recorded in the Bible when Joseph died. The assumption is he, being probably much older than Mary, died before the beginning of Jesus' earthly ministry. Why else would Joseph have been so conspicously absent?

I agree Rebecca_D: Mark 6:3 & John 19:27 strongly indicate Joseph was dead.
---Leon on 3/21/09

Well, Joseph was so faithful to take care of Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus. So, you would think he would still be with her, later in her life. But when the people said, "Is not this the carpenter, the Son of Mary...?" they did not refer to Him as "Son of Joseph". You'd think, even if Joseph had died, ones still would acknowledge Joseph by saying Jesus was his son. And where is Mary called a widow? We can assume there are only two possibilities. Leave her for what reason, Lisa ? Do you mean walking out in adultery? or leaving because Jesus sent him? or something we just would not think of? If he died, that's a pretty big event, for the Bible not to mention, or any other reason, for that matter. H m m
---Bill_bila5659 on 3/20/09

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An interesting question. I guess all we can do is speculate. There is nothing recorded about Joseph's death. God bless!
---JohnnyB on 3/20/09

Seems like I read that Joseph past away before Jesus began His ministry.
---catherine on 3/20/09

No he didn't leave Mary. Joseph died before Jesus' crucifixion by what these verses say, John 19:27 and Mark 6:3 may imply that Joseph was dead. But when and where or how he died, the bible does not say.
---Rebecca_D on 3/20/09

According to tradition, he died in the arms of his foster Son before He started His ministry.
---katavasia on 3/20/09

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Lisa:-He died as a result of a tree accident I believe.Jesus was quite a young man at the time.
---MIC on 3/20/09

Joseph died.
---donna8365 on 3/20/09

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