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How To Discipline Teenagers

Should parents spank their teenagers?

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 ---Moderator on 3/30/09
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All I know is I was a teenager who should've been spanked. When I was found to have been dangerously playing with matches as a 14-year-old, my mother should've taken me bare-bottomed across her lap for a good, sound spanking. Instead, I was hardly punished at all.

Having my bottom soundly spanked in my early teens might well have put me on a straighter path to realizing my personal potential in life. I believe I would've responded well to being spanked, even on my bare bottom, when I knew I deserved it.
---Rennie on 4/12/20

If you want your teenager to have a LACK OF SELF RESPECT and low self esteem so that they learn to accept abuse from everyone they meet/know, SPANK THEM, but if you want your child to grow up well, CONTROL YOURSELF and be the kind of parent that God will have no quarell with.

A teenager is quickly learning to be an adult (being treated like a child must become a thing of the past) and needs to learn to make their own decisions so that they experience the RESULTS of their decisions (suffer "stupidity's consequences"/penalties or "wisdom's rewards").
---more_excellent_way on 5/24/09

No. This is perverted to me. Any man or woman who does it I would wonder about. I think that sadly in our generation people have no concept of what "boundaries" are. I've seen a man spank his older daughter for no reason, after he got her off of his lap, and it disgusted me. It's like some men feel that just because the woman is from their genes, they have the right to touch her butt. It's not their butt. It's hers. It also seems like they do this to see truly how much they can get away with in public and it makes me think that something deeper is going on at home sometimes, something like rape or further. It seriously disturbs me.
---amand6348 on 5/21/09


the old fashion way it did no harm over the knee and trousers down and wooden spoon hairbruss ETC my mum done it when i was a child and it worked i reamber getting a bare bum smack in the shops when i was 6
---louise on 4/20/09

No! You should never spank a teenager. (Spanking may be acceptable for a non-teenger but not a teenager.) There are too many other ways to discipline a teenager, such as grounding them, taking away their cell phone, or I Pod, driver license, etc. Of course, if you haven't discipline before now, it may be very hard to do it now without very negative results. All spanking will do at this stage of their life is cause rebellion either now or later. The only person who will feel something has been accomplished is you.
---wivv on 4/1/09

Donna:-No accept my apology. NO Father who is in control of his Family should ever raise His hand to a girl child especially The bond of love and tact should be sufficient. It is hard to know all details.
---MIC on 3/31/09

SusieB: I agree with you completely!! Nobody should hit anybody. ever.
---sue on 3/31/09

Yes. My parents spank me over the knee, bare bottomed, with a swtch and it works.
---lexie on 3/31/09

MIC, appreciate your feedback. I think you missed the point.

I said: I got spanked/beat from when I was a child and when I was 21.....

So if you go from when I was a child to 21, that means I got beat from when I was a child, all throughout my teenage years and another attempt was made to beat me at age 21.

Sorry for not clarifying that I got beat when I was a teenager.
---donna8365 on 3/31/09

Nobody should hit anyone else. A parent who spanks their children is teaching them that the way to handle their problems is with violence. Physical abuse by parents is responsible for a large portion of the addictions in this country. People are trying to cover their pain.
---SusieB on 3/31/09

Donna:-At 21 you were not a teenager.He reacted instead of showing love or even asking for the keys to move it Himself.You show remorse to this day but He lost a daughter.I had a similar case when trying to take my 16 year old daughter out of a car with Her friends,which I did not think were appropriate .She threatened to run me down if I did not move. I stood my Ground, and she relented got out of the car and went upstairs. We laugh at it today but the bond is intact.
---MIC on 3/30/09

Why should they? Teens are capable of dialogue and experiencing consequences that would cause them to think through negative behaviors and make better decisions in the future.
---Trish9863 on 3/30/09

It's a little late for spanking, dont you think?
---sue on 3/30/09

Is it legal to spank your teen on the bottom? Yes. Will the action resolve the problem? No. The Lord tells us in Titus 3:3 that we were once foolish and disobedient and misled by others. As a parent, a part of growing is remembering that we were not perfect either, and that our children will make mistakes as well. 2 Timothy 3:14-15 tells us to hang in there and keep the faith. My husband and I rarely have issues with our children - not to say they're perfect because they are not. We talk each night as a family. We teach by example and patience with loving guidance rather than strike for any reason, which we do not anyway. We follow our example by the Lord's teaching to us. They still are disciplined but the actions are rarely repeated.
---Leslie_-_lesla3685 on 3/30/09

There is no verse in the bible that says...

........."You MUST spank your children".

...therefore, if you wish to spank your children, YOU are responsible for SPANKING your children.

Many people like to blame their desire to spank their beloved on...
.............THE BIBLE....

....and pretend that God makes us do anything against our conscience.

The Father's "forever" name is "I am who I am", Exodus 3:14, and OUR spirit should be consistent with His.

Romans 8:16
"it is the Spirit himself bearing witness WITH OUR SPIRIT that we are children of God".

Have a "more excellent" devotion (1 Corinthians 12:31).
---more_excellent_way on 3/30/09

spank a teenager? What good would that do?

How about taking away their privileges?

How about putting a curfew on them on weekends?

No, I got spanked/beat from when I was a child and when I was 21, my father yelled at me to move my car out of the driveway, that it was parked too close to the house.

I yelled back at him for the FIRST time in my life, allright, I'll move my car and he came after me to hit me. I ran out the front door of the house, all the way down the street, kept going and my sister came and found me and took me to my cousins house and I NEVER returned home after that....sad story, but the point of telling this is, what good will it do to hit a teenager? Discipline them by taking privileges away, etc.,
---donna8365 on 3/30/09

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