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What To Do In Hawaii

What do Christians find to do in places like Hawaii?

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 ---Betty on 4/2/09
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Humm. Surf. Hike. Eat fruit. See volcanoes. Take copter rides. Swim. Admire God's handiwork in a colorful, fragrant paradise.
---Deb on 4/27/09

Betty~ Sorry I confused you with another Betty. I agree with you, I have no desire to go to Hawaii for the exact same reasons you wrote. I am sure the tropical more secluded areas are very lovely though. (PS...hope to see you back on the salvation're a great witness there.)
---Anne on 4/27/09

I've always wondered why Christians would go to Hawaii when it is infamous for hula girls and beaches where what happens? Lust is its main attraction from what I've heard. Why would anyone want to take their children there? By the way, I'm not the Betty who is planning to go there. I wouldn't go there unless the Lord commanded me to go there, and then I'd beg Him to make me not go. The very name Hawaii has a bad connotation to me.
---Betty on 4/27/09

Betty~ Sorry I can't help since I have never been there. My parents have been there a couple times and enjoyed taking tours etc. You basically just need to go to a travel agency and line up a tour or whatever.

Just remember, even though the scenery is beautiful in certain areas, it is also very crowded and very expensive. God bless.
---Anne on 4/8/09

To learn more about Hawaii vackage packages and things to do in Hawaii just get a travel guide book. Also you could go to a travel agency.
---James on 4/8/09

Yes, I am planning a trip to Hawaii and want to have a family friendly Hawaii vacation.
---Betty on 4/7/09

Betty~ Why do you ask this question? Are you planning a trip to Hawaii?
---Anne on 4/6/09

There used to be a common jest, 'why doesn't God send me to Hawaii as a missionary'.

Once, I heard someone from Maui complain that it was difficult to evangelize in Hawaii. It is said that many people are tolerant to different faiths, but aren't particularly interested in the Gospel. Some people are not easy to reach if life is too easy. Oddly though, the Hawaiian kingdom, appeared to be a predominantly Christian state in its' last days.

Perhaps, the answer would be to put on a hand painted black rayon shirt, a pair of cut off Khakis, some sandals, your Bible, and do something for the Lord.

2Corinthians 13:14. -Glenn

1Corinthians 4:7, Ephesians 5:15-16, 2Timothy 2:24-26.
---Glenn on 4/4/09

If you live in California, go to Catalina Island instead. It is cheaper and just as nice, and it seems just as far away! God bless!
---JohnnyB on 4/3/09

enjoy life on volcano(s) no matter they will break forth or not.
---dsda on 4/3/09

An interesting question arises ... what is different about Hawaii?
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/3/09

Sand.....ocean.....Start there!
---SusieB on 4/2/09

Probably the same things they find to do anywhere else, I should think. Don't you?
---katavasia on 4/2/09

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