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Why Do You Blog

Why are we blogging here on ChristiaNet? What is it that we wish to accomplish? I am interested in your views on this. Thanks.

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 ---JohnnyB on 4/4/09
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to spred truth.Truth lives within God,jesus,and the holy spirit.jesus refered to him as the spirit of truth.The truth I speak of is spiritual truth. The truth of Gods plan for saving the world thru his son jesus,and the truth spoken by the truth,loving the truth,by the power of the holy spirit.having no concern for the ways of the world,for in the world is only lies,and darkness.
---tom2 on 6/7/09

Yes false teachings abound!!
Consider if you will the teaching about Joseph Smith and the angel moronic. Or take the teaching about purgatory, or consider the teaching that the present-day church has replaced Israel. Yes many false teachings abound!!!
---mima on 6/1/09

false teaching runs rampant.
---tom2 on 6/1/09

My reason for blogging is to help God's people. Sometimes I read some of the things written and have a desire to write in and help those that are confused, unlearned or are asking questions. I want to help those that are "lurkers" and are affraid to write in, but are looking for answers. I also want to make some of you think about the way you look at scriptures or make you think about the doctrine your teaching.

In Christian Love,
---trey on 5/29/09

Hve you read most of the questions asked on this site?And the answers?need I say more?
---tom2 on 5/29/09

When youread most of the questions on this site its apparent most people dont know truth,and aren,t even concerned with truth.Truth is spiritual,it revolves totally around jesus christ,and how we are to live when we belive in him.Not about the never ending issues that I see posted here almost exclusively about the flesh,and what can be done for the flesh.
---tom2 on 5/29/09

When jesus sadi,come to me all whoare heavy ladened and burdened and I will give you rest,he wasn,t speaking of the flesh he meant your spirit. But most here seek answers that give comfort and reat for the flesh and really there is none.The promise of the truth is for the spirit,not the flesh.
---tom2 on 5/29/09

As a member of a faith (LDS) that tends to be mocked and our beliefs misrepresented repeatedly, I blog as an attempt to set the record straight (so to speak). I enjoy it because though many on these blogs profess to know what I believe (they don't)and won't pay attention to what I write - there are some open minded and thoughtful people whose only agenda is to understand the truth. It also forces me to research things I may not normally research - it's a learning tool.
---HappyLDS on 5/5/09

I guess to help people understand the Bible and/or God, but these are our views and therefore they are our opinions. In the end the person who posted a blog question has to make their own decision, but for some of us, it is our hope that something we typed might possibly influence the decision that they will make.
---amand6348 on 4/19/09

God loves you little one Remember the song "come back to me with all your Heart"
S/D XO smiles
---MIC on 4/15/09

SUE:-I know the dilemma its like washing a whole pile of socks and then trying to pair them together after removing them from the dryer.I think Jesus saw this in His omnipotence and so instituted His church as in Matt16:13-19.and gave us the H/S to guide us in HIS CHURCH.One Flock one shepherd "I know mine and mine know me"The deceiver is adroit in this field", but no match for OUR creator.Its W/man who is gullible.
---MIC on 4/15/09

Thanks MIC!

You are the best! I truly love you like a Dad.
I'm blessed that God saw fit to have us share together. xoxo
---S/D on 4/15/09

So, I guess thats why I blog, to learn about Christ. It is difficult sometimes though, because there are so many opinions.
---Sue on 4/14/09

Make it easier. Truth will free of all men. Bible will always give a second witness in scripture. Sometimes thousands.
Ask for support of opinion,comment,doctrine etc.

Heb 8:8-10
Jer 31:31-33

Never go against the prophets. (Why would we? Done every day.) They witness everything significant thats happened and will happen. Be prepared to unlearn if doctrinated. Twice as hard as learning. Don't argue with what is confirmed by you in scripture/ harder. Get a concordance. Older strongs easier and not as P.C. Dig,test,dig.
---Trav on 4/14/09

After thinking about the question I cant tell why I blog here. But I do know that I have a great thirst for knowledge of God and I have to learn all I can about Him. So, I guess thats why I blog, to learn about Christ. It is difficult sometimes though, because there are so many opinions.
---Sue on 4/14/09

Hello There S/D God Bless.Happy Easter to you and yours S/D X<:-)
---MIC on 4/13/09

1st Cliff, okay, we can leave it at that. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 4/13/09

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JohnnyB, Sorry for the mix up (my fault)

To answer your question I would have to say yes, not in an arrogant way but 40yrs.of bible study I'm amazed at the degree of deviation from understanding God's original purpose!
He hasn't changed, people have!
---1st_cliff on 4/13/09

I'm thankful for Christianet web site. The blogs are a wonderful place to learn the beliefs of others and at the same time gives us a chance to express our beliefs. I would like to say thank you to Christianet and all the moderators. THANK YOU
---mima on 4/13/09

1st Cliff, I only post here as JohnnyB. Your definition of truth is reasonably truthful. Do you believe you understand what the truth is more than most people on these blogs?
---JohnnyB on 4/13/09

JohnnyB,(who appears to also be Bobby B)yes/no?
Any student of scripture knows that Jesus is the truth(personified) but that's not the truth I'm referring to!
The "truth" is the absence of falsehood,lies,deception,fantasy,misleading and evil intent etc...
It is stated that satan never sleeps,the master "oppertunist" convincing the gullible.
If you let someone else do your thinking he may already have you!
---1st_cliff on 4/12/09

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1st Cliff, what is "truth"? God bless.
---JohnnyB on 4/10/09

I blog here because I don't subscribe to "denominational" (organized) religion.
I think it's as divisive as politics,
I've been to churches where "I talk you listen" is their mode!
Marilyn said "Oh you should have heard pastor today he was awesome" He has Phd.DD and a few other letters, so he really knows the bible!
Scripture says the Apostles were "ignorant and unlearned men" (before the Sanhedrin).
The onus is on each person to find the "truth".
---1st_cliff on 4/10/09

Katavasia, but we do need to balance that with comforting the afflicted. There are far more afflicted people on these blogs than comfortable ones. Blessings!
---JohnnyB on 4/9/09

Amen, JohnnyB.
---BruceB on 4/9/09

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**Why are you so acidic with your comments toward others versus just answering the question at hand?**

Only certain others, suzy.

Part of my ministry of afflicting the comfortable.
---katavasia on 4/8/09

BruceB, if we don't take ourselves too seriously around here and keep our sense of humor, we will be okay. God bless you.
---JohnnyB on 4/8/09


Why are you so acidic with your comments toward others versus just answering the question at hand?
---Suzy on 4/8/09

I live 80 miles (round trip) from town. When gas was $4.75/gal, it just wasn't feasible to drive into town merely to interact with people.

Now, that gas is $2.25/gal, I could drive to town more often than once a month. However, I'd wear out the tires on my truck doin' it more than that: and with tires at $350 per set? (I'd buy used ones, if it weren't for the 6 months of frozen roads every year.)

I know: ask and you shall receive, right? But I just can't see askin' God for tires or gas when all I really have to do is modify my behavior and live with what He's already given me, like a DSL and a keyboard... and undeserved mercy.

(Like you, JohnnyB, I hold to no illusion that anything I write is going to make any difference.)
---BruceB on 4/8/09

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NV Barbara, my pleasure. God bless you!
---JohnnyB on 4/8/09

Thanks for asking the question JohnnyB!

I can't be here as often as I used to be, but I drop in and read some of the blogs when I can.

Its refreshing to see that this particular question hasn't caused anyone to answer in a negative way. Lets hope it stays that way!

Good answers all so far, interesting.

When I was blogging often, it was mainly to share God's love, try to be uplifting and communicate with other believers.

Apart from the reasons mentioned, I am a woman of prayer and I often just read the prayer requests and take them to the Father.
I have also come here often to ask for prayer from my brothers and sisters.

I've made some friends here that I hold close to my heart.
God bless all.
---NV_Barbara on 4/8/09

There are two reasons why I blog on ChrisaNet. 1. The answers I give to questions asked may be helpful to the person asking the question. 2. I enjoy it, especially if it's helpful.
---wivv on 4/6/09

I live alone and am often physically unable to get out except for church. I like to read what other people (especially Christians) are thinking and to express my own ideas. In most instances I'm not qualified to give advice.
---Donna66 on 4/6/09

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Going to church for and hour or two and listening to a 45 minute sermon on one subject just isn't sufficient for some of us. I belong to the body of Christ which includes every born again Christian. I consider my time on here as breaking bread together and assembling together to discuss our mutual interests. We can discuss personal issues, build up, and edify one another. This is like having a five day church through the week and a bible study on the weekends. So let us be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven us. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!
---Bob on 4/6/09

When I first blogged here, my first question was...why didn't Moses cross over into the Promise Land? And I got alot of great answers that made me think and study about God's word. I love searching up things in the bible that will help someone else out, as well as myself. There have been times while I was studying the bible and searching, I too learned some things. And it is great. We all don't know it all, but together we'll find an answer. It helps me to study God's word and hopefully help someone else in the process.
---Rebecca_D on 4/6/09

The large majority of people who subit here are sincere Christians either having questions or offering help (in their way)to others. There is a spirit of caring here that is important to me. While none of us have the total truth (only available from God), much light is shown on His word. This is also a place to perceive what is commonly held as acceptable in religion as well as other venues. This blog is one of the few that has faithful moderators who help keep us better on course as Christians (and not heathens). Blessings to them and all who read and post here for Godly interaction.
---mikefl on 4/6/09

Thanks to all of you for your responses so far. Interesting. I am here because it is interesting and sometimes entertaining. But I don't kid myself that anyone pays attention to anything I say here! God bless all of you.
---JohnnyB on 4/6/09

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Iron sharpens iron. I have both confirmed and altered my views on certain subjects through these blogs however my faith has remained unchanged even in the most heated exchanges. This is one of the last true forums of free speech remaining and I value this opportunity to exercise my beliefs be they strong or weak. Thanks to all fellow bloggers for both your correction and your confirmation.
---TIMOTHY on 4/6/09

I blog here because I enjoy learning from others. I have learned so much here. And I haVe met some really neat Christians here.

I also blog to share and impart revelations that God has given to me, to help people who hunger and thirst after righteousness and want to know the truth.

You will bear witness to the truth of God's word when you hear it. I know I do when someone is speaking the truth of God's word here and I receive it and apply it to my own life. I have learned so much here and am very grateful I found this site.
---donna8365 on 4/6/09

I like to blog and make outrageous statements and suggestions thereby getting those replying to express what they believe.
Many people are hesitant to express their beliefs unless they are jerked around a little bit. I'm appreciative of and enjoy the beliefs of every person whether I agree with them are not. In our minds we can truly be free and individualistic innovators. The greatest enemy of the individual is the overwhelming indoctrination practiced by most organizations!!
---mima on 4/6/09

To get people to think--something that Christians in general and pop-evangelicals in particular don't enjoy.

Or as I have said elsewhere, to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.
---katavasia on 4/6/09

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"Why are we blogging here on ChristiaNet?"

Of course I can only speak for myself. I blog to share the spiritual understanding I have been given and to share in the understanding of others, both of which I enjoy.

"What is it that we wish to accomplish?"

Again speaking for myself, nothing. I simply hope to gain insight into the general mindset of those who would claim "Christianity".
---Josef on 4/6/09

I blog, and take time to read other postings, in order to get a more complete picture of things.

Also, with my being a MAN, getting the views of WOMEN sure does help out. This is WHY I believe that God "created them Male and Female" in Genesis 1. Both sexes help each other out.
---Augie on 4/5/09

I sense that God has me blog, here. Isaiah 55:11 says,

"'So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth,
. It shall not return to Me void,
. But it shall accomplish what I please,
. And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."

So, God's word shall do whatsoever He Himself really means by His word . . . no matter how much ones of this world make it seem like it is impossible to get straight about what God's word means. And I understand that whatever He really has me write is included in His word that "shall" accomplish *all* that He means. So, I offer myself to Him and go for it (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/5/09

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