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Is Bariatric Surgery Wrong

Is Bariatric surgery (Lap Band or Stomach Stapling) wrong for a Christian?

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 ---Gale on 4/7/09
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I asked the question. One I know believes Lap-band is OK, by-pass is "altering God's design". I eat 900 - 1200 calories a day, but due to sever osteo-arthritis cannot exercise much. My weight has remained the same no matter what diet I have tried. By-pass was suggested by my doctor to help with my diabetic, High Blood pressure, acid reflux and other issues. I am A Born Again believer. I also believe that God gave Doctors knowledge for us to use.
Thanks for your answers. Those of you who can't relate to my issues, I can tell.
---GMH on 4/26/09

How can it be wrong if a person's health is at stake? Morbid obesity leads to heart disease and is a frequent cause of premature death. Is it wrong to pursue surgery for cancer then? The question is ridiculous and the answer is obvious.
---obewan on 4/15/09

Trish9863-- Thanks for your excellent posts and congratulations on your achievements!

The Obese (and Fundamentalist Christians) seem to be the last socially acceptable targets for ridicule!

Those who spout "judge not" and are so careful not to offend any religion or race, physical disability or sexual preference... often don't hesitate to make unkind remarks about overweight persons (even mildly overweight sometimes).They judge the overweight as "unhealthy" and "un-disciplined" (which they may not be at all) without knowing a single thing about them. It seems so very strange to me.
---Donna66 on 4/14/09

I know a lady who from childhood up ate exactly the same as her brothers (exept that she ate far less.

Yet they were skinny, and she fat.

It's too easy to say that people with weight problems are gluttons
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/13/09

SusieB: Yes, I am a recovering alcoholic and have had to deal with the eating disorder/weight issues most of my life as well.

My weight loss, so far, has been 119 pounds. I have been stalled for a while now, due to lack of exercise due to lupus sympoms. Most recently, I injured my foot, which has slowed down my exercise for now.

Thanks for your concern. It has been neat to see the Lord working in my life at different times, such as now.
---Trish9863 on 4/13/09

Trish....Wow! You have been dealing with being and alcoholic and the weight problems too! It must be very hard. How much weight have you lost since the surgery?
---SusieB on 4/13/09

I had bariatric surgery over 2 years ago, and saw the Lord provide it for me in many ways. My reasons for having it are personal, between the Lord, my doctors and me.

It is very easy for critical believers to blithely say, just stop being gluttonous. I pray that you develop a heart of compassion, because there is nothing lonelier, or more painful than being extremely, morbidly obese, and having failed at every attempt to control one's diet and exercise.

If someone wishes to learn more, especially from Christians who have had the surgery, they can go to the website called Obesity Help. There are many forums, similar to this one, and one is specifically for believers. If someone PMs me, I will gladly send the link.
---Trish9863 on 4/11/09

For some people bariatric surgery would be wrong, however for others bariatric surgery may be an option. Pray and fast about it and seek the will of God.
---Alexa on 4/11/09


Some people use bariatric surgery, fad diets, fad exercise programs, and other things to try to rectify damage done by gluttony. However, there are others who have hormone imbalances and put on weight no matter how much or little they eat, and this can put them at great health risks. For such people, extreme measures like bariatric surgery can be a great help, and the risks can be less than the risks of extreme obesity that they have to deal with if they don't do it.
---StrongAxe on 4/9/09

An alternative to Bariatric surgery is the following songs. Good music that gets you into exercising and burning off any extra calories.

Chicken Fat

Bariatric surgery isn't sinful. However, any surgery has "risks". If you can solve your problem WITHOUT the "risks" that come with any surgery, then why not?

Pray that God will give you victory over your sinful problem with Gluttony. Then you will have Self-Control in that area. You'll feel much better about yourself once you have obtained victory!
---Sag on 4/8/09

Christians always pray "lead us not into temptation", but all too often, take less care about leading THEMSELVES into temptation.

If you can't deal with certain things, then rearrange your life to avoid them. Alcoholic? Avoid bars. Tempted by infidelity? Avoid clubs. Prone to gluttony? Make it hard to overeat - Bariatric surgery can help.

Also, many are obese without overeating, due to hormonal imbalances. Bariatric surgery is often prescribed for them, as gross obesity can cause heart problems and many other complications.

One danger I have heard of, is that many go into this believing it will solve all their problems, and when it doesn't do so, they can fall into a deep depression.
---StrongAxe on 4/8/09

I know of two people, one had the surgery, the other had the lap band inserted. He ended up dying a year later. They said it put too much stress on his heart. He was overweight and losing weight, but it cost him his life.

The other person who had the surgery (not the lap band) lost over 100 lbs but put back on about 35 pounds now. It all boils down to self-will, self-control. She is a strong willed person, has an opinion about everything and I believe her will is so strong that even the surgery won't work for her. Only God can break that curse over her.
---donna8365 on 4/8/09

Two women where I live had this surgery about the same time.

On one it has worked. On the other it clearly has not.
---katavasia on 4/8/09

"the fruit of the Spirit" includes "temperance" or "self-control". Fruit grows and becomes nutritious and sweet and with a nice fragrance. So, real self-control is not just our egos forcing our bodies to do what we choose in our human free wills. In God's love, we are in His almighty power to control food and arguing and depression and other items, and this power of Your love is so beautifully pure and pleasant with "the fragrance of Christ" (2 Corinthians 2:15) making us sweetly pleasing to You, and is so nicely satisfying so we can easily say no to pleasures and pseudo-companionship of food and sexual pleasures and pride's mirage promises.
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/7/09

This surgery is NOT wrong. It is a popular solution to a wide-spread problem: Gluttony.

A better solution would be for a person to control their food intake. Self-Control their eating. That would be what God would want the person to do.
---Sag on 4/7/09

Very interesting, I have never seen or heard this question before. I know several Christians who had the operation. Forced to judge my decision would be no it is not sinful. In fact it lengthen your time for service to God.
---mima on 4/7/09

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Sadly many Christians eat their way into these kinds of surgeries with lack of exercise added. Gluttony is a sin, isn't it? One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is self-control. Even if someone has one of these surgeries it does not fix what the underlying problem is which would explain why someone lets themselves get in that condition in the first place.
---KarenD on 4/7/09

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