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Demon Appeared To You

Has anyone ever had an evil spirit ie a demon appear in the physical to them or had an evil spirit move an item, turn a radio on or even touch them? How did you get rid of the evil spirit?

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 ---John on 4/7/09
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Demons are real and so is Jesus. One thing to do is make sure there's no practicing sin in your life. Confess all your sins and turn away. There are doorways demons can enter us or our homes: tv shows, movies, fornication, emotional pain, traumatic experiences, yoga, witchcraft, music, etc. Anoint the doorways in your home. Seek Jesus and also play some gospel music softly while you sleep. Reading Revelation 18 aloud helps also. But the most effective way is Lord's direction because there are different ways to cast out demons but we need the Lord's direction.
---richard on 6/3/09

If demons are bothering you, either you have gone into sin again or a person in your household has sin. Or there is an occult object or objects, occult books, movies, etc. Dirty movies give demons a free home in your house or you if you watch them. Dirty talk is sin, also. Things like that. Forsake sin, repent, ask God for forgiveness, and ask for the Holy Spirit, keep asking for the Holy Spirit until He answers you. He can get them out.
---Betty on 6/2/09

The blog question pertaining to the appearance,moving,touching and other activity related to the world of darkness is too lengthy to even begin to answer in paragraph form.Yes,demons are forcibly ejected,either by ones self or,an expert,anointed to do this.Basically,demons are more afraid of us than we are of them.We have Christ's victory----they are facing the PIT. We can not send them there now,as many suggest...the pit has not been prapared yet.
---Danelle on 4/28/09

I find that "stuff" is very important. There is stuff everywhere.
---Nana on 4/27/09

First of all i believe if you cover your house with the blood of Jesus then no evil can enter your home. Think about it - these are not just simple words - we are talking about the BLOOD OF JESUS - this is spiritual warfare we are dealing with here - not simplistic human words like GET OUT or LEAVE or GO this is BE GONE IN JESUS NAME and THIS HOME IS COVERED IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST that name.... that NAME of JESUS is the most powerful weapon we have!! All evil MUST flee in the presense of it folks! Evil has NO choice BUT to go. If you are born again and have a relationship with father GOD - then you should know this stuff!
---eve on 4/27/09

Caroline- Demons can enter houses even if you claim to be a Christian, and use the blood of Jesus to cover it. They can also get into Christians who are not activated Christians. Living in the same house with sinners can let in demons, even if they can't get into the activated Christian.
---Betty on 4/27/09

"Please note, also. I have heard the devil's voice. He can come off as an angel of light, is true."

Catherine, you are 100% right on that score!
---Deb on 4/9/09

Well, I have never had the radio thing happen. That sounds more like witchcraft, to me. However, I have had some experiences: I have heard Satan laugh through a person. I quickly left the room before I did something that I might regret. [Very strong spiritual warfare], in this case. And, also, I have heard Satan spit a couple of times. Very disconcerting to say the least, on both counts....Please note, also. I have heard the devil's voice. He can come off as an angel of light, is true. Everything God says in His word is 100% TRUE!++
---catherine on 4/8/09

How do you get rid of evil spirits? You take authority over them and COMMAND THEM TO LEAVE IN JESUS NAME.

They are subject to the name of Jesus, meaning they must obey the name of Jesus and if you tell them they MUST GO in Jesus name, they will go.

Also, say, "I torment you with the blood of Jesus."

Then go around your house and anoint all of your doorposts with oil. It can be regular cooking oil, but I buy oil from the Elijah list. While anointing, say, "I anoint this house in the name of Jesus and I command every foul spirit to GO in Jesus name."
Remember, they must listen to the name of Jesus, not your name, not mine, but in Jesus's name.
---donna8365 on 4/8/09

Ask our Lord Jesus Christ to cover your life, house, family, finances with His precious blood. No evil can enter or go on in a house covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.
Take a stand against satan and his demons, rebuke them out loud in the name of Jesus Christ. This is a name above all names it has Power and Authority of God.
---Caroline on 4/8/09

Two years ago New Years, in my sisters home, eventually through prayer and fasting she took hold of her senses and commanded it to get out of her repeating the command in Jesus's name and it left but then plagued her husband or any man that enters her home.

We were all left timid and drained for several months even the girl that helped us refused to go again to her home when she rang her about someone else's then it started up again when her carpenter came, he asked her if she had any unwanted guests.

You need to be strong in the Lord and take Authority in Jesus's name pray/ fast, and don't fear it they strives on fear they will leave but it's not for the faint hearted.
---Carla3939 on 4/8/09

You let go of the fear. Satan has no control over the physical world, but can make you believe you are being physically touched. It's only natural to be shocked by this. But like any bully, Satan will stop when there's no 'pay-off'--no reaction.

As with any challenge in life, pray for help. God is always with you.
---Deb on 4/7/09

How do you know there is evil present near you?
What do demons look like when they appear in the physical?
---earl on 4/7/09

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