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Obama Jewish Passover Meal

Obama recently hosted a Seder (Jewish Passover Meal) in the White House, according to various news sources. There are even photos of him wearing a yarmulke. Has Obama converted to Judaism?

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 ---katavasia on 4/13/09
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Trish--yeah. The way they trashed Bush for 6-8 years was as bad. I couldn't believe all the name calling and expressions of hatred I heard from Christians...against the man, not just his policies.
---Donna66 on 4/20/09

Donna: The way a lot of Christians act and talk around here, anyone would be tempted to try to distance themselves from Christians. I know plenty of believers who do not act or speak about anyone the way the supposed believers trash talk our president.
---Trish9863 on 4/20/09

I don't know about y'all but I didn't vote for the man's faith. I voted for someone I thought stood half a chance of fixing some of the mess the last "Christian" president got us into!
---Mary on 4/20/09

Mr. Obama has shown himself NOT to be a Christian. Christian is as Christian does. He cannot even be a "baby" Christian with the policies he pushes. If Christ lived within him, even a "baby" Christian can see that killing babies or withholding lifesaving treatment from a dying baby is anti-christ. He has done everything in his power to distance himself from Christianity.......that itself should speak volumes, no?
---Cindy on 4/20/09

Donna66 is right.
I personally think he doesn't believe in anything.
He hasn't gone to any other Church since he left his last April.
Surely some Church in DC fits his views if he was Christian.

He forces himself on the Catholic Church even when he knows it brothers us.
Now his people sent word to Notre Dame to cover up some Catholic's statues. What? He doesn't have to go if they offend him.

3 candidates(sp?) sent to the Vatican were rejected. All 3 Anti-life.
I think he is just playing around. Does he truly believe the Vatican is going to give in to his wish just because he is charming?
No. Now he plans a visit to see the Pope in July, and he doesn't even know if the Pope is going to see him or not.
---Natalie2 on 4/19/09

So are you guys now saying that Obama is Jewish?
---Sue on 4/17/09

Hehhehe! Love your answer, Susie B :D
---Mary on 4/14/09

katavasia while I honor and respect you with the Love of Jesus Christ, that's NOT what the book of Galatians is about.

Here is the main theme of Galatians:

28There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

29And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.
---donna8365 on 4/14/09

Well said JohnB, Bruce, Trish & Bill_bila. Mr. Obama is a professional politician, elected to represent ALL of "we the people" (American Jews, etc.). He, in no way, is a theologian (Rabbi, pastor, priest, etc.). I believe he's a baby Christian & needs to be constantly covered by the daily prayers of mature(ing) Christians...
---Leon on 4/14/09

He is doing like Paul did. Paul says, "I have become all things to all men", including, "to the Jews I became as a Jew", "to those who are without law, as without law" > see 1 Corinthians 9:19-23. He is leveling with the ones he wants to reach, which is like how Jesus left Heaven itself in order to reach us humans here on earth. That was quite a "step down" . . . farther than Paul or President Obama has gone. Now, I'd say President Obama's motive may be only political, though. Understood. Donna, when Paul said not to get circumcised, I think he meant not to get circumcised (Galatians 5:2) in order to commit to the Jews' way. Jews need to celebrate Passover like you are considering, I think (o:
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/13/09

katavasia...If I wore a maternity top, would that make me pregnant?
---SusieB on 4/13/09

No, of course not. He's campaigning (that's what he does best) for a continued democrat Congress in 2010.
---Donna66 on 4/13/09

Just because one wears a yarmulke out of respect for his Jewish hosts as he did in Israel (He was not wearing one at the mentioned Seder) does not mean they have converted to Judaism.

Paul had Timothy circumcised so that he would not be an offense to the Jews for goodness sake. (Acts 16:3) I would say a yarmulke is a small matter compared to that!
---Bruce5656 on 4/13/09

Thousands of churches all over the world hold Seders every year. It doesn't mean they are converting to Judaism. This is just another silly question to mock the Christians who think that Obama is a closet Muslim. Frankly, it doeesn't appear that he is anything as he is constantly trying to be politically correct by catering to the group that happens to be in front of him at the time.
---SusieB on 4/13/09

Obama professed Christianity on live national television during an interview with Rick Warren in August 2008.

My church has hosted Passover Seders, that does not mean we are Jewish.

Is it me, or are people trying to find a reason to argue again?
---Trish9863 on 4/13/09

I honestly don't know what religion Obama is...if you do, please reveal. Tks.
---donna8365 on 4/13/09

For over 20 years he went to Jeremiah Wrights Church. Promoters of black theology by James Cone. Who states: If Jesus Christ is white and not black, he is an oppressor, and we must kill him. (Check it out yourself...most don't)
And the similar about many more exciting revelations
---Trav on 4/13/09

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Mr. Obama is president of all the people of the United States, not just fundamentalist Christians. He is doing well. Let him continue. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 4/13/09

Donna ask, I don't know what he is, do you? In truth I have no idea what he is but am reasonably certain he positions will be not be biblical.
---mima on 4/13/09

I do feel as a Gentile Christian myself, I am just realizing that I should celebrate Passover because of the significance of it being a time of celebration when God delivered me out of my Egypt, my times of sorrow, etc.,**

But that's what Pascha (frequently called Easter in English) is supposed to be.

As far as observing the Jewish passover, Galatians has some pointed words for Gentile Christians who pick up Jewish practices. The letter condemns the practice.
---katavasia on 4/13/09

I don't know what he is, do you?

I do feel as a Gentile Christian myself, I am just realizing that I should celebrate Passover because of the significance of it being a time of celebration when God delivered me out of my Egypt, my times of sorrow, etc.,

What religion is Obama? I heard yesterday he is looking for a new church. They showed a Presbyterian one, a Baptist one, etc., Do you think he will pick a Pentecostal one? What religion was that reverand that spuoted out things during the campaign? I honestly don't know what religion Obama is...if you do, please reveal. Tks.
---donna8365 on 4/13/09

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