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Have You Seen God Heal

In all my years of watching my brethren go forth and anointed with oil, I've never seen a healing. I've never seen the blind, deaf, lame, healed or any other miracle healing, only aches and pains. Have you seen any?

Moderator - Yes, I have seen many instant physical healings.

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 ---Bob on 4/13/09
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yes. my brother was full of cancer just days from death.hands were laid on him and prayer.the next day the cancer was gone.
---tom2 on 5/26/09

Bob, my close friend had similar questions. He was a church leader at the time and somehow the church culture he was in had come to be convinced that God doesn't do that stuff anymore (you know, the bible and your faith is enough sort of thing). Despite that, he went on a trip to Pakistan, saw someone healed. He sorely repented of his unbelief. Later he prayed for a blind man to see. This is when it got weird. The blind man 'saw' that my friend had a rage in him and he prayed it be healed. My friend says he knew it was there and had repressed it most of his life, at that moment he felt it leave him. It gets even better. When my friend gets home he discovers he was healed of severe food allergies that he did not ask to be healed from.
---DavidA on 5/12/09

Not many of the type you mention. As a practicing R.N. for 30+ years I'm more than a little skeptical about most of the claims of those who hold or attend healing services.
I'm not saying they are all hoaxs. Some may be genuine but unprovable. I do know that people are very suggestible and I think this accounts for many, many "healings"

I have seen a few (very few) healings in the hospital for which the only explanation had to be divine intervention. There was no scientific explanation and the healing was verified by credible medical evidence.

I believe God still does miracles, but not often. That's why they are miracles.
---Donna66 on 4/24/09

When my first dauaghter got ill I watched as purple bruises came up on her skin I counted 15 blotches and ran over to the hospital with her.

The A/E Staff tried to convince me that they were not typical to the Melingitis bruises I thought they were at the time they said a rash that never went away with a glass.

Hers did not move with a glass and I knew the description according to their records then were not right. I read as a Gladiators Daughter fought for life and lost when 5 hospitals fail to recognise her symptom and vowed I'd not fail any of mine in the event of these rashes.
---Carla3939 on 4/24/09


I sat while the ridiculed me called me heartless to watch her go through a lumber puncture, and after seeing my determination they admitted her to the children's ward. I had a specialist come round with his students laugh saying typical first time mother blah blah blah.(she never went through any of it)

They even wrote non specific rash on her notes, I looked up to heaven with my Child like I knew I was going to be treated in this area and told God I trusted him and knew he would deliver her.
---Carla3939 on 4/24/09


while I sat there the spots just disappeared from her legs and body.

several years later the nurses admitted to the evasive behaviour of the staff said that the vaccination my daughter received was almost positive to have cause the septicaemia especially as the were looking for a rash? not brusing. long after babies were admitted after blood poisoning from the vaccination. I watched while a young girl bought her daughter in slumped over her arm she was relaying to the receptionist events of her reacting to a vaccine when her symptoms became serious.

I know it was God I watched as he took the poisoning away!
---Carla3939 on 4/24/09

Thank you brethren for your encouraging testimonies. I've never lacked faith in God's power to heal His children and/or non-believers to bring others into the body of Christ. I had a missionary friend in Africa tell me about some of the miracles that happened in the bush country on his trips. He said every miracle brought forth new believers in the Lord Jesus. I've heard many testimonies on healing, but I have never witnessed any. I attended both traditional and Spirit filled churches and participated in healing services. I'll continue to trust in God and His word. My day will come! GOD BLESS!
---Bob on 4/16/09

Why do you think doctors have malpractice insurance?? They can and do make mistakes.
Last year in NY a man woke up on the operating table just as the coroner was about to do an autopsy!!he was not religious,big law suit!
---1st_cliff on 4/16/09

A three year old got lukaemia but was cured, we believe through prayer. She was my half, or second cousin. She is now a doctor. My aunt who is in her late seventies, got colon cancer but has received her healing, again through prayer. I did not see these people for years but these people are living testimonies to the power of God, through prayers. I have seen videos or people who say they were raised from the dead and in some cases the videos show documented evidence - photos, live film, and death certificates.
---frances008 on 4/16/09


I have been healed several times. Skipping all the details of pain and hospital stays, my Dr. finally discovered that scar tissue from a bad ovary had grown around my rgt kidney, squeezing it off. He showed me the MRI of the problem. I went to surgery 4 days later, my doc was beside my bed when I awoke.
He was puzzled - NO scar tissue when he cut me open!

I prayed and was prayed over by friends. I told my Dr. and he said he had seen things like this before, and praised God with me!

Is anythig too difficult for God? NO!
---NV_Barbara on 4/15/09

I'll believe in divine healing (as opposed psycho-somatic) when a amputee gets new limbs, a downs syndrome person is healed or an autistic or quadriplegic..cerebral palsy.
How many have quit insulin (after a healing) only to go into diabetic shock?
No doubt about God's ability to do it ,it's just not being done today!
Doctors and x rays make mistakes,cancer goes into remission for no explained reason!
Pagan religions experience "healing"!
---1st_cliff on 4/15/09

Maybe you should come over toi africa or Asia wher it is so normlal we even forget to tell them again.
---a on 4/15/09

Dear one, I am living proof of a very deadly fact. Physical healing and miracles really do happen---repeatedly in my life. Twice cancer, stage 5, given the death sentence by 7 via God and 100's of prayer warriors. Experimental surgery and treatment w/o chemo & overcoming almost deadly staff infection after surgery. Another very large tumor arose after the above & prior to it's removal the surgeon took xray--it was suddenly gone. Prayer is God's gift and our miracles follow. I'm still alive. I have even greater true stories of my life of miracles--some even 'freaky to me' as a missionary of 68 yrs. of age. Truly God is an awesome God!
---Gloria on 4/14/09

What I believe is an instant healing is a miracle. Jesus touched people and they were instantly healed. Why? Because he moved in all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Healing is gradual. When the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, she was instantly healed, that was a miracle. All of Jesus's healings were miracles.

Healing is the process of being healed. God gave me scriptures on healing when my mother was dying and I watched her go from almost death back to life, but it took 2 years of the spoken word over her life.

I know I will get alot of opposition for this, but that's just what I believe. I could be wrong. Jesus didn't say, when I touch you, in a few days or weeks you'll be healed.
---donna8365 on 4/14/09

I have never witnessed an instant healing, but I know people who have been healed by God. My sister had cancer. Months of chemothearpy were not working and was killing her. The doctors gave up and told her she had 3 months to live. She got ready to die, but the people at her church prayed for her. Several months after they stopped all treatments, her cancer went away. She was 100% cured. There have been no signs of tumors for about 15 years now!
---obewan on 4/14/09

Yes I have! The Pastor of a church my wife and I attended for 11 years here in Florida, when we first arrived, he adn his wife were expecting their 2nd child. Due to problems with their 1st, the doctors were keeping a close eye on the pregnancy, and about 3 months into it, discovered through ultra-sound that the baby had no brain, only a brain stem. The doctors recommended abortion and our pastor refused due to his convictions. As a church body, we held a special prayer over the couple at the end of one evening service. When the baby was delivered, much to the doctors surprise, she had a full brain and was perfectly healthy. She has grown into a very smart and beautiful young lady.
---tommy3007 on 4/14/09

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Mima. God bless you for sharing this. There are so many Christians who don't believe despite all the great testimonies. It is not our job to question healings, it is our duty to lay hands on the sick and anoint with oil whether or not we see the results. There is an evangelist in our area who prayed for deaf people for years and never saw one healing. Then one was healed, and then 2, then 3. Now he is all over the world healing deaf people. Praise God he didn't quit
---john on 4/14/09

I was in a nursing home(my feet had been cut off and only my heels were left) and my wife, during her daily visit, informed me that she had been praying and received the message that I was healed of sugar diabetes. I had been taking 25 units of insulin a day. Upon hearing this I refused taking any more insulin(my doctors and me had a big fight) my sugar has remained normal since that time about four years ago. Was this a healing of aches and pains? I do not know about that, I only know it was a healing. Today my doctors refer to me as a living miracle!!! I walk, I drive, and I feel wonderful!! And when the weather breaks I will be out witnessing again.
---mima on 4/14/09

Nope, except for those circus shows, I mean church shows, on tv. And my better sense tells me it's fake.
---sue on 4/14/09

When you say only aches and pains have been healed isn't that a miracle? They may not be as big and dramatic but they are still miracles. Give God the glory for even those.
---john on 4/14/09

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Yes! Several years ago, after a biopsy the doctor could not locate the tumors that they saw on the mammogram I had. Praise the Lord!!!!
---SusieB on 4/13/09

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