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Money To TV Preachers

How many people give regular to someone they watch on television? My husband and I are presenting a Sunday School Class about the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and are interested in your responses.

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 ---SusieB on 4/15/09
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Betty--I buy clothes at Wal Mart (and elsewhere) because it is only a few blocks away and I buy groceries there and also get my car serviced there.
I traded my big SUV for a small 4cyl car to conserve fuel. Yet I feel I live a blessed life!

I'd think no less of a preacher who lived in a double wide. But I do dislike seeing a preacher drive a baby blue Lamborghini when most all his flock (and contributers) are driving 2 to 5 year old Fords.

Believe it or not, there are many millionares or billionares who live in modest homes and drive inexpensive cars...not because they HAVE to, but because they are too smart not to.
---Donna66 on 2/12/11

The apostle Paul told Timothy that if we (christians) could/would be content with food and clothing and continue to be/live Godly lives we would have God's approval. Godliness with contentment is great gain. Book of 1 or 2 Timothy I believe.
---Duane on 2/11/11

THE bible says that we are not in need that any man should teach us but we had God's Spirit with the anointing. Jesus also claimed that we would know the truth and that the truth would set us free. Sometimes I think the people that respond the most to tv evangelests are folks that never "feed themselves." These are infants that have to rely on another to be fed.
---duane9467 on 2/11/11

rob- I was talking mainly about Joyce Meyer. Gloria Copeland also seems to be a good teacher as far as I know, yet her husband, Kenneth, says some outlandish things sometimes. I don't care so much for his teachings. Sometimes I listen to Keith Moore & didn't find any fault with his teaching. I don't watch any of them consistently any more. Joyce Meyer was the one I contributed to.
---Betty on 7/8/09

Betty, the ones I am talking about are those on TBN and Datstar. They claim to be sharing the Gospel, but what they are sharing is not the Gospel of Christ, Galatians 1:6-10.

Who are those who you claim share the true Gospel?
---Rpb on 7/7/09

Seems like,not very often,when I do turn on tbn even some radio broadcast,they'r there with their hands out for money. They try to say it's for the cost of their programing. I Dont,but if I did send them $100.00,no doubt there's $75.00 goes in their pockets to support their lavish life style & their living in ivory towers,dri-fancy cars,vacations with their airplanes. It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than the rich to go to heaven,even these rich people on tbn etc. Even if sent $1000.00, & they say you'l be richly blessed saying from a few days to a year or so,if it didn't happen I'L be getting back to them to get my money back. It's So Phony what they do.
---Lawrence on 7/6/09

miche- God blesses us in many ways, including wealth. Everyone who is rich is not living according to God's will, but those who do live according to His will He blesses according to His judgment. Some He makes rich that they may be a blessing to others.
---Betty on 5/31/09

My sister has probably given $30,000 away to the worst of them, and she is dirt poor. We hate to see her ever get any money because she will go through all of it in very short order like a drunken sailor. And she is mostly playing the "God lotto" looking to get her blessing back. So far it has not happened. She gives mostly to the impostor embezzlers who bury her mailbox with extortion letters. ie. "If I don't get $1,000,000 in the next few days, something terrible will happen."
---obewan on 5/30/09

Some of you people sound like you expect the tv ministers to wear Walmart clothes and live in doublewides, and drive little 4-cylinder cars from yesteryear. Would that be leading a blessed life? Not really.-betty

How is having these NOT living a blessed life?
You are blessed because you are God's child NOT because of your possessions.
I am not concerned with what they have. I am concerned with what they are teaching.
So on this, I have to agree with Glenn.
---miche3754 on 5/29/09

Rob- I have heard many of them tell about salvation according to Scripture & teach about it. Which tv ministers do you mean?
---Betty on 5/29/09

"The workman is worthy of his hire."
---Betty on 5/27/09
Indeed! I have no issue with what another man/woman gets. Matthew 20:15: "Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good?" So, I do not question how they live, their constituents are free to do what they will with their own. Personally, I don't subscribe, prescribe or support any of those ministries. My only subscription is to the problematics of this community, the one in which I live, the world, and my tools consist mainly of an online Bible with a word search.
---Nana on 5/29/09

Betty, you say these Television Preachers are spreading the Gospel around the world. But do you know the Gospel they are spreading is not the Gospel of Christ Jesus, Galatians 1:6-12.

Bettey, I have listened to these people for many many years just to hear what they will say. Primary they say you need to send them your money. I am still waiting for the day when they will talk about SALVATION AS IT IS WRITTEN IS SCRIPTURE.
---Rob on 5/28/09

In the early 1980s, I gave to the Christian Broadcasting Network, and to the Praise The Lord Club, but stopped after finding out more about them, Hebrews 5:14.
Romans 12:16, 1Corinthians 5:9-13, 2Corinthians 4:1-2, Ephesians 5:3-13, 1Timothy 6:5-11, Hebrews 11:25, 12:1, 1John 2:15-16, 2John 1:9-11.
---Glenn on 5/27/09

I don't support any TV preachers reguarly.I support the church I attend and 2 mission works.One I voluntereed with for 3 years and 1 my brother has been with for 25 years.I do think a few of the TV ministers are alright.I always respected James Robinson for one.
---shirley on 5/27/09

nana- You judge a tree by its fruit. Every tv minister is not trying to steal from God. If they do it, He will punish them openly. One tv minister I want to speak about is Joyce Meyer. I believe she has helped many people understand how to turn to God and repent. I believe she is really working for the Lord, and I don't care that she lives in a fine house, drives an expensive car, has a jet, etc. That's between God and her. The workman is worthy of his hire.
---Betty on 5/27/09

rob- Some tv preachers may be duds, but some are really helping people repent and turn to God. Some of them are told by God to take the gospel to the nations. What is wrong with them having a jet to take them to the other nations or wherever they have to go preach, teach, and help people? God may have told them how much money to keep for themselves. God blesses those whom He will bless.
---Betty on 5/27/09

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Betty, these FALSE TELEVISION PREACHERS, expect to drive Rolls Royces, ive in multi-million dollar homes, and fly around in their own private jets, while to people they are deceiving are living in poverty.

Why don't these FALSE TEACHERS follow the instructions given by Christ Himself, Luke 9:1-6.
---Rob on 5/27/09

Gee whiz! Most of my clothes are from Walmart, TJ Max and Marshals and I hardly buy any. My wife does buy most of them. I also have a 4 cyl car! Maybe I should consider the ministry that I may Pimp my Ride? Once I heard Jim Baker say (before the storm...), "The NC Observer is after me because I am a succesful businessman". It was not the most appealing thing to hear, being that I consider God's business to be a non business.
---Nana on 5/27/09

Some of you people sound like you expect the tv ministers to wear Walmart clothes and live in doublewides, and drive little 4-cylinder cars from yesteryear. Would that be leading a blessed life? Not really. I believe that some of those ministers love God, care about Him and people, and want to serve God. At least some of them probably pray and ask Him how much they should receive for their own use. Any of them that have any sense would be afraid to rob Him. Maybe some have, but I doubt all of them do. If they do, God will probably punish them openly.
---Betty on 5/24/09

Mike, that why we should put the 2 Cor8.9 teachings verry clear in our poolpits, problem with manny tvgospelpreachers is that they do teach the truth halfway, thats what makes it confusing. they say bring the full tithes to my storehouyse says the LORD.... yet then they say they are Gods storehouse. we teach tithes
1. voluntarely
2. to be brought into your local church so that YOUR own metting will not be neglected. for it is those who teach well that deserve a double recompensatiuon. those TV guys are right in asking aid, yet they should be much better in telling the full truth instead of twothirds. i use a proverb concidering, a half a truth is a full a lie.
---Andy on 4/24/09

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to andy

you are right. preach the gospel to the lost but these tv preachers has exploited the book of malachi saying that when you give you will be rich, blessed etc. there are plenty of believers who fall into that lie & has wasted all their lives in waiting for their time to come. when all they need to do is 'sharpen their skills', work hard & believe in what they are doing. it has put these struggling 'believers' in bondage bec. of malachi exploited be these preachers. and another tactic is preacher use the 'ye lack faith' verse if malachi did not work
---mike on 4/23/09

Noone in my family has ever given money to a TV preacher. One of the reasons is because we very seldom watch a TV preacher. Most TV preachers seem to have an agenda besides presenting spiritual information that is useful. While it would be an error to say they are all living a life style that is above the norm, some aren't. While I know some TV preachers serve a need to shut-ins, etc, don't think they really provide anything of spiritul value that a local church couldn't provide.
---wivv on 4/22/09

Andy....My husband and I were asked by our pastor to do this class for the Sunday morning adult Sunday School class. A large percentage of the church are baby Christians and a revival has broken out at this church. The pastor felt that they needed sound Bible teachings. He had us start with the two "major" cults who knock on their doors, so they would know the difference between truth and false. Now we are doing the false doctrines in the churches today as many of these new Christians were wanting to know about teaching they were seeing on the Christian programs they were tuning into on television now that they are saved.
---SusieB on 4/22/09

and what if Christians would spend as much energy in preaching the gospel to the lost as they do in investigation of "false preachers" would that not help the church more?
---Andy on 4/22/09

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After doing hours and hours of research into the financial condition of many of these so-called ministers, I have come to realize that they are all about one thing. MONEY! There isn't one of them that isn't living in a million dollar house or flying all over the world or driving expensive cars. It's not about Jesus to them. It's about the money. Shame on them!!!!
---SusieB on 4/21/09

You are painting all of them with a pretty wide brush.A few of them are worthy of support.One example is Pat Robertson.
---shirley on 4/17/09------------------
Some of his teaching is good, but I question his use of "word of knowledge" in identifying "specific" illnesses. That seems a bit cultlike.

He probably draws a million dollar salary though. He is quite rich and has lots of money in the stock market. That is well known, and it all came from his tv empire.

I prefer to give to my local church where I know how the money is being used.
---obewan on 4/18/09

James Robinson is another godly TV minister.-IMHO!
---shirley on 4/17/09

to shirley

is malachi the only teaching in the bible how to proper? pat robertson focuses on that book & exploit it. the book of proverbs has chapters & verses that talk about hard work, & skills.
what pat robertson will do is talk about 'giving 10%' & you will succeed. that is his interpretation of the bible.
so does that mean that you give your 10% & 'poof' your business will earn millions & millions of profit.
---mike on 4/17/09

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You are painting all of them with a pretty wide brush.A few of them are worthy of support.One example is Pat Robertson.
---shirley on 4/17/09

I think Eloy made a very good point here. I personally have never encountered a t.v. ministry worth giving any money too. (But then again I rarely watch t.v. so I have not seen every single t.v. ministry, but the ones I have seen were just terribly materialistic like Eloy described.)

There are some excellent causes though like St. Jude's Research Hospital which pays for little children's medical bills who have dire illnesses and normally the parents could not afford these services. Also the Salvation Army is a sincere and worthy cause. And like Eloy said, there are plenty of poor in the community especially in this time of economic uncertainty. God bless.
---Anne on 4/17/09

Personally, I haven't found an easy way in my area to give money to the poor. You don't just walk up to a person you assume is poor and hand them over some money-they might resent it or think you're crazy. If you give it to places like Social Services, how do you really know what's done with it there?
---Betty on 4/17/09

Kind-hearted one, learn from those materialistic so-called ministers in their costly apparel whom have been caught squandering away the Christian offerings they received, in selfishly buying mansions, and diamonds, and air conditioned dog houses for their pets, rather than rightly distributing the God-money to the poor as they falsely professed that they were doing. There are poor and needy people in your own home state: it is more intelligent and wise to give to these personally in your own home state rather than to send your money away to a nonpersonal address on television shows: for how will you know that your money is actually going to the needy if you are not personally giving to the person whom is in need?
---Eloy on 4/17/09

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Don't give to ANY 'ministry' until you have read a copy of their audited financial statement. If they won't send you one, you should assume they are dishonest. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 4/16/09

My husband & I have given to some tv ministries. I don't regret it, because they are responsible to God for how they use the money. We gave to ones who preached good sound doctrine, and that ministered to people all over the world. If they used some of the money for their own use, God is their judge. They are entitled to some of it, I would think.
---Betty on 4/16/09

I don't give regularly to anyone that I watch on television.
---Amanda on 4/16/09

There are legitimate television Pastors that provide a great service to invalids and shut ins. If you are being fed by any legitimate ministry then feel free to support it. However most television ministers are unfortunately frauds so be very careful with your support. Pray about your decision to support any ministry before you write the check, prayer before pen.
---TIMOTHY on 4/16/09

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The use of Malachi is a common tactic used by those of The Word Of Faith/Name It Claim It/Prosperity Gospel Movement.

What these people teach is in direct contradiction of what is written in Acts 8:20.

They take this passage of scripture and do what is written in Romans 1:25 to swindle people out of money. People don't know this because they believe everything they hear but do not follow the command found 2 Timothy 2:14-19, or the example founf in Acts 17:11.

Malachi was written to the Jews. We are not under LAW but are UNDER GRACE.
---Rob on 4/15/09

they use malachi to exploit money from the people.
I wonder if preacher really preach the gospel when you will see them driving luxurious cars & live in multi-million $$ houses
there are plenty of VERSES IN THE BIBLE how to prosper like WORKING, SKILLS, SELFCONFIDENCE & STEWARDSHIP. But these televangelist focus on Malachi & then they will equate that to you getting rich,successful.
like pat robertson, he always uses malachi & shows a person who became successful bec of malachi. then tells you that you lack faith when it does not work.
see how they exploit it.
---mike on 4/15/09

the book of malachi is 'Lazy pastors / televangelist guide to his riches.'
---mike on 4/15/09

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