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Holy Spirit With Tongues

How to receive holy spirit, with evidence speaking in tongues? And why is fasting required at times?

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 ---jermaine on 4/18/09
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Andy, you can speak in a tongue all you want, and you can believe in anything you want. I am not here to change you or anyone.
I said from the beginning the only one's who would complain are those who speak in a tongue. I know for a fact I cannot change you are anyone's heart. I gave you what I have studied. I have read two of Charles Finney's books. I also took a one year course on the teachings of Derek Prince. I don't claim to know more then many of those writers, all I did was placed some information. You do not have to believe it and of course you don't. When I answer a Catholic, I don't expect them to agree either. But please don't get mad. You can speak in a tongue all you want.
---Mark_V. on 6/1/09

MarkV, how do you think i found out that what you propose is nothing but a lie. i use Briggs, thayers and strongs. good Greek and hebrew dictionaries who have refrained from adding doctrinal ideas. furthermore (if yiou remeber i went so far as to ask a (noncharuismatic) doctor in greek who confirmed what i allread found out... You however do not wish to walk away from your anger and grudges and claim you have nothing against.
---Andy on 6/1/09

By the way, did you know that tongues is given NOT TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK GIBBERISH, AS YOU THINK? rather to fortify us to do the work of God. and that whilst the west is overrun by all kinds of satanic powers. Christians still think they do not need Gods power.(agains their own inteligence is shown here)

telling you the truth. if what YOU people say about the gifts, then what Pagans say must be true. we MUST serve a dead God who is totally unaware of our sufferings. Still My God uses all His tools to save mankind. that i Know despite the lies that are continually spread like venom. but then again that is exactely what the bible warned us for.
---Andy on 6/1/09

Andy, you want me to read something the Pentecostals have written so that I can know. It is like asking me to go to the RCC's for the answers to their believes. I would only hear their side of the story. Look Andy, I have nothing against anyone who wants to speak in tongues. I said that before. You did not want to use a Bible helper on words only because if you do you will find out what the words really mean. It is ok. I will leave this blog and not make anymore points on the subject. It is not an assential of the Christian faith, so I don't believe it is something to go back and forth on.
---Mark_V. on 5/29/09

Rob, i am one of those that received a foreign tongue upon prayers. im Belgian and my native tongue is Dutch. however when i was 9 years of age, some missionaries from OM came to pressent their mission sadly only one of the ten missionaries could express in our language, the rest was anglophonian... so after prayers i started to speak English with the missionaries, mind you, that before i never learned or heard English, and that afterwards i also did not go to school to perfect this. Next to that, i also speak in an unknown tongue that neither I or others understand (i use that tongue for prayers and prophecie with translation). BOTH WAYS are biblical and should not be questioned as such.
---Andy on 5/29/09

Laverne, through the years I have spoken in several different languages. It was not a bunch of giberish, but it also was not by the Holy Spirit.

I learned these languages from people who came from different cultures or countries. When I was learning their language, I understood what I was saying and they understood what I was saying.
---Rob on 5/28/09

There're 1/2 Billion Pentecostals/Charismatics worldwide,it's number two Denomination. I would like to say to those who are so harsh against Pentecostal experiences,especially tongues,even attributing the Tongues to gibberish and Paganism there are too many who are Spiritually educated and Spiritually experienced people to be misled by Satan's tricks. When God gives The Gift of Holy Ghost Baptism with the evidence of tongues and the Gifts of the Spirit he requires those so Gifted to seek the leading of God,through the Holy Ghost who empowers us,to be certain they are speaking the words of God/Master's voice. That takes recognizing between God's voice and all others,trying the Spirits,to see who they come from,as all Christians should.
---Darlene_1 on 5/28/09

MarkV, and again (this i say with all the love that is in my heart) as long as it does not insult Gods divinity, it is better to admit not too know, and to leave it asside until God gives you a true Spiritual revelation, then to use slanderous words of people who held a grudge against for whatever reason... leave it alone. and find peace with yourself and God. therefore consequently with brothgers and sisters who are willing to walk in the Spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit. nevertheless if these lexicons are so important too you try to ghet hold of the shepherds staff, a beautifull charismatic trainingmanual for church leaders.
---Andy on 5/28/09

MarkV Those lexicons and studybibles are written by men to prove their own point. they are written by theologians who cling to one or other theological line. buy yourself a Pentecostal lexicon and a catholic lexicon, and you will know what i mean. both will tell a totally different thing upon the same subject. and remember we are in danger then to become like the Jehowah wittnesses whom we accuse that they need their watchtower publication before they can think... these lexicons are not to bad even but we need to be aware that fiRst comes God, and the only book that has given a full infallible revelation of God is tyhe bible. everything that twists or changes the true meaning as a believer i reject.(how sweet that preacher may be)
---Andy on 5/28/09

When a beleiver who speaks n another tongue or langauge it is by holyspirit and that isn't gibberish read acts chap 2. God bless
---laverne on 5/27/09

Frances008 I'm going to give a point to think about. Unless a person speaks or recognizes the 5000+ living Languages,still spoken and all the dead languages which aren't spoken now plus the Language of Angels there is no way anyone can,with any expert knowledge,call what is spoken as Tongues,gibberish or not a Language. Also 1Cor14:27 calls them an unknown tongue,so tongues doesn't have to be an undestood language because the Holy Ghost/God quickens the spirit of another person or the person who gave tongues to interpret. MarkV the singular tongue is used many times in the Old Testament and simply means a language used by the people of a particular Nation/Country as in Dan 1:4,John5:2.
---Darlene_1 on 5/27/09

Andy, with respect to your answer, if you get yourself a Lexicon or a Biblestudy Bible, which has the words, you will find that what I said is true concerning "tongue" an "tongues"
The singular tongue is gibberish talking and was a problem for Paul in 1 Cor. 12 and 14, and the reason he wrote 13, the chapter of love. He demonstrated that when he wrote, "But where there are prophecies, they will cease, where there are tongues, they will be stilled, where there is knowledge, it will pass away" Some within the church were misusing the gift of tongues. Languages was a gift, but not gibberish. It was a practice used by pagan's. Paganism was very strong at that time and reached within the Church.
---Mark_V. on 5/27/09

I believe that the gift of tongue(s) was for the early church and since then God has left us with clearly defined languages which you can only learn by study or emersion in the country where they speak it. The reason I believe this is that I never heard anyone speaking in a foreign language at any of the charismatic meetings I ever attended. They did speak in what appeared to be gibberish, and I don't think it edified anyone. You almost felt compelled to fake it, in order to fit in. That cannot be right. God wants man to have different languages, not a One World Language. However, I am not against people learning say, English as a Second Language. In fact it is a good idea that they have access to the same information as we do.
---frances008 on 5/27/09

MarkV, i've allready established that what you've said about a tongue and tongues is an incorrect teaching promted by some who have by all means a great lack of the fruits. and this idea can not be taken serious. at one time you said that the tonguespeakers keeps hurting and attacking you. but to tell you the truth i ghet more convinced that you are the one with an unlawfull anger in your heart. it is normal for us to defend ourself against this Anti- spirit promoted in your blogs, and you would do the same if one attacks and slanders continuesly your beliefs. in this, my brother, you are in the wrong. and i plead with you to stop it, please it really does not help anyone.
---Andy on 5/26/09

MarkV, please doi not go there. i allready explained in an other blog that this theorie is a big joke, that can not be taken serious. it is a LIE THAT youv'e been tought by a tonguehating false teacher. so let it alone. that you donot agree with tonguespeaking is allready established and however Christ needs to be the center of everybodies faith. leave those who feel the need to receive this precious gift from God alone and continue your discussion in domains where you are an authority. (for truly God Gave You a deep knowledge on many things.
---Andy on 5/25/09

Darline, the singular "tongue" is not the gift of the Spirit, only "Tongues" is. That is made clear in Scripture. Anyone can speak in gibberish tongue to God but it is not a gift. And only the person speaking gibberish benefits from it. Many pagan people spoke in gibberish to their gods. It was a practice also during the time of the early fathers by the pagans. Only the tongues (Plural) are a gift, languages were a gift for a purpose, a very important gift at the time because no New Testament had been written.
---MarkV. on 5/22/09

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MarkV The tongue one speaks to God in isn't a counterfeit or pagan gibberish. The tongue which comes when one receives The Gift of The Holy Ghost flows the same as with the Gift of Tongues. It is all the Holy Ghost speaking through the yielded vessel,man/woman. The difference is the application used. The Tongues with Gift of HG is a forerunner for the other,it teaches how to obey move of God. The first is not a Gift of Tongues,it's the Gift of the HG,the Spirit Himself and tongues is evidence. The Gifts of the Spirit,Divers kind of tongues is one needs interpretation. 1Corinthians 14:5 shows tongues,the person giving them, is just as important as prophesy if there is interpretation. Moving/yielding in the Spirit has to be learned
---Darlene_1 on 5/22/09

May the blessing of the most high God be upon you all.
May God bless you, in doubting nothing!

I cannot say, I know, but what I feel. This said.
The day of Pentecost
Peter was standing up with the eleven, making the number twelve men, right.
I believe each man was speaking in every language at the same time.
Like me going to the UN and speaking to everyone at the same time and clearly being understood. This is speaking in tongues

Forgive me, and still I believe this was not them receiving and Holy Spirit. They had it already, from the lord.
John 20:22
Tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe. But those that do not.
God keep you safe.
---TheSeg on 5/22/09

Rom 8:24 That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We, of course, don't see what is enlarging us.
Rom 8:25 But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.
Rom 8:26 Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God's Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don't know how or what to pray, it doesn't matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans.
Rom 8:27 He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God.
---AJ on 5/22/09

Rob, I believe Exzucuh is confusing "Tongues" plural to "Tongue" singular. "Tongue" is fake and the other is the gift of the Spirit. And when Paul was talking to the Corinthians in 14:13-17, he was explaining that someone spoke in 'Tongue" (singular) that he should pray that he may interpred. He puts his own self by saying, "For if I pray in a "tongue" (singular,) my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful. Because "tongue" is not a gift so does nothing. He then gives an illustration that if He spoke in a "Tongue" how could the people hearing him say Amen, when they didn't understand anything he had said.
---MarkV. on 5/22/09

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Rob continue 2: There is a big difference in the two tongues. Verse 14:2-39 explains the difference in them. The KJV did add "Unknown" to distinquish the two. "For he who speaks in a tongue, does not speak to me but to God, for no one understands him, however in the Spirit he speaks mysteries." The only person that gets anything out of "tongue" is the person himself. Makes him boastful. That was not the gift of the spirit. For verse 4 says, "He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the Church."
Tongue was a counterfied gift of pagan gibberish and the plural was to indicate the genuine gift of a foreign language.
---MarkV. on 5/22/09

The word --unknown-- is not in that scripture in the Greek bible they added it in the English version so as to make the reader understand they were speaking languages that they themselves could not understand. I have a Greek original Bible also Hebrew.

1 Corinthians 14:4 He that speaketh in an (unknown) tongue edifieth himself , but he that prophesieth edifieth the church .
---Exzucuh on 5/21/09

Exzucuh, what you wrote on 5/21/09 regarding the speaker did not know what he was saying is in direct contradiction of what is written in 1 Corinthians 14:14-15.

Please take time to read it again.
---Rob on 5/21/09

Mark V, you are truly welcome. My purpose on these blogs is to share with others THE WORD OF GOD, as it is written, without any distortion or perversion.

I also try to encourage people to take the needed time and follow the command which is found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19, and not to jus believe or accept anything they may hear, Acts 17:11.

I believe we have the same goal. Sometimes it because frustrating because too many people have been brainwashed and blinded by false teachers.
---Rob on 5/21/09

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Rob, thank you so much for explaining what you did. I don't think some people get it. I don't mean Darline because she has a good grasp in what we are saying concerning languages. I tried to explain that with, Acts 2:7,8, "And how is it that we hear, each in our own language in which we were born? Parthians and Medes and Elamites, those dwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia etc." People from different nations were hearing someone who never spoke their language now bringing the good news of the gospel of Christ to them in their own language. The good news was speading without the New Testament yet written. Christians were coming to Christ by the thousands through the special gifts of the Spirit.
---MarkV. on 5/21/09

Acts 2:4-5 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with
OTHER TONGUES, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven.

Tongues greek glossa gloce-sah'
of uncertain affinity, the tongue, by implication, a language (specially, one
naturally unacquired):--tongue.

Other heteros het'-er-os
of uncertain affinity, (an-, the) other or different:--altered, else, next (day),
one, (an-)other, some, strange

The reference unknown is not in the Greek Bible It was added to let the reader know that the speaker did not know what he was saying.
---exzucuh on 5/21/09

Rob ... You may well be right. My point was really that the Holy Spirit gave power for the apostles to communicate in known languages.

Pentecost (Acts 2.4) does not appear to be about *tongues" (speaking in just sounds or "gibberish" as some rudely and incorrectly call it) as is used sometimes for worship and private prayer.
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/19/09

MarkV this is just my opinion but I think some people,for lack of knowledge,and wisdom may think more highly of themselves than they should after receiving the Gift of the Baptism of the HG with tongues and that could cause pride. They don't even have the right view of what is happening through them,not of them or from their ability. Anyone who is filled with Gift of HG with tongues needs to realize they do nothing,except yield themselves as instruments for the use of God just like any other Christian. I always felt that I must do what God chose not what I wanted. The HG infilling with tongues isn't a big prize although a blessing,He is a weapon of empowerment to either be used to minister to The Body of Believers or fight the enemies of God.
---Darlene_1 on 5/19/09

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Alan and Mima, Acts 2:4 does not say the Disciples spoke in their native language. It is clearly written the began to speak in other languages.

---Rob on 5/18/09

It's a shame some Denominations have perverted the Bible to suit doctrinal purposes. The Gift of the Holy Ghost with tongues,please notice He isn't one of the Gifts of the Spirit,He is the Spirit,isn't needed to be saved. After the infilling of the Holy Ghost one doesn't become a superhuman in understanding,although the Bible says the Spirit of Truth will lead us into all truth. Yet the Bible also tells us to Study to show ourselves aproved. Now for the speaking and hearing difference. One must look at the Prophecy in Joel2:28,29,it says they will prophesy,an utterance,Acts 2:4 All filled with HG spoke in other tongues before crowd gathered and heard them in verse 6. I know from experience that there is speaking,tongues,in other languages.
---Darlene_1 on 5/18/09

"I beleive that what happened at Pentecost was that the disciples spoke in their native tongue, but the listeners heard in theior own kanguage and understood."
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/18/09

I'm in total agreement with the above statement by Alan. This too is my understanding of what took place on the day of Pentecost. As a tongue talker myself, and seeing this very thing(the listener hearing in a language that the speaker was not using) happen in China I have no other explanation for what the Bible says to place. The Bible clearly says they heard!!! It does not say that those speaking spoke other languages .
---mima on 5/18/09

MarkV & Darlene

I agree with Mark that one of the problems with some ardent so-called "spirit-filled" is they claim that if you don't speak in tongues you can't be saved, and they link this speaking with superior ability to understand the Bible.

Both wrong.

Mark refers to "gibberish" by which I assume he means not in a known human language. I have heard this in worship, although I don't do it myself. And I have been prayed over with sounds, not words, which I didn't understand, (nor did the speaker) but found strangely comforting.

I beleive that what happened at Pentecost was that the disciples spoke in their native tongue, but the listeners heard in theior own kanguage and understood.
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/18/09

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Acts 1:8 But you shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit has (come upon you) : and you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

John 14:17 Even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him, for he dwelleth (with you), and shall be (in you).

Upon you - with you - in you - three manifestations if you do not understand this you will be confused by the scriptures.
---Exzucuh on 5/18/09

Hello Darline, thanks for responding to me. My only bad points on tongues has been that many who say they have them, say that they are save and others who don't have them or not. Also It seems this gift they proclaim to have changes the way they read Scripture. It effects them in many ways. They become prideful, which to me is not a gift that God would want anyone to have. None of the gifts were to bring sin into the world.
I don't have a problem with anyone speaking in tongues. Many speak gibberish talk, (tongue) singular, which is not a gift of the Spirit. We now have Scripture complete, and that is all that is necessary for anyone to preach the good news of the gospel of Christ.
---MarkV. on 5/18/09

There are three manifestation of the Holy Spirit concerning God dealing with us. First
of all the Holy Spirit can now come upon any flesh because the blood of Jesus has sanctified all flesh who come in faith to stand in Gods presence.

3 manifestations of the Spirit

1 manifestation of God (in) you. what you receive by faith when you obey the Gospel by the hearing of faith

2 manifestation of God (upon) you.
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the receiving of power in your life and re generational process and going through the fire.

3 manifestaion of God (with) you. The Exsousia given authority to operate in the gifts of the Spirit
---Exzucuhe on 5/18/09

Excuzuh, you confuse the manifestation which is the proof of baptism with the gift which is a prophetical gift, both are different.
---Andy on 5/18/09

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The proof that you have the Holy Spirit is a new life and fruit of the Spirit. Speaking in tongues only proves that you have a gift of the Spirit there are other gifts much more important than tongues and you can speak in tongues till the cows come home, if you do not have the witness of the Holy Spirit empowering you to to live for Jesus as a living sacrifice being regenerated and translated out of darkness into the light then your tongues is a lying sign and wonder. I see this all the time
with people who use their tongues like fig leaves to cover what they really are. Tongue talking adulterers, fornicators, and drug addicts. Tongues don't prove you have the Holy Ghost power in your life does.
---exzucuh on 5/16/09

1 Corinthians 12:28-31 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.
Are all apostles?
are all prophets?
are all teachers?
are all workers of miracles?
Have all the gifts of healing?
do all speak with tongues?
do all interpret?
But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.1 Corinthians 13:1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
Paul just told you what I am telling you! The fruit of the Spirit is the evidence
---exzucuh on 5/16/09

Yes they were amazed to see gentiles speak in tongues, they were not amazed so much with the tongues, as they were the fact that God would accept unclean gentile dogs. If they thought that tongues proved anything they would have invited them to church. But they did not and left them to themselves, as they also did the Samaritans, that Philip converted, They did not start a church with these people because they were uncircumcised, they believed like you, they had to see something to believe they could be saved. Even though Jesus revealed to Peter the Blood cleanses not circumcision, not tongues, he would not go and start gentile churches, Jesus had to convert Saul/paul to do his will.
---exzucuh on 5/16/09

After Paul had established these churches that
peter had failed to establish. The Jewish church came against Paul and his Gentile churches saying without the evidence of circumcision you cannot be saved. The word says the if that same Spirit is in you that was in Jesus it will save you, give life to you. But if not you will perish. It is not tongues that is the evidence of that life or Spirit but the Life itself and what it is accomplishing in the believer, you will see it manifesting Faith and faith manifesting works and works manifesting obedience, and obedience to the end manifesting salvation by Grace.
---exzucuh on 5/16/09

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Katavasia, thats why it is said that when Christ (the perfect) will come the imperfect prophecies interpretations, and tranbslations (even bible translations and YES the KJV included) will disappear. now we know limited, then we will know completaly. Maybe God used that preacher because those Charismatics had become lazy in finding the true meaning and where floating upon feelings instead of searching Gods heart.
last week in our church i commanded my members to pray in tongues and to ask God who they should bring in church (preach to) suddenly i said to a melmber God gave you a name but you dissagree, the name God gave is the true name. he laughed and admitted that he ghot a name he did not like so he repented.
---Andy on 5/14/09

Speaking in Tongues is a proof from the bible that you are baptized with the Holy Spirit.Acts 2:4, Acts 10:44-46, Acts 19:1-6) and Jesus has told this also( john 3:8). Holy Spirit is like a wind, you cannot see it but you can hear its sound and so everyone that is Born or baptized with the Spirit you will hear a sound from that person like in acts 2:1-4.

Yes, it is written in Corinthians that Prophecy is more important than tongues but it does not say that it is not important as Paul says in I cor 14:18 that he thanked God because he speaks in tongue more than the people in church of Corinthians.
---ruel on 5/12/09

The tongues that the bible referring to in Corinthians that needs to be interpret is different from the tongues the a person received when he was first baptized by the Holy Spirit.The experience of speaking in tongues will not stop until the second coming of Jesus.
---ruel on 5/12/09

MarkV thanks,to answer you about interpretation of Angel Tongues. It's no different than interpretation of languages here on earth. It is God through the infilled Holy Ghost who interprets not man. If a person already knows a language and gives the meaning of a tongues message then it is not a Spiritual interpretation but a translation. People don't learn a language for interpretation,if they have head knowledge they no longer are speaking as the Spirit gives utterance. Not from God but from themselves. Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the HG,and began to speak with other tongues,as the spirit gave them utterance. Just as the Spirit gives the utterance then,the Spirit also gives the utterance for all of the Spiritual Gifts.
---Darlene_1 on 5/12/09

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Experience with tongues continued- after checking into the motel I continued to speak in tongues setting up until four o'clock in the morning at which time I finally went to sleep. The next day being Easter Sunday,and after finding a church to attend I continued to occasionally speak in tongues. The pastor inquired as to who we were and simply shook his head. Later in that day(at least 24 hours after I started speaking in tongues I became very quiet and the tongues ceased. The man in the horrible accident did not die!! I believe this to have been an experience of praying a intercessory prayer for this man.
---mima on 5/12/09

An experience with tongues,
once after praying(in English) for a man who was bleeding to death(however he did not die) I had the following experience. As I stepped back and continued praying suddenly I went into tongues. I continued to pray in tongues while the rescue and 911 teams were working. After the cleanup as my wife and I were walking to the car(I was containing to pray in tongues) my wife said, give me the keys you are in no condition to drive. After giving her the keys and setting down in the car I continued to pray in tongues for at least two hours. At which time my wife decided to get into a motel for the night we were in Lexington, Kentucky at red roof Inn. It was the Saturday before Easter about 15 years ago. continued.
---mima on 5/12/09

Darline, that was an excellent answer, tongues of angels. It is written that way in 1 Cor. 13. What would seem impossible though is who knows the language to interpret it? Who would be knowledgable to say what is said is truth or not? And if they can speak in tongues of angels, for what purpose would that be for? A person can speak to God and God can hear us very well. Why would anyone want to speak in tongues of angels to God? There would have to be a reason. I don't get the reason. There is no biblical teaching of any special angelic language that people could learn to speak.
---MarkV. on 5/12/09

Here in ACTS 2:6-7-8 "6-Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language.

7-And they were all amazed and marvelled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galilaeans?

8-And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born? "

Is the description of what happened , notice the word heard and the word hear. Hearing is done by the listener.

Understanding what is plainly written is the key understanding tongues. One is gibberish to us is clear and plain to another.
---mima on 5/12/09

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The Evidence? The gifts of God move when God desires. We can seek the gifts of God and they are without recompense. Twice I sought the in filling and someone I trust exsplicitly stated I got it. So it was no surprise to my wife when I was speaking in tongues in the hospital as God gave me utterance. She explained to nurse he is praying. But what is he saying? Only God knows was the reply. Did something bad happen to me or was I a witness to the ones that heard the christian praying in tongues? And I am a singer so I know I must have been loud!
---Don on 5/12/09

There are nearly 7000 Living Languages on Earth and many dead ones no longer used,there are also tongues of Angels. Given such a large number I doubt anyone is qualified to judge if a peson is speaking in Spirtual Tongues through the Holy Ghost giving them utterance,if those tongues are a real language or as some call them gibberish. In order to be qualified,they would have to understand all living and dead languages and Angel tongues 1 Corinthians 13:1, Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels. There are languages which have odd sounds to English speaking people,just because we can't understand what someone speaking tongues says doesn't mean they aren't from God. Yes some overzealous person might make tongues up but that is rare.
---Darlene_1 on 5/11/09

Rebecca 2: I believe there is a misunderstanding what tongues really mean. And that is because many have made a mockery of the real tongues. Tongues,(Plural) are different languages. Tongue (singular) is gibberish or what is called "ecstatic utterances" That has no room in the church, never did. Paul in 1 Cor. explains the gifts very well. And one thing he explains well is the gift of discernment. Satan is a great deceiver and his demons counterfeit God's message and work. Christians with the gift of discernment have the God given ability to recognize lying spirits and to identify deceptive and erroneous doctrines, (Acts 17:11, 1 John 4:1).
---MarkV. on 5/11/09

**nevertheless i must admit that these people, whilst speaking gibberish where always seeking the translation, a thing which majority of todays charismatics fail to do.**

Someone once visited a Charismatic group that claimed to have interpretation being active. He stood up and said, "Pater imon, o en tis ouranis, agiasthito to onoma sou...."

The interpreter started the usual, "Oh, my people, I am with you to bless you...." rap.

The speaker said, "That was the Lord's Prayer in Greek. You mean the Holy Spirit couldn't recognize it?"
---katavasia on 5/11/09

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Rebecca, you said, "I promise you when one is truely speaking in tongues, the spirit within you will let you know it."
Rebecca, the tongues spoken after Pentecost were different languages. If someone spoke to me in tongues, (another language) I would not know what they are saying. Unless it's spanish or English. If there was someone to interpret I would understand. Gibberish talk is not the gift of the Holy Spirit. No one knows what it is and neither does God. Tongues is explained in Acts 2:5-15. These languages given by the Holy Spirit were a sign of judgment to unbelieving Israel 1 Cor. 14:21,22). They also showed that from then on God's people would come from all nations, and mark the transition from Israel to the church.
---MarkV. on 5/11/09

MarkV: I was agreeing with you up unil you said that you don't believe tongues are used today. Because I believe they are. Tongues have and will never ceased. People just mis-use them more today than they did. They "pretend" to have this gift and speak jibberish. But I promise you when one is truly speaking in tongues, you will know it, the spirit within you will let you know it. It is beautiful to hear someone speak in tongues, and have someone interupt it afterwords. God's promises are true and they remain forever. God's gifts are forever.
---Rebecca_D on 5/11/09

Hi Mark! I know two languages, English, which really is "American" and some Spanish. Tongues as far as I know, can be languages of men or angels and I don't think many people who have experienced tongues know which they speak. I don't speak in tongues in front of other people. It profits them nothing. I don't claim to understand spiritual things. How can one explain tongues? OGK! (Only God knows!) What human mind can explain the spiritual intelligence of Almighty God? Ummm, not me! I know a missionary from Guatemala who went to Germany and spoke perfect German when she shared the gospel with the people while there. After she left Germany, she could no longer speak German. She speaks English and Spanish like me. Freaky, isn't it?
---Vicki on 5/11/09

MarkV. regrettably for you, but Martin luther and also many catholics egg Franciscus of Assisi spake in tongues. Even before the catholic era (starting with Constantinople after the apostolic era (ended in aprox 100 AD) there are many records of this gibberish speaking. nevertheless i must admit that these people, whilst speaking gibberish where always seeking the translation, a thing which majority of todays charismatics fail to do. May God help us to do as Paul teached he who speaks gibber lethim PRAY for translation. this gibbering of the church fathers and reformzers have sadely been hidden by Anti-charismatics who refuse the church to walk in the full dominion of Christ.
---Andy on 5/11/09

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I will say what I've said before.

Every one I know who has claimed to be baptized with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues has just as difficult a time learning Biblical languages as those less sanctified.

Think about it.
---katavasia on 5/10/09

Andy, I never heard of Luther or anyone in the RCC ever speaking in tongues as a gift of the Holy Spirit. He spoke Latin and German that I know of. If you are speaking of other languages then he might have spoken of more then the two I knew about.
If you are talking about "tongue" in the singular, that is gibberish talking, then I don't believe he ever talked gibberish as a gift of the Holy Spirit.
---MarkV. on 5/10/09

Vicky, since you have experience this gift, can you tell me in how many languages you speak the work of God to unbelievers? Or communicate with Christains in other countries in their own language? I am a latino and speak only English that is the only language I know. How many do you know? I am sure you are very serious but so am I. The tongues from Scripture were languages.
---MarkV. on 5/10/09

Receiving the Holy Spirit : just ask and God gives. Tongues: Open the mouth and say what the Holy Spirit gives. There is no formula. Fasting: "These kind only come out by prayer and fasting." Fasting allows the untainted power of God to flow through us more easily. It weakens the flesh and promotes spiritual activity. Fasting is necessary, because Jesus said, WHEN you fast, not IF you fast.
---Vicki on 5/9/09

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Markv, actually the gifts never seased at any point in history. the methodists, baptists, jansenites, , calvin the Reformed, (it is asserted that Martin Luther Spoke in tongues) the waldensen Fransicus of assisi augustinus, irenaeus and so forth all accepted and performed acts of the Holy Spirit as a phemena to be for todays Christians (this includes the first sign , speaking in tongues). non of the examples given lived and ministered during the Apostolic time. the perfect to come of 1 Cor 13 is the return of Christ.
---Andy on 5/9/09

Markv. if you could numerate the gifts no longer necessary i could show you a good modern day use. really believe me, for anyone who wants to be a true disciple all the gifts are indispensable. even the ones that seem senseless to us. well maybe you do not need certain gifts because God put you in a certain place, that i might accept, but still others might find a great use for that same gift dispensable to you. as example, the gift of discerning. or the gift of visions and dreams. the gift of giving or the gift of encouragement which one would yu say has ever become useless? the gift of healing and the gift of ....
---Andy on 5/8/09

Rob, in my opinion after reading about tongues I have to believe as Scripture tells us that Tongues and many other gifts were given after Pentecost. The New Testament was not written yet and because of that reason, in order for the Truth from the apostles to be understood as Truth the many gifts were given to them. Some of those gifts were no longer necessary after the New Testament came to be. Scripture is now complete and needs nothing to be added from outside. I believe many gifts are still given, but not tongues. The gospel is complete and what good would tongues be for anyone other then self. Before it was for the gospel which was not yet written so tongues was another language not girbbish talking. This is a very senitive subject to many.
---MarkV. on 5/3/09

Mark V. will you make the attempt to share what you have just written written with Batieste and Shawnie on the disapproving of speaking in tongues Blog.
---Rob on 5/2/09

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I suggest that you all read I Cor 12:4-10. Paul is speaking about GIFTS of the Spirit. He also explains that not all will receive all gifts - it doesn't mean they won't be "saved." It appears that tongues very simply means a different language. If I were to speak Portuguese I would be speaking in a different tongue than most here in the U.S. wouldn't I? The devil can speak in tongues as well - this is why it is important that there be someone present to interpret. I Cor 14 talks about the gift of prophecy being more important than tongues - and the importance of being understood. I think tongues is the ability to preach so that men can understand (in their own language).
---HappyLDS on 5/2/09

MarkV: Yes I totally agree with that. That was what I was trying to get at, but you explained it better than I did or tried to.
---Rebecca_D on 5/1/09

Rebecca, there is water baptism and Spiritual baptism. The water baptism is a ritual called to all new converts to obey. Those who believed before Jesus left, were baptized also as a token of their faith an obedience. After Pentecost all believers were called to be baptize in the name of Jesus Christ, also an act of obedience (Acts 2:38,39).
Yet the Bible in 1 Cor. 12:13 tells us that all true believers, The Church is the Spiritual body of Christ, and is formed as believers are immersed by Christ with the Holy Spirit. Christ is the baptizer (Matt. 3:11). who immerse each believer with the Spirit into one unity with all other believers. There cannot be any believer who has not been Spirit baptized (Eph. 4:4-6).
---MarkV. on 4/30/09

MarkV: No I didn't say a person can be saved and not have the spirit. I said a person can be saved and have not been baptized by the Holy Ghost and with fire. When Jesus was here on earth, people didn't need the Holy Ghost to guide and comfort them, because Jesus was there. Jesus left his spirit here to comfort us. The Holy Ghost didn't come until sometime after Jesus had already died. I believe with all my heart that Mary the mother of Jesus was saved. She was in the upper room on the day of Pentecost waiting to be baptized by the Holy Ghost. I know I am saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, but I have yet to be baptized by the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues.
---Rebecca_D on 4/30/09

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Rebecca, if what you say is true, "MarkV: The spirit in you will bear witness to the spirit in another person filled with the Holy Ghost." My Spirit testifies to me that you are wrong about the Spirit. Here is why, you say that a person can be saved, born again, and not have the Spirit. Which contradicts Scripture. Everyone who is saved calls Jesus Lord and Savior. The only way he can do that is by the Holy Spirit. "Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed. And no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit." 1 Cor. 12:3. You say they can and Scripture says it's impossible.
---MarkV. on 4/29/09

"The spirit in you will bear witness to the spirit in another person filled with the Holy Ghost." This statement by Rebecca D has been proven time and time again in my life. Many times I have told people directly that they speak in tongues or in several instances(especially in Baptist churches) I have taken someone aside and told them that the spirit tells me that they speak in tongues. And I cannot remember a time in which the following answer was not given. Yes I speak in tongues but please don't say anything about it in this church. What a interesting scenario both enlightening and condemning concerning Baptist beliefs!!!
---mima on 4/29/09

MarkV: The spirit in you will bear witness to the spirit in another person filled with the Holy Ghost. The bible says to test the spirits to see if they be of God or not. If someone that I don't know wants to lay hands on me to pray for me, I ask God if this person is of you then that is fine, let them pray for me. But if this person doesn't have the spirit of God in them, then do not let them lay hands on me at all. This works because you can't just let anyone lay hands on you to pray for you. A person can be saved and be filled with the Holy Ghost, but have not been baptized by the Holy Ghost and with fire. Speaking in tongues is the evidence of being baptized by the Holy Ghost, it is one of the gifts.
---Rebecca_D on 4/29/09

Rebecca, you said, "If a person is truly of God then they know what is real and what is fake because the Holy Ghost will let them know." if the Spirit lets you know, how does He let you know? How do you know it is not another spirit speaking to you? How can you confirm it was of God?
You said, a person can be saved and not be baptize by the Holy Spirit. In order to be saved you need to have a spiritual rebirth. That spiritual rebirth is into one body, Christ. If it is as you say, then the spirit speaking to you is not the God of the Bible because God states that He (Jesus Christ) is the Head of that body and we are the members of that spiritual body.
---MarkV. on 4/27/09

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Donna: No, the bible disagrees with you. A person Does Not have to be baptized by the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues. We were told to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins. But he also told us that a person comes behind him who is mighter than him who shall baptize us with the Holy Ghost and with fire. Bottom line a person does not have to speak in tongues before going to heaven. If you disagree, then we can't come to an agreement. Katavasia: I know that everybody isn't baptized by the Holy Spirit upon getting saved. Sometimes it is later and sometimes it isn't at all. Alan: I know that I haven't been baptized by the Holy Ghost because I haven't received the gift of tongues.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/09

How do you know your filled with the Holy Spirit? Come on now. How do you know there is a God? FAITH.. Pure and simple. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior and you believe he was born, dies on the cross, arose on the third day, asended to heaven and sits on the right side of God. Brother, Sister, you are saved and filled with the spirit. Don't worry about tounges. When the Spirit needs to speake through you, he will.
---Chuck on 4/25/09

Many Pentecostal people say the only initial evidence of being born of the spirit is speaking in tongues and say other Christians that haven't had this experience are not born of the Spirit. By this doctrine they divide the body of Christ and by saying that non Pentecostal Evangelical Christians do not have the Holy Spirit they insult the Spirit that is obviously working through all born again believers.
---mima on 4/24/09

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