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Should The USA Forgive Cuba

What do think about the United States "forgiving" Cuba for past problems, ending the "trade embargo", and restoring "diplomatic relations" as Obama has hinted? What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD)

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 ---Sag on 4/23/09
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I was looking at what Elder says. It is true that zoo keepers don't trust lions. But remember that these lions are trained and have their claws clipped. They are not a real threat, but just big bad wolves to be trotted out whenever the media is told to trot them out. Take the ABDUCTION issue in Japan. I don't think it would be difficult to have solved the problem 25 years ago, with some strong action against North Korea, but for some reason there is a lack of committment to sorting the problem out. Some think it is simply corruption in and out of government, but I tend to think that it suits someone or other to have this issue alive and on the back burner to remind everyone what a big threat N.Korea is. Maybe that is over-simplifying it.
---frances008 on 5/6/09

I am back. Been out of town three days visiting prison inmates. I still think the earth revolves around the sun even though British royalty agrees with me.
---JohnnyB on 5/4/09

I seem to be arguing with someone who does not want to know the truth, so I will have my say and then be wash my hands of such persons. People say insulting things about youtube, because the government knows it is the one undeniable source of actual archived footage that will convince you of many things. It is a big problem for them. Also Donna trusts any 'expert' who is a successful book seller, like perhaps Jacques Attali, juding persons by how popular the government makes them. This is a huge mistake. The truth is not popular and does not sell many books. You are a nameless 'expert' if the word 'expert' appears on the screen? It doesn't matter that you never did a thing. What about the experts who are not allowed on television?
---frances008 on 5/4/09

BruceB --- ,) Well, I guess you can see who DOESN'T know cigars! (Although, when I used to smoke, I did smoke one of those fancy little ones once. I thought it looked.. oh, so sophisticated! But I was never tempted to have another one.)
The last I heard of Guam was its role in WWII.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09


Follow the money!

Leaders who start wars are as likely to be pawns as the men on the battlefield. In spite of those "evil" ones being the focus for elimination by the "good guys", [they] ain't about to initiate expansionary wars without backing (allies, if you will.)

Backing can take the form of symbiotic countries or companies: capital (cash, credit, manpower), other goods, services, etc.

Ex 1) DuPont's Ethyl Inc using IGFarben factories to produce tetra-ethyl lead so the German war machine wouldn't burn valves.

Ex 2) Ford executives providing lists of "subversive" workers to military task-forces operating within Ford-Argentina's factories during the "Dirty War"?
---BruceB on 5/3/09


The Dominican reference is to Dominican Republic cigars over Cuban cigars. I don't actually think Jesus smoked stogies: but if He did, He undoubtedly choose DR over Cuban. Of course, I do believe He wouldn't mind hangin' out in the DR... for a bit. I think I'll hit Him up for vacation (just Him and me), when I see Him.

As to Guam, it's a militarily strategic Pacific location. However, it wouldn't have been such to us... if "we" did not have designs on the Asian-Pacific region as far back as the 1890s. What purpose would Guam serve the US in 1898? It wouldn't. But it surely would in 1942.
---BruceB on 5/3/09

Bruce-- I'm glad you think Jesus would go to the Dominican. That's quite a recommendation. I sometimes think of going there myself (if Obama stays prez more than 4 years). Guam is a little too far away for me. I'd like to come back to the states every once in a while.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09

During the "cold war" USSR had nuclear ICBMs capable of reaching US cities,Germany Italy and Japan had visions of conquering America.
Now all these nations enjoy trade and relations with the USA.
But Cuba,who's only ambition was to defend itself finds that it is the "whipping boy" for US paranoia!
Canada has had good relations with Cuba for decades,finding the people humble and friendly.Hundreds of us vacation there in the winter,at lower rates than other Caribbean resorts!
It's time to end the hostility! Besisdes they have great baseball players!
---1st_cliff on 5/3/09

Bruce ..
I don't follow you ... are you saying that Hitler (ultimately) profited from starting WW2?

Did N Korea ultimately profit from invading S Korea?

Did Saddam ultimately profit from invading Kuwait?

Or Galtieri from his Falklands adventure?
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/3/09


Don't be "sorry" to break the news to me.
You haven't. If you've got a source more credible than utube, I might think of it as "news".

I don't trust our Government, though I don't see why the'd knock themselves out to create such an elaborate charade as you suggest. They can gain control of us much more easily than that.

I've got better things to do in life than ferreting out all the workings of the NWO. Studying my Bible is challange enough for me. I'm as prepared as I can be for disasters...natural, political and financial.
And, at my age, I'm ready to meet God however that comes about.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09

Jesus(?): Cuban cigars and rum? Well, maybe one's worth "forgiveness"--the cigars. However, I think, Jesus'd go with Dominican.

I can't understand why we didn't just take Cuba (in 1898) along with Puerto Rico, the Phillipines and Guam, instead of dog-jivin' around for 100 years--50 with Castro.

I'd have traded off Guam for Cuba in a heartbeat: that is, if I didn't have a long-range military strategy against Japanese imperialism: and for Chinese slave-labor. There are valid purposes for "imperialism", ya know: as long as it's us doin' the imperializing.

I gotta disagree with Alan, though: wars are started by those who intend to profit--and always do. Ya see, Frances: you ain't always wrong.
---BruceB on 5/3/09

Trust?well you can only trust amyone but so far.The past is done.If unforgiveness will ultimately be detremental in any relationship.war,and threats have been an ongoing way of life in this world,I,ts a shame that you can,t turn your back on many people cause you will get sucker punched.But ultimately I believe we should restore relations with cuba and move on.
---tom2 on 5/3/09

Alan, you make some good points and I do have difficulties understanding why Germany and Japan went to war. I know Japan thought of it as an opportunity. But if they had won, Communism which was worse than the Japanese Occupation, would have been defeated in China. When I say 'the winners', we have yet to see who will be the winner of the plan for three world wars and the rise and fall (and rise) of Communism. I have many other ideas on this. Bush Snr's business connections with Hitler, and the fact that war always is lucrative, and gives men jobs. In depressions, usually wars are used to end unemployment.
---frances008 on 5/3/09

Shirley you and others need to know our problem was not with some 90 year old wacky dictator. It was with a Government that wanted to destroy us. Missiles were being placed only 90 miles from our shore by another of our country's enemies that were/are ready to destroy us.
Being that these missiles could reach your very own porta potty with you on it created great concern.
The old 90 year old man may die but the government may not change. If certain ones have their way many in the US will never reach their 90th birthday.
Experienced Zoo keepers still feed the lions they have fed for years with a long stick, 'cause they can't be trusted.
---Elder on 5/2/09

Frances ... I don't want to enter into your discussion about Iraq or JFK, because I share your suspicions that there are strange elements to these events.

But I don't follow you when you say "...wars are started on purpose by the one who intends to be victorious. Losers don't start wars. Winners start wars"

Of course wars are started by those who intend to win. But they do not always win.

Hitler started WW2, intending to win, yet lost. Japan started the Pacific war with expansionist attacks and then Pearl Harbour, intending to win, then lost. Saddam started the first Iraq war by invading Kuwait, intending to win, then lost.

Argintina started & intended to win the Falklands conflict, yet lost
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/2/09

Would the U.S. lifting the embargo end the diabolic stranglehold of communism over Cuba? Would Christian congregations then have, liberty of expression, and would Christians be allowed to freely minister without the fear of being opressed, or punished? If so, open trade negotiations with Cuba. Jesus will rule with a rod of iron, Psalm 2:9, 110:2, Isaiah 10:5, 11:4, Micah 6:9, Revelations 2:27, 19:15.
p.s. Matthew 10:16-17.
---Glenn on 5/2/09

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I've addressed this subject so many times, I should just cut and paste my answer.
>>Your own government has confessed that neither the Iraqi people nor their government had anything to do with the destruction of the twin towers.

I don't think anybody in America EVER blamed Iraqi. We had/have nothing against them.It was Al Qaeda, who at the time, based most of their operations from that country. Ever since the Gulf War, there were Iraqis asking the US to help them throw off the oppression of Saddam Hussein. Saddam slaughtered many times more of his own people than any of our military actions. The Iraqi people now and have an independent democratic government of their own. Al Qaeda was weakened, but temporarily.
---Donna66 on 5/1/09

JohnnyB, you apparently decided not to leave us after all. Good decision. You might learn something one day. I mean that you might actually learn a new thing and not just stick to the things you learnt when you were five years old. I personally find that research on your own really pays off. Go to the pseudo scientists' own sites and you can read how stupid they think people are for accepting their idiotic claims. No wonder they have no respect for us. The devil believes in God and trembles, but has no faith in man's intelligence. The key words to find their sites are not easy, but don't worry, I won't help you. You have to learn to stand on your own two feet some day.
---frances008 on 5/1/09

Frances008 ok thanks I didn't see the one you are speaking of. I looked at more than one but evidently I didn't look far enough or in the right place. Larry you are very presumptuous,which means you are overstepping bounds of propriety or courtesy. Taking liberties on your own asumptions or judgement of a persons relationship with Christ is pure foolishness,you don't know what either Frances or my daily Spiritual practices are,therefore you aren't qualified to give advice on what we need. We were going to Utube. If Frances and I want to discuss the subject there isn't anything wrong with it and civilized exchange of information is how people learn.
---Darlene_1 on 5/1/09

Donna, I am really sorry to break the news to you, but the US special forces actually did any 'beheadings' if indeed any were done, (and if they were not merely propaganda against the enemy in order to drum up a war for oil/NWO purposes). You are kind and intelligent but you lack the research about how wars are started on purpose by the one who intends to be victorious. Losers don't start wars. Winners start wars. They control every step of the war from the onset to the culminaion. For Larry and JohnnyB, don't mix up bitterness with understanding of the ways of the world.
---frances008 on 5/1/09

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The points I was trying to make in the previous notes were these:

(a) The United States government and people profess to hold all human life as valuable, but especially, American life. And I have no special objections with such professions except to the extent that the profession does not reasonably match the action.

(b) All reasonable people would agree that loosing almost three thousand of your citizens is draumatic and horrendous. Howover, if your response to that tragedy is to kill hundreds of thousands of a people that had nothing to do with your suffering, then your profession is deceitful.
---Janze on 5/1/09

Donna 66 continues 2 Your own government has confessed that neither the Iraqi people nor their government had anything to do with the destruction of the twin towers. And before 1990, the American government and people found nothing wrong with the Iraqi regime, under Saddam, until their action could have caused the price of oil to rise on the commodity market. What you might have forgotten was that the Iraqi government became an Amercan proxy in a war with Iran in retaliation. In that war, the Americans supplied the Iraqis with weapons and intelligence.

Socially and economically, the Iraqi people were among the best educated in the world and they had access to healthcare and education that was second to none, from birth to death.
---Janze on 5/1/09

I must say Frances is entertaining. But she does have me pegged in that I am high up in the hierarchy of the New World Order. All of us there believe that the earth revolves around the sun, a devilish idea! :-)
---JohnnyB on 5/1/09

I'm not sure what blog or question to which Frances or Darlene refer, possibly something on BitternessNet as opposed to ChristianNet. I would urge both sisters to read 3 chapters of Psalms every day and follow your readings with a prayer to God to restore the Joy of your salvation.

Anyway Cuba's real sin is against God and his order and his will.
National repentance to God by Cuba AND every other nation will resolve the other minutia.
---larry on 4/30/09

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The conspiracy/communism/NWO is not just against the poor and middle classes, but must destroy the rich classes who can afford to oppose the government's machinery. Soon there will be one 'Truth' that we will have to accept because there will be no opposition allowed. People like JohnnyB will rejoice thinking that they have won. In fact they will have lost the truth completely and forever. This will make them very happy.
---frances008 on 4/30/09


Good grief! How you twist things. I never said the desire for truth is a reason for "torture".

The "truth" we needed was about another attack like 9-11 that they insisted was imminent...but would not divulge any details.
It was no idle search for truth. We wanted to save lives!

Also I believe we may have a different opinion of what "torture" consisits of. It's a highly subjective word. Nothing we did INJURED anyone, not a drop of blood shed. (unlike those who maim and behead). We frightened three men very badly and got information of variable value, but enough to prevent one more attack.
---Donna66 on 4/30/09

Quote from JFK (the Movie) ''The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.'' Johnny, it is not the size of the idea, or the acceptability that makes it the truth, nor is it the number of people that believe in it. The truth stands on its own, it does not need any support. It is the lies you love that so need supporting.
---frances008 on 4/30/09

JohnnyB, in order to learn the truth, what would it take? Your brain has to be returned to the innocent state of a baby, (unless you become as one of these little ones you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven). Buddhists understand this. Even the scientists who believe their own lies will say that the sun comes up and the sun sets daily. It is common everyday language. Language is older and nearer the truth than ever changing science communities. Exactly how has anyone proven everyday language not to be the truth? Do you believe in Santa? No. You changed as you grew up. But some lies are idols that you will not let go of. I suppose you think that the first story you get is always the truth. What if it was a lie?
---frances008 on 4/30/09

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Darlene, the youtube video I saw showed all the guards (about four or six) walking with the president and his wife, surrounding the open limousine. Suddenly the leader receives a message that he can hardly believe. He shrugs his shoulders and tells the rest of them to fall back. The limousine continue on, unguarded, in the biggest act of betrayal ever shown on film. Then, seconds later a shot (or more) rings out and the President is killed. You don't think it was a conspiracy? It should prove to you that this goes higher than the American government. There is some World Organization that we are not focusing on properly.
---frances008 on 4/30/09

When a guard is told to guard a person who is a VIP, they are not told to guard them until further orders, are they? Surely they know (without being told, and despite any further orders) that their duty is to stay and guard the life of a person, no matter what the personal cost to themselves. That is why they are bodyguards. But the guards around JFK were just NWO agents, who obeyed whatever order came down the line from whoever (and they probably did not know), no matter how it went against everything they'd ever learnt. They were just robots. They had given up their free will to Satanic entities. Probably they were aware of 'the bigger picture'. They don't even feel confused. They just obey. I wonder how they felt afterwards.
---frances008 on 4/30/09

I would really be interested to know who else around here believes that the earth is the center of the universe and that the sun, planets and stars revolve around the earth. Thanks!
---JohnnyB on 4/30/09

The universities of Europe who trained the people who trained the kings and queens of Europe were full of priests who were versed in alchemy and astrology. The real scientists like Tycho Brahe, had private means, but not a great big publishing and educating machinery. Real scientists are normally ignored so that the Vatican can proclaim its lies as the truth. Eventually their work is stolen and changed, and they are disposed of. Nobody hears their names. You have to be in freemasonry to receive any recognition. The same goes for today.
---frances008 on 4/30/09

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JohnnyB, you believe whatsoever you wish to believe. I believe the Bible. It has not been disproved, just attacked as always for the purpose of making people doubt God and give their souls to the Antichrist.
---frances008 on 4/30/09

Yes,we should forgive Cuba.Castro is a dying old man and may even be sorry for things in his past and the citizens of Cuba are innocent.
---shirley on 4/30/09

Hi there, Wayne. Thank you and may God bless you too.
---frances008 on 4/30/09

I was in Havana Cuba when Castro came in town.(You know how youthful idealism is) Havana at that time January'59 was just one big American cesspool with the gambling and prostitution bringing in over $1 million a day to the Mafia. Regardless of Castro's colors(and they are very devilish black) Castro put a end to much of the corruption in Havana Cuba. As the doctors and lawyers ran for higher money ground(U,S.A.) Castro opened up the medical field to all who could pass the grade. Castro had then and has now the support of the peasantry. And our treatment of him, which trickled down to the peasantry, has been very harmful to the working poor.
---mima on 4/30/09

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Let me say this, Francis is not a stupid woman at all. She knows what she is speaking about. YHVH bless you Francis, I also wish to say Hi to you.
---wayne on 4/30/09

Frances 008,thanks for directimg me to Utube,I did look. I wonder after looking,if it was a simple fact of bodyguards who usually ride on the Presidents parade car on the running board didn't have any place to stand or hold on to in that convertible. It really didn't prove the reason the bodyguards weren't there or walking alongside the car. I also wonder if the reason no one was walking alongside and behind was the speed the parade was moving,there were guards/police on 4 motorcycles behind the Presidents car. There is one fact I do know,no one could have prevented the President being shot no matter where they were because of the shots coming from above,therefore,it's really not an important fact for it didn't contribute to the shooting.
---Darlene_1 on 4/30/09

Jesus would tell Cuba to release all political prisoners, and Christians from prison [and keep them out]. Also, I may add, myself on this and ask a question>>>Does Jesus forgive the devil? I truly trust by God's power I answered your question with some kind of measure of intelligence.
---catherine on 4/30/09

Frances, so you are saying that since a Jesuit told Elizabeth I that the solar system is heliocentric, that somehow proves it isn't? I am sorry I asked. I won't bother you again. Take care.
---JohnnyB on 4/29/09

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Donna, you say that the desire for the truth is what excuses the use of torture. I say there is no excuse for torture. It is also self-defeating because the tortured won't be able to ever tell you what they do not know, and will just make up any lies that they think you want to hear. You remind me of the 'itching ears that love lies' which St Paul talked of in his letters and also the 'false accusers' that appear in the Last Days (2 Tim 3.3). Even Taoism teaches that kindness to the enemy is good. That would mean killing rather than torturing a known traitor/or enemy combatant. But the soldiers trained to obey the illuminati are not trained to show any humanity.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

By Alan's logic, the people who died on 911 were terrorists, and so are any bereaved people who stand up for the truth of 911. A lying spirit surely has his grip on you, Alan.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

Donna, unless you are God you do not know for sure who did 911, and nor do I. But torturing the Iraqis and other 'suspected terrorists' achieved exactly what? It made whole nations hate America. All muslims now want to see America destroyed. Then the Catholics ensure that a Muslim president who had two Muslim fathers in his life, is now in control, or at least the puppet. Do you think it would please the world to see a Muslim destroying America. And all this could have been avoided if the American people took the box off their heads and thought a bit about the evidence. The so called hijackers a. were not fundamentalists and b. turned up alive after 911.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

I am beginning to lose count of the times AlanofUk has leapt in baring his teeth to defend the bullies. It seems he has some connection to them. He certainly shares their ideas that it is not offensive to personally attack someone who has done nothing to you, but it is a crime to call them evil if they do so. I am rather offended that Alan takes sides so readily against me. It doesn't disappoint me though, because it is in character. I learnt to expect certain behaviours from certain people. I would rather be worried if he suddenly changed and started to be interested in the truth. I would then wonder how long that could last before he was back to his old attack dog self.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

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I sincerely thank all those who offend me deliberately, because you are my ticket to heaven. I forgive you from the heart and pray that you will be released from the capture by Satan and make it to be with God forever. I know that if you had free choice you would choose to be kind and receive the truth, but you have been deceived into relinquishing the free choice you had, and to serve Satan, unknowingly. I pray that God opens your spiritual eyes wide. I pray that God through His eternal goodness, gives you a heart of repentance that will bring you to knowledge of the truth.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

Frances.. do you read history. The United States took control of Gitmo in 1903, 23 years before Castro was even born. The US has a perpetual lease on the base, something that Castro can't stand. If he could, he would throw the US off the island.

Furthermore, the United States IS paying for the land, every single year. What is so hard to understand about that?
---NurseRobert on 4/29/09

Nurses are just paid murderers, who do the bidding of the illuminati.

Nurses are trained and appointed with the understanding that they will do their share of abortions.

Hospitals weed out those who will not blindly obey.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

The sad part is, Frances, you don't realize just how delusional and paranoid you sound. I see little hope for you. Pray for healing..
---NurseRobert on 4/29/09

The Kat would like for all the submissive victims to be quiet. A nod is as good as a wink. Don't judge them, the poor things, they cannot help being completely brainwashed into becoming illuminati agents who expect big presents at some unspecified date when the New World Order has officially won. Sad that the only present they will be getting will be an eternity in the lake of fire. Hell will be a place of remembrance for many. They will remember all the times I exposed these people for the bullies that they are. But still some people admire them, or fear them, or both. I speak of freemason supporters like Alan. He will expect his works to get him to Heaven. But works will be burnt according to 1 Cor 3. The bad works will condemn him.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

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Yes, there is a group of mockers who started a society called the Flat Earth Society. But surely you can see through that front as being put there so as to label anyone who seeks the truth a 'flat earther'. If you are not prepared to go to knowledge as if you are going to war, with all your armour on, then you have to consider whether you should be in the discussion at all. I wish that more people would do some studying and then come back to this website. I studied for four years on my own before coming here. I learnt stuff that had hardly even been hinted at when I was at University. Most of the clues I got aged 8 from a good primary school teacher.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

They go by the strategy, 'Don't argue the facts, but attack the speaker.' They know that they don't stand a chance because they are uneducated about the facts, and don't want anyone to educate themselves, nor do they wish anyone to listen to those who have educated themselves. Make it about the person not the ideas. That is how they work. Let's do that. The person. Let us see the behaviour exhibited by the Kat's team. Go back and examine it. Don't just look at what I say about them, but look at what they did to justify it.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

** Nurse Robert, I daily praise God that He will never deliver me into your hands because you have claws like a cat.**

fanny has elsewhere complained that those who disagree with her do nothing but insult her--yet look what she says here. And this is just ONE of her postings on this blog.

To get to the original question, the trade embargo with Cuba has apparently never been absolute, as that nation gets about 20% of its produce from Alabama, according to one TV show I saw a few years ago.

Whether it should be continued, strenghtened, or thoroughly scrapped, I will admit I don't know.
---katavasia on 4/29/09

JohnnyB, the oldest idea in the world is that the sun is to be worshipped as the centre of the universe. Later (with Christianity) came the idea that God established the earth, unmoving, as the centre. At the time of the Rennaissance there was a come back of the old Egyptian and Greek philosophies. They had to make a decision as to whether to declare the world heliocentric or geocentric. Elizabeth 1 was tutored by a Jesuit and had a black magic mentor called John Dee. They put their heads together and came up with the sun is the centre. Scientists to this day are amazed how easily the idea took root, without any proof. God bless you too.
---Frances008 on 4/29/09

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The two most common attacks on believers in Creationism and the Bible are 'You are a flat earther' and 'the flying Spaghetti monster'. Such comments show a low level of discernment in the speaker, not to the one spoken to.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

Nurses are just paid murderers, who do the bidding of the illuminati. Of course some are so dumb that they are not responsible for their actions, but most know better than to do what they do. They are very similar to soldiers. Owned by the New World Order to do their bidding. I'd advise staying out of hospitals. Of course doctors are worse, but that does not excuse the nurses. I realize this is a big shock. But Alan, you think the freemasons are okay, so what can I say?
---frances008 on 4/29/09

Nurses are trained and appointed with the understanding that they will do their share of abortions. If someone spends 90 percent of their time trying to be a good person and 10 percent obeying evil masters, and murdering the innocent, what does it make them? Innocent? I don't think so. Even 99 to 1 per cent. Still guilty. We should never kill innocent people born or unborn.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

Hospitals weed out those who will not blindly obey. Also, the ones who think for themselves, and who might disagree with what is going on in hospitals. They keep the ones who work at the level of robots.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

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janze -- I'll attempt to answer your question

But I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE POST you quoted i.e."Here is some information that might prove useful. Americans have the highest number...."

>>Are you saying that that circumstances determine whether Americans adhere to the wonderful principles they so furiously expoused?<< No, ,Americans value life. Others as well as their own..
We do not behead, murder, or even injure enemy combatants. When it appeared American lives were in immediate danger, we questioned
3 men who claimed to have information but refused to disclose it. They were made fearful or briefly uncomfortable, but never injured.
---Donna66 on 4/29/09

Janze (cont) As to your question about slavery and discrimination, the answer is,No American would try to justify slavery or discrimination Your question is almost too insulting to deserve an answer.

>>Are you saying that killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans are justified because almost three thoudand Americans were killed? <<

NO. Saddam Hussein and the Taliban killed more of their own people than we ever did..and talk about torture...! Iraquis begged the US for help as far back as the Gulf war. The Iraqis are now free from Saddam and have a growing new democracy. The Taliban contines to kill and torture their own countrymen in Pakistan and Afganistan.
We have committed to help protect citizens there.
---Donna66 on 4/29/09

Frances ... "Maybe there is a couple of nice nurses to be found somewhere in the world"

When will you end your viciousness?

It is worthy of those illuminati, whom you claim to expose.
---alan8566_of_UK on 4/29/09

Donna66 continues...

Here is some information that might prove useful. Americans have the highest number of abotrions of all industrialized nation, the highest number of murders, and more than two thousand people go missing each day. If the American government and people were interested in saving Americans lives, which issue should receive the keenest attention?

Terrorism is a very marketable issue and many people in high places do get very rich from the military budget. In simpler words, many Americans find great profit killing.

However, for a country that declares itself a christian nation, what message is actually seen by observers
---Janze on 4/29/09

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Frances008, mockery is in the ear of the listener. I didn't intend mockery. There are people who still believe in a flat earth. I have seen their website. I was asking you seriously if you believed it that. Apparently you do not. But you didn't really answer my question about heliocentricity. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 4/29/09

I'm missing something, are we still talking about that little Island off of Florida? This question has had the most responses of any question in the last month, why?
---TIMOTHY on 4/29/09

It's better to have claws of a cat, than a Tongue of a Serpant!

You deceive many with your lies, making people think they can survive the things that are coming by planting seeds.

A Valcano is about to erupt and darken the skies, I hope you have artificial lighting for your plants, thats if theirs electricity still(Many won't)...

Russia AND China have a new weapon that can distrupt electric stuff thru the computor system.

Russia is now building Military bases in Cuba, So. America, SOON, Check-Mate!

For those of you that don't play chess, that means GAME-OVER!
---YLBD on 4/29/09


Please explain to me. Are you saying that that circumstances determine whether Americans adhere to the wonderful principles they so furiously expoused?

Anybody who wants to torture anyone else can always find a self-serving reason to justify wickedness.

I suppose Americans have many good reasons for having slaves and for maintaing gross injustice of racial discrimination.

Are you saying that killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans are justified because almost three thoudand Americans were killed? That is extraodinary reasoning!

---Janze on 4/29/09

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Nurse Robert, I daily praise God that He will never deliver me into your hands because you have claws like a cat. I feel very sorry for your patients. I chose to be a teacher and (after six months experience of nursing) I can tell you that teachers are by far nicer people. Maybe there is a couple of nice nurses to be found somewhere in the world. But I would rather die at home or on the scene of an accident than be delivered into the hands of the medical 'profession'. They are merely tools for giving out Rockefellers poisons.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

Darlene, it is documented on film, if you look on youtube, you will see for yourself that the guards who surrounded the vehicle that JFK was travelling in were called off by someone off the scene. The leader looked dismayed. But like all illuminati workers, he blindly obeyed so that they could kill the president of the United States. So don't tell me that they did not call off the guards, I saw it on actual footage of the event. In order to be a good person in this llife you need to know what is going on. Some orders you should not obey. I found this a useful principle in life.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

It seems that everybody in this discussion seems to run around with the idea that the US can ghet away with everything as it decides to, wel it is not the US is, in international political circles limited and advised by the UNO. who tries to amke an equilibre between the MEGA'S and the mini's Cuba is a membver of the UNO is it not? dont even think that international politics is as easy as 100 years ago where the size of your army put you in the right. it is a good thing however, since now the US is no longer the the only BAD GUY in town.
---Andy on 4/29/09

We didn't use enhanced interrogation because the people were are "enemies".!

They were people who had information we needed, and they wouldn't tell us even when treated kindly.

As you remember, we had just lost almost 3 thousand innocent New Yorkers, who suffered a terrifying death. These guys said to expect more, but wouldn't give us any details.

Don't you remember how you felt on Nov. 12, 13, 14, 15th etc? I think most of us were waiting for "the other shoe" to drop.Congress didn't object to the way we interrogated these men then! They felt saving American lives was of paramount importance.

Why will they only release part of the record now? Why not release the information we gained?
---Donna66 on 4/28/09

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JohnnyB, how can I humbly answer your question when it ends with mockery. The truth is for the simple and humble people of this world, not for those who 'hit and run' with their insults and do not stick around to hear the truth. And you are safely anonymous on the computer, that nobody can track you down and tell you the truth, which you clearly are not interested in anyway. But I tell the name Tycho Brahe, to the audience who does stick around. Follow the deaths. You will find the truth.
---frances008 on 4/29/09

Nurse Robert. Allow me to explain something to you. If my enemy, however rich, wished to rent land from me, however poor, for purposes of a highly suspect nature, I would not lend him the land unless he had some power over me. In that case, he would not need to lend (rent) the land, but merely take it. Why should he pay for it if he does not need to? So either the two leaders are in cahoots, or America is controlling other leaders.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

Darlene, all you are doing is using words to attack me. But you do not see how your words actually support me. I also saw, on video, and ALL the guards were called off. It looked to me like the driver turned around and shot him. Nobody would think to film the driver closely, so he was the person most protected. As for people at the scene, 911 clearly showed us how the press works, planning ahead and planting witnesses, whereas the true witnesses are simply not put on air. Amazingly, people are so inately good, some of them, that they come forward to help the truthers, and they come forward in large numbers in uniform, out of uniform, giving their names, showing their faces. It is just that few people are interested in the truth.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

Nurse Robert, you can be as vicious as you like personally. America wants to be in Cuba so that it can break its own laws, and Cuba allows it because ??? you seem confused. Cuba cannot say No, or because it enjoys the money it will get from its business partner America. Cuba cannot say No because America is too powerful. Which one? Why does America cause terrorism around the world and then set up CIA prison camps for terrorists in which it tortures innocent people? I know that most Americans would be against it if they knew the truth. But they, like you, don't want the truth, just want whatever the TV tells them to want. For this reason Obama has been sent by God to punish Americans.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

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What I say may seem to you to be off the wall, because you have been conditionned by the television, to only accept certain 'truths' which go against the Bible. When you actually do some serious knowledge seeking, with an open mind, you may be able to unbrainwash yourself. But you prove that you do not have an open mind since you use CIA slide techniques (flat earth accusations) to try to discredit me and get me to be disbelieved by everyone. The scientists themselves are most amused that they get away with so much by befuddling the world population with a mystery mathematics that is too difficult for most people to follow. (There are two forms of maths, one used by the alchemists, another by ordinary people.)
---frances008 on 4/28/09

DDM, they did not allow anyone apart from prisoners go inside the prisons, so who is reporting that they eat their own food, have chaplains, etc. No doubt have computers, and gymnasiums. The truth is usually not what you think it is. I have visited people detained for having the wrong passport in Japan. I know the conditions and you would not survive a week. Yet according to international rules the conditions are fine. They just ignore their own rules and disallow inspections. In England, some politician will 'visit' detainees and proclaim them well cared for. The visit will take him or her to the boss's office where they will have a cup of tea and cake and learn how well the prisoners are cared for.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

When you visit, they are supposed to allow you 30 minutes talk, behind a plastic screen so that you cannot pass dangerous fruit juices or biscuits to them. In actual fact you get ten minutes. Any letters from prisoners have to go through an office where a photocopier is constantly in use. You are questioned about what you carry into the meeting room, and you are not allowed to take a bag in. Just a notebook and pen, no mobile phone. Control is the key word. Accountability is next to zero. One prison guy was prosecuted for raping or attacking a female detainee. The systematic torture of psychological control over these people, not allowing them fresh air or a view of the outside world, and keeping them away from family members, is awful.
---frances008 on 4/28/09

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