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Keeping God In A Box

Is the Bible a box that you keep God within or is he bigger than the book?

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 ---TIMOTHY on 4/28/09
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If WE do not "box" God in, He will teach us "the depths of God" (1 Corinthians 2:10) and we will learn that the bible is the "doctrine of Christ" that young inexperienced Christians (babes in Christ) need for "training"...

Hebrews 6:1
"we must LEAVE the elementary doctrine of Christ and move on to maturity".

1 Corinthians 3:1
"as men of the flesh, as babes in Christ".

2 Timothy 3:16
"and for TRAINING in righteousness".

Then we can learn to properly discern between what is good and what is a truly Godly person should (the discerning "sword" of a Godly nature)...

Ephesians 6:17
"sword of THE SPIRIT".
---more_excellent_way on 6/13/09

I DO think we often try to keep God in a box when we ANTICIPATE something HE may do. We may imagine Him speaking to us as He did to Moses, intercepting danger as He did with Daniel, healing by the same methods He used in the NT. OR we may expect Him to respond as other believers have reported.

But in this sense the Bible (box) is quite limiting.

God's playbook is endless. He seems to relish variety.
He is infinitely creative. No matter how I visualize him answering my prayers or others', He always does it a different way... even if the result is exactly what I prayed for (or better). He uses such unexpected methods and accomplishes such unexpeded things.! It leaves me in awe.
---Donna66 on 5/6/09

Hi Glenn
May the lord bless you

I would just like you to know, anything I would say to you would be wrong.
This is why all I can say is, may the lord bless you. But its not some kind of come back, at you. Believe me, when I say it is from my heart. I wish will well.

Alan UK
By your words, you not only hear, but see!
Not my words, but, the lords
May God bless you

It is safe to say, you can put nothing before God!
Believe the time is, when he said. I will show you the father plainly.
Also believe I love the holy bible. I sleep, while it plays in the background.
God loves you all
---TheSeg on 5/4/09


Yes, I believe GOD speaks to us. At least, I know He does to me at times. Sometimes there is no question that it is His voice I hear.
Then I just need to act upon what He says.

But sometimes I question it...especially if it seems to support something that I especially want!

That's when I look again to the Bible, for I know He won't ask me to do anything contrary to it. Usually, in such cases, I have to examine my motives to see if they are fundamentally unbiblical in any way.

I know the Bible well enough that I don't need to consult it about everything I do.
But it serves as a balance to my sometimes self-centered imagination.
---Donna66 on 5/4/09

actually the bible "God's revelation" is the mind of God revealed to mankind.

Deu 29:29 The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

The whole of Sripture can be examined of mankind, that being said.. "IT" (the bible) is in fact the written word of God for His children, not creation.
---steven-rem7000 on 5/4/09

Get back in the box!
The Seg is asked to pick some apples. He climbs into a tree and scoots out far on the branch. He notices the blue sky and wonders what the Angels are doing, Psalm 103:20. He sees the earth below, and thinks of Adam and mankind, Genesis 1:26-27. He hears the rustle of leaves, and the bough moves, and he thinks to himself is this the Holy Spirits working? Ecclesiastes 1:6, John 3:8. The Seg falls into the grass below, but no Angel catches him, Psalm 90:5-6, Isaiah 40:6, 1Peter 1:24. He has no apples in hand, Song of Solomon 2:3, Matthew 3:8, Galatians 5:22-23, Ephesians 5:9.
p.s. John 14:17, 26, 1Corinthians 2:10-11.
---Glenn on 5/4/09

Yes he is bigger. The bible is just a guide of his words, he goes beyond the book.
---candice on 5/4/09

I think the question means "Do we keep God in the box of our own various limited perceptions and understandings of the Bible"?

And I suggest we are all guilty of that to a greater or lesser extent.

Some claim that their interpretation is the only one ... that anybody with a different understanding must be mistaken, and even not saved.

If we're one of those, we need to remember that the other guy may be thinking exactly the same about us.

It is not for us to build the "box"
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/4/09

May the blessing of the lord be upon you.

If one believes,the one true God is alive,does not one also have to believe,he can speak to you. But,the word should be does!
Would you say this must be true?

If so,should not God himself be the final authority and not the bible.
I want you to know,I am asking the lord to help me here.Some must stop the truth.
I am sure you have heard,no one can have the mind of God.But, you have also heard you have the mind of Christ.

I am also sure you have heard no one can understand the whole of the holy bible. Because of the mind of God,here again, who made the bible. Was it not Christ!

---TheSeg on 5/3/09

John, are we talking items here or spiritual concepts? The "things" you list are not items that dictate spiritual life. They cannot be extra-biblical. They have nothing to do with scripture. Maybe you don't understand what extra-biblical means. But, I can teach you from the bible whether YOU should drive a car or not.
The "letter" of the law says, "Thou shalt not murder." What do you think that means according to scripture or spiritually? Do you realize that God will not murder?
God has limited Himself to His Scripture so we would be able to know right from wrong. So, God must'a put Himself in a box as you call it. He must enjoy it in that "box" 'cause I think He could get outta it if He wanted to.
---Elder on 5/3/09

Seg-- I was one who said we should stay in the box, meaning only that for Christians, the Bible is the final authority. God himself is much bigger and wiser than we understand.

I appreciate your feelings, however.

I didn't mention sin...didn't even have "sin" in mind, especially. I was thinking more in terms of Biblical principles and how they protect us if we follow them.

Of course we all sin. That has been true since the Fall.

I never agree with those who are fixated on "working out" their salvation by strict self-analysis or self-righteous pointing out the sins of others.

This last sentance my bring wrath down upon me from some, but I wanted to explain myself a little more clearly.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09

To the ones that say,we must stay in the box.Change the we to I.
For my God is not in a box,get real,the lord my God is a living God!

God forgive me.
But you are so afraid of committing sin. It has blinded you. Who among you does not sin,all sin every day!

In one sin know you are guilt of all the sins there are.Will you now try to separate sins too?

All things are not in the bible,but they are in the ones who can teach you.But you all say no,it not in the box!

Its not the box,its the maker of the box.Wake up!
Put down the stones,learn from him!

Ok pickup your rock!
Point the fingers, lets go!
GodBless AnyWay!
---TheSeg on 5/2/09

I would like to apologize for my out burst!
Its just that, I know, I am a sinner. So long as I am in this body.
I know, I sin and because of this, I know I am guilt of all. Guiltier then the ones who curse the existence of God, but I know why! (Not in the Box)

I believe God! I believe, I will be forgiven, just as his word said.
So if I, one who know in his heart, he is one of the least, believe!
God my lord is talking to me. Telling me to tell you, know who you are. See yourself, so you can better see me. And I do, and you dont believe me.

He Is In You
---TheSeg on 5/2/09

Glenn, You are correct. WE have to stay in the box...we get into trouble for sure if we don't.

But God is not limited. As you say, HE can doing anything HE wants. He's not limited by a "box" that is the Bible. He not only does what He did in the Bible, he does much more..more than we can think of or imagine.
---Donna66 on 4/30/09

He built the box and may do with it as he pleases. Though, he would like us to stay in the box. The Bible demonstrates to us of his nature and majesty. It doesn't give us all the details of what the Lord was doing before creation, or as to what Heaven is like now, for example, yet James 1:17. But, it does show us how to worship Him, John 4:23-24, and how to please him, Romans 8:14, 29 (Jesus).
p.s. Jesus is the Word, John 1:1, 14, Revelations 19:13.
---Glenn on 4/30/09

You have to EXPERIENCE GOD for yourself is what I believe catherine and bill are saying.

You can read the bible because we are told to in Psalm 1 and Jesus told us He who hears my words and does them is like a man who built his house upon a rock, a storm came and it stood. Versus building your house on sand - no word.

To the degree that you experience God through His word, through trials of having to learn the right way, through testings, is the degree you experience God Himself.
---donna8365 on 4/30/09

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BIGGER. Oh my goodness could I do a sermon on this....If anyone believes they can be saved by reading or studying the Bible it won't work. And if anyone believes they can know God by only studying the word of God, you won't. You must get close to Him, to know Him. No one will ever fully know and understand God until they reach heaven [must be born-again]. God will surprise you, sometimes. His ways will surprise you, sometimes. I do not know how many times I said to Jesus, "this doesn't seem to be the Jesus that everyone preaches about"!
---catherine on 4/30/09

Tommy3007 --

I don't see anybody saying what you allege.
If you read carefully, I think you'll agree.
Is anybody saying, or even suggesting, that one should not adhere to scripture?
---Donna66 on 4/29/09

I'd say the Bible is kind of like an automobile owner's manual. You can read it and know every detail that is in it. But if you have never even seen a car . . . . or if you just read it but do not check out the things the manual is talking about . . . . you "might" not understand the manual very well (o: You need to actually get in the car and experience all the manual is talking about, and relate with the car, and enjoy discovering all you can do in it. Paul says, we speak words, "which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual." (in 1 Corinthians 2:13) We need to experience and do the "spiritual things" that God's words are talking about, or how can we know what these words mean?
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/29/09

If you think that adhering to Scripture is "keeping God in a box" then you surely do not understand the relationship between God and the Word of God. The Scriptures are God's own revelation of Himself and His Son Jesus Christ to mankind. There have been many who have abused the Word in the past, but, that doesn't mean we should throw it out. Without the Word of God to confirm things we will fall into false teaching. Be careful how you think in regards to the Holy Bible. It is NOT a book written by men for their own purposes, but under inspiration of God to write what He tells them. You don't have to believe it to make it true, but you will one day believe it, I just hope it isn't too late when you finally do.
---tommy3007 on 4/29/09

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Timothy, God is much bigger then the book in which He speaks through. For all that He is cannot be contained in one book. What we do find in that book is enough to know who He is and for us to recognize who we are, and enough to bring us to Christ and teach us how to live a life in this life and after in Christ.
There is no book big enough to contain all of Him. He could have given us more then one, but one was enough for each of us, for Him to reveal want He wanted to reveal. Many things we will never know in this life about Him, but may one day in the kingdom of God find out.
---MarkV. on 4/29/09

God works out of the box all the time... if by "box" you mean "our understanding".
That doesn't mean He ever contradicts His Word. He doesn't. The Bible tells us much about God...ALL that we need to know, In fact.
But the Bible barely scratches the surface. I think we delude ourselves if we think that in knowing the Bible, we know everything about God!
---Donna66 on 4/29/09

Elder. "When we bring things into the church outside of God's written, revealed Word we become extra-biblical."
Don't you think every church has extra Biblical things in it? In the Bible, do you see a pulpitin the church? Do you see computers or electricity? Parking lots full of cars? A piano or guitar? Following the letter is putting God in a box and brings death, but following the Spirit gives freedom and life.
---john on 4/29/09

There is a "box" which God will not step out of. That box is made up of the word of God. God will not violate his word. If mankind as a whole and any knowledge of the word God we would find more people on the receiving end of salvation.
---mima on 4/29/09

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I have a difficult ministry, I deal with very intellectual College types. The premise of the question was from one of those individuals that believes that Christians think that they know everything about God from one book. They reason on the side that there is no way that our finite brains can possible comprehend everything about God and one book is not nearly large enough to contain him. I always reply that the Bible was written for us so we can know the character and will of God. However I am always looking for a better reply especially to good questions.
---TIMOTHY on 4/29/09

Are you asking if God moves only within His word?

Everything that I've experience since I've been born again is in the bible. Redemption, Justification, Deliverance of demons, God's love, God's peace that surpasses all human understanding, His tender mercies, His faithfulness, even protection-giving His angels charge over me when my ex-husband pointed a gun at me and terrorized me with it for 4 hours one night. "He gives His angels charge over you, etc."
"Because he has loved me, I will deliver Him."
---donna8365 on 4/29/09

Amand6348, are you trying to say you would rather be in a church that does not use the Bible as its guide? When we bring things into the church outside of God's written, revealed Word we become extra-biblical. This is what causes the confusions and builds cults.
The Bible does not address the use of automobiles as such. It does teach that we can not use them unlawfully.
The Scripture and Scripture only is our guiding light.
Even the wise men were lead astray when they followed the star. It lead them to the enemy of Christ first. After consulting the Scripture they found where the Christ Child had been born.
Stick with Scripture......
---Elder on 4/29/09

Only a braveheart would consider not remaining in the status quo (box/book). Maybe the desire to draw near has given you this courage/TRUSTING faith/love.

"faith FOR FAITH" Romans 1:17

"faith that He exists" AND also faith that "He rewards" Hebrews 11:6.

Only Jesus hung on the cross and suffered, not the bible. Jesus said that ALL AUTHORITY was given to HIM (Matthew 28:18).

The bible is the "doctrine of Christ" (Hebrews 6:1). After being trained as babes in Christ, we should LEAVE the "doctrine of Christ" and move on to more mature relationship/devotion and have the discerning "sword" of a Godly character (Ephesians 6:17).

Verses are from RSV.
---more_excellent_way on 4/29/09

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Wow, there is no box big enough, to keep God in!
But, if you open the box, take a match and strike it.
If you put it in the right place, you will not be able to contain the fire!

But the big trees are deep in the woods, it will take some time to get to them!
God love you!
---TheSeg on 4/28/09

We need to know the Word (the Bible) so we're not led astray.I don't consider that keeping God in a box.God is all powerful and all knowing.How could we mere humans keep Him in a box?
---shirley on 4/28/09

We all tend to limit God from our own experience with him and what we have been told about him and what we have read about him, including from the Bible through our flawed interpretations of it. Each of us has his or her unique box we put God in, which we think, usually wrongly, works best for us, and which we think should work best for everyone else too.
---JohnnyB on 4/28/09

I like this question.

I try not to keep God within a box, but so many churches are based on what the Bible says, and after years of listening to this, well you get the picture, that it is hard/difficult not to keep God within that box sometimes.
---Amand6348 on 4/28/09

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