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Sinful To Eat Too Much

Is it a sin to be overweight?

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 ---Moderator on 4/30/09
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It is a sin when one is overweight because they can't control there eating and they sit around. Some people have medical reasons. Some have medical reasons and they overeat(blaming it all on the former). Of course this covers a small area. I used to be overweight and I blamed so many things on my weight while I did nothing to take care of the problem(while in my case I could) I believe that was a sin. Plus there are numerous health problems associated with being overweight. This is not God's idea of taking care of our body.
---Kella8334 on 6/28/09

Gluttony is a sin. So is over-eating and over-indulgence in's known as being greedy. Sin lets in demons.
---Betty on 5/12/09

The only power Satan and his demons have is what we give them. A Christian has the power in them from the Holy Spirit over Satan and his demons. If Satan is on your back, you can't run in a corner somewhere crying leave me alone. Because he won't leave you alone, he'll keep on and on. A person has to stand on God's word and put the fear of God in them. They'll run like a pup with it's tail between his legs. They'll leave you alone for a while, but come back again. Paul said it best, when I do good, evil is always present.
---Rebecca_D on 5/12/09

My Bible says that Jesus covered for all sins on the cross. We are not to continue in sin once we are saved, but when we do sin we are to repent. But, the blood of Jesus covers us if we are born again.
---SusieB on 5/12/09

susieb- Demons don't have power over real Christians unless they sin. One sin can let a demon in. It's important to repent of any sins we have. Jesus is not going to cover for a Christian who sins unless they repent.
---Betty on 5/11/09

Betty...Demons don't have power over a Christian as they have to go through the blood of Jesus first. People give too much credit to Satan and his demons.
---SusieB on 5/10/09

susieb- Frankly, I don't give demons anything - especially not power. I don't have any power. God is truly greater than demons, for they are only creatures He created. But they are always looking for a "house" (body), and sin is their key to get in. They'll use any sin as "legal ground" to stay in a person. They'll accuse you of your sins to God. Why is it you think they don't have power to enter into a person? Jesus casted out many demons.
---Betty on 5/10/09

Betty...You're giving demons much more power than they have. My God is greater than all of these.
---SusieB on 5/8/09

Sins can cause us to become overweight. Even one sin can let a demon enter. Overindulgence in food or drink is a sin and gives demons legal grounds (they think) to stay. Ask for the Holy Spirit to help you, keep asking for Him until He answers. Moderation in all things is good. Overindulgence could be considered greed.
---Betty on 5/7/09

James 4:17 says that if you know the right thing to do and you do not do it, it is sin to you. 1 Cor. 6:19-20 says that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so glorify God in your body.

Do you glorify God in your body? Or spun a different way: Does your body glorify God?

Ignorance is bliss. The more Bible you know the more God requires of you. Now you know.
---Mark_Eaton on 5/5/09

Let me get a slice of cake and some ice creme and think on this.
---Elder on 5/5/09

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. 2 Corinthians 5:21 He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. Thank God He gave us Jesus to redeem us and forgive us of our sins. While Christians disagree as to what constitutes a sin, the blood of Jesus cleanses us of all sin and unrighteousness. It is well to remember when a child of God is called home, their body of flesh regardless of size remains here on earth and their Spiritual body departs to be with the Father. A body which is the perfect Seed of God, born of God, and born without sin.
---Bob on 5/4/09

So are those of you who are saying it IS a sin, actually trying to say that Heaven will be populated ONLY by those who were health nuts here on earth?! Those who were buff and in top athletic condition? Hmmmmm, I wonder then, what the reason is for God promising a new and glorified body to us????
---Molly on 5/4/09

I think that "sin" is what is outlined in the bible, and the reality is that we all have areas where we struggle. Being a believer does not automatically transport us into sinless perfection. The problem I have is where "Christians" push the envelope and go out and party because we have freedom in Christ to drink if we want, and they just want to be able to say "I am a Christian" and still live like the world. I don't say anything anymore, because in the end, God will sort it all out.
---Melanie on 5/4/09

Donna66, I believe Jesus said, it wasn't what we put in our mouth but what came out of our heart!

I agree that many people have an overweight problem that has nothing to do with overeating. I've seen very small people ear MORE than others, and never gain weight. So we really need to be careful not to judge the outside.

Many OTHER health issues can cause obesity. Even medications can cause obesity.
---kathr4453 on 5/4/09

I have battled my weight as well my entire life so I can empathize. From a health stand point we all know that it is better to be living within your bodies minimum daily requirements and I am trying. I think that it only becomes a sin when food replaces God as your comfort and passion. If we replace God with food, alcohol, drugs, or our careers then that is truly sin. Let God be your comfort, your passion, and your source for rest and relaxation. I will try to practice what I preach better, I will pray that you can find peace in God and not in things.
---TIMOTHY on 5/4/09

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Not necessarily. Gluttony is not the only reason for being over-weight. And some people don't eat a whole lot... just a little more than their smaller frame or their slower metabolism, over time they put on more pounds than they need. To call these people "sinners" smacks of a lot of self-righteousness (or social insecurity). Christians, of all people, should judge more on character than appearance.

The medical community has put a lot of emphasis on childhood obesity. Childhood is when people develop eating habits. So if future cases of hypertension or diabetes can be prevented, fine. Otherwise leave people alone.
---Donna66 on 5/3/09

i agree that gluttony is a sin and not taking care of your body/health. our body is a temple and we are not supposed to abuse our bodies with food, sex, drugs, etc.
---connie on 5/3/09

Of course it's a sin. In most cases I've dealt with, it's a lack of discipline. It's a sin because most overweight people I know don't try to deal with there weight in a sensible way. While it may be because of vararious medicines that causes the overweight, this is a makes up a very small percent of overweight people. A lack of control in eating habits plus a lack of exercise is the main cause of most overweight people. For example: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most don't eat breakfast, and just "pig out" at lunch. The Bible states our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and most of us don't take care of that temple but rather try and find excuses not to take care of our "temple".
---wivv on 5/2/09

***Being overweight isn't a sin!! What is a sin is being Lethargic & a Glutton. It's these sins that will not enter Heaven***

Shawn MT, "NO SIN" will enter heaven....? Are you saying the person won't enter or the sin itself won't enter? Are YOU sinless, perfect? Do you have any sin you deal with? Will that sin keep you out of heaven?

There are only 4 verses that use the word Glutton, and it is not even listed with Paul when he list the sins that will not enter heaven.

And there is no verse attached to Glutton that says these people will go to hell.

Gluttony can even be a woman obsesssed with shoes, having over 100 pair in her closet.
No she can't EAT them! So what is the difference?
---kathr4453 on 5/2/09

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It isn't a sin to be overweight. But gluttony is a sin. Gluttony can be anything, eating too much, spending to much, etc. Gluttony is like giving into temptation. Such as I don't need that dress, cause I have alot of them, but go ahead and buy it anyways knowing I will feel guilty later, that is gluttony. Being overweight is sometimes caused by a medical condition like thiroid problems (however you spell it) or diabetes. Gluttony means to over do on something. While gluttony is a sin, how come when a person binges after they eat isn't considered gluttony?
---Rebecca_D on 5/1/09

No. Some people who are overweight actually eat very little, or they have health problems that prevent them from being a normal weight, no matter how hard they try. And no, I am not an obese person.
---Amand6348 on 5/1/09

--Moderator & Mima:

Being overweight isn't a sin!! What is a sin is being Lethargic & a Glutton. It's these sins that will not enter Heaven.

Mima, as far as the body is concerned(overweight or not) it's of the flesh of this world and shall be burned, as we become Quickened Spirits before we enter Heaven.

Good Day & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 5/1/09

Consider ths scenario, many people say sin cannot enter heaven, many people are overweight(sinful) it is a short trip on the road of deduction to see that many people(overweight people) are doomed to hell. Comments
---mima on 5/1/09

mima, why? Because a fat person won't is to heavy for the Lord to translate out of here. I thought we would have new Glorified bodies...probably waitless.

Our old man cannot enter Heaven..but our New Man In Christ will. If your presence of being IN CHRIST isn't giving our Lord indigetion, and gas....then like all other fleshly things we are handicapped with until then,

But YES, we are to crucify our fleshly desires, that are out of control! SELF control is one of the fruit of the spirit.
---kathr4453 on 5/1/09

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Yes and No.

It is NOT a sin to be "overweight" if that is the result of a medical condition. I personally know people in that bind. Diabetes, paralysis, lack of exercise due to physical problems, etc. can result in "overweight" conditions.

In my case, it IS a sin to be "overweight" because of over-eating, and not enough regular exercise. I have to make an effort to "stay out" of fast food joints. I also try to avoid TV commercials for tasty foods. Being "overweight" is a struggle for me that I'm constantly working on.

---Sag on 5/1/09

Mod :- I dont think it is a sin to be overweight,some people do not belong to Pharoes lean kind.If they have been fashioned that way God alone knows and is the arbitrator.But people who openly declare that they cannot resist and will eat just b/c it is there and they do not want it to go to waste, forgot to think of the effect it would have on their WAIST This is where Gluttony is a SIN.If one has to remove the behaviour from the cause that would explain overeating.Self indulgence is the sin, the antidote is self denial.
---MIC on 5/1/09

Mima. People aren't going to heaven because they live a perfect life. You are correct that sin will not enter heaven. That's why we got forgiven. Enjoy your harty meals and give thanks for them. In the meantime, if you feel conviction about your weight and the amount you eat you can ask the Lord to forgive you and do your best to improve.
---john on 5/1/09

It is and I am!!!
When I turned on the machine this morning and found this question I was devastated, injured, not injured too much to enjoy a breakfast of a yellow bell pepper, a slice of headcheese and one egg made into a wonderful omelette.
Attempting to rationalize my situation haunting pictures of the Nazi concentration camps kept reminding me that over weight is caused by over eating!!!!
Consider ths scenario, many people say sin cannot enter heaven, many people are overweight(sinful) it is a short trip on the road of deduction to see that many people(overweight people) are doomed to hell. Comments
---mima on 5/1/09

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I believe we should separate the behavior from the results of the behavior, and understand which is sin, and which is not. Obesity is a medical condition, caused be a lot of things, including overeating. I do not believe that being overweight is a sin. I believe that overeating is the sin. There are other factors that can contribute to a person's weight which are not in the category of sin. Scripture is clear that gluttony is a sin.
---Trish9863 on 4/30/09

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