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What Are My Spiritual Gifts

How do I know what my spiritual gifts are and does everyone get the gift of tongues?

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 ---Janie on 5/4/09
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---donna8365 on 5/5/09

---SusieB on 5/11/09

SusieB, what part of "it comes directly from the Holy Spirit abiding in me" which is what I said is not biblically correct?

SusieB, every post I post, you've attacked my responses.

Who is the accuser of the brethren here? Satan and he is working through you. You called me a pop-evangelist. You do NOT know my heart, nor my calling, nor my desire, nor my vision for Israel, NOTHING that I pray about or Worship Father about yet you continue to call me names, say I'm New Age and Pop Evangelist. What are you? Perfect?

I am biblically correct when I said "it comes directly from the Holy Spirit abiding in me." THAT IS BIBLICALLY CORRECT but maybe your bible doesn't say that.
---donna8365 on 5/11/09

1 Corinthians 14
"22Tongues, then, are a sign, not for believers but for unbelievers, prophecy, however, is for believers, not for unbelievers. 23So if the whole church comes together and everyone speaks in tongues, and some who do not understand[g] or some unbelievers come in, will they not say that you are out of your mind?"
---Trish9863 on 5/9/09

Donna...The problem with that kind of advise is that it is not Biblically correct. Speaking in tongues comes directly from the Holy Spirit and the language is not always the same. Nobody can tell the Holy Spirit how to give the gift nor can the "technique" be taught.
---SusieB on 5/8/09

Sharing how the Holy Spirit speaks in tongues through me is not a sin and is NOT a technique.

Since my language is not the same each time I intercede in the Spirit and pray in tongues, it comes directly from the Holy Spirit abiding in me. The evidence that it is not a technique is because God has been answering my prayers prayed in tongues. I was so very sad yesterday and last night I prayed in tongues for 2 hours, not feeling like it and not even wanting to. But I did it out of faith in God that He would help me with the sadness. Well today I have Joy Unspeakable. Praise be to the Lord God of Israel.

To help people just starting out, you can give some guidance.

All of this criticism of tongues grieves the Holy Spirit.
---donna8365 on 5/8/09

You need to seek God to find out what your spiritual gifts are. Only he can let you know. No everyone does not receive the gift of tongues. There are many people whom are filled with the Holy Ghost and have not been baptized by the Holy Ghost with tongues. It is not required to speak in tongues. And no one can teach on how to speak in tongues or any of the gifts for that matter.
---Rebecca_D on 5/7/09

Timothy...Because there are those who really believe that you aren't saved unless you speak in tongues and that, of course, is not true. There are so many false tongues out there where people are just uttering nonsense to make people think they are baptized with the Holy Ghost. Jesus promised the comforter (Holy Spirit) would come after his ascension. That happened and it is still available today. Some Christians just like to argue and make themselves appear to be right to everyone. The Bible is our final authority.
---SusieB on 5/7/09

Why has the gift of tongues always been so devisive to the Christian community? I have never practiced this gift however I am not against anyone that does. Why is this such a hot button topic, I am asking sincerely because I never really have understood the contraversy?
---TIMOTHY on 5/7/09

In answer to the last part of the question the answer is NO!! Everyone does not receive the gift of tongues. And who shall receive the gift of tongues is decided by the Holy Spirit. One possibility concerning tongues would be that those who need the power of the Holy Spirit receive the gift of tongues. Tongues is in and of itself edifying to the individual exercising the gift!! Part of my gift of discernment is sometimes being able to tell which people speak in tongues. I want total person if you have not already spoken in tongues you surely will to which they replied I spoken in tongues for many years!!!
---mima on 5/6/09

** Notice that donna is teaching you HOW to speak in tongues.
---katavasia on 5/4/09

katavasia, is this a good thang? or a bad thang? I'm not sure if you're criticizing me or not.**

Here's my point: If you can teach someone how to speak in tongues, it is clearly NOT a gift, but a technique.
---katavasia on 5/6/09

Donna...I prefer to read what the Bible says and not someone's latest "revelation" on the matter. Acts 2 says that they clearly spoke a language which they did not know.
---SusieB on 5/5/09

Acts 2:4....And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Mark 16:17...And these signs shall follow them that believe, In my name shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues,

Acts 10....45And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. 46For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God. Then answered Peter, 47Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we?
---SusieB on 5/5/09

katavasia....Tongues that were spoken in after the Day of Pentecost were "unknown" to those who spoke them. They did not learn them, they came from the Holy Spirit as recorded in Chapter 2 of Acts.
---SusieB on 5/5/09

This is a very worthwhile question. Soon after becoming a Christian and learning something of the Bible this question always comes up. So the question becomes how can a person discover or learn what their gift is? First your gift should be easy for you. Second you should be fully convinced in your own mind that you're working in the will of God. Third and maybe most important of all you should praise and worship the Lord in genuine Thanksgiving for your gift. I would suggest thanking the Lord for your gift even before you know exactly what your gift is!!! And fourthly I believe we must work with our gifts. If you believe you have a gift then by all means operate in that gift.
---mima on 5/5/09

Notice that donna is teaching you HOW to speak in tongues.
---katavasia on 5/4/09

katavasia, is this a good thang? or a bad thang? I'm not sure if you're criticizing me or not. LOL I would love to meet you in person so we can have some good fellowship together. You touch my heart in a special way katavasia.

SusieB - just because you didn't get tongues ONE syllable at a time and I did, and I developed that ONE syllable over a period of time doesn't mean I'm wrong. I spoke from MY experience. Why don't you speak from yours? Please STOP attacking my responses. This is how is happened for me. You should read "Secret of the Stairs", it's a spectacular book. MODERATOR-please let this post. Thank you!
---donna8365 on 5/5/09

Katavasia: Your example is an accurate use of the word tongues as I understand the scriptures. What is described by many on these blogs is an undiscernable language that nobody else can understand, and I do not see scripture that supports that use of tongues. As I understand tongues, the language is supposed to be understood by others for the ministry of the gospel, just as you described.
---Trish9863 on 5/5/09

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John Veniaminov came to the Russian-American Company as chaplain, but decided to evangelize the native people.

He was the first European to learn Tingit and Aleut. He reduced them to writing (based on the Church Slavonic alphabet) translated the Bible and Liturgy into them. He also wrote what is still the standard grammar of these languages.

Surely, this is one example of the gift of tongues.

Would anyone dare deny it?
---katavasia on 5/5/09

Susie: What scripture supports the idea that the evidence of being baptized in the Spirit is tongues?
---Trish9863 on 5/4/09

Janie...The evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues which does not come one syllable at a time, but as one language which the speaker does not know. The Holy Spirit was promised by Jesus before He ascended into heaven and you can read about it in Acts and other books of the Bible. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are many. You will realize your gifts as you mature in the Lord. Nobody can teach you how to speak in tongues or to operate in the other gifts of the Spirit as they come directly from the Holy Spirit. These gifts can be used inside and outside of a church building. You will find that they are quite useful when witnessing to unbelievers as the Holy Spirit will give you the word to say.
---SusieB on 5/4/09

Well it depends. Are you holiness pentecostal? They usually believe that everyone gets the gift of tongues. But look at scripture and you will see that this is not so. Certain verses say that everyone has different gifts, AND they also say that not everyone can be speaking in tongues during a church service, because an unbeliever would come in and be all "These people are crazy," and he would leave. There has to be one person speaking in a tongue, and a translator.Try doing different things considered "gifts," such as teaching, and go what feels right for you or wait for God to touch your heart so that you feel this is where you should be.

Hope this helps,
---amand6348 on 5/4/09

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You can indeed get the gift of tongues as soon as you are Baptized. You most likely will get one syllable first. Use that one and then you'll get another. It could be a few days later or weeks later before you get more syllables. Eventually you'll get an entire language like I have.**

Notice that donna is teaching you HOW to speak in tongues.
---katavasia on 5/4/09

First of all, pray and ask God to show you your gifts. Then, study them, and see which fit your style of serving Him. Think about the ministries at church that interest you most, as well as how you reach out to people and work in general.

As for tongues, there is a lot of controversy about tongues, and it is worth studying all views on them. Not everybody gets tongues, and it is not necessary to have tongues to fully serve and worship God.
---Trish9863 on 5/4/09

Ask God to reveal to you your gift, whatever pops into your mind first, follow that. As far as tongues, I can find no valid reason to perform the gift of tongues in this age. I see no real edification of the body for this gift today.
---TIMOTHY on 5/4/09

Shortly after you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you will start operating in your gifts.

Study what the gifts are and see which ones your heart draws you to. I started out with the gift of giving, then faith. gift of discerning of spirits (that took a while for me to realize I had and it grew deeper as the years went on).

You can indeed get the gift of tongues as soon as you are Baptized. You most likely will get one syllable first. Use that one and then you'll get another. It could be a few days later or weeks later before you get more syllables. Eventually you'll get an entire language like I have.
---donna8365 on 5/4/09

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