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Hinduism vs Christianity

I'm Hindu and find Christianity interesting. Why should I accept Christianity over my religion?

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 ---Raj on 5/6/09
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I was born Hindu.I was young and mischevious and often disobeyed my parents. When I grew a little older and regretted my behaviour I prayed that ram, krishna Shiva,etc would forgive me for my naughtiness BUT no matter how much I prayed, fasted n gave I always felt the weight of my sin.I forgot after a while BUT at age 15 a classmate came to me n said'Soni do u believe ur a sinner' I remembered my childhood sins and said' Yes' she then said to me'Do U know that Jesus Christ is the only God who gave HIS life to forgive ur sin? No other god has claimed and can make that claim.There is no assurance of salvation in Hinduism But Jesus offers salvation thru His sacrificial death if one puts their faith in HIM.
---soni on 11/13/10

Sthanu: "Why would a loving merciful, all-knowing God create out of nothing, people whom he can fry later in eternal hell."

There is no eternal torture of the wicked. It is the "effect" of the lake of fire that is eternal and renders the wicked "ashes under our feet". The cruel god that enjoys torturing his children is a pagan doctrine of devils.
---jerry6593 on 10/30/10

//Why should I accept Christianity over my religion?//
My question to you is, what do you have to do for your salvation?
---michael_e on 10/17/10

Well, for your info, cuny, There has been a couple of times when God would say to me, "Try and keep an open mind"....Virtue, what do you mean? [moral excellence], what does that have to do with anything, my friend, on this topic?
---catherine on 10/15/10

\\Some of these coments are open minded but many are not, so if you want to be a good Christan think about this\\

Since when is open-mindedness a Christian virtue?

Christianity is ultimately about REVEALED TRUTH.
---Cluny on 10/15/10

I have no main religon but i think that when you post somthing online you should try to be open minded. Some of these coments are open minded but many are not, so if you want to be a good Christan think about this: For today or whenever you read this try to think about what you arre doing, saying beleaving. Is it realy logical? or is it just an esacape, In the bibel Jesus says to love, try that do not force your religon upon others. So to conclude step out and think is this logical?
---Robert on 10/15/10

Because there is only one God, one Savior, eternal. No other God can save lost souls from the torments of hell. It is the Blood of Jesus which saves lost souls, because, it is pure, unblemished, spotless, and it cleanse all unrighteousness. When you get saved it is the Blood which makes you right with the living God. God considers you His enemy, as long as you remain lost....Here is a warning for all lost people. I pity you, because, knowing what I know, today, I would not want to be an enemy of God. No way, No how. Amen+++
---catherine on 9/14/10

Because there is only one way to the Living God of creation and it is through faith in Jesus Christ. All of the Gods that Hindus worship cannot compare to the great and only God of Creation who can condemn the soul to Hell. There are two places to be in eternity and one is Heaven and the other Hell. I believe that God is drawing you to the truth. I pray that u accept Gods free gift of eternal life with Him.:)
---jody on 9/13/10

In the Holy Bible, Jesus says He is the Way, Truth, and Life, and NO one comes to the Father or Heaven, but by Him John 14:6. The ONLY way to Heaven is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. ALL other religions (including Hinduism) lead to Hell. If you want a relationship with Jesus Christ, read Romans 10:9-10 to tell you how.
---Leslie on 9/13/10

Hi Raj,

According to christianity, God created all of us out of nothing. He puts us all in different places, different environments, differing amounts of faith, in God as well as in Christianity itself. Remember that God is also all powerful, all-knowing and fully merciful. In this case, please think about the following questions:

1. Why does God create people differently. Why do some people have more faith and some less.

2. Does not God know beforehand who will worship him and who wont. Being all-knowing he should surely know this.

3. If he knew that some people wouldnt worship him, Why would a loving merciful, all-knowing God create out of nothing, people whom he can fry later in eternal hell.
---Sthanu on 9/13/10

Because Hinduism is like every other religion in the world, it is idolatry. But Christianity is based upon the real person Christ Jesus who came to earth to save people and transform their life into the godly life.
---Eloy on 9/6/10

While there are hypocrites in both Christian and Hindu groups.

I do not know of any Christians who run through the streets raping and killing hindus.

But hindu extremists do it all the time. And very ofen get away with it. After all in the Hindu relgion women are less then men. And although they believe all life is sacred they apperently make an exception for christians.

Christians is based on a real events many of which can be proven. Hinduism is based on inner thoughts. By the way in Hinduism do you know what caste you would be?
---Samuel on 9/6/10

If all you care about is what pleases you most, then it would not matter if anyone agrees with you. Hindu seems to teach a path to happiness and/or peace. Jesus Christ taught that he is "THE Way, THE Truth, and THE life" John 14:6

Jesus never tried to help people live happy lives. Christians are motivated to spread their beliefs because they believe it is TRUTH, not just pleasant.

Jesus is a historical person, so you have the choice to either think he is insane or he is who he said he is. Jesus is anything but a good moral teacher.
---Paul on 9/2/10

Except for the fact that God says there is only one way to the Father, not many ways. If there were many ways, sending His Son to die to reconcile man to God and rise again the third day to save was nothing more than His coin in the pot.
---Linda on 7/18/10

The best place to start is with the bible, and not with christianity.
The bible shows itself to be true by acurate prophecies, Some include the nations which would rise and fall, the place of birth, manner of death, and life of the messiah.
One of the things about the bible is it's originality. The bible is the very first source to reveal that there are more than 2002 stars, to reveal that the earth is round and not flat, that air has mass, and that there are ocean currents.
ALso the archeology accociated with biblical characters and events is amazing. the flood, the tower of babel, sodom and gommora.

If you can find the science and prophecies of the bible to be 100% true, then you have a firm foundation to examine christianity.
---francis on 7/17/10

Most religions preach that if you dont follow them, heaven will not receive you. But this belief is faulty as it would finally leave only one religion as the winner in the end, people following other religions losing which doent make sense. Which is why I believe God is just name for a Supreme Power. Religion is nothing but a means to achieve the ultimate goal of merging the soul with this divine power. We may follow different beliefs- not superior or inferior, just different- and we all strive for the same thing. Its like reaching the summit of a mountain- there are various paths that can lead to it. You may choose to take the path you believe will take you to summit - but do not condemn the other paths for you have not travelled through them.
---Rahul on 7/17/10

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Cuny>>>A person in whom God is choosing this person will know it. You cannot save anyone, and if I were I would be worrying about my own Salvation status. Actually, God said that to me a while back about some people over at the church I was attending.
---catherine on 5/29/10

\\You cannot. Please, there is enough hypocrites, already. Must wait. God does the choosing.
---catherine on 5/28/10\\

Oh, catherine! Don't let that stop you! There's ALWAYS room for one more.

As for Raj, if Jesus is wooing you, don't turn Him away.
---Cluny on 5/29/10

You cannot. Please, there is enough hypocrites, already. Must wait. God does the choosing.
---catherine on 5/28/10

Adetunji, you have said that well. very clear, and very correct. We Christians are not members of a religion but followers, by faith, of our Creator, Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

The idea raised here that Christians offer money in India for people to convert is nothing new. It has been investigated and found to be a lie invented by radical Hindu's. The same radicals who have attacked and killed many Christians, and burned down countless churches.

Though Christians believe Jesus is the only God, those who follow Him do not kill and harass those who believe otherwise. Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims etc, are not arrested, tortured and murdered for their faith in the West. Neither are their place of worship destroyed.
---Warwick on 5/28/10

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Christ is the revelation of GOD to mankind. Christ's way of life, our living based on HIS instructions is not a religion. Christianity/ Judaism were not started by man to reach God. God called Abram, God came in the form of a man called Jesus. Man's way to reach God is called Religion not God's revealed way to man. I do not know much about Hinduism but since it's way is not exactly the same with Christ's, i conclude that it is not the recomendation of the same God that Christians worship and will not lead it's worshippers to the good place that Christ has promised those who follow HIM.
---Adetunji on 5/28/10

Firstly, the large majority of us oppose the caste system, it is a social evil that has been wrongly created. But it has no connection with Hinduism, it began with the Aryans' social systems thousands of years ago. Furthermore, we believe in one GOD, essence, who is Brahman, immaterial and present in all of us. Thus, our spirits/souls are Divine. Gods such as Vishnu and Brahma are manifestations of this brahma, there to guide us. Every person is equal to God's eyes. Christians come to India promising money to impoverished families in return for converting, these families, with no other choice, convert. This isn't called spreading the word, but bribery. Yet, I fail to understand how and why you condemn Hindus so much and praise your own religion.
---ProudToBeHindu on 5/27/10

i was born in a Hindu family and been a hindu myself for almost 20 years, but now i live for CHRIST alone.

You know why it is too hard for hindus to accept or even understand CHRIST because HE IS TOO GOOD to BELIEVE. when i first had a little taste of JESUS... man! i was shocked ..... and was not able to believe that GOD CAN be sooooo........ GOOD.

hinduism says that if u do wrong u will be punished.

on the contrary Jesus says " My people do not worry i was punished for ur sin. i love you and want you to live your life to ur fullest."

Now that's a real LOVE speaking......
---grace on 2/16/10

krishna declared himself son of god.hey, he is god nt d son of god.he'll come to save us in difficult situations nd he comes.
---amit on 1/30/10

Well, this is the difference, and it should be obvious after all these thousands of years.
Through our GOD, when we are doing correctly we defeat ALL enemies of our GOD.

We also feed/clothe/educate and share blessings with these humbled ones. Also fulfillment of what our creator/saviour/GOD stated we would do. There is no proof for yours. There are no blessings with yours. There is nothing to gain with yours.

You can have him/them. But, then this was always the difference. And, why as a mate ruling with we were chosen by the ONLY GOD to begin with. Selah.
---Trav on 1/30/10

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i read ur discussions.all d christans who replied against hinduism, hv dey evr tried to know hinduism?smbdy ere askd we dnt force our tribal of india its being forcd.i also hv full documentary of dis matter as m a journalist.tribals r uneducatd so easily cn be fooled.smbdy raisd dat was RAM real.scientifically its provd dat he was. scientists made a s/w in which we set the positions of stars nd aftr calculation we cn gt d date.the position of stars was taken from the RAMAYANA, hindu sacred text and found all dates confirmed.MAHABHARAT war fought around 5000 yrs. ago, much before the christ.And one said was krishna declared himself son of god.hey, he is god nt d son of god.he'll come to save us in difficult situations nd he comes.
---amit on 1/30/10

Some historians do accept Hinduism as being very old. But as a Christian I cannot accept it as being true.

Christianity is the result of JESUS coming to Judaism. So Christianity and Judaism is a combined relgion. Which is a Christian's eyes makes it as old as Judaism. Also we believe that Adam and eve followed GOD and are the first of true belivers which means we belive Christianity is as old as human being have lived on this earth.

Now I am a Seventh day Adventist Christian so some of my answers will differ from other Christians.

I accept the Bible as being true above the Hindu scripture. For instance we believe the Caste system is wrong. That all men are equal in the sight of GOD.
---Samuel on 1/29/10

hinduism is oldest and true religion.he gives many booming theories like yoga,meditation,ayurevada,concept of reincarnation,selfrealization,great stories like ramayana and mahabharata
---akash_parashar on 1/28/10

Karma23: The Lord Jesus Christ, the foundation of our faith is God who visited mankind as a man, to be able to correct the way man lives that is contrary to HIS purpose for creation. At the end of the earth whoever is found to have ended his/her life in opposition to God/Christ's will, will be condemned to God's eternal prison. HE has empowered Christians to inform(not forcefully) everybody about this. The love Christians inherited from Jesus compels them to pass this message to all.
---Adetunji on 1/22/10

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I am a Hindu .. I have a question with Christianity, why does your religion always push towards everyone? In Hinduism, we do not go out to people and tell them to join our faith! ---Karma23 on 1/21/10

Karma, your post should be a revelation to christians,but. Most Christians do not study their Bible enough to know what it really says. Most Christians listen/follow unmarkded "Shepherds" who haven't really read it either but, crave positions of authority.
Now this sounds blunt, but is familiar to any Christian if scripturally honest.
Christ give mission and most Christians misunderstand/change it. Matthew 15:24
But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
---Trav on 1/21/10

You ask why Christians want others to become Christians.

It's because we beleive that it is through Jesus that we will have everlasting Life with God.

We beleive that without accepting Jesus as our Saviour, we can'r have that Life with God.

So, because we want everyone yo have the eternal joy of that Life, that we have to tell others about it. We do it for their sake, not foe our own. We are not seeking to extend our power or influence, we just want others to have that Life.
---alan8566_0f_uk on 1/21/10

--Karma23 on 1/21/10 We try to get all men saved because idol worshipers are going to hell
The Father of Jesus Christ is the only God and there is only one way to him and that is to believe Jesus is the Son of God repent and be baptized in his name for the remission of sins and receive the Holy Spirit of God to live in your body and help you to live for God and endure to the end and over come all the weakness of the flesh that destroys man.
---exzucuh on 1/21/10

Because out of all of your many Gods, not one can claim to have risen from the dead and is now ALIVE for us all. If that is true, then one would think very seriously about the importance of Jesus Christ in claiming believers in Him for Eternity in Heaven. Also it all of that is true, then there is a Hell just as He says. Not one of your Gods has power to Save. You mistakenly do not have a concept or belief in Hell. Bible says that the "fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". Also, "the love of God leads you to repentance". It is God who creates a work in you and actually makes the changes. Hope that helps:) Keep interested:)
---jody on 1/21/10

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---Karma23 your statement,"To me Hinduism has always made sense. KARMA- one word that described our world inside and out. Do good, good things will happen to you. Do bad, bad things will happen to you. A very simple philosophy. And for our soul going to heaven or hell, immediately after death? It it taught in Hinduism that the soul will find a suitable body to live in on the amount of karma you created in your previous life!" Is very reasonable on the surface and it does appeal to the fleshly(human nature) man.

Christianity however does not make sense to our natural(fleshly) man and in fact must be taken on faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. Big difference in the two beliefs.
---mima on 1/21/10

Hi Raj,

I am a Hindu and have been ever since i was born on Indian soil. I have a question with Christianity, why does your religion always push towards everyone? In Hinduism, we do not go out to people and tell them to join our faith! If you find meaning in Hindu teachings you should always explore it. To me Hinduism has always made sense. KARMA- one word that described our world inside and out. Do good, good things will happen to you. Do bad, bad things will happen to you. A very simple philosophy. And for our soul going to heaven or hell, immediately after death? It it taught in Hinduism that the soul will find a suitable body to live in on the amount of karma you created in your previous life!
---Karma23 on 1/21/10

Raj -
Christianity creates justice for sin as opposed to trying to balance out our sin with goodness. The key problem with balancing sin with good, is that goodness is subjective. By God's standards, all our attempts at goodness fall short.

God knew this so he sent his Son to take our punishment, thus serving justice. It is the only way for a truley good God to still be perfectly just and perfectly good.
---Paul on 1/20/10

--Raj you say you find Christianity interesting, well that interest that has been aroused is you is from Almighty God the Creator God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. You might be very daring and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life and save your soul. If you lack understanding ask God to provide it. I know of no person who has ever ask Jesus Christ to come into their life to later say that they regretted having done so. My answer to your question is why not give the Jesus Christ of Christianity a chance to save your eternal soul?
---mima on 12/13/09

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I grew up as a Hindu and I find it to be very oppressive and confusing. With the myriads of Gods to choose from and different philosophies it has been very frustrating. I also detested the caste system and the way they try to box everyone into different categories and stages. They say that Christians are judgemental and Hindus are accepting that is nothing but a lie.If you don't fit into their box you are judged harshly. They may pay lip service and say they are accepting but my expereince is they are not. Hinduism is fine if you are of an upper caste or you have money. Christianity accepts you as you are, and the beautiful message of love and grace surpass any impersonal philosophy of Hinduism.
---laxmi on 12/12/09

Rajesh,i know nothing about Krishna,
1.did he claim to be the son of God?
2.or was he without sin?
3.did he overcome Satan too?
4.did God bear witness to his words with miracles,signs and wonders? he alive today and still performing miracles?
6.if he was to stand before Jesus Christ would he find fault or deception in Christ and call Christ a lair for claiming sole divinity, and would you stand with him? Thanks.
---beany on 12/6/09

Because only Christianity has a REAL God with REAL power at its head. He alone has the power to completely and instantaneously change an individual for the better. Try Him and see.
---jerry6593 on 12/5/09

Christianity and the God of Christians offer a one and for all sacrifice for sin layed squarely on the shoulders of one man made in Gods perfect image(without sin)if Christ was a lair then we as Christians are all still Dead in our sins.other religions accept Christ coming but overlook his astounding claims to be the only true son of God his words are truth and life and his final act of love speaks as loud today as it did 2000yrs ago his last words were not iam finished but "IT IS FINISHED"he done the job for us and God.
---beany on 12/5/09

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scriptural details and astrological calculations gives Krishna's birth" year as 3228 BCE. 12 Yeshua of Nazareth is generally regarded as having been born in Palestine circa 4 to 7 BCE. Thus, if there are many points of similarities between these two individuals, most skeptics and some religious liberals would accept that elements of Krishna's life were incorporated into the legends associated with Jesus rather than vice-versa
---rajesh on 12/4/09

Because Christianity is the only true religion in that God comes to the individual. A true Christian is not one who gets up in the morning and decides, "Ah, today I am a Christian". God chooses whom He saves through His Blood....Anyone who wants to escape hell, must do so through Jesus' Blood. There is absolutely NO OTHER-WAY.
---catherine on 10/3/09

Hinduism is idolatry, but Christianity follows Christ.
---Eloy on 10/3/09

1st thing that came to my mind as I read your question is to inform you to start reading the Holy-Bible(common versions). As you read you will need other Christians to explain somethings to you for better/faster understanding. By regular reading of the Bible you'll get to know God who made the heaven & the earth and all that is in them. You will also get to know that God does NOT have MULTIPLE & DIFFERENT ways to please Him. HE has shown us the only way to please Him is through Christianity by Christ Jesus. The good KNOWLEDGE of GOD & CHRIST JESUS through the Holy-Bible will convince you & give you the complete answer to your question. Try.
---Adetunji on 10/2/09

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God is a Spirit (a Holy Spirit) and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. You see this, right?

What things does a man know? Is it not the spirit within him?
So, the things of God no man knows! But the Spirit of God!

Now we have received, not the spirit of a man. But, a spirit we believe is from God.
So we might know the things that are freely given to us by God.

The things we are saying are not in the words, which mans wisdom teaches!
But which a Holy Ghost teaches comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

Not that you might believe us!
But believe there is only one God!
One for all!
God Bless
---TheSeg on 9/29/09

How being the highest animal, here-after will be called man!

My question how become, what can your spirit learn from man?
Can a man live his life without doing (in all eyes) wrong?
I go back to the man with the apples!
If he will not give or sell you any, what will you do?
If you steal its wrong and if you let the man die, is this not wrong too?
Seems to me the right thing would be, to steal some apple. For the man is dying!

Is not the life more than meat?
I did not say this, a man did!
This man said a lot of other thing too.

Right and wrong can not be measure by man.
But, by spirit!
---TheSeg on 9/29/09


But he said unto them, Have ye not read what David did, when he was an hungred, and they that were with him, How he entered into the house of God, and did eat the shewbread, which was not lawful for him to eat, neither for them which were with him, but only for the priests? Or have ye not read in the law, how that on the sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the sabbath, and are blameless?

But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple.

But if ye had known what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless.

Things are not as they seem!
---TheSeg on 9/29/09

I wonder, in your religion, being I dont have a full grip.

But, it would seem to me, a man would have a better grip on good and evil then animals. I am not saying being good or evil, I am saying understanding. The Enlightenment!

Looking at this, now I ask! Who is the one being enlightened the animal or the spirit of the animal? I would think its the spirit! For it is the spiritual life you seek. Is this not right?

So now, is the spirit to be blamed for what the animal does? Or is the spirit to learn from the animal? Here to, I would think, the spirit is to be enlightened from the animal!

Is not man the highest animal?
---TheSeg on 9/28/09

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I dont mean to start out as a cynic, but this reminds me of a bunch of car salesmen trying to pitch Jesus.
The reason for Christianity is this:
- God who created the world (Genesis 1:1)
- God created laws (Ten Commandments Exodus 26)
- We broke the law (Romans 3:23)
- God is just so he must punish those who break the law
- God is loving, that he knew we could not pay the cost of our sins (death, Romans 6:23)
- God sent his Son to pay the price for us (John 3:16)

We're born with a conscience, and we know that we are not perfect. We know that we have done wrong. The Bible answers the questions about how we got here, why we are here, why and how the world was corrupted, and how it will be set right again.
---Paul on 9/28/09

Hi Raj, Christianity centers around the GOD of all Creation. GOD is a UNIT of Three Holy Persons. Father YAHUVEH, Holy Spirit SHKHINYAH and the Son YAHUSHUA (JESUS). YAHUSHUA humbly came to Earth as a Flesh-and-Blood Man. He shed His Blood and died for sinful mankind who were separated from their Loving Creator. At Death, man goes to live either in Heaven with GOD, or in Hell (and the Lake of Fire) where the Devil will forever dwell. The choice must be made before Death. Believing in this GOD of Three Persons is alot more simplified than following the gazillions of gods of the Hindu religion. If a man dies in Salvation, he'll retain his human beauty. But, in Hell, he is stripped of everything beautiful and good and is tormented forever.
---Gordon on 9/28/09

Ram --What is it in this hunk of gray matter beween our shoulders that makes us WANT to believe in God? Even modern man who has enough scientific knowledge to explain away most fears or plan an escape from them, who confidently explores the unknown... wants to believe in God. WHY? We may not all believe the same, but why believe at all?

To me is seems significant that, despite different cultures, histories and geography, humans seem to have an almost innate desire to believe in God! Can YOU explain it?
---Donna66 on 9/27/09


Hi and God bless you. I say God, because this God said, I am the only God.
I do love you, and I will respect what is yours! But, only if you speak truth!

Now you started with, we Hindus know why we have... I ask you is this not a lie?
If you knew why, would you yourself not have Enlightenment and moksha?

And you ended with Will You Not Get Fed-Up Of Living Infinitely
Is not the end of Hindu's life Moksha?
Understood as (liberation from rebirth), Self-realization, or union with God?

Understand you can not do this by yourself, why?
If a man has a thousand apples and you see someone starving.
What will you see as right? Yet, its wrong!
---TheSeg on 9/27/09

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why would humans with same brain come up with different gods?

for the EXACT same reason a human mind can reason there is no God
---Rhonda on 9/27/09

all of you guys are wrong. god is a human manifestation that has originated out of human fear, poverty, misery , inability to understand things. why would humans with same brain come up with different gods? These different manifestations of the human brain can be attributed to different cultural influences, geographical attributes, etc.

the human mind is so complex that it is hard imagine that you can have a single religion. religious tolerance and freedom of thought is what should be encouraged.
---ram on 9/27/09

Suneet, Being Christians is not Forced on any one.Everyone has free will,It is not a religion we are followers of Jesus Christ, "Christians".Here are some facts disputing some of your comments. Hinduism, each one is reincarnated, after death your are born again into Various life forms, not necessary humans. In the Bible it says and I believe, upon death of our bodies"absent from the body present with the Lord". Another fact, in India there are may villages where Christians homes are burned and our christians brothers and sisters are beaten by both Hindus and Muslims.
---BB on 9/25/09

Suneet27 -- Can you answer my questions about Hinduism?
---Donna66 on 9/22/09

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The god's of the hindu, muslam. buddha muslam etc are Man-made, fashioned after man-made ideas & or materials. If these god's were alive, they Would & Will be subject under The Only True & Living God, Jesus Christ.
Religion is a foremat, Salvation is the result. God gave Only 1 Salvation Plan which Is according to Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37-41 which Fulfills Matt 28 v's 19-20, Gal 1 v's 8-9.
---Lawrence on 9/22/09

Raj -- I have some questions about Hinduism.
Is there ever an end to the lives one lives in reincarnation? Do you ever get a rest from living? What do you do to make this life better or the next one?
I don't know any Hindus so these are things I wonder about.

Nobody can "force" a person to be a Christian. Just going to a Christian church does not make you a Christian. Even in Christian countries, not everybody who goes to a Christian church is really a Christian. It is a decision you make freely in your heart.
---Donna66 on 9/20/09

We Hindus know why we have luck & bad luck,misery & peaceful life and we still say"God Is Equal For ALL,Never Do Partiality".But how Christians will define this thing ,They don't have concept of reincarnation.Hinduism is the most tolerant religion on earth.Many ruled us, from Islam to Christianity and till date they are converting us forcibly to their own religion.BUT,There's not even a single example when a Hindu forced someone to do that.What is destiny & How It Was Decided? Hinduism has answer.How long soul lives in paradise?Infinite Years?Means After This World You'll Start Living In That World? Will You Not Get Fed-Up Of Living Infinitely and You aren't Dead Even After Your Death.
---Suneet27 on 9/20/09

interesting question! First of all do not change your religion coloumn to Christian next time just because you find Christianity interesting. Jesus did not start any religion but those who followed Him were called Christians. So if you believe that He died for your sins on the cross and that He rose agian the third day, you can be His follower.
---joby on 7/12/09

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Raj, I'm not going to tell you to accept Christianity over Hinduism, but I do recommend that you accept the gift that the Creator gave to you in Yahushua (aka Jesus). In Yahushua we are taught how to love, how to live, how to forgive and how to be forgiven for all of our mistakes and bad decisions. When Yahushua died, He did so as a sacrifice so that we are forgiven. Due to our imperfections, there's no other way for us to abide with the perfect Creator without being cleared of our sins. This is why Yahushua said that He's the Way, Truth & Life, & that no one could come to the Father but through Him. Religious labeling, practices and traditions mean nothing without accepting this phenomenal gift of life and forgiveness in gratitude.
---AlwaysOn on 7/11/09

There's Only One True & Living God.
All of the Man-made god's,Mohammed,
Buddha,Hindu,Islam,Muslam etc god's are dead.
If they were alive they would be subject Under the Only One True & Living God,Jesus Christ, & Jesus Christ offers just One Salvation Plan that's according to Acts 2 v's 37-41 which Fulfills Matt. 28 v's 19-20.
---Lawrence on 7/9/09

The "wisdom" of men is foolishness compared to what Jesus knows! Try praying and reading scripture. Praying is simply--talking to God--Jesus they are one--with the Holy Spirit.
Read the Bible in a language you are familiar with and can understand. Find a body of believers. I will pray for you!!
Reasons Christianity is the awesome choice--God created the Earth
God planned to send his Son to die for three days and then rise again. This sacrifice atones for man's sins.
If we ask Jesus to forgive us, our sins are forgiven and we can live with him in heaven forever-he also shines light and love on our lives in the earth.
God is love. God takes away fear.
The angels in heaven rejoice over each sinner saved!!!!
---Colette on 5/20/09


I want you to ask the lord my God for something.
This is important, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Now I want you to ask your Gods for something.
I believe the lord my God is calling you.
Now this is more important, do not tell anyone. What happen!
No one will believe you, this is between you and him, only! Believe me!
Unless he himself tells you too! This will be your proof!
Raj, my God, dose not play games, men do.
May God bless you.

---TheSeg on 5/19/09

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I want you to try something for me. Pray for your forgiveness of sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior. I am not saying that we should be ruled by feelings, but I want you to do this and see how it feels. If it feels right, continue following Christ without your other gods. If it feels wrong, you may go back to your religion and repent. If this scares you to do this, just talk to Jesus and see how it feels.
---amand6348 on 5/12/09

The Lord God Almighty is the one who is going to judge you, not those Hindu (false) gods. God has the power to put you into hell for eternity, and He has the power to forgive you for your sins and keep you out of hell. Lord God Almighty will also judge your Hindu gods, for they are demons. All of creation is subject to the one and only God. There is only one God. There is only one Name under Heaven whereby we must be saved - the Name of Jesus Christ.
---Betty on 5/7/09

Raj.....only in christianity did someone die that we may live.
Did any of the Hindu gods die for you so you could have everlasting life?
Raj....there is only one God and this God loves you so much that he sent his only son to die for you and me. That whosoever believes(put faith in) Him will have eternal life. and i are a "whosoever".
---JIM on 5/7/09

Because Jesus is the ONLY way into Heaven. "No one goes to the Father but by me"

Because Jesus, not your hindu god, shed his blood for your sins, was crucified on a cross, and rose from the dead. Did your hindu god do that for you? He is a false god, Jesus is the real deal. The Lord God of Israel is the only true God in this universe.

Taste and see that the Lord God is good. Talk to Him. Ask Him questions. Tell Him you want to beleive in Him, but are afraid to or whatever the reason is.

Let everyone that has breath Praise the Lord God of Israel.
---donna8365 on 5/7/09

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My mothers family were predominantly Hindu's We are now all Christians!
---Carla3939 on 5/7/09

Verry simple, because jesus Christ is the only way too eternal heaven, and no other means was givven.

CHRIST teaches this in Joh 3.16
the main difference between following Christ and any other religion is that in Jesus it is accomplished, whilst in other religions one needs to figure it out for himself how to turn to eternal bliss.
no religious system is bad in itself, for all try to regularise society and even all try tioprotect the poor and desperate. nevertheless all religions give that same idea you cannot achieve it yourselgf. only Christ says come, i did it for you.
---Andy on 5/7/09

TIM: "Your eternal destiny is hanging on your answer to this question."

Completely agree. Raj, the Christian faith deserves your honest consideration and careful examination. The Apostle Paul challenged his readers to test all things and hold on to what is good (1 Thes 5:21). I suggest you do the same. Christianity claims to be based on historical events, particularly the death and resurrection of Christ. If these claims are accurate, the implications are immense. It means, to state briefly, that Christianity isn't 'just another religion'.
---Bobby3 on 5/6/09

Christ uses all sorts of ways to attract people to Himself.
---katavasia on 5/6/09

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Hinduism is a very interesting belief system, with many positive values. Unfortunately, it lacks a key thing that Christians have, a personal relationship with God through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not about choosing a religion, but developing a relationship with God through Christ. The best way to learn about Him is to read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament of the Bible.
---Trish9863 on 5/6/09

Intellectual curiosity is hardly grounds for changing one's religion.
However you have no reason to fear your curiosity of Christianity for it is certain that you are no one else will ever accept Christianity without the wooing and calling of the Holy Spirit. One of the principal differences between all religions is the functioning of the Holy Spirit in Christianity. And while there are other spirits in the world there is only one Holy Spirit. So as a place to begin your study may I suggest you look at the person and reality of the Holy Spirit.
---mima on 5/6/09

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the only true pathway to salvation, the only road to eternal life, the Christ, the savior of the world. Every person will stand accountable and must answer the one most important question that Jesus asked, "Who do you say that I am"? Your eternal destiny is hanging on your answer to this question.
---TIMOTHY on 5/6/09

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