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Do You Enjoy Being A Christian

Do you like being a Christian and why?

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 ---Lance on 5/10/09
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I truly love being a Christian, moreso in this last 3 years than for the previous 49 years of being a Christian. God has been by my side for all 52 years (since the day I was saved) but I have just been far more aware of that fact in the last 3.

I was just reading Steveng's post of 11/4/10 and could sympathise with what he said because the road is not always easy.
---Rita_H on 7/17/14

May the Grace and love of your Father in Heaven be with you and all others here every day.
---Samuelbb7 on 7/16/14

Hello,Bro.Samuelbb7, all respect & thankyou,learn much enjoy reading your posts.
Best wishes, bless you and your family.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/16/14

I also enjoy being a Christian.

I am grateful for your testimony Elena 9555.

May you be blessed continually. Agape
---Samuelbb7 on 7/16/14

Yes sure do.
From Apostle Peter on the day of Pentecost, Acts 2 v 38 & the other Apostles. They were first called Christians at Antioch..

For doctrines, commandments of men the trinity Rev. 17 vs 4 5 6, does Not apply. Such good peoples but so
Spiritually Impaired.
---Lawrence on 7/16/14

Thankyou,Bro.Adetunji, always respect my brother, & let me say thankyou for all you said re:
Cluny was very rude and insensitive to assume, people are not worthy,we all don't write the same, but we can relate,you are correct. I speak other languages, as I know you may also, I don't write perfect english. I got alot huff from him, too ..I use to do fon text. I was new here.

the moderators are great folks.
I am very gratefull, thankfull and proud happy/ appreciate them & CNT..

Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/15/14

Elena: Thank God for His help & deliverance. Thanks to ChristiaNet also for giving us the opportunity to share.
---Adetunji on 7/15/14

To Jane: As a child, we sneak go to church Mom/ aethiest

"I'll see you dead in a coffin than be in church!"
, I was afraid!
quit church. life went down hill..
fear, loneliness.

I am free!!!
NO one can take Jesus away!!
I salute women happily married.
Not my gift.
I love Jesus! given me bk
my self esteem.He's all.

I used to hate myself.
He taught me to Love! to"
Quit hating anybody",It a Joy!
serving Him, talking with Him,
in error, I ask forgive me.May
God keep me
only for him, In his will always!
he deliver me fr fornication, etc. I respect men.
Jesus changed my whole

Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/15/14

Amen.Bro.Adetunji, all respect as always. Praise God for your comment God deliver me, too.
From fornicating, running around,etc
I have never been happier.My mind is free.spirit is free.thankyou for sharing, brother.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 7/15/14

I have always known about Christ because I have a Mother who read me the Bible to comfort me when I was afraid as a child. I grew up knowing Christ/God as my protector and loving Lord. Accepting Christ as Savior at 11 years old was easy for me,when He called I went to an old fashioned wooden altar and repented of my sins. I love being a Christian it is part of my life just like breathing so much so that it is as important and has always been to me that praying and believing is an ingrained part of me just like my living. I can't imagine and don't want to not being a Christian. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 7/15/14

My yoke is easy and my burdens light. God said that. If I had not been saved, the things in my life would have been unbearable.i have peace that passeth all understanding. God has been by my side every minute. To me is is not hard to be a Christian.
---shira4368 on 5/3/14

JaneD: I attribute your last comment to half understanding of (1) the pleasure of sin (2) the peace that the gift of Jesus is. I begged Jesus to help me quit alcohol drinking, fornication which were depressing me but difficult to avoid. I can never be grateful enough to the Lord for saving me. It is not true that living in sin is better than living in Christ.
---Adetunji on 4/28/14

Dear JaneD,
Do you not realize you just finished describing yourself as someone who is at enmity against God? If you have no love for Christ, you could not possibly be saved. Your feelings are the same feeling someone lost feels. No love for Christ. So do not be surprise you feel no joy. I hope one day you will feel that love for Christ. Agape
---Luke on 4/28/14

I am much happier being a Christian then when I was not. I have peace and a friend and savior that helps me and who I can talk to about everything.

I do not have an easy life but I have a loving big Brother.
---Samuelbb7 on 4/28/14

No, I don't. I do what I feel He is asking me to do, pray and fellowship because I know Hes the only way. But at the end if the day, I am not happy with Him or this way of life. I was eye-ball deep in sin and yet somehow happier and, in some ways freer than I am now.. My flesh doesn't care for Him at all. If there were another true God/religion, Id be all over it...Another way in to heaven, I'd take it. But He is all there is. I didn't ask Him to die for me and yet because He took it upon Himself I must now give my life as well(?) I know my words are selfish..and yet anyone can relate to a "gift" they did not ask for..or worse yet, a gift that requires much work, effort, time, sacrifice..etc. "Thanks, You shouldn't have.":|
---JaneD on 4/28/14

"for the joy set before him he endured the cross, despising it's shame"--Hebrews 12:3

It is the hope in Gods promise and the joy of receiving it that keeps me. This is why we can rejoice in all things and give thanks to God despite what we face. I do not like or enjoy the struggle, the battle that is fought or the persecution, but do consider it a great honor that I am counted worthy to do so for Jesus and the promise!
---willa5568 on 7/10/11

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aka, I've found that dying to self can be an ongoing thing. And we pick up our cross daily, or moment by moment.
I wish to say to you Colossians 1:26-28

26 the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lords people. 27 To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

28 He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.
---Christina on 7/10/11

i will enjoy if Jesus recognizes Him in me. realizing that i need to die to Christ later in life has not been easy.
---aka on 7/10/11

"Do you like being a Christian and why?" I am thrilled to be a Christian, but not in the sense that the world thinks of a 'Christian" More accurately, I rejoice in Him. My feelings, on the other hand, have varied.I haven't always 'liked' certain things which 'Christianity' entails.Take discipline, which is not pleasant at the time, but in the end yields peaceable fruit of righteousness. Sometimes it has seemed as if I was happier in times past, but that's a deception and differs much from the joy I find and know in Him. (as a new Christian I heard, and believe, that our joy is in Him, not our circumstances)it's not about my feelings, likes, dislikes, it's about Him
---christina on 7/9/11

wanted to say Mainly,too! I love being a Christian becuz for ME...finally,truthfully love the fact I do see "jesus" n ChristiaNet! You who are "Bold n your Face" especially Teaching against Fornication & Adultery WOW! God bless you's ... Powerfull Teaching! Yes,people like ME... We need to stay close to Our Lord! I got rid of the TV! It was best thing I did! Might seem Radical but,really bless my time n study n be n prayer! Jesus means everything to Me! Thanyou All! ELENA
---ELENA on 7/9/11

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thankyou! This a very special Blogg! I love bein' a Christian! Been lg time trieddo it alone! Not possible! Agree with Robyn... No matter,what your past Worldly passions were never fulfills the emptiness,I wanted to find that "special person"...God in His Mercy,reached way down to the innermost of my heart! I love Jesus!Today,such a wonderfull prayertime!Being a Christian seems the best thing happen to ME! matt.6:25-34 I don't HAVE to always be a people "pleaser"..the Lord Taught me happy n able to "bear" my ALL at HIS feet! Jesus also,KEEPS ME n Check! 1Thes.Ch.4 & ch.5 bloggs really good ... Help ME think & Digest The word"! Thank All of you! Love of Jesus! ELENA
---ELENA on 7/9/11

Amen Robyn!!!
---John on 2/7/11

I do not understand how anyone can live without Christ. I have peace that passeth all understanding. I have joy in my heart and God supplies all my needs. I could not have gotten thru a lot of things in my life without Christ.
---shira3877 on 2/1/11

I get do get tired sometimes but I cannot go back. There is nothing in the world but hell and misery. Not even money and other things satisfy like Jesus Christ. I would rather suffer for Christ than to be happy in the world. There is no lasting joy or happiness serving the devil. One bad habit after another, one terrible problem after another. Then you die and go to a burning hell. What a terrible thought.
---Robyn on 2/1/11

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Impossible, impossible! To love a fake god. To have as much fun with your fake god. How can it be so. There is only one true God. No other god is like the one, true God. Who is this one true God? His name, Jesus+
---catherine on 11/8/10

I enjoy being a christian as much as a buddist enjoys being a buddist, or a jew enjoys being a jew.
---francis on 11/8/10

aka, WOW! Now this>>> Well, God didn't save me for my stabilty, so God tells me. You'll see.
---catherine on 11/8/10

my flesh hates God, the Spirit in me loves God. I am looking forward to the end of the war.
---aka on 11/8/10

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I remember the day the Lord reached out His hand and pulled me out of the gutter 5/9/90. I was a broken man in great need of God and didn't know it. But God who is rich in mercy because of His great love even when I was dead in sin, made me alive, by opening my eyes, ears and giving me a heart to perceive the gospel of my salvation. That as long as I live, I will will live for Christ. Thanks be to our Lord and Savior who gets all the glory.
---Mark_V. on 11/8/10

Yes, I am a Christian. I am thrilled to be a follower of Christ. I do not know how I would face probelems with out Him. I know there are rough times in the Lord, but, I am still a Christian.. I once heard that we are either in a valley, coming out of a valley or getting ready to go into the valley... well, when I am supposed to go into that valley, I want to go with Christ. He died for my sins and your sins... He paid the price that I could not pay, He paid with His life at Calvery.
---Jim on 11/7/10

I'm thrilled to be a Christian, more grateful than I know how to express. It is an undeserved gift from God!

No, being a Christian is not easy. But, if I remember correctly, life without Christ is is pretty grim...and not always easy either!
And the rewards of being a Christian are way beyond anything I could imagine before knowing Christ.
---Donna66 on 11/4/10

The hardships of my personal life leave no question in my mind as to whether or not I enjoy being a Christian in these unGodly days.
My faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ is sometimes all that allows me to make it through my days & maintain my sanity!
I take the greatest pleasure in my worship of my Savior at every opportunity availed.
God hasn't let go of me yet, I'll hang on to Him.
After all He is the only sure fire thing.. I am convinced of in my life.
---Jeff on 11/4/10

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No, I don't enjoy being a christian.

It's very difficult being a christian especially during these end times. My heart is saddened everytime a human being suffers especially within my community. I can't imagine in my wildest thoughts how Jesus took on the sins of the world, I have trouble within my own community. I get truly tired at times and want to call it quits, but I push on to glorify God.

On the other hand, I love being a christian. My spirit jumps for joy at times especially when I'm walking with God. I thank God for chosing me to become minister and that my time is short upon this earth.
---Steveng on 11/4/10

Yes, because there is joy in salvation.
---larry on 11/4/10

YES!!! 2Corinthians 6:16b & 18... as God hath said, I will dwell in them & walk with them, & I will be their God, & they shall be my people. (18) & will be a Father unto you, & ye shall be my sons & daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. What's not to like about being the child of THE KING OF KINGS?!! :-}
---Reba on 11/4/10

I am beside myself with joy over my salvation. Contrary to what most people think, I find nothing hard about being a Christian. Just yesterday at the doctors office I had thought about witnessing to him and then checked myself, whereupon the Holy Spirit said to me, I want him witnessed too. So I did witness to him when I came to the words the Lord Jesus Christ he suddenly said, oh no that is not for me. At which time I said, I understand and he then said, I believe in treating others as you want to be treated. That he said is where I stand.
---mima on 11/4/10

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I love being saved. I am happy to know I have eternal life. I am an heir to the King. I have peace and happiness. God has given me everything I need in this life. I love fellowship with christians. That does not mean I live in a bed of roses but I do have peace. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Either way, I win.
---shira3877 on 11/4/10

"like" is relative. I like ice cream, but I would not die for it. Christ went all the way to the cross for me, and how could I not know this kind of love? There was a time I did not understand, but now I know each and every passing day the full cost of what it is to be with my Lord, my Lord whom loves me and gave himself for me. How he comes into this antiChrist and antiGod world in order to save us from among a sinuous and alien people.
---Eloy on 11/3/10

Do you want honest or do you want nice? There are times when I hate being a Christian! [I am not proud of it]. My God does not have to stick with me. So many times, I wannna be and have just an ordinary life. God will not let me forget, who I am, a great calling. Does anyone want my job as a prophetess? Ask me and I'll ask God if you can have it. Wooo, Jesus.+ Right now, I love You.
---catherine on 11/3/10

I lllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee being a Christian! Yeah, it may be hard, but so is a life in the world! Being a Christian means I have to put up a fight against Satan, and once I have, I feel much more confident about my life and my choices. Being in the world means that I do not have to worry about any sin I may fall to and I don't have to work as hard in the present, but I will have to face horribly guilty and regretful consequences later. Both choices sound pretty hard, but only one sounds rewarding and full. I love being a Christian and choose to be one for the rest of my life because when life throws its curve balls, I have God to step in as my pinch hitter.
---Allison on 11/2/10

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Being a Christian is hard in this world today, but to serve God Almighty is very rewarding and the promises to come are the sweetest thing I can imagine. I am glad that God chose me, so yes, I like being a Christian.
---Barbara on 7/13/09

It is not easy being a Christian. Nothing worthwhile,ever is. But the rewards will pay off one day, if we remain faithful. I don't understand all that I need to, but God does, and that is all that matters. I am to trust Him in all things. Not easy but we walk by faith and not by sight. And when we stumble,God is there to forgive us and take care of us when we repent.
Living as a Christian is the only life worth living. The world has nothing worthwhile to offer us. Nothing but deception,torment and pain. I trust God. I choose God.
---Robyn on 7/13/09

O for a thousand tongues to sing
My great Redeemers praise,
The glories of my God and King,
The triumphs of His grace!

My gracious Master and my God,
Assist me to proclaim,
To spread through all the earth abroad
The honors of Thy name.

Jesus! the name that charms our fears,
That bids our sorrows cease,
Tis music in the sinners ears,
Tis life, and health, and peace.

He breaks the power of canceled sin,
He sets the prisoner free,
His blood can make the foulest clean,
His blood availed for me.

He speaks, and, listening to His voice,
New life the dead receive,
The mournful, broken hearts rejoice,
The humble poor believe.

charles westly
---willow on 7/11/09

its not a matter of liking.its a matter of believing jesus.surely the apostles were christians,and their lives were filled with persecution.Its a matter of LOVING GOD AND EVERYONE ELSE,even your enemies.
---tom2 on 7/11/09

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its a matter of choice. jesus promised that we would be persecuted for our faith just as he was persecuted.
---tom2 on 7/11/09

Being a Christian is the best thing to have happened to my life. It gives me peace and removed a lot of worries from my mind/life. It is no longer "he/you/she/they say/said ...", it is now God/The Lord says/said...QED.
---Adetunji on 7/10/09

Yes yes yes....
i enjoy being a christian... nothing would have been better

because being a christian has saved me from a lot of the mess i have seen around

the Holy Spirit's direction has saved me from going through drug problems, immorality due to financial problems and the haunting memory of past events that some associates of mine are being faced with

God saved me early enough to enable me escape all of that.... i am trully thankful
---PAT on 7/10/09

Definitely! I've had trials and troubles and illness and misfortune as a Christian. But life has been much more worthwhile, much more deeply satisfying than before I was a Christian. I can honestly say I would not want to go back to the non-Christian life for anything!
---Donna66 on 7/9/09

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It's GOOD to be. I've been out to partake the things of this world. For which the god of this world(satan) has control of many things that pertains to to glamor & glitter,
worldly pleasures etc,ALL to take a peoples mind Off & away from the True & Rightful things that pertain to God. You canNot serve 2 masters,you either serve Almighty God or, the things that pertain the devil. God Is strict(this even includes Holy-Living) & you canNot straddle the fence.
---Lawrence on 7/9/09

Yes I enjoy being a Christian because it's the only thing I've ever done that I didn't do...Yeah I know hard to follow right?

Look at it this way, God gives a new heart to love his commands and his ways and all we had to do in this was agree with him that he was good and we weren't while asking for forgiveness. Behind the scenes we know that God led us to that moment and that he ordains good works for us before the foundation of the world. So all of my being a Christian is HIS, HIS, and again HIS, yet there's a part of me that "participates in the divine nature" of God.

To my amazement I realize that without what he did I'd never take part or desire to take part in any of it, It really all does begin and end with him.
---Pharisee on 5/13/09

Yes, but I don't think its necessarily being called a Christian that brings one enjoyment. It's being relational with the Creator of the universe, getting to know the Lord and allowing him to know me, receiving his love and loving him back.
---Vicki on 5/12/09

Yes, because I feel a closeness with God. I talk to God during trying times sometimes and He is there for me through good and bad times.
---amand6348 on 5/12/09

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The answer is yes. However as I was reading the question I was reminded of what a person once said about me, when asked by another what he thought of me he said, well he is okay I guess but he sure cries a lot.

Before I was saved I never remember crying over anybody.
---mima on 5/12/09

Words cannot express the joy i have in knowing the Lord. The changes in my life go beyond what i could of ever forseen.
Thank you Lord.
---JIM on 5/12/09

Yes or my leadership would not allow me to sing in choir! Yes or I would not be here, I survived a large stroke. Doctors thought if I ever woke up from coma(I was not in coma.) I would never get out of bed, I would be a vegatable. Praying in my head, God this is too hard they will not even let me sleep! The bucking bed rolled me every 20 minutes. I decided to get out of bed, of course I fell I did not know I had a stroke. So the next day when I woke up, finally got some sleep. I was strapped down. 33 days after stroke they had me walk up and down a hill to prove I could go home. Christian is being Christ like I believe God can do anything we expect him to do.
---Don on 5/12/09

People "ENJOY"/like "BEING A CHRISTIAN" because of PRIDE. They LIKE being a "famous"/accomplished "study scholar" and have the ambition to be "Christian of the year" because of status/prestige. So, if you have fun and "enjoy" loving God, then you are doing it all wrong (because pride is misleading you).

If you look deeper into scripture (the "depths of God", 1 Corinthians 2:10) and have the "fruit of light" (Ephesians 5:8), then you will learn how NOT to let VAIN ego (pride) interfere in your relationship/devotion.
---more_excellent_way on 5/12/09

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I love being a Christian. As a Christian I have Jesus,God, & the Holy Ghost living in me which makes me a Supernatural child of the King. I love praying,intercessary prayer,singing praises,talking to God,learning my Lord God's Word,sharing with others,having a life guided by God,God moving through me in the Gifts of the Spirit,and all that means I'm no longer only a mortal. I love being used of God for the Kingdom's sake and ministering to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The whole package God has for His Children is much more to be desired than anything on this Earth.
---Darlene_1 on 5/11/09

Yes, because there is nothing better than having fellowship with other believers. Anytime we have fellowship, whether in church, at our home or someone else's home, we leave with a warm feeling in our hearts. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Our serving the Lord makes HIM joyous.
---SusieB on 5/11/09

Yes, I like being a Christian. Living by God's grace is simple. I enjoy telling other people about God and his ways. That is WHY we're on this planet -- to spread the Good News!

Most, if not all, of us know that life in this world is not always easy. Even though we are living for God, he still PERMITS sin to exist and dealing with the results of sin can be a challenge. I take comfort in the fact that these challenges are what help me grow closer to God. Amen.
---Augie on 5/11/09

When I think that God the Son, Creator of everything loved ME sooo much that He came to this earth, lived in poverty, suffered such a shameful death for MY sin, and then gave me the right to be called a son of God, I can't help but "like being a christian" regardless of the "cost to me". Our God is so awesome!
---tommy3007 on 5/11/09

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I am not going to lie. Sometimes the things that you have to face being a christian can be rough. But through it all, the joy about being a christian is that you know that God will never leave you. And the ending result is eternal life in Heaven. Where there will be no more dying, crying, sickness, pain. where the wicked will cease from troubling and the weary would be at rest. where we will have a new and changed mind. thats the joy of being a christian. I wouldnt trade it for the world. God has proven himself so many times to me. When I fail, he still is there to pick me up and comfort me. I love being a Christian. It's the best thing that ever happened to me
---Deno on 5/11/09

Being in God's will, and fellowshipping with other believers, reading His Love Letter, in the Bible, learning more about Him, what is not to like?
---Trish9863 on 5/11/09

"Do you like being a Christian and why?"

What I like is discipleship. Why? Love is a beautiful thing.
I appreciate and enjoy the indwelling presence of Christ.
A presence which motivates and empowers the desire, ability, tendency and opportunity to uplift, edify, and benefit, as an extension of His mercy and grace, my fellow man, and to thereby receive the privilege of experiencing a sense of sharing and a purpose in life that transcends my own personal and/or selfish ambitions.
---Josef on 5/11/09

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