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Identifying False Teachers

With so many churches, how can I tell who is a false teacher?

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 ---becky7653 on 5/14/09
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Billions of souls, that's billions of people that chose to be lost & not to surrender their lives to God.
---Lawrence on 9/14/09

I will say it's freedom of choice.
Either to accept God's Plan of Salvation which Is according to Acts 2 v's 37-41 which Fulfills Matt 28 v's 19-20, Gal 1 v's 8-9. Straight is the gate & narrow is the way there be few to find it.
Or, to accept the Man-made relig-org's churches starting with r-catholocism the first trin-church & her offspring churches, the naz, presby, luth, bapt, aog, method, cog etc chueches. Broad Is the way that leadeth to destruction & many is shall be. Even if you decide to be in the muslam's relig or the hindu's, buddha's etc.
Freedom of choice.
---Lawrence on 9/14/09


Even though the Bible does not mention freedom of religion specifically, it is definitely implied.
God never FORCES us to believe or worship - he always leaves the choice (and its consequences) up to us. In Joshua 24:15, Joshua tells Israel to choose whom they would serve. God could have made us all puppets and forced us to worship him, or appeared physically to everyone to convince us all that he exists, rather than having us rely on testimonies of people who lived thousands of years ago. He would rather we choose, even with the risk of choosing badly (to the point where most people go into perdition). He must think that free will is very important if he's willing to sacrifice billions of souls to hell to ensure that we have it.
---StrongAxe on 9/11/09


Matthew 16 has a wonderful example on the perils of a lack of discernment (religion without relationship and intelligence without wisdom ).
God bless.
---larry on 9/10/09

Yes sir, that's refering to those that are In God's Church,such as peoples personal convictions.
Not any references made pertaining to those that are in Man-made relig-org's churches.
---Lawrence on 9/10/09

lawrence - **I find NO where in the Bible that says freedom of religion.

You could try reading Romans 14 where it states one must respect the religious convictions of others. In fact, some may not eat certain foods, while others may eat anything. One may observe certain days while others may not observe any days, etc.

The concept of freedom to have your own convictions is clearly freedom of religion.

And again power has been given to the State to care for the welfare of people and that would certainly entail freedom of conviction or freedom of religion. That much is clear from Romans 13.

---lee on 9/10/09

I find NO where in the Bible that says freedom of religion. Even though God puts man in leadership. Man has carnal ideas & this here 2nd Cori 11 v's 14-15 is where freedom of religion came from, even mans carnal theology & philosophy which does Not even pertain to scripture.
---Lawrence on 9/10/09

//Man put freedom of religion is in Gov-documentation.
Freedom of religion is Not Bible -Scriptural, But, God does give people a choice.

I see you cannot respond on the OSAS doctrine - a doctrine totally supported by Reformed theology since the Reformation.

As for Freedom of religion, that is a governmental law and is biblical since God has given powers to the state to preserve the peace among people. Romans 13.
---lee on 9/10/09

Mark 16 v 16, baptism is a work. Luke 16 v 16(pressing is a work), Acts 26 v 20, James 2 v's 20 & 24.
These Man-made teachings easy believism - no works salvation - once saved alway saved -
the sinners pryaer & the such like are trying to get into heaven by some other means. The same is as a thief & a robber.
---Lawrence on 9/10/09

Man put freedom of religion is in Gov-documentation.
Freedom of religion is Not Bible -Scriptural, But, God does give people a choice.
---Lawrence on 9/10/09

Lawrence you apparently believe in a works salvation. The Bible says salvation is not of works, we are not saved by works, to see a problem here?
---mima on 9/10/09

Lawrence - Rejecting OSAS means that you reject the fact that salvation is purely a gift received by grace for anyone that truly would believes that Jesus died and arose again from the dead. Eph. 2:8f

...if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.For the Scripture says, 'Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.'Romans 10:9f

There are really no other qualifiers than to confess with your mouth and believe with your heart, that Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead, in order to be saved.
---lee on 9/10/09

I have vast knowledge of The Christian doctrine. Jesus Christ Is The Door, & through this Door Is His Salvation Plan according to Acts 2 v's 37-41 whuch Fulfills Matt 28 v's 19-20, Gal. 1 v's 8-9.

Because of here, 2nd Cori 11 v's 14-15.
The Man-made christian salvation teachings,
easy believism, once saved always saved, repeat aft me, no works salvation, the sinners prayer & the such like. There's No scriptural basis & it All started with r-catholocism the first trin-church.
---Lawrence on 9/10/09

lawrence - clearly you have a very minimal understanding either of scripture or Christian doctrine.

In 2 Cor. 5:17 we read "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold, the new has come."

And that new creation is what is wrought by the Holy Spirit who is the seal (sign of ownership)of ones salvation. Eph. 4

Secondly we read in Hebrew 7:25 He (Jesus) is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them.

Apparently what you have seen is the early believeism which is devoid of the Holy Spirit coming to dwell within the believer.
---lee on 9/9/09

Ministers teach scriptures from the Old-Testament in relating to the New-testament which are true.
Where they Are False teachings is when they teach Man-made salvation ideas, once saved always saved - easy believism - no works salvation - the sinners prayer & the such like, with No scriptural basis. Blind guides, the gathering of many people, even for filthy lucres sake.
---Lawrence on 9/8/09

Signs of a false teacher #23: When under scrutiny, beware him who offers 'God's ways are not our ways'. Now there are enlightened pastors but not one so privileged to have been bestowed some divine higher understanding inasmuch to be distinct from all God's messengers. This next level verbiage dupes followers into wholey trusting their pastor without question. Those that do question him will only invite more verbosity and misplaced verses leaving them compelled to nod their heads or fear looking stupid, and he knows it. As Christians warn of the charlatan's blaspheme, he will plead that his flock should pity them having not received his extra-divine counsel and will bless them but you can be sure that inside he is seething.
---John_II on 9/6/09

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False Teacher: "God has never humble anyone in the history of the world"! Is this just folly that's clear to everyone or part of a cleverly devised scheme? Well it's not lucrative for a falsifier to 'communicate' the self-fulfillment gospel if you are worried about being embarrassed by putting their doctrine into practice. And being that it's image that's at the crux of their teachings, it's imperative for them to train you to deal with your conscience, like they have. By compromising your conscience they make you more receptive to their persuasions and diminish your faith. The bible says that shame is good which hones the conscience rightly. And the name of the false teacher...Dave Gilpin of the Hopecity Church.
---John_II on 8/11/09

Signs of a false teacher #15: Whereby they like to parade a new style or pioneering front they soon slink back when their doctrine is queried and actually use the Christian denominational plethora as a means of camouflage. Being that the artifice is to appear holy whilst flirting with the world they must be selective with God's holy word and then use self-fulfilment (idolatrous) overtones. When challenged they will use the interpretative or translational contentions - as well as denominational - as a buffer. A genuine [viewpoint] church will be stoic of its way but a false one cannot do so because of judgement, it will need to keep morphing to keep its audience tickled.
---John_II on 7/21/09

From a Biblical prospective, false teachers are those that 'in the latter times depart from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits ...forbidding marriage and commanding to abstain from various meats which God had created to be received with thanksgiving being that every creature of God is good and nothing is to be refused if received with transgiving. 1 Tim. 4:1f

The Roman church still forbids marriage of priests and Adventists still believe in following the old Levitical food laws.
---Lee1538 on 7/5/09

Becky, you can tell who is a false teacher by following the COMMAND found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19 along with the EXAMPLE found in Acts 17:11.
---Rob on 7/3/09

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Matthew 4:23 (also 9:35):
"And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues..."
Luke 4:14-16:
"And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about."
"And he taught in their synagogues, being glorified of all."
"And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read."
John 18:20:
"Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world, I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort, and in secret have I said nothing."
---StrongAxe on 7/2/09

False teachers are ones who teach-

- God is a 'trinity' (Hosea 11:9, John 5:19, 14:28, Acts 7:55)
- God will burn you in hell (Jeremiah 7:31, 1 John 4:8)
- you have an immortal soul (Ezekiel 18:4, Ecclesiastes 9:5,10, Mt.10:28, Acts 3:23)

These 3 false teachings are scripturally refuted in the scripture citations supplied. There are more which space does not allow.

These 3 false teachings are not Bible teachings, and can and should be challenged by anyone promoting them.
---David8318 on 6/26/09

Jesus was against all form of religion at his time...Oke, Here we go..Jesus went never to the Synagogue, Jesus did not go to the temple to prayJesus did not even prayed Jesus fasted neverjesus never read or explained scriptures.Jesus was not sircumcised and Jesus was deffenately not baptised in water or Spirit.all thes are expressions (forms) of religion. it is safer to say that Jesus condemned Formalism in religion. Jesus was against False religion that binds men and makes God inaccessable. However today we have become a religion of destroying good customs that kept holiness in our lives and society's for 2000 years now. a non-religious society that will bring the ANTI in this world, and he is allreafdy pressent.
---Andy on 5/29/09

Did you actually read the third paragraph of my post?

Who are you to say that members of various denominations do not have a personal relationship with Jesus & God
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/27/09

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alan8566_of_UK, If all christians were of one spirit, then we'd be thinking all alike. Where in the world could you find two christians that think alike? Just by reading these blogs should tell you there is no unity among these christians. The same holds true with denominations. Would you find a chatholic priest presiding over a Protestant congregation? Or a Lutheran pastor over a Baptist congregation? Would any denomination invite the two prophets mentioned in Revelation? Jesus was against all forms of religion at his time and he would be against all forms of religion today. A christian is nothing more than having a personal relationship with God - without the religion.
---Steveng on 5/26/09

alan8566_of_UK: "You yourself in claiming your is the only right way "

Not so, Jesus is the way and only way to God.

Look at it this way, we are living in the end times, right? What are the prophesies concerning human attributes? Lack of love for one (I could prove this by relating two similar events thirty years apart concerning denominational churches). Christians rarely, if ever, have fellowship on a daily basis. They are just too busy making a living. They believe that having fellowship once a week is enough. Well, it isn't. Especially in today's world, christians need daily fellowship. Christians are bombarded with evil on all sides twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
---Steveng on 5/26/09

Though it is difficult for me, after all Steveng has said against me, I agree with Steveng. I believe that THESE DAYS the church (established one) has nothing in common with the first church. In every area, morals, science, economics, politics etc, the church is the same as the world. They do not see the big picture, or if they do, they are going along with the New World Order. This cannot be an accident. This cannot be because they are being fooled. This is because it was written in the Word that this would happen (see Revelation). Religion and Politics together creating an Antichrist worshipping system. Mind control is a big factor, so people do not have free will.
---frances008 on 5/25/09

Steveng ... "And you would say the same thing to Jesus"

Ande so, I think, would you, if your utterances about other Christians are anything to go by.

Whhat right have you to say "I and my kind, am a member of the Kingdom of God not a member of a denomination. Ours is a strong relationship with God through Jesus, Not a relationship with Jesus through a denomination" as if members of denominations are not members of the Kingdom of God, and do not have that SAME strong personal relationship with God?

You yourself in claiming your is the only right way
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/24/09

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Believe me its people that complicate things,not jesus. There is one church,one God,one son,one spirit.
---tom2 on 5/24/09

alan8566_of_uk: "But you in your way are just like a denomination of your own, and like the worst of them, condemn all other denominations."

And you would say the same thing to Jesus. By reading the posts on all blogs, most would not recognize Jesus - and even mock him like you would mock the two prophets mentioned in Revelation. People would mock them because they do not conform to any ideology from any denomination.

I, and my kind, am a member of the Kingdom of God not a member of a denomination. Ours is a strong relationship with God through Jesus, Not a relationship with Jesus through a denomination. We worship God the Father as Jesus asked us to - not worship Jesus through a denomination.
---Steveng on 5/23/09

Don't make being a christian so complicated. Denominations make being a christian way too complicated with their own traditions, ways of living, and interpretations of the bible.

Let's keep it simple: If we are to obey God then there must be laws to obey. There are only two laws to obey - the two commandments Jesus spoke of (which are the Ten Commandments in abbreviated form). It's unfortunate though that many people today including christians do not know HOW to love. To begin, do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag" because living a christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle - not a once a week pep talk dished out by denominational churches.
---Steveng on 5/23/09

Steveng .. "Besides, I wasn't condemning anyONE, only the denominations" Sorry, I wasw rong to say that. But you do condemn all denominations.

But you in your way are just like a denomination of your own, and like the worst of them, condemn all other denominations.

"There is a huge difference between belonging to a religion and belonging to God" Yes I agree, but the two are not mutually exclusive.

"There is not unity" ... Agreed! You yourself demonstrate this as much as those who gather together in denominational congregations.
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/23/09

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There is absolutely no way to determine the truth or falsehood of religious beliefs. It is always just a matter of opinion and consensus, and there are no reliable human authorities to whom we may defer.
---JohnnyB on 5/22/09

alan8566_of_UK: "Steveng ... You have siad that before. it does not show that you are right in your condemnation of everyone except those who agree 100% with you, and are therefore your own tiny denomination."

Come on, alan, admit it. Deep down inside I'm right. I wish I weren't, but history tells you that man made religions are troublesome. If all the christians belong to all denominations, why do they bicker among each other. They even bicker within the same denomination. There is not unity.

There is a huge difference between belonging to a religion and belonging to God.

Besides, I wasn't condemning anyONE, only the denominations.
---Steveng on 5/22/09

Can you have a personal relationship with God without belonging to a denomination?

Of course you can. Besides, alan, the end times are nearing and christians will be persecuted - even in America. Are you prepared to walk along the christian underground railroad? Are you still going to belong to a denomination or are you going to have a personal relationship with God without the denomination. China is a good example of what is in store for the rest of the world. Many christian live there who don't belong to a denomination, but still have a personal relationship with God. And they all do what the bibles says about "one another," "each other," and "encouragment" with one another.
---Steveng on 5/22/09

Jesus called Christians to be apart from the World. If you go to church and find yourself in the midst of wordliness, you can still remain there but behave in a way that sets you apart, and maybe you can convert a few people away from the wrong doctrines. Within every denomination are good and evil people. God does not care about what denomination you are, He cares about your heart. If your denomination causes you to be spiritually blind, and disobedient, then you need to leave it and even stay in your room and be with God by yourself. Also if your denomination financially support corrupt churches then you are best off using your money in other ways. Remember the Church is people not buildings.
---frances008 on 5/22/09

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Steveng ... You have siad that before. it does not show that you are right in your condemnation of everyone except those who agree 100% with you, and are therefore your own tiny denomination.
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/22/09

alan8566_of_uk: "Steveng ... Your condemnation of all denominations indicates that you are just as bad as those denominations who claim that only they are right and all other denominations are wrong."

You would say that to any godly person. Even Jesus if he were on earth. Choose any godly person from the bible and place him here in the 21st century and you'll have christians calling them fools because they don't conform to your denominational doctrines. Even the two prophets in Revelation will be mock by christians for the same reasons.

If Jesus were on these blogs, he would be considered just another opinionated person.
---Steveng on 5/21/09

Steveng ... Your condemnation of all denominations indicates that you are just as bad as those denominations who claim that only they are right and all other denominations are wrong.
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/21/09

alan8566_of_uk: You seem then to belong to a non-structured group of people who agree with each other that denominations are created by Satan."

You assume much.

Most of the christians I hang around with only keep their eye on the Lord and don't think of things that I do. If you want to know what most christians, who don't believe that you must belong to a denominational church to be a christian, do is to do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag" because living a christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle - not a once a week pep talk dished out by denominational churches. Meeting daily strengthens our walk with God a thousandfold than denominational churches.
---Steveng on 5/20/09

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The most direct way is to ask a person you suspect of being a false profit to tell you about the SHED blood of Christ. If he or a church doesn't believe and teach this ,than you have a false profit. The Bible states Christ had to shed His blood for the forgiveness of sin. "For this is My blood [that establishes] the covenant, it is shed for many for the forgiveness of sins"
Matt 26:28 (HCSB)
---wivv on 5/20/09

Heb 8:11, 10:16 teaches that God will write his laws in our minds and in our hearts. He will teach us. Jesus said my sheep will know "My voice". If we are serious about God, if we seek his face, if we study to show thyself approved (2 Tim 2:15), if we pray without ceasing, if we fast, if we believe, if we are diligent, I believe God will always open our eyes to false doctrines. Paul taught in Philipians that any way Christ is preached (even in contention, not sincerely) he rejoiced. I beleive he knew that if we are faithful to Christ He will always show us truth. Don't trust history or mans doctrine trust God's word and Jesus.
---KellieB on 5/20/09

Steveng, i want to make a dare-contest, barr every doctrine that is denominational, and see how many are standing. it will amount to a beautifull round number 0. denominations are actually Gods way to keep the truth protected. every time the church goes corrupt God calls out a select group to maintain the truth. RCC was seperated from the orthodox because of the iconoclkasm of the latter, reformed was seperated because of the RCC selling salvation and relief of the purgatory. calvinism seperated from protestant because of doctrine of predestination... baptists seperated because of childbaptism... etc fact is every time God restored some did not agree, and where left behind by God.
---Andy on 5/20/09

What is a false teaching? Let us consider the teaching of purgatory. Here is a teaching and is totally unfounded biblically in any way yet it is taught by one the biggest denomination. So in considering how we find a church teaching falsehoods perhaps we should consider the church that has the teaching of purgatory to be false.
---mima on 5/20/09

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Steveng ... You seem then to belong to a non-structured group of people who agree with each other that denominations are created by Satan.

Although that group is non-structured, it has one of the attributes of some denominations ... that no-one else does it right, that all other ways are to be condemned.

Sounds very much like the worst intolerant denominations
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/20/09

StevenG...Thanks! That's what I figured.
---SusieB on 5/20/09

alan8566_of_UK: "Steveng ... Sounds as if you have been listening to a denomination that condemns all others."

I write that denominations are a product of Satan. So why would I listen to a denomination?

The words I speak and write are from the word of God. I don't infect the words of God with denominational teachings, novels, opinions of other authors, concordances, and other christian reference books. I trust the Holy Spirit for what I say and write. This is based upon only reading scripture and asking questions only to God for over forty five years. This is the only way to develop a strong personal relationship with God.
---Steveng on 5/19/09

SusieB: "You don't attend any church,"

You make it sound like I must enter the body of another christian to ATTEND. The church is not a building, a denomination, or a nonprofit corporation. It's people. Nothing more, nothing less. Jesus is returning to join with (marry) people - not a building, denomination or a corporation.

I don't need to belong to a denominational church to be a christian, but you DO need fellowship.

SusieB: "but have your own "fellowship" at home or at someone else's home."

My fellowship is across North America where two or more are gathered in Jesus' name. Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag."
---Steveng on 5/19/09

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steveng....Let me guess! You don't attend any church, but have your own "fellowship" at home or at someone else's home.
---SusieB on 5/18/09

Steveng ... Sounds as if you have been listening to a denomination that condemns all others.
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/18/09

alan8566_of_UK: "Why don't you adopt this principle [judging] before making aa one-sided condemnation of ALL denominational churches?"

I stand by all that I say and write, as God is my witness.

You seem to be an intelligent sort, in a worldly way. But think of this: Satan is the father of all confusion. The newly born christian when trying to choose what denominational "church" (DC) preaches the truth would be the beginning of his problems. DCs all say they preach the truth, but all teach half truths especially during these end times. And you know what the bible says about the end times being like the day of Noah.
---Steveng on 5/18/09

I strongly stand by, as God is my witness, all that I say and write.
---Steveng on 5/18/09

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Your contrasting of two events may demonstate a change of the times. And that's interesting.

But I see no connection between these events and denominations. Don't you think you are painting "denominations" with a rather wide brush to state they have "lost their first love"?

Denominations are so diverse, and churches within denominations vary so much, that I see little about which you can generalize. Some may have "lost their first love", but some are truly "on fire" for God. There are thousands and thousands of "denominational" churches. Nobody can be aware of every one.
---Donna66 on 5/17/09

God divided the world up for the simple reason that when Nimrod tried to unite it into one World Government, it was in order to conspire against God and bring on a secular humanism. The punishment God inflicted is what God desired to prevent it happening again. As Steveng says 'there is still no peace'. Jesus did not come to bring peace but a sword. There will always be evil people who rebel against God and break His Commandments. Jesus promised that families would be split up depending on their answering or ignoring his call. Another reason for there being no peace is because groups are still conspiring to bring on a World Government. Blowing up towers and blaming the Muslims etc. The Antichrist will try and bring a false peace.
---frances008 on 5/17/09

First and foremost you must know the truth. Second be observent and discern their teaching using the truth written in Gods word,and watch to see if they live truth.
---tom2 on 5/17/09

Steveng, you say elsewhere: "I believe you should learn more about the real meaning and purpose of judging before you go out spouting verses that is only one-sided"

Why don't you adopt this principle before making aa one-sided condemnation of ALL denominational churches?
---alan8566_of_UK on 5/17/09

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Eloy: "Denominational churches are a product of God,..."

People in denominational churches have lost their love.

Allow me to compare two events - almost the same event thirty years apart. I hitchhiked across America for a year and a half in the mid 1970s. I would send out three letters to three different churches in a town I was planning to visit asking for someone to take me in for a couple of days. I would get two responses.

When I was homeless a few years ago, I received two responses sending out 35 letters to various churches wihthin the Pasadena area. One church allowed me to sleep under the bushes in the back of the church, the other told me that I had to become a member.
---Steveng on 5/16/09

...God, whom created and loves variety, just as he made multitudes of diverse cultures and colors and music and styles."

I think you better reread the Tower of Babel story and ask yourself why God divided their languages. Culture, music and styles are man made, not God. Diversity creates conflict - wars and rumors of wars, nation against nation. Men in today's world cannot get along with each other. It's even getting to a point wheere children will rise up against their parents and parents against their children. Even your so-called denominational chruches are clammering for memberships. Where a house is divided there is no peace. Now the whole world is divided and still there is no pease.
---Steveng on 5/16/09

Becky, keep this in mind, there is but one church, 'The' Church of our LORD Jesus, The Christ. There is but one Teacher, The Holy Spirit. Rather than seeking to analyze varies denominational religions, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. A righteousness that is of Him through His faith, given man to exercise in Christ Jesus. Know and understand that His Kingdom is within, man enters into that kingdom through an inspired and empowered confidence in Him, His atoning sacrifice, and His ministry and word of reconciliation, which has been entrusted to each of His chosen. The church is His body of believers, both individually and collectively, focus on your own responsibility within that body.
---Josef on 5/16/09

Denominational churches are a product of God, whom created and loves variety, just as he made multitudes of diverse cultures and colors and music and styles. When the Christian church preaches from the New Testament of the "Holy" Bible, and worships and obeys Christ only, you have a good church: and if not, then you don't have a church.
---Eloy on 5/16/09

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Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David, [The Son of God, died for mans atonement and] was raised from the dead [for mans justification] according to [the] gospel:
If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, [even] the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness, He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof comes envy, strife, railings, evil surmising.
Refuse profane and old wives' fables, and exercise yourself [rather] unto godliness. Mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them.
References: 2Ti 2:8>1Ti 6:3>1Ti 4:7>Rom 16:17
---Josef on 5/16/09

The way to identify a "false" teacher is to become familiar with the Bible, which is Truth and listen to the Holy Spirit within.

Christians can vary widely.. accusing others of being "false teachers" over even minor points of doctrine.

I disagree with Steveng about "denominational churches". At least denominational churches have a "doctrinal statement" one can read to determine their beliefs. Also the clergy are supervised (we hope!)

Non-denominational churches tend to rely more on "programs"... their doctrine may shift according to what appeals. The leaders, being unaccountable to authority, can run with all sorts of strange cult-like teachings. The people are unprotected.
---Donna66 on 5/15/09

Denominational "churches are a product of Satan who is the father of confustion.

There is a certain newly born christian who must decide which denominational church to belong to, which church is the true church (even your so-called nondenominational churches are denominations). Then he must decide which church within that denomination to belong to. Christians entice him to their church because they "have a better pastor," "have more people," "have better entertainment," "have better programs and services." All so confusing. The meaning of "church" is completely different than is was during Jesus' time.
---Steveng on 5/15/09

"What church do you belong to?"

"We have great entertainment at our church."

This is the greatest deception among christians. When a person asks, "Did you go to church today?" It sounds like you need to enter the physical body of a christian because the people ARE the church.

You don't need to join a denominational "church" because Jesus says that wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there shall I also be.

Jesus is returning to join with (marry) people - not a building, a denomination or a non-profit corporation.

Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag."
---Steveng on 5/15/09

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If he disagrees with me, he's a false teacher. That's the standard that's used by many on these blogs, even if not so sharply articulated."
---katavasia on 5/15/09

Prov. 14:12 There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

You seem to think that your way is right and that you have wisdom, Katavasia.

Ask God for wisdom. He will richly give it to you.
---Mark_Eaton on 5/15/09

Listen to their words and see how those words impact the hearers. There is one truth we should know as Christians, there are ways of men that lead to death (Proverbs 14:12) and there the ways of our Lord that lead to life.

Jesus answered and said unto him, "If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him." John 14:23

The end of the matter is simple, is there the evidence of God's holy fire in the works of the church or not? Is there a compassion and humility, is there grace for the lost? Is that place a refuge for the hurting or the den of the haughty elect to band together and squash the wounded?
Ministry is service.
---Pharisee on 5/15/09

False Teachers can be identified by them NOT lining up with the Bible or the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is beyond the Bible (Rhema words), but will ALWAYS line up with the Bible (Logos words). The Devil knows the Bible better than most Christians, and that is why he is able to pervert and twist it. This is why it is so IMPORTANT for ALL Christians to read, understand, study, and know the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is also IMPORTANT for ALL Christians when they read the Bible, to ask Holy Spirit to open the scriptures to them, like Jesus did with the disciples (Luke 24:32), so they can know what God's opinion on it is, and NOT man's opinion. If not, Christians can, will, and have been decieved.
---Leslie on 5/15/09

"If he disagrees with me, he's a false teacher."

That's the standard that's used by many on these blogs, even if not so sharply articulated.

None of them who think this consider that maybe THEIR ideas are wrong.
---katavasia on 5/15/09

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The best way to know ANY false teacher is to know the Scriptures for yourself.

When you hear something false and you know the Scriptures, you instanty notice something is amiss with what you just heard and the real Scriptures will come to mind or you should go and research it for yourself.

To teach bank tellers to spot counterfeit bills, they do not have them handle the counterfeits, but the real bills instead. They get to know the feel, texture, weight, and smell of the real bills. Knowing the real thing helps them spot any false bills. We should train ourselves the same way.
---Mark_Eaton on 5/14/09

When visiting a new church, the first thing to do is to ask for their "statement of faith" as that is very important to make sure it lines up with the Bible. If they don't have one, that is your first clue that you might be in the wrong church. If they are constantly talking about the televangelists and what they have to say, you need to go somewhere else. That's a good sign that the pastor and members can't think for themselves or read their Bibles.
---SusieB on 5/14/09

Well, we can get too busy with what all these different people believe and are doing. First, I'd say, I need to be quiet while God deals with me, and gets my attention where He wants me with Him in His perfect peace (Colossians 3:15). And I need how He corrects me so I am able to reliably evaluate, or I can fail to understand people right, but be so into criticizing and boasting myself as the judge, and this can have me wrong about who is real and who is false. By being in Jesus' image (Romans 8:29), more and more, I am able to judge the way He does, in comparison to Him, and with reality but with compassion.
---Bill_bila5659 on 5/14/09

By their fruits they shall be known. Go to the church, meet the regular members, meet the Pastor personally, look at the church activities calendar, read the doctrinal statement, look at the small group subject matter. Investigate the Pastor and the Church and pray about your decision. There is no fool proof process to discernment however a good investigation process can't hurt.
---TIMOTHY on 5/14/09

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A good group of people to connect yourself with are those who preach and believe in Christ crucified, raised from the dead and ascended into heaven. The focus needs to be upon Jesus, since he is the centricity of the faith.
---Vicki on 5/14/09

Read Acts 17:10-11. "...they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scripture daily, whether those things were so."
---Leon on 5/14/09

They say that something is going to happen, and it never comes to pass.
---amand6348 on 5/14/09

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