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Obama's Anti-Israel Stance

Insiders are saying, that as president Obama's anti-Israel stance becomes known, and favoritism towards the Arab states increases we can expect greater hostility towards United States throughout the world. Is this true?

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 ---mima on 5/18/09
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All who that voted for Obama & if he is anti-Israel The Jewish Nation,then ALL of those along with Obama that Hate The Jewish People and Israel should suffer the consequences,(Even the leaders & followers of other countries. Those that love the Jewish people & pray for Israel,they shall be blessed in God's own way.
---Lawrence on 7/6/09

Sunnie, good inside into the muslim world you know so closely. You are right, they would be great Christians if they were converted. The same can be said about many cults. They dedicate their life's to something so wrong but their hardened hearts to Christ is very strong that if they changed, that same attitude would be for Christ. Their alligience in works is incredible. They have works but no faith in Christ for their salvation. Thanks again.
---MarkV. on 6/11/09

Islam. Well anyone who goes against israel will get it. The muslim faith consists of the radical and the humble. These people come from father abraham. The bond servent. Not sarah. The lord tells us we are not to judge. We are not to judge our own self. We must pray for peace. Jesus is the life. The way and the truth. I believe we are to pray for the salvation of these people. I know alot of muslim people. I can say they are so kind hearted and giving. Devoted people! I always think what an awesome child of god they would be, if they accepted jesus as their lord, instead of just a prophit.
---Sunnie on 6/11/09

Mima, I am with your statement. Only genuine Christians would make such a statement. The reason been is that our faith is in Christ who is our Lord and Savior. And anything not of faith is sin. Islam is not of faith in Christ. Their teachings are contrary to the gospel of Christ. We could even discribe it as the Spirit of the Antichrist. I am with Warwich when he stated some time ago, he was not against the people who are decieved, but against the teachings of Islam
---MarkV. on 6/10/09

Since you are so certain that Islam is devil-inspired, would it be correct to say that, in your view, the murder of Muslims would be a good thing?

By the way, what evidence or factual information do you have or to which you could point to prove your opinion of Islam.

And while you are considering that question, do you think that there is any evidence to demonstrated that christianity has acted and in some cases, is still acting outside of the Will of God?
---Janze on 6/10/09


What would you think if christianity is described as a deceitful snake? What would your reaction be?
---Janze on 6/8/09

I would think that the writer was dead set against Christianity.
Too many times in today's world we flailed to draw a distinct line of demarcation in our thoughts.
I am very much against the devil inspired religion of Islam!!! And I have no qualms about making that statement!
---mima on 6/9/09

Mima, as to your question I don't believe it is true. Favoritism towards the Arab states has increase the posibility that Israel might act along. Before we took the front seat and in return Israel kept out of doing many things they wanted to do for their survival. But as time goes on they (Israel) know that we are not in the front seat anymore, and that for their own survival will act independent of us.
What Iran stated and many of the other Arab nations, everyone knows, eleminate Israel at all cost. While there has been many fights that were stopped because of our involvement now we might really see Israel do what it knows it has to do. It has all been written as to what is to come.
---MarkV. on 6/9/09


What would you think if christianity is described as a deceitful snake? What would your reaction be?
---Janze on 6/8/09


As you mentioned, Obama and the Prime Minister of Isreal do not like each other. Is liking the leader of Israel a prerequisite for salvation?

And you also use the clause...'a Country that was founded on God's principles?' If your reference was to the USA, perhaps, you would tell me which of God's Principles the country was built on when it denied the status of human beings to a quater of its population? Which of God's Principles was the country following when it withheld the right of women to vote?

It seems that there is a vile theory of how an idea becomes truth: SAY IT LONG ENOUGH AND EVERYBODY WILL ACCEPT IT. Well, it might be a good theory, but a lie is a lie regardless of its source or the frequency of its use.
---Janze on 6/8/09

---Mark_Eaton on 5/19/09, Mark the scenario you describe is certainly possible. My wife described Obama as a mole. And I can easily agree with that summation. Some see a scenario like this, first we turn from Israel thereby signaling all Arab nations that we will not stand in their way to attack Israel then when they do attacked Israel the president of the United States or commander-in-chief, will in fact do nothing but talk, consider, and practice diplomacy. Question, how does one practice diplomacy with a mad bull dog? The name of the bull dog Islam!!!!
---mima on 6/8/09

"That is beside the point of this blog." Steveng on 5/23/09
How could it be beside the point? You made a statement that only goes half way. Maybe it is you that needs to read what the Bible says. Try Matt 28:19-20, Prov 11:30, Acts 1:8 and Acts 2:1-28:31. You then might see that these people did more than just pray. They put action to their faith in prayer. Try it you will see how it works.
---Elder on 5/29/09

I think that God is letting the USA have what it wants. No matter how evil that might be. You reap what you sow. We are at a crossroad. The end is near for sure.
---Francis on 5/28/09

Amb.Dennis Ross told over 700 people Sunday at a forum emphasizing Pres. Barack Obamas support for Israel."They dont leave me a choice. We cannot continue the policy of the last eight years".
Describing himself as profoundly concerned about the fate of the Middle East, Ross noted that during the last eight years, Hamas has taken over Gaza and gained more power.
Levin of Michigan, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the lies and smears about Obama circulating on the Internet and in the speeches of the Republicans are very disturbing."The Jewish community should understand we cannot tolerate any person or group being smeared We have been victims of smears about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion."
---NV_Barbara on 5/28/09

Elder: "Not so Steveng. That is the problem. Too many Christians are home "praying" when they should be out witnessing and speaking up the Lord."

That is beside the point of this blog.

Most, if not all, christians do not know HOW to properly pray. They don't seriously pray about their leaders. They are all having their own prayers to meet their own personal agendas. They are all going their separate ways. There is no unity among christians.

If every, and I do mean every, christian in America all got together in one certain place and prayed with one thought in mind, God would surely lend an ear to our cries. The bible is full of examples - read it.
---Steveng on 5/23/09

"Praying in the only part - 100%."
Steveng on 5/21/09

Not so Steveng. That is the problem. Too many Christians are home "praying" when they should be out witnessing and speaking up the Lord.
Matt 28:19-20 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you......
Jesus didn't say anything about just sitting at home praying 100%. Christians need to be active in their witness of God. Praying is only a part of our duty.
Never does the Bible teach that we should just pray. It teaches that we should pray and work. Without the "Go" the Gospel is just a spel....
---Elder on 5/22/09

Elder: "Yes, Steveng, praying is all part of the work I spoke about."

Praying in the only part - 100%.
---Steveng on 5/21/09

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Obama has the judgement of a carnal man. He clearly is not a born again Christian. He goes by what HE thinks the way things should be, while ignoring what the Word of God says about most of his ideals. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who come against Israel will be accursed. It is very clear that Obama and the Priminister of Israel do not like each other at all. Obama is more for Israel's enemies.
How can a person say that they are a Christian (a real Christian, not a wanna be) and even vote for him as President of a Country that was founded on God's principles? I respect the office of President, but I don't have to like such a radical man with only the wisdom of the world, but not the wisdom of God.
---Jay on 5/21/09

Yes, Steveng, praying is all part of the work I spoke about.
---Elder on 5/21/09

Elder: Agreed, I believe that Christians need to take a more active role on their faith as well. I also agree with StevenG in that prayer is significantly lacking. I am guilty on all counts above.
---TIMOTHY on 5/21/09

Elder: "Timothy, what I mean is that we Christians complain about how things are going but few of us go out to witness to the world. People getting Saved will change events. Christians expressing Biblical views will change thinking."

On the contrary, christians do not pray enough. It is God who bings up nations and brings them down - not man.

If every christian cried out to the Lord in one voice, He would definately hear our cries to protect our country. Unfortunately, we are living in the end times and people have lost their love and their hope - even christians.
---Steveng on 5/20/09

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Timothy, what I mean is that we Christians complain about how things are going but few of us go out to witness to the world. People getting Saved will change events. Christians expressing Biblical views will change thinking. We have accepted anything the world has thrown at us and went on.
I spoke to a lady that had been in her church for 19 years, she couldn't tell us how many books were in the English Bible or what the last book in the OT was.
It is here that we have failed. There is a lack of Biblical teaching and far less Christian Evangelism going forth from Churches today.
God Bless your efforts for the Lord.
---Elder on 5/20/09

What favoritism? The fact that we went into their country because we couldn't stay in our own?
---amand6348 on 5/19/09

ELDER: "The churches and Christians have stood by waiting for a miracle instead of working to create one." I guess that I am intrigued by this line of yours, I have never heard this statement. I would be curious as to what you meant by that. Thanks.
---TIMOTHY on 5/19/09

Arab countries of the Middle East are waiting for us to let our guard down. They view us as "The Great Satan" and want to destroy us and our ability to protect Israel.

I believe the next thing on the escatological timeclock is the Gog/Magog war described in Ezekiel 38/39. The countries listed there are all in alignment in their hatred and desire to destroy Israel. When this war happens, the rest of the world will just sit back and let it happen, so God can destroy them and glorify Himself.

So you tell me, will Pres. Obama move to protect Israel when the Gog/Magog war happens or will he be content to "discuss" this with the Arab nations?
---Mark_Eaton on 5/19/09

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I would like to say this concerning how other nations see us. Other nations are jealous and envious of us. We are the bread basket of the world. For 200 years we have enjoyed God's favor. Many people become angry at me and I tell them that we(Americans) are not like other people. After a long tour of Europe my mother made the following statement concerning this. The powers to beat cannot get the rest of the world up to our(American) standards and I believe it is their intention to take us down to their level.
---mima on 5/19/09

Hmmm. I would think that if Obama takes an anti-Israel position, the hostility of other countries against us would decrease somewhat, not increase. The United States is the only ally Isreal has! And we are hated by all who hate Israel. Remember, ...we are "the great satan".. Israel is the "little satan" to most of the Muslim world. They will continue to desire our destruction, no matter what position Obama takes

I'm for standing with Israel regardless. Unlike Obama, I believe threre are more important things than our "popularity" among the nations.
---Donna66 on 5/18/09

What do you expect? The handwriting was on the wall before and after the election. The American public will see as the world sees. Everything this country has stood for is at stake. It is a matter of time. BO is not the only problem. The churches and Christians have stood by waiting for a miracle instead of working to create one.
This nation has leaders after its own heart. That should inform us of something also.
---Elder on 5/18/09

You can't make friends with those who are out to kill you. President Obama hasn't realized this yet and in the process of trying to be friends with Arab states, is going against Israel. (Either that or he's a "closet" Muslum and wants the Arab States to dominate Israel.) The U.S. will see a vast hostility from our friends if he tries to damage our relationship with Israel and tries to increase relations with the Arab States.
---wivv on 5/18/09

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MIMA: I truly see Obama as being a calming influence world wide as opposed to a lightning rod for several years. Like the Clinton era, I imagine the USA will be lulled to sleep and enter another period of false security. During this time the terror network will have time to rebuild for another large scale attack on America however I don't envision that for many years.
I believe that they will lure America into Afghanistan while building up elsewhere worldwide. In short, I am actually anticipating a time of relative calm in preperation for another large single event sometime in the future. Clinton II the remake.
---TIMOTHY on 5/18/09

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