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Explain 1 Timothy Chapter 3

1 Timothy 3 Why do churches still allow men that don't fit this scripture to hold positions in the church?

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 ---g on 6/1/09
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Paul as one of the apostles, gave the conditions that will be met before anyone will be given a post in the church, but as for your question, i believe these principles are not being followed these days by some churches, but anything which will be done outside what the Bible says has become the Doctrine of men
---faith3999 on 6/26/09


Yes, there is the exception for "formication". Jesus Christ added this because he knows that we live in an imperfect world.

And so, if a pastor was divorced because of "fornication", then he can remain a pastor.
---Sag on 6/2/09

"one man & one wife for life."

I agree with the above statement Sag. (Mk. 10:2-12) Yet, Jesus gave an exception in the case of "fornication" (Matt. 5:32) & seemed to imply a man in that case is free to marry another woman, without the stigma of being an adulterer, if he so chooses.

Help my understanding if I missed it. :)
---Leon on 6/2/09

basically they dont exist in men over the age of 30.
---tom2 on 6/1/09


You have a good point. I believe that if a pastor has been through the "hypothetical" situations that you have described, they are qualified to pastor if they remain SINGLE. God's plan has always been "one man and one wife for life".

---Sag on 6/1/09

mima is so most believers belive they are members residing within a given set of walls,and they believe this is the church and the people are to come in.NO we are to go out into the world.
---tom2 on 6/1/09

Sag: I agree with you on the women pastor issue, not out of personal preference, but as you say, "the Bible does NOT permit," it.

Hypothetically regarding a divorced pastor, what if he was rejected, abandoned & divorced by his wife, & it had nothing to do with any Bible defined wrong doings on his part? Would that make a difference in whether or not he should be allowed to pastor?
---Leon on 6/1/09

Everyone is shaking their head and wondering WHY there are so many problems in USA churches. When the leadership doesn't have the qualifications defined in the Bible, the church will be struggling along. Doesn't that describe many churches in the USA?

I can only guess that God is NOT happy with many of the current leadership issues in USA churches today. Our loving Father in Heaven is willing to give us more time to recognize that. I can't attend churches where I feel that the leadership is NOT pleasing to God. For example, I believe that the Bible does NOT permit women to be pastors. Divorced men shouldn't be pastors either. Does anyone disagree with me? Ask God for a 2nd opinion. Please share his response with us. Thanx!
---Sag on 6/1/09

It says in order to be just *considered* for taking "care of the church of God", a man must be "husband of one wife", and "self-controlled" (Titus 1:8) and all else that maturity in God's love will have him become . . . along with her who is his companion and helpmate to help him become like this. So, he is a *family* man, who has brought up his kids right. So, now he can help others to do this, his helpmate helping him to pastor in a family way of taking care of people. But in groups with wrong beliefs and ways, their wrong spirit will keep them from being able to produce really qualified people, so they take shortcuts, then come the divorces of pastors, etc. It is worth trusting God to have us do it His way.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/1/09

g: I believe you'll find the answer to your 1 Timothy 3 question in 2 Timothy 3.
---Leon on 6/1/09

I know in my church body, this doesn't go on.
All of the men that run it fit these qualifications.

I know I asked a similar question over in the "can a woman be a pastor" blog and I got yelled at for it and that it's alright for a man to be disobedient to this scripture but a woman can't preach the word or prophesy. I say it is a double standard.
So, I agree with mima, it is part of the apostate going on.
---miche3754 on 6/1/09

Illustratively speaking here is a sign of the apostate church. The requirements of church offices totally neglected in many churches. The definition of marriage has been totally changed, and I cannot believe that Almighty God is pleased with the actions of these churches that totally disregard first Timothy three. What then can be done? Have you considered witnessing, individual witnessing, one-on-one witnessing, soul- winning witnessing? The modern day world's church is a building. But God's church is the church of saved people. Others exert our energies to build God's church!!!!
---mima on 6/1/09

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