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My Daugher Has Anorexia

How do I know if my daughter has anorexia? What are the symptoms of anorexia? Does anyone here have any direct experience with a loved one with anorexia and how did God intervene?

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 ---Tammie on 6/1/09
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My youngest daughter also seems to anorexia. Aft she she was having prob's with an Lady nursing prof from an local College & wound up failing her, then she got into dietary at the College. It seems to have gone to her head. Dont eat red-meat or pork. She'l eat fish & white ch-breast, salads, fruits etc, then execises a good bit. She's close to 6' tall weighs about 110. She could weigh about 125 lb's & it sure would not hurt her. During the winter she chills, takes some med's because her lips will turn blue. Sure been praying that God will touch her mind to change eating habits a lil.
---Lawrence on 7/31/09

More: Most young people with anorexia suffer from clinical depression, on top of their disorder.

As for your paranoid notions about doctors with insurance, it does not benefit a doctor one iota to send a patient with anorexia to a treatment center, yet it does the young woman a world of good. Not all doctors are of the kind you describe. In fact, I have not met a single doctor like that, and I have been to a plethora of them in the past year, due to some health issues that have cropped up.
---Trish9863 on 6/7/09

Once a doctor discovers that you have health insurance, you become a goldmine to them. That's why so many men have been prescribed chemotherapy treatments even though they do not have prostate cancer (the doctor wants to get the health insurance payments).

The CAUSE of anorexia is not biological, the cause is PERSONAL (low self esteem, poor self image).

Medications will further damage the body (which is already weak) and she will end up dealing with complications caused by meds for the rest of her life.
---more_excellent_way on 6/7/09

I would recommend you ask your family doctor, as if you have medical insurance, you will need their approval for what place you take her to. Inpatient treatment is costly, but insurance does cover it, ,most of the time.

Also, you would want to have her close to you, so you will want to decide based on that.

The only one I know of that is available in certain parts of the country is the Renfrew center. We have one in Philadelphia, and I think they have another location. Check their website.
---Trish9863 on 6/5/09

What are some good Anorexia treatment centers that you guys know of?
---Tammie on 6/5/09

Thanks for everyone helping.
---Tammie on 6/3/09

Anorexia is as much a mental disease or addiction as the other points that are mentioned. Find out why she is upset.
---John on 6/3/09

People become anorexic because of EMOTIONAL depression (subconscious identity crisis, the MIND becomes depressed). There will necessarily be an accompanying "clinical depression" (body functioning is "depressed").

Outside counseling can help immensely, but she needs recognition and respect from you also.

God warns about self abasement (Colossians 2:18, 23, it means giving up/surrendering...dehumanizing). Our heavenly father's name forever is "I am who I am" (Exodus 3:14) and He wants us to be able to relate to and identify with Him.

The traditional teaching of "self abasement" is wrong.

Verses from the RSV.
---more_excellent_way on 6/2/09

I have been married 25 years to a recovering Anorexic and I can highly reccomend two books: The Anorexic Mind (Tavistock Clinic - Marilyn Lawrence) & The Wizard of Oz and other Narcissists (Eleanor Payson). Both of those books will explain the unexplainable land of Anorexia and give you your sanity back.
---TIMOTHY on 6/2/09

People here are confusing anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when a person avoids food at all cost and does not eat enough to nourish the body. Bulimia is when a person binges large quantities of food and then purges, either through exercise, vomiting, or the use of laxatives.

The best thing a parent can do to help a child suspected of either disorder is to take the child first to the family doctor for a complete physical, and discuss concerns with the doctor. Ask the doctor for a referral to a treatment center for eating disorders, and get the child evaluated there.

I have been in eating disorder treatment twice, and can attest to the benefits of it.
---Trish9863 on 6/2/09

Vegetable juices virtually require no digestion, they only require metabolism.

Her body is not strong enough to withstand medication/drugs (ALL medications ALWAYS have undesirable side effects).

Don't allow ANY diet food (look up "dangers of aspartame", MSG, Nutrasweet, etc.). Aspartame is a "brain chemical", but also effects the beating of the heart and causes HEART PALPITATIONS and "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" (it should never have been approved by the FDA), but it also disables the body in many ways (some people have claimed that discontinuing the use of aspartame has allowed them to walk within a week).

Drink an average 2 and a half quarts of water a day for a 120 pound person (important).
---more_excellent_way on 6/2/09

An obvious sign would be...

Refusal to eat at the table without going into the bathroom within half an hour.

Anytime she refuses or hesitates to eat in front of you (without secretly/immediately going to the bathroom to purge), she is "keeping/hiding her secret". Even if she goes into her room to purge into a wastebasket, it will likely be within a half hour at the most.

She will be much more agreeable to an offer of VEGETABLE JUICE (provides no "bulk", is SUPERIOR nutrition, and few calories).

The digestive system of anorexics has fallen into "disuse" and has become weak (hard to digest "solid food" will be too strenuous for the present).
---more_excellent_way on 6/2/09

Anorexia is very serious because the lack of proper nutrition will effect the WHOLE body (digestive/immune system, vaginal fungus, blood circulation, brain function, skin problems, tooth decay from stomach acid, etc.). There is something called "fingernail diagnosis" (look it up online). It doesn't simply show general ill health, but will also show vitamin/mineral deficiencies and the effects on the body on an almost daily basis.

Even the citric acid in juices can cause tooth decay. Anorexics are constantly bringing stomach acid into contact with their teeth. Even if they brush their teeth and tongue to cover up this telltale sign, you will probably notice the smell from bad digestion.

"fingernail diagnosis".
---more_excellent_way on 6/2/09

To add to the telltale symptoms that Sue has given, a person with anorexia may also experience hair loss, have pale skin, complain that they aren't thin enough, experience bouts of depression, exhibit personality changes and experience intense fatigue. I don't have any direct experience with a loved one having anorexia, but I hope that your daughter undergoes a full recovery. I believe with prayer, faith, patience and therapy this is entirely possible. My best to you both.
---AlwaysOn on 6/2/09

There are several signs a person may have anorexia. Is she underweight, exercise too much, fear food, tense, etc. The front teeth also tend to have spots due to purging and the acid from the stomach.
---Sue on 6/1/09

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