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Does anyone enjoy Christian Fantasy books? Do you think they are a good way to introduce nonbelievers to Christ, or not? I'm thinking of things like Narnia that contain magic and ghosts and other fantastic elements like that.

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 ---William on 6/2/09
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William: I like the Narnia series, yes, because there I can see a number of Christian views well expressed (even salvation). But if other people do not like the way the idea is developed, it's better not to read it.

Other Christian fantasy books I can't say, because I haven't read them!
---Peter on 1/15/11

While I have never read the Narnia series, C. S. Lewis did intend them as Christian allegories.

And there are pretty fantastic things in the Bible. Ever read Ezekiel, Daniel, or Revelation?
---Cluny on 1/15/11

As a newly published Christian fantasy author I must answer, yes, there are people who enjoy Christian fantasy. Yes indeed, there are many valuable lessons to extract from a well-written Christian fantasy book. Elements such as magic and ghosts, maintained within a biblical perspective, should not hinder a story.
---Ian_Thomas_Curtis on 1/14/11

My stories would NEVER introduce anyone to Wicca, or anything of the kind. They introduce people to Jesus.
---Mary on 6/9/09

I don't usually read those types of books. Idk if they are good to introduce nonbelievers to Christ. They might introduce nonbelievers to Wicca.
---amand6348 on 6/7/09

Everyone on earth has freewill and can make their own decisions, but if you're going to have a true devotion to God, it will have to be a PURE relationship with Jesus (GOD ONLY will have to be your ONLY "fantasy"/dream of dreams).

In speaking about devotion, when Jesus says we should "hate our mother and father", He is talking about how polarized we should be (and not desire OTHER kingdoms/entities).

It's called FIDELITY (He truly is a JEALOUS God).
---more_excellent_way on 6/6/09

Moreexcellentway, where do you get the idea I only "like" God? Come on! I LOVE God, and I love using the gifts He's given me to serve others.
---Mary on 6/6/09


If we simply "LIKE" God instead of "LOVE Him as our true heritage", then we are simply "FOLLOWING" Him in order to escape hell (do you think He appreciates this?).

The Lord wants to be our "dream of dreams" (this is the kind of love He wants).

Our personal relationship should be a TWO way relationship,...because He wants a personal relationship with us also. God is a JEALOUS God. If you're fantasizing about "fairies" instead of HIM, that is INFIDELITY (God IS A JEALOUS God, He also "yearns jealously", James 4:5).

A painter/sculptor uses "imagination of THE MIND" to be creative, but "fantasy" is "imagination of THE HEART".
---more_excellent_way on 6/5/09

No, they are not a good way to introduce believers to Christ. They need to repent like everybody else, pray to God for forgiveness, and ask to receive the Holy Spirit for everyday living. Then they need to read the Bible. Learn the truth from the Bible so you won't be mislead by fiction.
---Betty on 6/5/09

moreexcellentway, do you think EVERY imagination is evil? You must think CS Lewis and all the other Christian writers are terrible the way you view that scripture. A lot of what we think IS evil (such as when I lust for a man who I am just friends with) but when I fantasize seeing fairies in my garden, I don't think I'm being evil--I'm having fun with my God-given brain. Does this make any sense? Thanks, Mary
---Mary on 6/5/09

You are right I forgot about the Left Behind series. I just have never read them. Have you?
---Jimbo on 6/3/09
If you do read it, get it from a public library. I was out $130 and not near the end before I found the free source.
I have problems with the fear mongering and profiteering. LaHaye made millions!!!! I am reminded of those jokes about the Fear Mongers Shop on Prairie Home Companion.

Also, we are warned to not add to the word of God. The series is too close to the Bible and too full of "fiction" for my comfort. Things will not play out EXACTLY as LaHaye says they will. I think he takes a lot of liberties and his books should not be held up as "truth", yet that is what many people have done.
---obewan on 6/4/09

You are right I forgot about the Left Behind series. I just have never read them. Have you?
---Jimbo on 6/3/09

no, honestly, I haven't. Life keeps me too busy and I have to choose my reading material wisely.
---NurseRobert on 6/3/09


Scripture is the only true text about God, everything else written about God should be presented with great care. God works MIRACLES, not "MAGIC". The creator is a cosmic reality, not "fantasy". In general, aetheists are some of the most truly decent people on earth (existential and altruistic). Most tend to be "good and right and true". They would most easily learn "PRINCIPLES" (Hebrews 5:12 what needs to be learned).

"Magic" is satan's deception. "Fantasy" is one of the "imaginations of the heart".

Genesis 8:21
"for the imagination of man's heart is evil".

Take care how you present The Lord, for many souls lie in the balance.
---more_excellent_way on 6/3/09

Hi moreexcellentway, I don't "conveniently refuse to answer" your question--I didn't realize there was one! No, I don't think magic or ghosts are of God but I see nothing wrong with a healthy sense of imagination. For instance, in one of my stories, a man who is headed a downward path in life is hit in the head with a baseball--and finds himself traveling through the old and new testaments and meeting Jesus in several of those incidents--and getting saved as a result when he comes out of his coma. Is that a sin to you?
---Mary on 6/3/09

You are right I forgot about the Left Behind series. I just have never read them. Have you?
---Jimbo on 6/3/09

Narnia fiction yes, but other christian fantasy books no thanks.
---Jimbo on 6/3/09

Wasn't the entire "Left Behind" series fantasy? It may have been based on scripture but it was fantasy. Millions loved it. So why is it wrong?
---NurseRobert on 6/3/09

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Narnia fiction yes, but other christian fantasy books no thanks.
---Jimbo on 6/3/09

There is no fiction/fantasy or fun about the deep devotion/relationship to God that He requires of us (He is a jealous God).

I have to, with great humility and humbleness (hows that, moderators ,)? - sorry, having some fun here) respectfully disagree with that statement.

If this was the case, why did God give us an imagination? Why did he give us laughter and joy? If your walk with God isn't fun, you aren't doing it right..
---NurseRobert on 6/3/09

I enjoy Christian fantasy. I believe this is an excellent way to introduce nonbelievers to Christ. Stories may acknowledge an adversary and even his power without clashing with Scripture. The enemy is real. Why pretend otherwise?
---Rebecca_LuElla on 6/3/09

I think they can be used as a bridge to reach readers that may not have yet considered the teachings of the Christian faith.

However, some discernment is required of course.

I am partial to the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy. It is a parallel to the Bible with a fallen planet, a saviour, angels, demons, and a final battle for the entire universe between good and evil...It has the potential to reach many atheists who would read sci-fi but not the Bible...

You really need to understand the meaning of the word "allegory" to answer the OP question.
---obewan on 6/3/09

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There is no fiction/fantasy or fun about the deep devotion/relationship to God that He requires of us (He is a jealous God).

You conveniently avoid answering the question (either YES or NO)...

Do you truly believe that "ghosts", "magic", and "fantasy" are OF GOD?.

..............WHY? it an incovenient/incriminating question? (let your YES be simply YES or your No be a clear NO).

You seek fame and fortune writing about God (it is not God's kingdom that you seek, it is the kingdom of fame/fortune you seek from writing about Him)...He is a jealous God (He "yearns jealously", James 4:5).
---more_excellent_way on 6/3/09

more excellent way, do you think that the Bible is the only book God intends people to read?
---Cluny on 6/2/09

Whew! More excellent way, was that comment about the "reprobate mind" directed at writers like me or someone else? I had to ask, I might just be over-sensitive and assume you meant me lol, thanks and God bless, Mary
---Mary on 6/2/09

Many people will never truly LOVE God (because they have a reprobate mind and do not have a truly loving bone in their body). This may seem to be a harsh judgement, but it is TRUE (so do not waste your time and effort on them). If they want "fantasy" and "fun", it is because they don't TRULY want to know our heavenly heritage. Learn to DISCERN.

Every human being is the offspring of the creator (He is our heavenly heritage) and the truth about Him is inside of us. The bible informs us of the identity of His "lamb"/Jesus, but "common sense" (anointing, 1 John 2:27) will teach the "depths of God" (1 Corinthians 2:10).

"Common sense" is true wisdom.

Verses are from RSV.
---more_excellent_way on 6/2/09

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Hi, I'm a writer, often science fiction, but I write about things like time travel, no ghosts or anything like that, so hopefully I don't offend people with my writing. I also write a lot of articles that have nothing to do with science fiction at all but I have to admit the time travel stories are fun for me to write and I make sure that God is glorified in them--as said, they are Christian science fiction. I think God has room for many styles of writing. :)
---Mary on 6/2/09

Do you truly believe that "ghosts", "magic", and "fantasy" are OF GOD? (NO, they are NOT!!). Mankind does and believes many things that are NOT OF GOD ("Christians" and pastors/ministers included), but YOU should do and think/believe only what makes sense to YOU (do not be a hypocrite). Sadly, this is a VERY important problem for today's generation. Today's generation is being exposed to many, many false beliefs, attitudes, and practices from many greedy people of all walks of life (people of many professions simply want to make money and promote everything that is "fun"...the "party spirit"/attitude). Do not be misled by what is "FUN".
---more_excellent_way on 6/2/09

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